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Viva forever by lacy
Chapter 1 : Viva forever
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Tell me if it's good

Do you still remember

How we used to be?

James and Lily, wearing their simple Hogwarts school robes, sit peacefully on a hill top, watching a gorgeous sunset. Behind them, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black laugh as a group of second-years in Herbology accidentally set loose a Tiptoeing Tarantula Plant; it runs along in front of them, continually out of their reach, as Professor Plasma shouts at them from the greenhouse she's working in. None of it matters: all James and Lily are aware of is each other.

Lily's head is against James's shoulder, and he has an arm around her shoulders. They stare off into the sunset, enjoying the peacefulness and simplicity of the moment, sharing in something that can not be explained to those who don't experience it themselves.

Remus nudges Sirius, and they both fall silent. They had never experienced it, but they knew without words that such a moment was sacred.

Feeling together, believing whatever,
My love has said to me.

James is terrifying a bunch of first years with tales of goblins in the rafters of the Great Hall and dragons guarding the Slytherin dungeons. He's older, wiser, wears the Head Boy badge on his robes; not for a moment do they think he might be joking.

Lily emerges from another of the Hogwarts Express's many cabins. "Don't believe a word he says to you," she tells the ten year olds firmly. "James is a dreadful tease."

"She's right," James says with a cheerful grin. "If you want the real story, you should go ask Remus and Peter over there."

The children run over immediately, frantic to be reassured. "You're absolutely wicked, you know," Lily rebukes him, but she's smiling.

"I know," says the black-haired boy with a grin, reaching out to pull her into a loose embrace. He whispers into her ear mischeivously, "But there really are dragons guarding the Slytherin dungeons."

"I believe you," Lily tells him, laughing.

Both of us were dreamers
Young love in the sun

The hill top again - Peter is setting up a chess game. Sirius, looking annoyed, waits impatiently. Remus is showing Lily a kind of hand game, and James is nowhere in sight.

"He'd better be here soon," Lily mutters under her breath. Remus twitches his hands and she snatches hers away, then replaces them with a sigh so he can slap them. "I don't know how much longer I'll be able to tolerate you fiends," she adds laughingly as Remus wins another round. Sirius winks roguishly at her.

There's a loud shrieking, and everyone ducks. James comes hurtling out of the sky, a screaming firecracker in his hand as he dances the wind on his broomstick. "I'm good. Oh, yeah; I am good."

"What did you do now?" Lily demands.

"I put about a dozen of these under Severus Snape's bed," James crows. "He's not getting any sleep tonight!"

"James, how are you ever going to become a responsible adult?" Lily wants to know, putting her hands on her hips.

"Responsible adult?" Remus echoes, a broad smile spreading across his face. "Do we know any of those?"

"I don't even know what those words mean!" Peter pipes in. Sirius gives him a flat glance, as if to say that with Peter's intelligence he isn't surprised.

James chuckles. "Responsible? Adult? Never; my goal in life is to stay a mischievous child for all eternity!"

"Well, my goal in life is to make you settle down," Lily counters with mock-seriousness. "What do you say to that?"

"That somebody needs to get tickled!" James roars, pouncing on her. She squeals as they roll down the hill, Sirius catcalling after them and Remus whistling loudly.

Felt like my savior, my spirit I gave you
We'd only just begun.

James dives, his red Quidditch robes flapping in the wind as he fights his way to the Snitch. Above him, the Slytherin Seeker gasps her surprise and follows suit, but she's too late. James has a large lead on her, and catches the Snitch easily despite the Bludger that almost beheads him.

The Quidditch stands erupt; Hufflepuff and Gryffindor cheer loudly and the Slytherin and Ravenclaw students boo and jeer. A single blue-clad girl, Lily's friend Darla, only smiles indulgently as James's friends scream their excitement. The Slytherin Seeker shoves James towards the stands where Lily and his three friends wait. He grins back at her and runs over.

Sirius leaps down from the stands, nearly breaking his neck, and embraces James, laughing. "You've won us the House Championship!" he shouts.

"I know!" James chokes. "Don't kill me for it!"

Sirius loosens his hold as Remus, Peter, and Lily float down complacently. Lily flings herself at James, whispering, "You did it, you did it, I knew you would win!"

"Don't worry about it," he tells her, winking over her head at his 'gang'. "I told you I'd save the day."

(Hasta Manana;
Always be mine...)

"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off--"

"James, I can't just--"

"You have to! Now go!"

"James... if it were just us..."

"I know, Lily. I know."
Viva Forever, I'll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun...
Live Forever, for the moment
Ever searching, for the one...

A black-and-white photograph of seven students; the four boys are wearing tabards over their robes, on which is embroidered a rampant lion. The other three, all girls, are each wearing different emblems: the girl in front, holding hands with a lion-clad boy, has on her tabard a badger, the girl behind her with a rather superior look is wearing an eagle on hers, and the last girl wears a snake and a sneering smile.

The seven people in the picture don't move at all.

Yes, I still remember,
Every whispered word;

Lily is lecturing a group of second years on proper behavior, but the second years are all laughing and she can't understand it. As she grows more and more frustrated, she gets a furious clue as to what's going on. She whirls around angrily, her hands on her hips.

Remus Lupin is hanging upside down outside the window, making faces. He realizes she's spotted him and starts with surprise. Smiling sheepishly, he falls.

Crying out in alarm, Lily runs for the window and practically throws herself at it in her panic. She blinks, stunned, when she spots Sirius Black a floor below helping the other delinquent in.

She's about to shout something when Peter follows suit; leaping from the windows above, pausing to stare at her in astonishment, then drops down to the window two floors down.

Lily is uncertain of how to react to this, backs away slowly from the window... just in time, because James doesn't bother with the floor his friends went into, instead swinging right into her floor, landing only inches away from her. He grins slyly, bends, and whispers something in her ear.

The second years can't hear, but they can see the back of her neck turn red.

The touch of your skin, giving life from within
Like a love song that I'd heard.

It's James and Lily's wedding; Sirius stands by James's side and Peter is off to one side, watching with nervous eyes. The timing of the wedding prevents Remus from attending, but the Ravenclaw and Slytherin girls from the picture are there; the Ravenclaw is on Lily's side of the aisle, and the Slytherin is on James's. Severus Snape stands next to her, looking like he wished both the bride and groom would explode on the spot.

James and Lily aren't listening to the ceremony, and the moment Dumbledore finishes she flings herself at him and attaches her lips to his. Her arms wrapped around his neck, they kiss.

The audience cheers approvingly; Sirius is clapping with a brotherly pride, and Peter looks unsure of his next action. The Slytherin girl jabs Severus hard with her elbow, and he flinches and applauds reluctantly.

The newly married couple separate. Lily glows, flushed and happy - James murmurs, "Who needs vows? The only one I need to pledge you is that I swear to be with you always."

"The same goes for me," she whispers back as they start down the aisle, the wedding party following them out. "We'll be as close as this, forever."

Slipping through our fingers,
Like the sands of time -

Remus is holding an hourglass and marking its flow steadily; James is attempting to find an explanation for his absence on the night of the full moon. Sirius marks something on a lunar chart and says coolly, "We don't expect you to be there, James."

"I have to be there!" James explodes, frustrated. He twists the wedding band on his hand. "It's Remus's Time - I promised him that I'd be there for him!"

"You don't have to," Sirius repeated evenly at the same time that Remus protested, "The three of us will be fine, James!"

"You won't," James said grimly. "Too much is going on. You-Know-Who, Voldemort, he's after me - I don't want to risk him getting a hold of any of you. I'd just die if any of you were in danger from Voldemort."

Peter's head jerks up, a vague expression of hope on his face - he sees that James wasn't really including him in that statement, he was speaking with a quiet sort of desperation to the obstinate Remus and Sirius - and he looks down again. Nobody notices.

"You just got married, James. Stay with Lily," Sirius says, his voice beginning to rise. "I'll take care of Remus! Ah, Peter will too," he adds as an afterthought.

"Maybe you should tell her," Peter says very quietly.


"About... the Animagus?" James repeats faintly. "And the werewolf-- No. No, I couldn't."

"Why not?" Remus asks, wanting to discuss it now that it's out in the open. "Tell her!"

"No!" James explodes, shooting to his feet and pacing. "I will keep your secret, Remus - this is something between us. The four of us and Dumbledore. And to keep your werewolf blood a secret, Remus, I can't tell Lily; she'll want to know why I became Animagus, and I can't lie to her.

"I'll fulfill my promises to both of you," he continued quietly. "There is no one closer to my heart than you three and Lily. I will find a way. Somehow."

Promises made, every memory saved
Has reflections in my mind.

James stands in the doorway, staring out at the full moon.

"James?" Lily asks him, frowning. "Isn't it a bit early in our marriage for you to be pensive?"

"It's not you," James said, smiling faintly. "It's... Remus... again."

"Is he sick?" she asked, laughing. "Nothing so unusual about that! He comes down with a severe illness once a month, it seems sometimes!"

James's head jerks in her direction. "You think?"

Lily's mouth tightens. She looks at the full moon and then back at James questioningly; he sees that she knows now. "I do," she said slowly.

"I suppose it does seem like once monthly," the man says softly. "Not quite monthly, but something close."

They don't say anything - Lily knows why he hasn't told her and respects his loyalty, and James keeps his promise.

(Hasta Manana;
Always be mine...)

"James, is it just me, or does something feel wrong tonight?"

"Lily, what can be wrong? We've got the Fidelius Charm on our side!"

"I don't know... Peter always seemed rather untrustworthy..."

"And the rest of us did?"

"I don't know, James! It just... something's wrong..."

"Lily, calm down! You're upsetting Harry; just relax."

"I can't relax, James, I have this horrible premonition..."
Viva Forever, I'll be waiting,
Everlasting, like the sun...
Live forever, for the moment
Ever searching, for the one...

The picture again; the seven Hogwarts graduates look exactly the same. Suddenly, it's as if the picture has transformed into a movie reel - the seven adolescents begin moving. As if continuing previous movements, the pudgiest of the lion-clad boys doubles over to check his bootlaces and the girl with the eagle rolls her eyes at the girl with the badger.

The girl with the snake laughs shortly at something the tallest boy has said; he's looking off to the side of the picture nastily. The shortest boy tugs on his sleeve, saying something with a cautious expression which rapidly becomes embarassed as a snake-clad young man storms into the picture, telling off all the lion-boys.

The remaining two say nothing; they watch it all with immense amusement as the picture freezes again.


James stands, wearing a billowing black cloak; he swirls it around dramatically and disappears into its folds, and a great stag reappears from its depths. The deer's front forelegs bend to the ground, one leg tucked back elegantly, performing a wry kind of magician's bow. The magnificent horns nearly touch the ground, and Prongs returns to his standing position and bounds away in one swift motion.

Sirius is wearing only his school uniform - he bows a courtier's bow and his hair swirls forward to engulf him just as theatrically. This time the animal that emerges is a Grim. The giant dog Padfoot nods his head disdainfully and trots off.

Remus is also clad in his Hogwarts regulation black robes. He doesn't move, doesn't bow, doesn't twirl with a showman's flair; he just stands there and waits. Slowly fading into view far over his head is the full moon, and as its light touches him he drops to his knees and yanks the robes over his head; the man doesn't emerge, and a beast that is clearly a werewolf barks a distinct laugh and lopes to one side. Moony exits stage right, the same as Prongs and Padfoot.

Peter doesn't wear anything noticeable. He fidgets uneasily, unsure of how he can possibly make his rather unexciting transformation more flamboyant. When it becomes clear that he's just wasting everyone's time, he sighs and melts into a rat. Resigned, Wormtail leaves - in the opposite direction of his three friends.

Back where I belong now,
was it just a dream?

Professor Lupin stirs in his sleep, unhappiness twisting his peaceful face. The students look up, startled; he settles again and they resume their silent copying.

Ron and Harry exchange a glance, and Hermione studies Lupin with concern, but none of them say anything. They, too, feel that this poor, tired man deserves some sleep. The entire class is calm and obedient despite the inattention of their teacher - they wouldn't want to get their best Defense Against The Dark Arts professor in all their three years fired because of their trouble-making.

Feelings unfold, they will never be sold,
And the secret's safe with me...

Sirius Black lies on his back in a thick haystack, trying to sleep despite the uncomfortable bedding. He's hiding from the Ministry of Magic, and his thoughts are scattered and frantic. He's afraid of himself more than them, of the terrifying obsession he has developed; he tries to think back to his younger days, of the glorious times he had as a younger man. The happiness won't return to him - too long without it, and he's forgotten how it feels - but he can relax for the first time in a long time as memories return.

Peter Pettigrew, masquerading as Scabbers the rat, sleeps on Ron's bed up in the empty Gryffindor dormitory. He dreams brilliantly-colored dreams of a dark man reigning over a darkened globe, and he stands at his right hand... dreams of the first and last opportunity he had ever grabbed, the week of the Potters's Fidelius Charm...

As the note dwindles, the darkness in the traitor's dreams engulfs everything.

(Hasta Manana;
Always be mine...)

"James... if it were just you and I, then..."

"It's not just us, Lily!"

"But if it were - you know that I would never leave you."


"I would remain by your side--"

"There's no point dwelling on it - we're not alone, and Harry deserves a chance!"

"...I promised you I would never leave you, James. And I won't. I'll join you soon..."

"...And I'll wait for you, Lily. I promise."

Viva Forever, I'll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun...
Live Forever, for the moment
Ever searching, for the one...

The photograph moves again, but this time the people in it are disappearing. The Ravenclaw girl - dead in a dueling accident. The Slytherin girl - dead, at Voldemort's hand, along with the rest of the McKinnon wizard clan. The Hufflepuff girl - dead, sacrificed herself for her son's life. A Gryffindor boy - dead, at Voldemort's hand, buying time for his wife and son.

The remaining four figures change: the pudgy Gryffindor ages horrendously, his hair falling out and his skin growing saggy and lackluster. The tallest Gryffindor grows even taller, gaunt and pale. The shortest Gryffindor also ages, though not as rapidly nor as badly as the pudgy one, and his hair begins to gray; he carries a simple briefcase and wears the Hogwarts black robes once more. The Slytherin boy also ages, grows taller - he remains pale, remains lean, remains nasty, but grows even more menacing and far more intimidating.

Viva Forever...

James Potter, the troublemaker, Prongs.

I'll be waiting...

Lily Potter, the best student, Head Girl.


Sirius Black, the murder convict, Padfoot.

Like the sun...

Remus Lupin, the professor, Moony.

Live forever...

Peter Pettigrew, the traitor, Wormtail.

For the moment...

The Malfoys, the Weasleys, the Potters...

Ever searching...

The McKinnons, the Bones, the Prewetts...

For the one...

Harry Potter.

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