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Miracle by RamonaTheta
Chapter 2 : Chapter Three, Four and Five
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I do not own Harry Potter. RamonaTheta

Chapter Three

Breakfast at Number 12 Grimmauld Place the next morning was strained. Sirius was being ignored by both Remus and Tonks, who were whispering quietly among themselves. It continued this way until the end of breakfast when Sirius was about to leave.

“Padfoot, could you wait for a minute, please.” Remus said.

“Fine.” Sirius huffed, and sat back down in the creaking chair.

“First we’d like to tell you something,” Tonks stated, “which is the reason why we weren’t talking to you this morning and it isn’t that we’ll still angry from last night, because we’re not.”

“Right” Sirius answered.

“Sirius,” Remus exclaimed, “please sound a little more interested, or else we might change our minds and not invite you to the wedding.”

“Whose wedding?” he asked grinning, already knowing the answer.

“Remus and mine.” Tonks explained.

“Wow! When did you decide this?”

“Last week.”

“Wow. Just wow! Any reason why?”

“Yes“ Remus said, “Dora and I love each other, and what with the baby-“ Sirius cut across him.

“What baby?” he asked his eye wide.

Tonks smiled and placed a hand on her stomach, before answering, “Uncle Padfoot, meet the littlest Lupin.”

Sirius stared at them both in shock, before regaining his senses and asking, “How far along are you?” 

"About a month and a half," Tonks answered her grin wide.

Sirius just stared at his two friends so Remsu said,“We’d like to perform the wedding ceremony and be Godfather to our child.”

“Yes, sure, thanks.” Sirius exclaimed, at a loss for words hugging them both.

They wanted their wedding in four days and they wanted it to be a small family event, but before that could happen they had to meet each other’s parents. Each of them was dreading this, and so as comfort they had decided to take Sirius, who knew all the parties, with them.

Chapter FourThe three of them stood outside a semi-detached in the outskirts of London. It looked large with an average sized garden; both were in pristine condition. Remus had his best dress robes, Tonks was wearing her cleanest dress robes and Sirius was dressed in his normal clothes- he had no reason to be nervous.

They walked to the door and Tonks knocked twice hard. The door was opened by a dark-haired women, who had Sirius’ eyes; Andromeda Tonks! She looked at the three people at her door and smiled.

“Come in,” Andromeda said, letting them enter the and showing them into the living room. Ted was sitting reading his newspaper and looked up when they entered.

“Well if it isn’t my little Nymph,” he said standing up and hugging her, “with Sirius Black and another marauder.”

“Been a long time, Ted.” Sirius said.

“Yes, it has, hasn’t it Andi?”

“Indeed, but was wondering whether anybody,” Andromeda looked pointedly at her daughter, “was going to introduce me to this gentlemen?”

“This is Remus, mother.” Tonks answered, unabashed, “Remus Lupin.”

Andromeda and Ted shook his hand. After a few silent moments, Andromeda asked, “Didn’t you teach at Hogwarts for a while?”

Tonks stiffened, and cut across Remus as he opened his mouth to answer, “Yes he did, but this isn’t why we’re here.” She paused before continuing, “Remus and I are getting married.”

The whole room went silent before her mother hugged her exclaiming, “I always hoped that you would find the right person, dear. When’s the wedding?”

“Friday.” Tonks said, looking at her dad for approval, he grinned and she relaxed.

“FRIDAY! How can you expect me to plan an amazing wedding in four days?!” Andromeda screeched.

“Calm down, mother, “Tonks soothed, “I don’t want an amazing wedding. There’s only going to seven people there.”

“Why?” Andromeda asked, confused.

“Remus is a werewolf.” Sirius answered casually. If Tonks had expected her family to scream and shout she would have been sorely disappointed.

“Good reason.” Ted said. Remus immediately relaxed.

“Thankyou.” It was the first thing Remus had said since they had entered the house.

“We were never going to stop Nymph choosing her husband, or be like Andi’s parents.” Ted answered, “And anyway you are decidedly better than all her previous boyfriends- they all had tattoos or piercings.”

“Thankyou.” Remus repeated.

“Are you staying for lunch?” Andromeda asked.

“No thankyou, we have to visit my parents, but thankyou for the offer.” Remus answered.

“Ted was right you are decidedly better than the others. How did you ever become friends with Sirius, you seem to have the manners he lacks.” Sirius looked offended at Andromeda's reply, but left his feet on the table just the same.

“Come on Sirius. Remus, you and I have to visit his parents.” Tonks said, and he regretfully got and went to the door.

“It was an honour to meet you, Mr Tonks, Mrs Tonks,” Remus said shaking their hands in turn, “You have to come to Grimmauld Place for dinner tomorrow evening.”

“We’ll be delighted,” Ted answered, “and please call us Ted and Andromeda.”

The trio left for Remus’ parent’s house; a visit Tonks was dreading! 

Chapter Five

All three stood outside a small rose-covered cottage. Sirius and Remus strode straight to the door, but Tonks stood still for a minute, changing her hair to the natural, sleek black; she caught up with the others quickly. Sirius knocked on the door twice, using the large bronze knocker.

An amber-eyed woman opened the door, her face shone with a wide smile. A smile that grew even wider when she saw her only son.

“Hello Mum.” Remus said, hugging his mother.

“Remus, where have you been? You haven’t owled in months.” His mother asked, and noticing the other two invited them inside into a cosy living room, with a roaring fire.

“Joan, how good to see you again.” Sirius exclaimed.

“Very good to see you again too Sirius. Whatever the Ministry said, I always believed you weren’t a murderer, even when my son did.” Mrs Lupin answered. Remus blushed.

“Thank you, but can I smell some of your delicious biscuits?”

“Yes, in the kitchen,” Sirius left the room, almost running, “He never changes.” She explained, “Don’t eat all of them.” There was a muffled reply from the kitchen.

Mrs Lupin turned to Tonks, “Hello, my son seems to have forgotten his manners. I’m Joan Lupin, but please call me Joan.” She extended a hand and Tonks shook it.

”Nymphadora Tonks, but please call me Tonks.” Tonks replied, smiling nervously.

A second later an older man entered the room, who could only be Remus’ father; the resemblance was almost perfect, except Remus had his mother’s eyes and nose.

“Dad,” Remus said, jumping to his feet and hugging him, before returning to his seat.

“Remus, what a surprise. And who is this beautiful, young woman, before me?” Mr Lupin said, gesturing towards Tonks, who promptly turned red.

“I’m Tonks, sir.” Tonks replied.

“Sir? Lord that makes me feel old. Please call me John.”

“Okay.” She answered.

“You do realise that you are the first and only girlfriend, he’s ever brought home.” John stated, Remus coughed and Tonks blushed.

“Erm, Dad, Mum,” Remus said, after a second, “Dora, isn’t my girlfriend.” His parents looked disappointed, “It’s a bit more serious than that; Dora is my fiancée.”

His parents gasped, before John said, “No offence Tonks, but you really don’t seem like Remus type-“

“I have a type?” Remus cut across him.

“Of course you have, dear.” Joan answered, “You were always so much like your father- spent half your life in a book, and you could be ever so well mannered (even though your behaviour couldn’t). You attract opposites-“

“As I was saying,” John interrupted, “No offence Tonks, but you seem a little well… plain.”

“Tonks plain.” Sirius said, chuckling, entering the room with a half-eaten biscuit, “That’s a laugh.”

“See, you didn’t need to change your hair.” Remus told Tonks.

“What-“, Joan started but her son cut across her.


Tonks screwed up her face in a pained expression; a second later she was sporting her normal pink locks. Joan looked shocked but said, “I change my mind, you are most defiantly his type.” She turned to John for confirmation.

But John was staring at Tonks, with new-found awe. “You’re a metamorphmagus?” She nodded, and he smiled.

“I take it I can marry her, then.” Remus said; his parents nodded, “Good the wedding’s on Friday.”

“What! You can’t get married so soon.” Joan exclaimed.

“They have to. Remus is leaving on Monday.” Sirius stated.

“But we’d like to invite you to Order HQ for dinner tomorrow night. Dora’s parents will be there.” Remus said.

“Of course we’ll come. But where is Order HQ?” John asked.

“12 Grimmauld Place.” Sirius answered, “I have to worn you it was my parents’ house, and it’s not the nicest of places. I’m secret keeper.”

“We’ll be there around seven.” Joan said, before turning to Tonks and asking, “what is your job, dear?”

“I’m an auror at the moment.” Tonks replied.

“At the moment?”

“Hogwarts needs a Transfiguration teacher, but that’s Sirius’ new job. Remus and I are going to do DADA, so that can take classes on the full moon.”

“You know about-“

“His furry little problem, of course, and I don’t care, as he needs to remember,” Tonks punched Remus’ arm, “Don’t you?”

“Yes, love.” He answered.

“So, how long have you known Remus?” John asked.

“Ages, but I think the first time I meet him was when Sirius came to baby-sit me. I was going to Hogwarts that September, and he had just finished. He brought the Marauders with him.” Tonks said.

“And she was falling for him even then,” Sirius put in, “He only had to walk into a room or else smile at her and she’d stumble on her own feet or else trip over the nearest object. He had to keep catching her. It was hilarious!”

“It was embarrassing.” Remus and Tonks replied together, blushing.

Joan was watching them very closely. She turned to Tonks. “When is it due, dear?”

“What due?” Tonks asked.

“The baby, dear.” Joan replied. Remus choked on his tea and Tonks paled; this wasn’t exactly how they had planned on telling them.

“H-how did you know?” Tonks stuttered, thinking Joan was upset. Joan saw this.

“I’m not upset, dear. I was a healer for years. I know when a witch is expecting. So when are you due?” Joan asked, while John was staring at his blushing son, in shock.

“About seven months.” Tonks answered.

“Is this why you are marrying her, Remus?” John asked, hoping for a negative answer.

“No,” Remus answered, “I was going to marry her anyway. I love her, Dad.”

“Good, glad to hear that.” His father replied.

“But could you not mention the baby tomorrow, my Mum and Dad don’t know yet.” Tonks said, glad that Remus' parents had taken the news so well. She really didn't want to know what her parents' reactions would be when they found out.

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