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Just Another Day by Eve_ice
Chapter 1 : Nightmares and Dreams
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    A gigantic house sits on its foundation surrounded by an equally huge yard. The yard was filled with flowers and trees of different shades and sizes. Everything was in perfect condition. No dead flowers or brown leaves were seen on any part of the front yard. A cement path led from the gate up to the house. The path was surrounded by different color flowers and varieties of bushes.

    The backyard was a different story. It was compiled of a green patch of grass, along with a huge tree. This tree was perfect for climbing, if there was a ladder going to the first branch. A rope hung from a branch farther up, holding a tire swing. Further back in the yard a forest began and looked to go on for miles and miles.

    The house itself was made of wood and the shutters were a chocolate brown color all the way up to the third floor. Flowerbeds hung from ever window sill on the first floor of the house. A deck stuck out from the backdoor of the house with stairs leading all the way to the second and third floor back doors and to the top of the house where someone could lay and gaze at the stars.

Inside the house there were dozens of rooms and different halls connecting all the rooms. Gigantic stairs led up to the second floor and then spiraled up to the third floor of the house. The walls were the same as the outside; wood. Pictures and special objects hang from the walls. Every inch of the house was clean down to the corners hidden behind dressers.

    In the midst of this house is a girl. The thudding of her feet hitting the wooden floors echoed throughout the whole house making it impossible to tell her location. She stopped and scanned every single room, as her eyes shifted from one place to another. She continued running down the hall stopping at each room to check inside.
Eventually she had reached the third floor. Her legs were about to give out when she let out a satisfied gasp. She was looking in a room and found what she was looking for after 10 minutes. She went over to the wardrobe in the room, then walked over to the bed, and then she walked over to the dresser and looked at the wall beside it and knocked on it, the sound that came from it wasn’t hollow, but it wasn’t what a wall should sound like if it were to be knocked on. She whispered “fugitive” and a section of the wall disappeared revealing a small room. She climbed in and whispered “in hiding” and the wall reappeared leaving her in the pitch black room. She couldn’t light the room up because she didn’t have a wand yet, this was one of the things she was looking forward to when she could finally go to school at Hogwarts. She settled herself on the carpet in what she thought was the middle of the room.

    Suddenly there were footsteps outside the wall. She controlled her breathing as the adrenaline increased her pulse. How much she wished that she could light up the room, it was beginning to scare her being in total darkness. The footsteps continued outside along with banging of the wardrobe doors and frustrated grunts.

    “Ah ha!” Yelled a boy’s voice and she heard the footsteps leave the room in a hurry.

    “Phew!” She thought and she made herself relax. “Only a little longer.” She told herself as she lay on the plush carpet.

    She shot up from her position as she heard the footsteps once again, except they didn’t sound like they were coming from the other room. “Oh no!” She thought in panic and she quickly made her way over to the closest corner, feeling with her hands. All went quite again, but she refused to let herself relax again. “He’s in here, I know it!” She thought as she tried to listen hard to the room before her.

    “This is quite the game of hide-and-seek.” She thought, giggling to herself. She’s always been better then him. She could find him in less then five minutes despite the ten minute wait to let him hide. What the girl didn’t understand was how he could be in this room, she thought the only entrance and exit was the one she just closed.
She heard the footsteps again and some rustling and shushed her thoughts. She began to focus on the thoughts when she realized they were coming closer. “Just stay quite, and maybe he won’t find you!” She told herself.

    She soon noticed that the boy was standing right in front of her because he took another step. “He’s not gonna fin…” But she was cut off when two big hands came down on her shoulders.

    Panic set in as she realized this was not the eleven year old boy she was playing hide-and-seek with. One of the man’s hands left her shoulder, but before she had time to react he grabbed both of her arms with that hand. The other hand left her shoulders and she started to scream.

    “Silencio!” The man whispered. She screamed with all her might at the sound of the voice, but no sound came out. A higher sense of panic sent adrenaline though her body causing her to shake. The man picked her up by her arms with one hand, but set her on the ground again.

    “Lumos!” The man whispered again. The girl blinked her eyes several times before looking up at the man who had grabbed her arms.

    She gasped in horror as she saw a man twice as tall as her wearing a black shirt and black pants. His hair contrasted horribly and his silver-blue eyes were staring at her with an emotion she could not pinpoint. She sensed a familiar feeling wash over her and she immediately thought she had gone crazy.

    The adrenaline raced more through her body making her shake violently. The man picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Her stomach instantly started aching because of the impact of the man’s shoulder. The girl felt the man’s head turn towards the entrance as the door began to open. “Over here!” The girl attempted to yell, before remembering she couldn’t talk. She shook in terror as she realized the man started to run toward the wall. She heard him whisper something and the wall disappeared showing outside. He jumped out the opening before it shut. She braced herself for the fall…

    Hermione woke up with a gasp and heavy breathing. Her body was covered in sweat and her pajamas were sticking to her skin. She looked around at her bed and saw that all the pillows and covers were thrown on the floor. Hermione then looked around at her room. She almost forgot that she was back home and the fact that she had graduated from Hogwarts only a couple of weeks ago. She took a deep breath as she remembered the horror of the past years at Hogwarts. Hermione decided that even though she won’t see Harry and Ron as much, she was glad that she was done with school. With this thought she let her head fall back onto the bed and thought about the dream that formed itself into a nightmare.

    “That was a really weird dream…” Hermione thought to herself. She’s had dreams like that before, but this dream’s ending was different. The first person that came to her mind when she thought of the man in the dream was Draco. “It can’t be him though,” she concluded, “he would have been a little kid like me… And why would he be in my dream!?!” Hermione was now aggravated that Draco, the prat that had been torturing her and her friends, was now in her dreams. She soon calmed when she realized with a mischievous smile that he was in the nightmare part of her dream.
    Hermione pushed the nightmare out of her mind and started to get ready for the day. Today was big for Hermione. This would be the day that she left her parents home to go work for the Daily Prophet. Not the job some people would think she’d want. Harry and Ron certainly thought that she was going to be an Auror, but writing articles just called to her, and of course Ron didn’t understand. Plus she wants to show the world that there are honest reporters out there, unlike Rita Skeeter.

    She got off of her bed and made it before heading to the shower. “How lovely it’s going to be living on my own!” The thought made Hermoine excited to start the day. She had rented her own flat and everything. In a year or two, if she decided to stay, the flat would be hers to keep. It was a very nice home as well, it suites her needs.

    “Oh I forgot my clothes!” Hermione thought out loud, and then went into the bathroom after quickly grabbing her attire. She jumped into the shower and quickly washed her hair and body. She got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her and quickly brushed her teeth. Then she used a drying spell on her hair and a couple of other spells to put it in a loose bun with a couple of strands hanging in her face. Hermione only put the bare minimum for make up on, and threw on her clothes. Today she was wearing a pair of jeans with a cute tee.

    Hermione grabbed all her toiletries and walked out the bathroom door, as she was putting them in her suitcase she was startled by a voice from behind.

    “My, my, don’t you look dashing this morning!” said the intruder.

Hermoine turned around and let out a sigh of relief, but frustration immediately took its place. Fred stood by the bed with all of his height. He was way taller than Hermione. He had red hair that was short, but long enough to be gelled forward. Rather good looking Hermione would say.

    “You scared me half to death Fred! And what are you doing here? You know how iffy my parents are about guys apparating right into my room!”

    “I’m sorry Mione; I just wanted to help you with your luggage…” Fred said while putting on an innocent face.

    “Hm… I don’t need any help, Fred.” She looked around the room at all of her luggage and furniture. “Uh… I guess I do need a little bit of help.” She admitted with a smile.

    Fred immediately enclosed her in a tight hug and kissed the top of her head.

    “Not that kind of help!” She said with a mischievous and knowing smile.

    “Awh, well alright then! Let’s start shrinking this stuff!” Fred exclaimed while bringing out his wand. Hermoine quickly put her hand on his hand that was holding the wand.

    “Um… My parents aren’t too keen to magic anymore; they barely allow me to use magic to fix up my hair.” She quickly said and started to bite her lip.

    “Oh, well bloody hell! How else are we supposed to move all this stuff?” Fred said with an incredulous look on his face.

    “Well we can’t really start now, I have to go downstairs and tell my parents I’m going now, and you have to enter through the front door!” Hermoine reminded him, “Remember what happened last time when you came down stairs with me one morning after apparating here?”

    “Jeez, you don’t have to remind me ‘Mione!” He said with a beaming smile on his face, as he disappeared only to hear the door bell ring moments later.

    “Hermoine, dear! Fred is here to help you move your luggage!” Her mom yelled up the stairs.

    “Ugh!” Hermoine was sick of not using magic whenever she wanted! She was old enough now. And that’s exactly why it’s time to move out.

    Hermoine flew down the steps and hugged Fred and kissed him on the cheek. She grabbed his hand started to pull him upstairs, but he wouldn’t budge.

    “Um… Mr. and Mrs. Granger, may I have your permission to use magic to make it easier for Hermoine to move?” Fred asked with the politest tone he could muster.

    The Grangers looked at one another, obviously were unprepared for this question, but quickly answered.

    “Uh… Of course! We wouldn’t want you two breaking your backs, or ours, carrying everything. Right, honey?” Mrs. Granger stuttered.

    “Um, yea… Go right ahead.” Mr. Granger weakly assured permission. Fred gave them both beaming smiles while Hermione looked flabbergasted.


    “Thank you!” They both chimed. As Fred quickly pulled Hermione up the stairs and into her room.

    “I can’t believe you asked them!” Hermoine yelled, still in shock.

    “Why not? I made it easier didn’t I?” Fred said, still beaming.

    “Yea you did, but…” She was quickly cut off by Fred’s lips coming down on hers. Hermoine tried to get out of his hold and resist his kiss but she was tightly bound with her arms by her sides because of the way Fred was hugging her now. She didn’t let that break her urge to not let him kiss her by burying her face in his chest. But her efforts were in vain when he picked her off the ground and set her on the bed as he kneeled in front of her so she couldn’t hide her face.

    Hermione finally gave up when she realized he wasn’t going to let go and kissed him back. The pleasure in the kiss caused shivers to roll down her back. She guessed that he felt this because he deepened the kiss. Hermoine felt like she was flying and kissed him back even deeper.

    Fred got onto the bed and they both laid down, and Fred pulled Hermoine on top of him and they continued to kiss. Fred then flipped Hermoine over under him and laid on top of her, and started to kiss her neck. The weight of his body on top of hers drove her crazy, it made her feel secure as much as it made her want to kiss him back with everything she had. She kissed his cheek while she was still kissing her neck and he immediately returned to her mouth.

    After a while they just laid there, Fred on top of Hermoine. Fred didn’t mind and he knew Hermoine didn’t mind either. He then took his arms and wrapped it around her back. This felt so right for him, and hoped that Hermoine was feeling the same way.

    “Maybe we should start shrinking your furniture and luggage.” Fred suggested in a whisper that made Hermoine shiver again.

    “Why?” Hermoine whined.

    “Well, as much as I’d like to keep holding you, your mum and dad are gonna start wondering what we are doing up here… And you know parents.” Fred said a little bit louder. Hermoine tried to sit up, but Fred’s weight was too much. She tried to push him off, but he refused to let go of his hold.

    “I thought you said we should pack?” Hermoine questioned again while trying once again to squeeze out of his hold. “It will only take a second, with magic and all.”
    “I just wanted to hold you for a bit longer.” He defended himself, throwing another mischievous smile as he let go of her so she could get up from the bed. Fred got up and stood next to her and put an arm around her shoulders. “Shall we get to work my love?” He asked.

    “Hm… Of course! I’m dying to move out!” She exclaimed as she started to cast spells on the closest pieces of furniture.

    Fred, seeing that she started, begun to do the same thing. After everything was in one single backpack, they started to make their way downstairs to finally say goodbye to her parents.

    “We’ll miss you honey! Don’t forget to write, we’ll love to hear about your new job and your new apartment!” Mrs. Granger said between sobs.

    “Goodbye, little girl.” Mr. Granger said while giving her a hug. He then turned to Fred. “I’m expecting you to watch over our little girl and keep her out of trouble.”

    “Of course sir! No harm shall come to your daughter.” Fred said in the same polite voice.

    “Bye mum! Bye dad! Don’t worry I’ll tell you all about my work in my letter. I’ll send you some newspapers too, so you can see my work!” Hermoine promised as tears made their way onto her cheeks.

    She kissed her parents on the cheeks and hugged them, then she took Fred’s hand and they made their way to the door. Fred was about to shut the door when Mr. Granger came out with an odd look on his face.

    “What about your luggage honey?” He asked, still with the odd look on his face.
    “It’s all in this backpack, dad, we shrunk all of it.” She said quickly. While Mr. Granger gave the backpack an incredulous look.

    “Oh, that’s convenient. Goodbye, honey! See you, Fred.” Mr. Granger said. Fred nodded at him and Hermione gave him another hug.

    Fred and Hermione walked down the street away from the Granger household, so Hermione’s parents won’t see them apparate.

    “To your flat I believe?” Fred asked with a charming smile.

    “We can’t… I don’t know where it is in the complex yet!” She said with a disappointed look.

    “Well, let’s apparate to Diagon Alley then, we’ll find it from there!” Fred said with new a look of confidence because of his idea.

    “Mm… Alright.” She finally agreed and took Fred’s hand as they walked into an alley and apparated.


    “Would you like to get something to eat?” Hermione asked after hearing Fred’s stomach rumble. They were at her flat, and it was what Hermione always wanted. It was a two bedroom flat, which means that she would have a guest room. The living room was gigantic along with the kitchen. There was one bathroom settled between the two rooms. It had a stand up shower and a separate tub. She would decorate everything according to her likings eventually.

    “Hm… How about a black and red kind of base? Oh! Maybe a brown and light blue! What do you think Fred?” Hermione had asked.

    Fred could see that she was excited about her own home and he certainly was too. It was kind of difficult keeping himself from just apparating into her room at night when she lived with her parents. Hermione tends to scream when she is surprised. Fred smiled at the thought, and realized that Hermione thought the smile was for the conversation he just zoned out of.

    “Um… I would definitely go with the black and red, it seems classier.” Fred chimed in as he continued to smile at Hermione.

    “I think so too! It’s going to be so great! I mean I’m planning on…” Hermione was interrupted by Fred’s stomach letting out a growl of hunger.

    “I would love to go get something to eat love.” Fred answered.

    Hermione took his hands in both of her hands and stood on her tippy toes to kiss him on the lips. Fred saw this and met hers with his lips. He picked her up and held her as they kissed again.

    “Then let’s go.” She said finally, giving Fred a smirk, and they immediately apparated to Diagon Alley.

A/N~ Hey! Thanks for the reads!!! I really appreciate it!! This is my first story on HPFF so it would be amazing if everyone could leave a review giving me advice or something along those lines!! Thank You!!! I always send another chapter to be validated the day the previous chapter is up for viewing!!! ^_^

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