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Harry Potter and the Life After Death by kiagh88
Chapter 10 : St Mungos
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Uncontrollale chaos reigned throughout the fourth floor of St. Mungo’s wizarding hospital. The staff were all under no illusions that they had the unenviable task of saving the life of the world’s most famous wizard. Harry’s body was slumped on a hospital bed in an excluded ward as a frantic group of over twenty healers set to work. Many had looks of not only concern, but bewilderment on their faces, how had Harry managed to find himself in this condition? He had lost a frighteningly large amount of blood from his wounds and needed a magical blood transfusion instantly to prevent him from losing his life. Time was running out.

In the corridoors outside, the Weasleys and Hermione stood in sheer panic awaiting news of Harry’s condition. Arthur decided to cast his patronus and summon Kingsley; the minister needed to be informed immediately of the attack on Harry. Ginny, whose uncharacteristic tears were slowly bubbling into irrepressible anger, was demanding access into Harry’s room. However, the healer standing guard at the door was refusing entry to anyone, saying she would only disclose information to family members. Ginny’s potent mixture of emotions soon exploded at this denial like something hit by a reductor curse from Lord Voldemort.


The healer recoiled in shock at the outburst but still refused to make way. Ginny had never been this angry at anyone before and quickly reached for her wand, and if looks could kill then the healer would be dead. An onslaught of bat-bogeys (or perhaps even worse) was avoided by the ever calming influence of Hermione, who'd hastily put a hand on Ginny’s shoulder and spoken out before Ginny had time to act.

‘Do you know who I am?’ she enquired in her infamous bossy tone.

Ron, who was standing by her side anxiously wanting to see Harry, grimaced; he knew exactly what the healer was in for.

‘Apparently not,’ retorted the healer in her defence.

‘Well, I’m Hermione Granger and this here is Ronald Weasley. Just in case you’ve never read the Daily Prophet, the pair of us were on the run last year with Harry trying to destroy the most evil wizard to ever exist. We survived on our own throughout and succeeded. If Harry, Ron and I didn’t trust each other completely with our lives, then we’d almost certainly be dead. We're as close to family as he's got, and have been with him through everything. I know he considers us family, just as we consider him family. Is that not enough for you? I’m certain that qualifies us at least to know what is going on!’

The healer swallowed hard. Beads of sweat appearing on her brow. She was attempting to ignore it but whilst looking nervously between Hermione and Ginny she relented and wiped her face. She was about to respond to Hermione when a tall, imposing figure apparated into the corridor. Everyone tried to speak at once, but Kingsley held his hand up initiating silence.

‘Healer Jones is it?’ he boomed in his deep monotonic voice, motioning towards the woman still insistently guarding the doors to Harry’s cubical.

The healer nodded, and Kingsley began to explain the situation to her more clearly.

‘You must realize that Harry has no family, they’re all deceased. The people you see before you are the only family the boy has ever had, and as minister for magic, I demand that you let them know what is going on immediately before I am forced to consider your position as a healer at this hospital.’

The healer stuttered before reluctantly agreeing upon seeing Kingsley’s expression.

‘Very well, very well,’ she began, looking quickly between everyone gathered in the corridor, ‘Mr. Potter was admitted with horrendous injuries and had lost a serious amount of blood. His right arm was very nearly blasted from his body, and he has a six inch gash down his left calf along with a broken leg and a shattered hip. He has a punctured lung and four broken ribs. Finally, he has had problems with breathing and with his heart. We are confident however, due to the expertise of our staff, that the magical blood transfusion will be successful and he will pull through. He’s still in a very critical condition as we speak though, which is why I cannot allow anyone access to this room for now.’

The colour seemed to drain simultaneous from the faces of all the Weasleys, Ginny in particular. Kingsley was the only party in the corridor who remained calm.

‘Could anybody tell me how Harry sustained those injuries?’ he asked.

Hermione intervened as several of the Weasleys went to speak.

‘Kingsley, I can’t understand what happened, Harry finished the race, he won,’ she gasped, her voice shaking. ‘But he crashed after he had finished, he didn’t stop when he crossed the line and flew straight into a set of marquees– ’

‘Why would he do that?’ interrupted the minister, his concern becoming more apparent every second.

Ginny answered before Hermione could continue.

‘His body was limp and lifeless when he crossed the line on his broom, it looked like he was falling out of the sky, not flying,’ she began trying to regain her composure, ‘and a few minutes beforehand we all saw flashes of light on the horizon coming from what looked like curses. He must have been attacked, but no one seems to know who by. The Swedish Aurors went to try and help and I think Viktor Krum was involved too as they brought him back here…’

Kingsley’s eyes widened as he interjected once more.

‘Do you know where Mr. Krum is? I must speak to him right away.’

Ginny looked the minister in the eye, nodding.

‘They took him to the ground floor as he had no injuries from curses, I think he was just badly bruised.’

‘Thank you Ginny,’ replied the minister before turning to speak to everyone else, ‘I’m going to find him and get some information about what happened. I will be back here to check on Harry’s condition as soon as possible.’

With that, Kingsley turned on his heel and headed out of the corridor towards where Krum was situated. Ginny’s attention was instantly diverted back towards the door behind which her boyfriend lay, desperately clinging onto life. She was about to make another attempt to get past healer Jones before Hermione grabbed a hold of her arm.

‘There’s nothing you can do for him right now Ginny,’ she whispered, ‘we’re all just going to stay strong for Harry until they manage to stabilize him. When they do, I’ll make sure they let you inside before anyone else.’

Ginny turned to Hermione, her usual strength of mind all but shattered, and fell into her arms.

‘I can’t lose him ’Mione, I just can’t,’ she mumbled through her attempts to draw back tears, ‘not again, I don’t know what I’d do…’

‘I know Ginny, I know,’ replied Hermione reassuringly as she held Ginny’s limp body close, ‘but I promise you he’ll be fine, Harry always pulls through.’

Deep down inside, however, even Hermione had her doubts about Harry coming round, but she knew she had to stay positive for Ginny’s sake. There was nothing anyone could do apart from wait. Wait for what, no one quite knew.


Ten minutes later, after what seemed like an eternity, Kingsley reappeared. In an instant, everyone was looking towards him in anticipation of what he was about to disclose about the attack. The minister eyed them all up and down as he began to speak.

‘It appears that Harry was attacked by several hooded figures during the race, their identities and motives are not yet known. According to Mr. Krum, when he first arrived on the scene it was six on one, but Harry was still managing to fly and defend himself…’

Kingsley explained more of what Viktor had told him as the Weasleys and Hermione listened intently, jaws gaping.

‘…then the Swedish Aurors arrived and took out some of the attackers. However the remaining two managed to go after Harry once more and hit him with curses to the arm and leg. Mr. Krum says that he then saw Harry accelerate away, before managing to stun the two attackers he was still dueling. After this, Harry was too far in the distance for Mr. Krum to see the events at the finishing line. However, we will able to get the rest of the story from Harry when he comes round, I’m sure of it.’

The sound of stunned silence that followed Kingsley’s speech was broken by Ginny.

‘Please Kingsley,’ she begged, ‘go inside the ward and find out if Harry’s going to survive, I can’t take anymore of this.’

‘Yeah, we’ve gotta know if he’s gunna make it through,’ added Ron hastily, still trying to remain strong for his best friend.

Kingsley couldn’t possibly argue with them, they needed to know and had a right to know. He walked over to where healer Jones was still keeping guard of Harry’s ward and whispered some words in her ear. After thirty seconds, her expression softened from one of defiance to one of acceptance as she finally stood aside for the minister. He made his way into the ward as everyone on the outside braced themselves for the worst. A few minutes later, Kingsley emerged once more, his expression betraying the fact that positive news was about to be delivered.

‘Well, according to the healers,’ he began, walking over to the Weasleys and Hermione, ‘the magical blood transfusion was completed successfully and his condition is beginning to stabilize. They also say they can fix all of his broken bones but it will take time. His arm is expected to take weeks, maybe months to heal fully. Harry is having breathing problems, and his heart is weak but on the whole it looks like he will survive. A healer will come and let you know when you can go and see him, but for now I hope everyone can put their minds at ease.’

‘Oh thank you ever so much minister,’ said Molly, the colour beginning to return to her face, ‘we just needed to know he’s going to pull through.’

Before Molly had even finished speaking, Kingsley had been confronted with streaks of red hair as Ginny jumped up and hugged him without even thinking. Slightly taken aback, Kingsley began to chuckle and returned the hug before Ginny regained control of her emotions and backed away. She had just hugged the minister for magic. How embarrassing she thought, just for a second. But no, it was purely instinctive, he had just uttered the only words that mattered right now; It looks like Harry will survive…

‘Well,’ smiled Kingsley, seeing Ginny’s expression, ‘I’m delighted that my decision to go inside the ward was the correct one.’

‘I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve just told me! Sorry I got a bit, erm…carried away.’ Ginny replied, as she tried unsuccessfully not to blush.

‘Yeah, we couldn’t go on any longer not knowing, thanks Kingsley,’ piped up Ron, followed by a warm thank you from Hermione and the rest of the family.

‘It’s my pleasure,’ replied Kingsley, looking delighted also that Harry would pull through, ‘and now I must contact the Swedish minister and find out how this was ever allowed to happen. I will be in touch as soon as Harry is awake. Arthur, please send me your patronus when he comes round.’

Arthur nodded his approval before Kingsley bade farewell to the group and apparated from the hospital.


Two hours later, after further impatient waiting, a second healer appeared from out of Harry’s ward and spoke quietly with healer Jones. After a few seconds, Jones motioned towards the family and Ginny was on her feet and standing in front of her in less than a second.

‘Can we see him yet?’ she asked sharply, her voice full of hope and anticipation.

Healer Jones merely nodded, before speaking.

‘Yes, he’s now awake, but is still very weak. He specifically asked to see Ginny first, I assume that is you young lady?’

Ginny nodded, before turning back quickly towards the rest of the family. They all nodded their approval, and Hermione ushered her back towards the door. Safe in the knowledge that everyone was happy to wait just that little bit longer, Ginny needed no further encouragement. She rushed through the doors with the healer Jones trying to keep up. Jones managed to catch Ginny once inside and led her over to where Harry’s room was situated. She stopped the all too eager redhead just outside, grimacing slightly.

‘Now before you go in young lady, prepare yourself for a shock, he’s in a bad way. His heart and lungs are having magical assistance, but his airways are clear and he should be able to breathe on his own by tomorrow.’

Ginny gave the healer a questioning look.

‘His windpipe and left lung were filling with blood quickly, had he not been bought in to us so swiftly, he may be dead. As it is, his heart has stopped twice since we have had him in the hospital. Please be gentle with him.’

Ginny looked shocked but nodded nonetheless as she paused to compose herself and took a deep breath. Pushing the swinging doors open nervously, she inched her way into Harry’s room. It was rather expansive and well lit, filled with a compendium of magical healing equipment. In the far corner was a bed, surrounded by several different monitors. The connections from the monitors all led to the figure lying on the bed, the steady beep from the heart monitor was all that broke the deafening silence. Ginny walked cautiously towards the bed, and gasped upon seeing Harry’s battered figure.

Harry sensed her presence without opening his eyes.

‘Gin, you’re here,’ he said rather feebly. Ginny smiled in an equally feeble fashion.

‘ Shhh Harry, how are you feeling? I know that’s a silly question but…..’

‘Well, I’m much better now you’re here.’ Ginny and Harry smiled at one another simultaneously. Ginny bent down and kissed him on the forehead.

‘Harry, don’t talk if you don’t feel up to it. I was so scared today. I saw spells flying around in the distance, and I knew you were involved, I could sense you were in danger. I don’t want to lose you Harry. I couldn’t deal with that.’ Harry forced yet another smile.

‘You won’t, I’ve promised you I will not leave you, and I intend to keep that promise’ he said while gasping for breath. Ginny kissed him again.

‘I’m glad about that, are you up to telling me what happened?’

‘Before anything else, what happened to the men who attacked me?’ Ginny hesitated before sighing and smiling to herself, she knew that was going to be his first question.

‘Harry, they’re all dead.’ Harry sighed.

‘I feared as much.’ Harry said as he started to cough, when it didn’t stop and Harry’s body started to convulse, Ginny got worried.

‘SOMEBODY HELP ME, ANY BODY, HELP ME!’ Ginny was frantic, but did not want to leave Harry’s side.

Healer Jones ran into the room, and upon seeing Harry’s body shaking knew there was a problem. The next thing they knew, the heart monitor was showing no heartbeat. Ginny screamed, healer Jones pointed her wand and uttered an incantation that Ginny didn’t recognize. A couple more healer’s rushed into the room and all began uttering spells, one of them administered Harry with six different potions before after around thirty seconds, Harry’s heart began beating again.

Ginny held his hand. Her face portraying anguish, tears cascading down her face. Harry, who by now knew the pain that came before a heart attack, was relieved he was still alive. The healers checked Harry over as Ginny was comforted by one of the more junior of them.

After half an hour, Ginny was still hysterical. Harry was trying to calm her, but she couldn’t believe she’d nearly lost him again.

‘Harry I hate seeing all of this happen to you. You need to rest.’

‘Gin.’ Harry paused for breath. ‘Don’t go.’ Ginny nodded through her bloodshot eyes.

‘I’m going nowhere after that. But you need to rest.’ Healer Jones, who had just entered the room, handed Ginny a bottle.

‘Here, give him the whole of this bottle, he’ll be asleep in no time.’ Ginny smiled up at the healer. Harry drank the potion, and was sound asleep within a minute.

Ginny sat next to Harry all the time he was asleep. Various healers were in and out of the room during the night. Ginny had informed her family how he was and most of them went back to the Burrow, knowing they were no use to anyone at the hospital. Ron and Hermione stayed not only to comfort Ginny, but because they too, were understandably very worried for Harry.

Harry stirred under the sun’s gaze as morning broke. Ginny had fallen asleep with her head on the bed but within seconds of Harry moving she’d sprung to her feet. Harry looked less pale but was still weak, he still had machine’s attached to him but could move steadily.

Not to be deterred by his life threatening injuries from their previous conversation though, Harry started to speak.

‘Morning Gin.’ Harry sat himself up, refusing Ginny’s help, proclaiming he could do it himself, which he just about managed.

‘ Last night, you asked what happened. I think I’m up to telling you now.’ Ginny smiled and tried to silence him but Harry ignored her and began to speak again.

‘I was in the lead by about 500 metres or so at a guess, when out of nowhere six masked figures on brooms came for me. I dodged them at first, I had no idea who they were and I tried to get away, but because I had to defend myself, they managed to keep up with me. But you’re not going to believe this Gin. I can do wandless magic.’

Harry explained how he had wandlessly cast a spell and summoned his wand back, before he cast spells at his attackers with a hand as well as a wand. Ginny sat still stunned into silence. Harry went on to explain how he captured the two attackers, and how he passed out just as he crossed the finishing line. Ginny contributed by explaining how Krum had helped. Harry felt grateful to him, he would thank him when he was able to walk.

‘Harry, I’m sure Kingsley will want to hear about your wandless magic. He should be back sometime soon I think. The healer’s said they would let him know when you were able to talk to him.’

‘I think I’m well enough now, can you ask them to tell Kingsley’ Ginny nodded and left her seat to speak with a healer.

Ron and Hermione entered the room from the waiting room, where they had slept. Ron smiled at him as Hermione choked back tears of joy.
‘Good to see you’re doing OK mate.’ Harry smiled as Ron patted him on the back.

Hermione threw her arms around him. She didn’t know what to say, but her actions certainly reflected what she was feeling. Ginny re-entered the room after a few minutes.

‘I’ve told the healers, and I sent a patronus to mum and dad.’ As she said this, a bright silver weasel approached the foursome. ‘We’ll be along shortly. Hope your all doing well.’ Was spoken in Arthur’s voice. Ginny skipped out of the room, much happier than she was when she entered the room the day before.

Five minutes later Ginny happily brought everyone into Harry’s room. He greeted each one of them in turn, before recounting the story he told Ginny. Members of the family gasped when Harry told them about the wandless magic. Arthur insisted Kingsley needed to know about it. Harry was just agreeing with Arthur as Kingsley entered the room and spoke in a softer than usual voice.

‘Harry, how are you feeling? And what is this I should know?’

‘I’m doing ok all things considered Kingsley. I’ll start from the beginning, and then you’ll know everything about yesterday’

‘Good, you’re sure you feel up to it then?’ Harry nodded ‘Very well, could you please start from the beginning of the race?’ Harry nodded again and again recounted the previous days events to Kingsley whilst most of the Weasley’s left the room for refreshments.

‘…That’s when I used my hand to summon my wand back.’ Harry thought he heard preposterous from under Kingsley’s breath.

‘Kingsley, I can assure you I did it.’

‘Harry, I am not trying to say you do not have the ability to do that, I am trying to get my head around it, of all people who I would have thought could have done it, you would be atop the list’ Harry smiled, as various Weasleys returned to the room.

‘Here let me show you, Gin could you place my glasses on the table by the far wall please,’ Ginny smiled and did as Harry asked. Harry pointed at the glasses and spoke.

‘Accio glasses.’

Harry’s glasses flew to his hand. Those in the room were shocked; they’d heard it from Harry but still had to see it to believe it.

‘Well, I certainly think that proves it’ Kingsley said.

‘Harry, I’ll need to report this to my undersecretary and a couple of others, so I can do some research on it.’ Harry nodded

‘Ok, thank you Kingsley. I wanted to ask you, who was it who attacked me?’

‘The Swedish auror’s are working on it. I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as I know. Now, before I leave, the Swedish minister offers his apologies and would like you to go back to receive your trophy, but he’ll understand should you wish not to.’

‘I’ll collect it, it wasn’t his fault that I was attacked. He must understand though, I will not collect it in a public ceremony At the Swedish ministry, yes, but in public, no.’

‘Ok, I will let him know. I’ll be in touch Harry, a couple of auror’s will be guarding your room from now, just in case.’ Harry nodded, the tiredness in his face was visible to everyone, and his voice emphasized this.

‘Guys, I really could use some more rest if I’m to get out of here in a couple of days. All of this has taken it out of me.’ The Weasleys understood and said their goodbyes.

‘Ron, Hermione could Ginny and I have a word with you please?’ Harry asked. Ron and Hermione scurried over to Harry’s bedside and eagerly waited for him to speak.

‘I want you two to be careful. I know it looks like people are trying to hurt me, possibly kill me. But I can’t help but think they’ll use my friends and family to get to me. They’ve tried twice now, and have found me stronger than they thought both times.’ Hermione and Ron looked at each other.

‘Guys, you may not like what I’ve said and you may disagree with me, but please trust me on this one.’ Hermione nodded, Ron sighed. Harry addressed Ginny

‘Gin, please look after yourself at home. I know you don’t need protecting, and you can fight for yourself but please be careful. We don’t know who they are or what they know.’

‘Harry, I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying here with you. I don’t care what anyone says, I know there’s potion here for your nightmares, but I cant bear to be away from you after what happened last night.’ Harry sighed, Hermione tugged Ron’s shirt and they left the room despite Ron’s protests and confused look.

‘Love, I know you want to stay, I’d love you to stay, but there’s nothing you can do while I’m asleep and you can come back whenever you want when I wake up later,’ Ginny gave Harry a frown.

‘Gin, don’t give me that look, please go home to the burrow, I’m only going to sleep, come back when I wake up. Please Gin, go and relax. Being here is only going to drive you mad.’ Ginny sighed. Harry put on his best puppy dog eyes, and Ginny hit his arm playfully.

‘Harry, you know I’d do anything for you if you asked me to. I don’t want to go home, I want to be here for you.’

‘I will be looked after here, and you can spend all day with me when I wake up and tomorrow if I’m still here.’ Ginny sighed again.

‘Ok Harry, you win. I will be back as soon as you wake up, make sure you tell someone to send for me as soon as you’re awake.’ Harry nodded.

‘I’ll see you later love, I love you’

‘I love you too Harry’

Ginny leant down and kissed him on the lips then the forehead. She skipped to the doorway before turning round to have one more look at her handsome boyfriend. She giggled to herself before leaving to catch up with her family. Harry called a healer over, and told them to send for Ginny when he started to stir. The healer said two auror’s were keeping watch. Harry nodded and the healer left him to sleep.

Harry awoke and was drifting in and out of sleep later that afternoon. He reached out a hand and fumbled for his glass of water. But he couldn’t reach, he tried to summon it but as he did he started to cough again, it was not as bad as when he had suffered a heart attack the day before, but he was coughing up blood. The glass he tried to summon hit him and fell to the floor. A healer watching over him helped him with a couple of spells, and Harry settled back down, he asked the healer to send for Ginny. The healer nodded, knowing she’d make him feel a lot better.

Movement on his bed awoke him minutes later. Harry opened his eyes slowly, and was greeted by a Ginny shaped body curled up next to him. Harry smiled to himself, and placed his good arm around her waist, she pulled herself closer to him. Harry whispered in her ear in a slightly less tired and slow voice.

‘I’m glad you’re here, I missed having you lying next to me’

‘That was your fault, in case you forgot. Get some more sleep. Mum and dad are going to come and see you in a couple of hours.’

Harry buried his face in Ginny’s hair. The two of them fell asleep. The day passed uneventfully, Ginny’s parents came and saw the two of them later that evening. Harry and Ginny lay on the bed and talked. Harry decided not to tell her that he had a coughing fit that morning. She would only worry unnecessarily.

One of the healers told Harry he was healing quickly and would be out of hospital the day after next if things went well as his condition was improving all the time. He was now able to breathe on his own, though he had to have potions to numb the pain and his heart was now beating normally. The rest over the last couple of days and the healing spells had done the trick. Though he had healed extraordinarily quickly in many healers’ opinions.

Two days later, once Harry had been given exercises to do to help his arm get back into shape, he and Ginny were sitting on the sofa in the burrow exercising. Harry  had written two owls when he was in hospital, one to Viktor Krum, who had sent one back explaining that he was glad to help, and another one to Kingsley, which he had just received a reply to. The letter said Harry could go to Sweden on July 1st to collect his trophy, which was the day after tomorrow.

The whole family was glad to have him home, Molly was fussing over him excessively and which Harry was milking as much as possible. Ginny spent every waking hour by Harry’s side, helping him with the exercises he’d been given. Ron and Hermione were together all the time, they spent time with Harry and Ginny, and by themselves. The two couples looked very much in love. They were still not allowed to sleep in the same bed, Ron and Hermione may be of age but Molly would not have anybody sharing a bed in her house, the only way it ever happened was when you were married or in the special case of Harry, when his nightmares would only go away when Ginny was sleeping with him, and even then they might return, so whenever the family ran out of dreamless sleep potion, Ginny was allowed to stay with Harry, but Molly checked on them in the morning to make sure they were both clothed.

After two days had passed Harry was prepared to go to Sweden to collect his trophy for the broom race. Before traveling Harry met with Kingsley.

‘Harry’ he began ‘You look much better, I’m glad. Anyway, I’m sure you would like to know that we have discovered the men that attacked you, were in fact wizards that had been on the run in Sweden for three years, ever since Voldemort returned to power. We have no reason to think that they are connected with the death eaters that attacked at the funeral, but we will be looking into it, do not worry yourself over it’

‘How can I not worry, I have death eaters, and now wizards in another country who don’t know anything about me trying to kill me!’

‘I know Harry, but we will do our best to find out what they were after, the two that you hit with stunning spells are definitely both dead, so we cannot question them, but we are looking into the attack. You have no need to worry, we are stationing auror’s on twenty four hour watch over the burrow, you wont even know they are there.’

‘Thank you Kingsley. But please don’t hold any information back from me if you get any. Will the order be acting upon any of this?’

‘Harry, the order may be called into action should the death eaters continue their attacks and the aurors cannot handle them. Though I would like to think our aurors could do a better job than the Swedish ones.’ Harry nodded.

‘Right, I appreciate everything you are doing for me Kingsley. Please keep me updated on anything you find.’

‘That I will Harry, take care. I will see you soon.’

Harry made his way to the portkey office after this brief conversation, he journeyed just as he had done when he traveled to Sweden before. He traveled with six auror’s to the Swedish ministry, where the minister met Harry and the auror’s. The presentation took place in the front entrance by the huge statue of the Swedish minister, surrounded by some creatures native to Sweden that Harry did not recognize. A few members of the press met them. The Swedish minister handed over the trophy to Harry, and the photographs were taken quickly, before both Harry and the minister said a few words each, and shook hands. All of this was over in under two hours.

The next few weeks were uneventful. Harry and Ginny enjoyed each others company more, Ron and Hermione would sit with them in the sunshine in the garden, and play quidditch, but never for too long as Hermione was not its biggest fan.

The games normally ended with Ginny and Harry racing each other to the big willow tree. A couple of times though, Harry would be distracted by Ginny’s beauty on her broom, so much so that he would crash into the tree. Ginny would come to his aid, and perform healing spells on whatever injury he would get. Harry was getting worried at how good she’d gotten at them. ‘‘I really need to ask her what happened at Hogwarts, but I don’t know if she’d like to talk about it.’’

The summer passed at a nice pace, all of them were enjoying themselves, Ginny had asked Hermione to help her teach Harry and Ron how to cast a talking patronus. Harry did it on his third try, which both Hermione and Ginny were surprised about, it took both of them at least 20 tries before they got anywhere close when they learnt. Ron took around 30 goes, but eventually got it. All four of them would practice their spells regularly. Hermione had reminded them that they would need to use magic in whatever job they wished to take up after school.

Hermione was trying to teach Harry, Ron and Ginny but Harry seemed to be getting the hang of everything very quickly and soon began teaching Hermione some spells even she was having difficulty with even though he did not know how to do them in the first place. Hermione would teach Harry the theory, then he would use that and somehow manage to actually perform the spells before even Hermione could master them. This surprised even Harry.

The four of them would go to Diagon alley to see George or just to get out of the house, Harry was aware of the Aurors presence whenever he left the burrow and he made sure he told Kingsley of this. The Aurors must be more conspicuous in how they went about watching the house. Harry was in weekly contact with Kingsley, he did not tell the rest of the family any of this, for he did not want to worry them.

Kingsley had no news of why anyone had attacked Harry, but as nobody had made a move in four weeks, he was calm about the situation. Kingsley had also discussed with Harry when he would like to get his story across about how he defeated Voldemort, he told him he'd not rush him into telling it straight away, he'd told the world to wait until after Harry’s birthday. The Weasleys knew the full story, but very few others did. The world would be told when Harry, Ron and Hermione were good and ready.

Today was the 30th July, it was the day before his birthday and Harry was pleased that nobody had brought up that subject. He didn’t want a big deal made of it, after all Ginny’s 17th was coming up, that would be a big deal.

For the first time in his life Harry was truly happy. He was lost in his own thoughts on this particular afternoon. He had a loving family around him, Molly and Arthur, the near perfect parents. Then there were their sons. They were practically his brothers. He had made plenty of friends in his time at Hogwarts, including Ron and Hermione, Harry was sure there were not many who had experienced a friendship like he had done with those two. They had stuck with him knowing that their lives were in danger. He had never looked at it that way before. They could have turned and run at any point, they could have made him go through it alone, but they didn’t, they stuck by him. They trusted him with their lives, just as he trusted them. And then there was Ginny, the girl of his dreams, her soft and smooth white skin, her long silky red hair, her deep brown beautiful eyes, and her body with curves in all the right places. She was kind and caring, she understood what he’d been through, and she loved him for who he was. That was his Ginny.

‘Harry, snap out of it! You look imperieused.’ Ginny said as she waved a hand in front of his face.

‘Sorry love, I was daydreaming.’

‘Are you ok?’ Harry nodded

‘Never better, I was dreaming about you actually.’ Harry pulled Ginny down towards him into a long kiss.

‘Good dream then?’ she said with a huge smirk on her face, Harry grinned.

‘Yeah, I guess I just realized how lucky I am to have you. Thank you.’ Harry had a tear rolling down his cheek. ‘Thank you for being here, thank you for waiting for me over the past year.’ Ginny smiled at him

‘Harry, I love you. There was no way I was going to let you slip away, I know you had to go after Voldemort, and I know you wanted to protect me, and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go with you, but I understand now. For a start I had the trace on me, there would have been no way I could have helped you. I know now, that you didn’t expect to survive. But I made myself a promise. I said to myself when you came back’ Harry closed his eyes briefly and smiled weakly ‘WHEN you came back Harry, not if. I always believed you would beat him. I said to myself that when you came back I wouldn’t let you get away again. I said I would give you all the happiness and love that you had missed out on in your life. I intend to keep my promise.’ Harry and Ginny both had tears in their eyes

‘Harry, you don’t need to say thank you.’ Ginny kissed Harry again.

‘I love you Gin, I’m sorry that I didn’t realize it sooner. We could have had much more time together.’

‘It doesn’t matter Harry, we have all the time in the world now.’ Harry wondered, not for the first time, about what had happened to Ginny last year at Hogwarts. His chain of thought was broken by Ginny jumping on top of him. Harry’s mind faltered and then completely forgot his previous thought. The pair of them spent the rest of the day with each other, completely separated from the rest of the world.

Ginny went to sleep that night knowing tomorrow would be the first birthday that she had spent with Harry as his girlfriend, she wanted it to be special. She hoped he would love her present to him.

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