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Better In Time by hermione_weasley_angel
Chapter 1 : Merlin,what a day!
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Disclaimer: Anything you realise belongs to the wonderful J.K Rowling, anything you do not realise doesn’t.

Author’s note: Hello everyone. Now, you’re going to realise that this chapter is heaps times more than the previous one :D. Well, as I said, the previous one is just to begin things. But I must say that I am very disappointed with the lack of reviews. I hardly had any reviews last chapter L. Oh well, I hope I will have some this chapter. :P

Merlin, what a day!



I never really thought of what it’s like to be popular.


But now as I’m walking down the train aisle, I realise that if I were popular, I would have not been walking for about 10 minutes just for looking for a bloody compartment. If I was popular, people would have ran to me and beg me to sit with them. If I was popular, all the guys in the school would have fought with each other just to get my attention. But unfortunately, this entire saga belongs to the good-looking girls.


I have literally looked everywhere and not one compartment is vacant. Every year has been the same, really. I’ve always ended up sharing a compartment with a bunch of third or fourth years. If you want to know the truth, going to Hogwarts was merely like sitting for a last-longing exam. Don’t get me wrong, I completely love Hogwarts, it’s my second home. But with looking at my popularity status, it wasn’t pretty.


 You see, at Hogwarts I am rarely noticed. Nobody bothers talking to me only if they needed to. I don’t even have any friends. Well, ok, maybe I do, but they are not really my friends, they are just friendly people who greet me occasionally. It has been like this since my first year at Hogwarts. People never really wanted to know who I really am. Well...more specifically, they weren’t interested in me. I didn’t even have any friends even before we got split into houses, which I ended up in Gryffindor.


I was very surprised when I was sorted into Gryffindor. If you ask me, I don’t know why I was sorted into Gryffindor in the first place. I was not loyal and definitely not brave (considering as how I cannot even stand up for myself).


I would have been better placed into Hufflepuff, like my parents. Ravenclaw was for the clever and witty and I was undeniably not either of them. I wasn’t dumb or anything, I actually am all right in most of my subjects, but I am not too smart like a Ravenclaw should be. And I don’t need to talk about Slytherin, as I wouldn’t have been sorted there in the first place seeing as all the generations of Taylors’ are considered as blood traitors.


I distinctly remember what the hat had told me in first year, after it was placed on my head by Professor McGonagall....


“Ah, a Taylor,” the sorting hat said right after it was placed on my head, “ indeed have a lot of your father in you, and not to mention your mother’s humility. You would be a good Hufflepuff... But you seem to possess something therecent generations of Taylors’ have never possessed.”


“What do you mean?” I asked solemnly.


“You don’t know?” the hat asked with enthusiasm, “I’m saying that you possess bravery and a true Gryffindor.


“Are you trying to say that I’m brave and loyal?” I asked alarmingly. “You have got to be kidding me!”


“No, I am not kidding you. I am the sorting hat and I never lie,” said the hat matter-of-factly. “You probably won’t realise your courageous self just yet...”


“Are you saying that I- ”


“-enough asking questions, I’ve got a few more students to sort you know,” the hat indicated, cutting in. “Now, let me place you in...GRYFFINDOR!”


The students at the Gryffindor table broke into cheers. I slowly walked to the welcoming table, not precisely sure if I belonged there, with all those brave and daring students.


Since then, I’ve always wondered if I even possessed bravery. The hat said I would not realise just yet, but I’ve been waiting for six years and not one thing I did represented the abilities of Godric Gryffindor. I, offcourse, loved my Gryffindor, even though sometimes I wonder if I even belonged there. Granny, to my utter disbelief, wasn’t that disappointed I wasn’t sorted into Hufflepuff.


Anyway, enough of my house placement and back to the present! To tell you the truth, I still haven’t found an empty compartment that I could settle myself in. I started to strut on the way and without really looking where I was going, I bumped into someone faintly. Oh not again! You see, I have this problem. I always seem to be having physical contact with people in a dangerous way. Everywhere I go, I literally have to knock into someone. If I don’t, that was just a lucky miracle from God.


Before I even looked at the person I had knocked into, she (I doubt it was a guy) pulled me into a tight embrace and cried out: “Eliza, it’s good to see you!”. That familiar and pleasant voice, who was it?


Ah yes, it belonged to no other then Lily Evans.


Now you’re probably thinking that Lily is my best friend or something, right? Well she isn’t, alas. She is just one of my roommates who actually liked talking to me. As I said, I really don’t have friends, let alone a best friend. I just talk to anyone who likes my company.


Once Lily let go, I looked up and met her exquisite features. I feel so plain when I’m around her. Argh, what am I saying, I am plain!


I mean look at the difference between my thick, dark, curly hair and her long, red, silky red ones; my plain, boring, brown eyes and her big, gleaming, emerald ones; her nice slender, curvy shape and my...well, I guess my body wasn’t that bad...but whatever!


Anyway, Lily wasn’t like those other bitchy good-looking girls in the school. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever met. It was so comforting to talk to her that I felt I’ve known her for years. Well, I have known who for years...six years actually, but you get what I mean, right? There was practically nothing I disliked about Lily, except for the fact that she calls me ‘Eliza’ all the time. I really detest being called ‘Eliza’. It reminded me too much of my...parents. I prefer being called Lizzy, thank you very much.


“It’s nice to see you too, Lily!” I greeted back, imitating her smile. She grinned, flipping her fiery red hair to her left shoulder. nice and smooth her hair is...why can’t mine be like hers?! Was I under a damn curse or something?


“I’m going off to the heads compartment. Can you believe it? I’m Head girl!” Lily announced, pointing at the lustrous badge on her bright muggle shirt. I felt happy for her. Really I did, it’s not like I was jealous or anything. This was not surprising at all, though. I always knew she would be Head girl as she was an extremely clever witch. And not just that, she beats all the Ravenclaws in our class. It surprises me she wasn’t in Ravenclaw...but it’s seems she’s multi-skilled and had the abilities of a Gryffindor too.


“Congratulations Lily!” I said as optimistically as I could. “You completely deserve it!”


“Really? That’s so sweet of you, Eliza!” she pondered, grinning. “Hey I know, why don’t you go join the others?” She turned her head and pointed at a compartment.


I gazed nervously at the compartment she was pointing at. I didn’t like the idea. I had all my intension on sitting alone, as usual. “Er, Lily I’m fine with sitting by myself, I’ll just go sit somewhere else,” I read from her emerald eyes that she wasn’t going to let me go too soon. “I really appreciate your offer, though.” I quickly added, but she still had the same look. Oh great, I really didn’t want to go join whomever she was referring to and-


“Don’t think I’ll leave you just yet, young lady!” she said in parent-like way. It’s like I had parents, but I did for 6 years, didn’t I? But still I have Grandma and she is sort of like a mother should be, isn’t she? And I have my Uncle and-oh what am I on about? Anyway, back to the present!


 I guess I had no choice and but to agree with Lily even though I didn’t want to. One thing I learned in the past 6 years was never to get Lily Evans angry. I have erudite this from her ‘interesting relationship’ with the famous James Potter.


I tried to answer her, but when I did, nothing came out. Instead, I gave a swift nod to show her I’ve agreed. Her face brightened and she gave me another tight hug before saying: “That’s the spirit. Well then, see you in a bit.” With that, she turned walking in the opposite direction, her fiery red hair dancing behind her.


Merlin, this is just great! What have I gotten myself into! I had the sudden feeling to just scuttle away and disobey Lily. But something inside me told me that I should just go because she would be furious if I didn’t.


With a sigh, I walked as slowly as I could to the compartment Lily had pointed at. This is so damn crazy! What would her friends, or whoever is in there, think of me if I just burst in like that?


I reached the compartment door and opened it as slowly as I could. I took one step in and didn’t bother to look on who was sitting in there. All I realised was that all of them had their mouths half open at my appearance at their door.  


All I can say is...GREAT!


The first one to get up was Alice Prewett, a girl with brown eyes and short, honey coloured hair. Alice was probably Lily’s closest friend, as they were always together. She was a sweet girl and, like Lily, was always nice to me. Although I think it’s because Lily told her to be nice to me, maybe anyway...


“Hello Elizabeth!” Alice stated warmly after giving be a quick hug. “It’s good that you came to join us! Here, come sit next to me.” She walked back to her seat and I quickly took the seat next to her after putting my trunk away.


 I turned my head to the front and saw Rachel Grain, another one of my roommates. She was a pretty girl with long, wavy, black hair. I never really talked to her much, but she wasn’t a real threat. She saw that I was looking at her, so she quickly greeted me.


“Hello,” I greeted back as pleasantly as possible. I turned my head to see who was sitting next to her. It was...


Holy crap! This cannot be true!


Christina Phillips, the most desired girl in school (by guys), was sitting across from me! She was gawking at me as though I was junk being thrown in here to pollute the area or something. There is no need for her to glare at me like that. I mean, she had everything one could hope for. Well nearly everything...


 She had perfect long, silvery blonde hair. She had perfect blue eyes. She had perfect lips and cheeks. She had a perfect body.


Everything about her was damn perfect!


But one thing she was lacking was BRAINS! She may have been the ‘Queen of Beauty’ in most people’s perspective, but to me, she was a brainless cow! But even cows had brains! And believe it or not, I think that Lily Evans is a hundred times prettier than Christina Phillips. At least Lily had natural good-looks, unlike the stupid cow Christina, who puts about ten layers of makeup. Well, at least James Potter runs after Lily, not after the cow.


I don’t know even know why Christina was sitting here with a bunch of Gryffindor girls. Doesn’t she have her own friends from Hufflepuff? Yes, she’s a Hufflepuff. Sometimes I wonder if the reason why I wasn’t sorted into Hufflepuff was because I would’ve been murdered by Christina Phillips ages ago. But who cares anyway.


On a more interesting note, I’m actually surprised that she didn’t tell me to get lost. I tried to smile to her but she just scowled and turned around. Well...that was not surprising. Why? Because she completely hated me since day one! And I have no bloody idea why. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t in her league.


“What are you staring at, Taylor?” snapped Christina rather rudely in her ‘I’m-such-a-bitch’ voice. “Do you have a problem?”


Before I could answer her the compartment door slid open. I expected and hoped this to be Lily. I turned around ready to-


Oh mother of Merlin! This is not what I had expected!


The eminent Sirius Black was standing in the door way with the smirk the caused all the female population in the bloody world to faint, except me. I never have talked to Black before. I have only talked to him once in my life in third year, when he asked me what were supposed to do in Potions lesson. That’s all! I don’t even think he knows my name.


I’m serious about that!


Well, it’s like someone like him would want to talk to someone like me. He was probably the best-looking guy at Hogwarts because of his stupid grey eyes, muscles and long, silky, black hair. Most girls in the school practically melted at the mere sight of him. I swear I’ve even realised Madam Pomfrey and Madam Pince blush at his sight.


I personally don’t like him one bit. I am definitely not like those dim-witted girls who were completely in love with him and worshipped the ground he stepped on.


 I had more sense than them!


My opinion in Sirius Black was that he was an arrogant little git who thought himself as superior than others. All Black’s friends were just like him, especially James Potter. That’s why Lily always refused to go out with him. The only ‘Marauder’ (that’s what they called themselves-stupid, eh?) that actually had brains was most likely Remus Lupin. But Lupin, being a prefect, still let them do pranks and bully students.


Anyway, to add a little emphasise for my hatred towards Black, he was and is dating no other then the brainless cow, Chris-


“Sirius! There you are!” cried Christina, running towards Black. She put her arms around his neck.


“I was looking everywhere for you, Christy!” Black muttered through her silvery blonde hair.


Then they snogged.


Oh god! They are seriously out of their minds. Doesn’t Black realise there are like three people in their presence?


I felt like going to push them so they can realise what they were doing. But thankfully, Alice cleared her throat loudly. But still they were snogging like maniacs. It was only until Alice gave a loud “Excuse me!” they came to their senses and broke apart.


“Sorry Ladies!” said Black, winking. I think he was referring that ‘sorry’ to Alice and Rachel only. I doubt he even realised I was there, or to be more specific, who I actually was.


Not that I mind.


Black then put his arm around Christina’s waist, and they walked off. Once they were far away, Alice blurted out: “Merlin! They think it’s alright for them to just snog like that in front of us. If Lily was here, she’ll give them a straight detention!”


“I completely agree!” I said, nodding to Alice. I knew that she and Lily didn’t like the Marauders as well. But I guess Lily hated Potter the most.


“He’s so dreamy though!” muttered Rachel, sighing. Oh great, not another girl infatuated by Sirius Black. “But I don’t like Christina at all. She’s a-”


“-brainless, conceited bitch!” finished of Alice.


I was actually surprised. I knew that Lily hated Christina Phillips, but not Alice and Rachel as well. I suppose most of the female population at Hogwarts hated and envied Christina, mainly from the fact that she’s too pretty for their liking or because she has dating every single good-looking guy at school, the most recent one to be Sirius Black.


 “Then why was she sitting with you guys?” I asked, trying to sound casual. I was essentially interested to why Christina would want to be here, when she had her snobbish friends or her beloved boyfriend, Black.


“She was probably trying to test if Black would come looking for her or not,” answered Alice, rolling her eyes. “And it seems that Black did come looking for her.”


Rachel crossed her hands, “I don’t even know why he’s dating her!” I wanted to laugh at Rachel’s sudden expression but forced myself not to.


“Rachel, would you stop annoying us with your non-stop obsession with Black!” Alice said, rolling her eyes. “Why don’t you go join the other fan girls and discuss about forming a ‘Marauder-obsession- club’ or something. That way, you won’t have to talk to us about them anymore.”  


Rachel crossed her arms. “Oh whatever, Alice. You and Lily are the only girls in the school that don’t feel anything for the Marauders. If I was Lily, I would have agreed to go out with James ages ago,” Rachel turned her gaze at me, “I bet even you think Sirius is good-looking, don’t you?”


I jumped at the sudden question directed to me. “Er...well... I don’t really know...”


Rachel looked at me as though I had just committed a crime. “You don’t know? Oh whatever, obviously you think he’s cute. I mean, every girl does.”


 I don’t even know why she’s asking me this question. No one can deny the fact that he’s ‘good-looking’. “To tell you the truth, I look beyond other girls and actually notice that he’s an arrogant loser.”


Alice grinned. “Elizabeth, you’re the only girl I’ve seen that actually said that!” she exclaimed rather cheerfully. “Apart from myself and Lily, of course.” She added.


“Are you telling me that you think Sirius Black isn’t good-looking?” questioned Rachel with utter disbelief.


“I never said he’s not good-looking,” I quickly answered defensively. “I just meant that I don’t faint at the sight of him like other girls do.”


“Seriously, you guys are unbelievable.” Rachel stated, pointing from me to Alice.




In the next few hours we did nothing but talk about random things like what we did during the holidays and such. The problem was that each time I tried to talk Rachel will cut me in and start talking as though I had never said anything. I’m really used to this attitude from most people, but I really am sick of it. Anyway, now, I don’t know how it happened, but the subject was changed to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


“Did you hear the news about him, yesterday?” Alice enquired, looking from me to Rachel.


“About the one where he murdered a muggle family?” Rachel asked.


“Yes, that’s the one.”


I nodded to Alice. “Yup, while I was packing my school trunk yesterday, my grandmother was reading the daily prophet and all of a sudden she started crying. I went to look to see what was wrong and then I read know.” Thank god Rachel didn’t disturb me, again, and start talking herself!


“Your Grandmother cried?” asked Rachel, raising an eyebrow.


“Er...yea. You see, she gets really upset about these murders of innocent people, especially muggles. And it also reminded her of puppy.” I quickly said, not really thinking of what I was saying. Merlin did I just say my puppy. That was definitely a wrong choice since I didn’t like dogs at all. They scare the living light out of me!


Rachel wore a skeptical expression and opened her mouth but was cut in by Alice. “It’s very sad,” Alice muttered. “They really need to catch You-Know-Who before he kills every single muggle and muggle-born!”


“He practically finds these murders as fun. I think they should-” No I wasn’t cut in by Rachel. Instead, I was cut by the angry swift of the door, which almost hit Rachel’s face. The person that opened the door appeared to be Lily. Her face was as red as her hair and she looked very annoyed. She marched inside but didn’t sit down.




“Calm down Lily!” Alice cried, she got up and walked to Lily. “Who is Head boy?”


“Who do you think will make Lily get this mad?” said a sudden voice coming from the doorway.


 It was Sophia Anson another roommate who had short, dirty blonde hair. This girl was probably the least polite out of Lily, Alice and Rachel. I hardly ever have talked to Sophia. She was a snobby person, but to tell you the truth, she was way better than Phillips. I think the reason why Sophia was with Lily was because she was on prefect duty and had a meeting with the Heads.


Alice was about to open her mouth but didn’t. It seemed that she knew who the Head boy was. Who could be the- oh wait a second, how could I have been so stupid? It’s obviously James Potter! That explains Lily’s anger.


“I still don’t seem to know who this person is...” said Rachel, bluntly. “Is it Snape?”


“JAMES BLOODY POTTER!” shrieked Lily. It looked as though Lily was going to collapse, but Alice took hold of her and made her sit down. Sophia then went to take the seat next to her best friend, Rachel.


Lily stayed silent for the rest of the train trip; all she kept doing was muttering things to herself. Alice, on the other hand, kept trying everything to cheer Lily up, but Lily virtually ignored her. Rachel and Sophia were ignoring the three of us and were merrily sharing the latest issue of the Witch Weekly magazine and gossiping away. And all I did was staring at the scenery outside the window, not believing I was sharing a compartment with these four girls.


Soon, it was getting dark outside, which meant we would be arriving to Hogsmeade any minute. “Shouldn’t we change into our school robes, now?” I asked quickly.


“True. We are soon at an arrival.” Lily answered, smiling to me. We all then got up to change into our robes. By the time we finished, the train stopped, meaning that we have arrived at Hogsmeade.


Rachel and Sophia were the first to depart. I quickly got my bag pack and securely checked if my wand was in my pocket, which it was. I stood watching Lily and Alice getting their things. I didn’t know whether I should wait for them or to just go off myself. I probably should just wait since it was Lily who wanted me to stay in the first place, and it would be rude if I did that.


Once they were ready, we walked past the load of students and managed to get out of the crowded train. Every year, it will be rather hard to get out, but this year I’m older than most students so it was easier...or maybe it was just because I was walking with the Head girl.


“Firs’ years, this way! Firs’ years!” called the familiar voice that belonged to Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper. Once the half-giant saw Lily, Alice and I, he smiled warmly and waved.


We went to an empty area to wait for the arrival of the horseless carriages. It felt weird standing with Lily and Alice. Usually, I would wait alone for the carriages or join younger students.


As we were waiting, I saw Frank Longbottom coming towards us. I don’t think Alice had realised this, since she would have stormed off to him or screamed her head off. Alice had dated Frank for about three years now. The reason why I know was because I always see them holding hands and doing all those other lovey-dovey stuff.


I tapped Alice and she looked at me in a confused expression. I rolled my eyes and pointed and Frank who was not far away now. She looked at the direction I was pointing at and gave a loud shriek.


“Frank!” she screamed running to him. Once she took hold of him, he carried her and spun her around. They truly loved each other, didn’t they?


They then came, hand in hand, towards us. “How are you Lily?” Frank asked looking at Lily. He then turned his gaze at me. “And you, Elizabeth?” he asked, beaming.


I was merely surprised that he knew my name. It was a complete miracle. I don’t think most guys at Hogwarts are aware of my name, but it seems that Frank Longbottom is one of a kind. I’m not saying that no guy knew my name, though. Some did. “I’m fine, thanks!” I answered, smiling.


“Not so good,” Lily muttered, crossing her hands. Lily was still pissed about Potter being Head boy.


Frank laughed. “Don’t tell me it’s because of James, again?” He asked with amusement. Lily didn’t say anything, so he dropped the topic.


Alice and Frank then went to a more private corner, which left me and Lily alone. I was going to say something comforting to her but, yet again, we had more intruders. And this time they were the Marauders. Well, not all of them, it seemed that Black was missing.


“Evans! How lovely to see you again,” said James Potter, walking towards Lily with a huge grin on his handsome face. He ruffled his jet-black hair, making it even messier then it actually was. “I suppose you’re happy that you will see me more than usual now, aren’t you? Now you can’t resist my charming good-looks.”


Peter Pettigrew, the shortest of the Marauders, started clapping and mumble things like ‘Good one James!’ and such. What and idiot. On Potter’s right stood the handsome Remus Lupin, who seemed to not be paying attention to this conversion at all. He appeared to be staring at the sky or something. I’m not really sure because his sandy brown hair was covering his eyes. He looked tired for some reason and the huge scar on his face was more exposed than ever.


Lily turned as red as her hair again. “You wish, Potter! I have better things to do then be stuck with you all day! Now, get your bloody arrogant feet away from here!”


“I don’t think I want to, sweat heart,” said Potter, crossing his hands. “Or maybe I will...if you agree to go out with me.”


“For the thousandth time Potter, NO! I will never go out with YOU! NEVER” screeched Lily, shoving Potter with every word. “And DON’T call me sweet heart!”


Potter looked somewhat hurt. Lily took many steps away from him and turned her gaze to the opposite direction. Pettigrew wasn’t clapping this time and Lupin was not staring into space anymore. I could say that I felt a little sorry for Potter, but Lily definitely had a point to reject him.


A carriage soon arrived and Lily stomped off to it. She opened the door with a bang and quickly entered. I rapidly followed her and took the seat beside her. I suppose Alice and Frank were already gone, probably during the fight between Lily and Potter.


Lupin entered and took the seat directly in front of me. He gave me a warm smile and I blushed. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do not fancy Remus Lupin; it was just the fact that I wasn’t use to getting smiles from guys and especially from a Marauder. I have, in fact, talked to Lupin in the past, but only about subjects and school, really, nothing interesting.


Pettigrew entered followed by Potter. Potter quickly sat in front of Lily and Pettigrew sat in between his two friends. It was rather surprising Black wasn’t with them. I mean, him and Potter were literally glued together.


I thought Lily would have told Potter to go out by now, but she didn’t. Instead she just completely ignored the fact that he was sitting directly in front of her. Merlin...the last time I sat this close to the Marauders was like...never. Idon’t even remember how I got in here in the first place.


The carriage was soon off into the direction of Hogwarts.


I felt something tapping my knee and automatically swung my hand to take it off. Then I realised it was a hand. I looked up to see Pettigrew waving his hand in pain. “Er...sorry about that...” I quickly said, timidly. But honestly, why was he touching me in the first place?


“No it’s alright. I was just going to ask what your name was. I haven’t really seen you around here.” He stated with a rather squeaky voice. It really isn’t surprising that he didn’t know my name, but not knowing I existed! Oh Merlin, I never knew I was that invisible to them! It’s actually a good thing he’s asking for my name, most won’t really bother. I opened my mouth to tell him, but Lupin spoke before me.


“Her name is Elizabeth Taylor you twit! She’s been in our class and house for six years and you don’t know her.” I was actually stunned. He knew my name! The Remus Lupin knew my name! A Marauder knew my name! This calls for a celebration! I know I’ve gone crazy, but two guys knew my name: Longbottom and Lupin. This is an achievement. I know I’ve said I’ve talked to Remus before, but I didn’t think he would remember my name (Oh, I used his first name, but who cares, he knew my name!).


I wanted to say thanks to Remus, but instead I just smiled at him. He smiled back and said: “Don’t mind him. He does know you but-”


“It’s Ok...I understand,” I quickly said. “It doesn’t really matter.” Did that sound rude? Maybe I shouldn’t have interrupted him. But he didn’t seem angry at all; he just nodded and started to stare at the sky again.


“Hey Moony, where do you suppose Padfoot went?” asked Potter all of sudden, turning to face Remus. Moony? Padfoot? Who the bloody hell where they? I presume ‘Moony’ was Remus since Potter turned to him, but what about Padfoot?


“I’m not sure, Prongs,” answered Remus, ripping his gaze away from the sky. Oh, here comes another one, Prongs, which I suppose is Potter. “You out of all people should know where he’s got to.”


“Who’s Padfoot?” I blurted out, unable to keep myself. Remus and Potter turned their heads towards me. Remus wore that warm smile again, and Potter looked amused. Merlin, I shouldn’t have asked that. It must have been private. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry, it’s just that-”


“-oh you weren’t prying,” Potter cut in, glancing at Lily when he said it. Lily wasn’t even paying attention to any of us. “Padfoot is Sirius. It’s his nickname.”


“Oh, er, alright,” I quickly said, nodding. They really did have strange nicknames. So that’s who Potter was asking about, Sirius Black. I knew exactly where he was: With Christina Phillips. It’s odd that his own friends don’t know where he’s got to. I mean, the whole school knows that Black is dating Phillips. They started dating last year, after Black dumped his Ravenclaw girlfriend. I actually felt like telling Potter, or more like reminding him, but decided against it.


 The rest of the way was held in silence and soon enough, I could see the vast beautiful castle appearing. Once I saw Hogwarts, a deep grumble came from my stomach. I was immensely starving and couldn’t wait to fill my mouth with the welcoming, delicious food.


The carriage slowly stopped right in front of the castle gates. I allowed the Marauders to leave first, for Lily’s sake. Then, Lily got up and waited for me to go out, but I gestured that she could go first. Once she left, I got out after her. I saw Remus, Potter and Pettigrew descending their way towards Black, who appeared to be waiting for them and had his arm around Christina’s waist. I don’t know if it was just me, but I swear I saw Potter give a distant glare towards Christina. It probably was just me and seeing things, again. Oh well.


I turned my head to see where Lily had got to and spotted her looking around, probably for Alice. This is my chance to escape. Well, not really escaping, but leaving Lily and Alice alone. They probably wanted to talk to each other privately, without me barging in. And besides, I seriously wasn’t used to this whole attention thing. I am use to doing things myself, and it didn’t feel right hanging around with those two...not that they weren’t nice or anything.


I quickly walked my way ahead, before Lily would spot me. I reached the huge castle doors, which was open and had loads of students buzzing in, all deep in conversation. I pushed my way past the students, and finally entered the warm and pleasant breeze in the castle. I couldn’t believe I was going to leave this place in almost a year. But, as I said, I won’t have to deal with my loneliness anymore.


I directed my way to the Great Hall, where everyone would be waiting for the magnificent start-of -term feast. The Great Hall looked the same as it always had been. I could distinctly see the Headmaster and teachers sitting in their area in front of the whole room. Some of them were discussing and some were silent, deep in thought.


 I took my place next to a blonde fourth year girl gossiping away with her friend, who was sitting directly in front of her. They both stopped talking once I sat down and looked at me with shock. Oh well, I’m definitely not moving from this area. I always sit in this part of the Gryffindor table since it’s where none of my classmates would be sitting. So, I’m staying here whether those girls like it or not.


I saw Lily and Alice pass by and go to the other side of the table. Thank god! I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of them anymore. I wonder if Lily actually forgot about me or not. I hope she did though; I wasn’t someone worth remembering, after all.


When everyone settled in and became silent, the first years, lead by Professor McGonagall, entered the Great Hall and walked their way to the front where the sorting hat awaited them. They all had nervous looks on their faces, obviously not aware of what was going to happen. The first year that caught my eyes was a girl with short pink-purple hair and pink eyes. Merlin, this girl must be a metamorphagus. It’s obvious since it’s not natural to have pink eyes. I’ve always dreamed of being a metamorphagus. I mean, think about it, you would be able to change your appearance at will! Isn’t that remarkable or what?


Professor McGonagall started to call out names for the students to be sorted. The first person was a rather tall, scrawny boy. Once he sat on the stool, McGonagall put the hat on his head, which covered most of his face.


“RAVENCLAW!” the heat screamed a few seconds later. The boy looked slightly relieved and headed his way to the cheering Ravenclaw table.


I watched vaguely as the rest of the students got sorted while my stomach was noticeably grumbling the whole way through. There were only a few students left now, thank Merlin! I noticed that the metamorphagus girl was among them.


“Nymphadora Tonks!” called professor McGonagall. The metamorphagus girl quickly skipped her way to the stool, not looking nervous at all. She quickly cast a reassuring look to someone in the Gryffindor table. I quickly looked at who she was looking at and perceived that it was to Sirius Black, who in turn, grinned at her. Oh Merlin, she knew Black as well, and she only just started school. I never knew that Black dated girls like six years younger than him. Well, this was Sirius Black...what did I expect? I suppose Christina wasn’t happy about this. That is, if he was dating that girl.


“HUFFLEPUFF!” cried the hat, after almost a minute. There was a mix of amusement and grief on the girl’s (Nymphadora, was it?) face. She took her place in the Hufflepuff table and forced a smile towards Black.


Finally, once everyone was sorted, the Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore got up once the chatting started among the students. Everyone became silent at his act and turned their heads towards him. “To our wonderful new comers,” he said, his arms outstretched wide. “Welcome! To our old hands-welcome back! Now, I can see that you are all very hungry, so the speech-making time will be later. Now, tuck in!”


There was an outbreak of applause as Dumbledore sat down and immediately, out of nowhere, all the dishes were filled with delightful food. My stomach gave a loud groan and I quickly filled my plate from the food in front of me. I stuffed some spaghetti into my mouth and then, at the same time, mashed potatoes. I leaned over to get the bottle of pumpkin juice and filled some into my goblet.


The girl that I was sitting next to was eying me with her mouth half open. I couldn’t care less, I am absolutely starving and nothing could stop me from eating. I haven’t eaten since the bloody morning! I don’t usually eat like this, but when I haven’t eaten for almost twelve hours I do.


The girl turned her gaze from me and instead, turned to continue her conversation with her friend. “If he is dating anyone this year, I’m through,” I heard the girl say to her friend, after she, herself, filled her plate. “Do you know he has a girlfriend this year, Tracy?”


“I’m not really sure, Mandy,” answered her friend, Tracy. “Why don’t you ask that girl next to you? She looks to be a seventh year.”


Mandy turned to me with a disgusted look on her face as she saw me drink my whole goblet of pumpkin juice in one go. She cleared her throat. “Erm-excuse me-” she asked nonchalantly.


I turned to her and quickly swallowed the food that was in my mouth. “Yes?”


“Er, do you happen to be a seventh year?” she asked, trying to sound polite. I nodded. “Do you know if Sirius Black has a girlfriend this year?”


“Well, I don’t talk to him much-” I said wryly, while grabbing some chicken drum-sticks. “-but I think he’s still with Christina Phillips, as I happened to see them together today,” Instantly, Mandy’s face fell and she turned back to her food, staring at it. “You know, you shouldn’t care too much about him,” I quickly added. “Too many girls like him and it’s just useless if you run after him, when he doesn’t even realise you.”


“So, you like him too?” asked Mandy.


“No!” I shrieked so loudly, that a few heads turned to my direction. “That’s not what I meant. I meant other girls. Excluding me.” I hate it when people think I fancy Black. I. Do. Not.


Mandy cocked an eyebrow. “Well, thank you for your”


“Lizzy.” I stated.


“Yes, Lizzy thanks, but...I’ve fancied him for two years and I just can’t seem to get over him.” She said and once again turned back to her food which she ate gracefully, unlike me, who either ate like a maniac or like a snail. At the moment I’m eating like a maniac.


The two girls, Mandy and Tracy, continued chatting for the rest of the meal. I was starting to get full, so I just sat there waiting for the food to disappear and change into pudding. As though it had read my mind, everyone’s plates cleared and I could already smell the sweet chocolate cake and the strawberry ice-cream. I took a piece of cake and a bit of ice-cream since I wasn’t that hungry anymore.


Later, Professor Dumbledore got up from his seat, and the chattering immediately died away. He then went on with his speech about the forbidden areas, quidditch tryouts, the list of things Filch banned from entering the school and the other, not knew things, he talks about every year.


“Now, you all must be tired from this very long day,” Professor Dumbledore confessed. “So I suggest a night’s sleep will be enough before you all start your lessons tomorrow. Your beds await, as warm and comfortable as you could possibly wish. Now, let us say, sweat dreams. Pip pip!”


With a scraping noise, hundreds of students stood up and filed their way out of the Great Hall. I quickly stood up, wanting to be in the dorms before any of the girls and quickly darted my way up the spiral staircase and into the portrait hall. There was no one there yet. I must be the first person to arrive.


“Password?” inquired the Fat Lady once I approached her. I just remembered that I didn’t know the password yet. Oh great, now how am I supposed to enter?


“Pearly stone.” said a serene voice from behind me. I turned around to see Sirius Black standing there with his hands in his pockets. He was, yet again, not with his pals. Has Christina invaded his mind or something? Not that I care. His grey eyes met mine for almost a second before I quickly turned away, rolling my eyes.


“Correct.” agreed the Fat Lady, swinging the door open. I heard footsteps coming so I quickly fled my way in, ignoring Black who was walking behind me. As I was walking, I tripped over a book which was lying in the floor and hit my arse with a thud.  Merlin! Was I always like this when people were around me?


I heard a bark-like laugh from behind me but I didn’t turn around since I knew who it was. With a sigh, I swatted my way up to the Girls’ Dormitory.


What an arrogant prick head! He laughs at every bloody thing. He doesn’t have a right to laugh at me when he doesn’t even know me...well! And worse, Sirius Black knew the bloody password and I didn’t! How did he know it in the first place? Oh wait a minute, he must have asked Potter what it was since Potter was Head Boy. But why didn’t Lily tell me? Oh yes, am I forgetting that I didn’t see her again after we arrived to Hogwarts.


I turned the knob to enter the seventh girls’ dormitory. It looked the same as every year, except that it was sparkly clean and the beds looked more welcoming than ever. I looked at my bed which was nearest to the window and saw my beautiful brown owl, Shimmer, already there and wide awake in her cage. I absolutely loved Shimmer. She was the only true friend I had at Hogwarts and I told her everything, even though she didn’t understand. I had better take her to the owlry tomorrow since that’s where all the owls were supposed to be, even though I don’t want her to go.


I walked my way towards Shimmer and once she saw she started hooting. “Don’t worry Shimmer, I’ll let you off to go hunting now.” I opened her cage door and she climbed onto my arm. I stroked her as I walked to the window. Once I opened the window she flew off into the night sky.


I heard voices coming and turned to see Rachel and Sophia moving to their own beds, looking utterly tired. I looked at my bed and with a yawn, and quickly moved to my trunk, which was there, and got out my pyjamas. I changed into them and threw my school robes into the trunk. I couldn’t be bothered having a shower and would just leave it for tomorrow.


I slumped onto my bed and throw the covers on top off me. Merlin, what a day! Very different from my usual days. Tomorrow will be back to normal, I hope.


Before I knew it; I drifted off into a dreamless slumber...

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