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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 19 : Chapter Nineteen: Control
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Chapter Nineteen: Control

She closed her eyes as his perfect lips touched her skin. She felt the blood rush to her face, but not in a blush. She had the strongest temptation to just turn her had the slightest bit and just as she thought she was going to lose all self-control Sirius did what Adara saw as the worst possible thing he could do – he pulled away.

Adara slowly opened her eyes and saw that he was smiling down at her, “Good luck,” he said. 

Adara’s brain reminded her that this was probably a sign to leave and luckily her feet were ahead of her mind because they started walking towards the pitch. Not aware of it, she was soon sprinting to the pitch and throwing open the locker room door. 

Not really noticing what she was doing she threw off her old clothes and pulled on her kit and her extra shoes. Ready in what must have been a minute flat she grabbed her broom and ran to the meeting room door.

She stopped and stared at it, her brain finally catching up to her body. This was not going to be good. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

“ –good three wing spread, so we’ll need to –” Jayden trailed off as the whole team turned to stare at her.

“Well, well. Look who decided to show up,” Christine said with venom that Adara had only ever heard in her voice once before.

“And a whole thirteen minutes before our game,” Adara heard David comment. She didn’t look at him, her eyes were locked with Jayden’s. She couldn’t read his emotions, but she was sure she could name a few of them.

After a short pause, Jayden shook his head slightly, “I told you she’d be here,” he said and then turned back to the play board. Adara took a spot by Elizabeth who just sent her a curious look before turning her attention back to Jayden.

Adara’s breathing was beginning to slow and the nervousness of the nearing match was setting in. Before she knew it, Jayden had finished with his pregame pep talk and everyone around her was standing up. Checking the clock on the wall, she noticed that it was five minutes until game time. She stood up and followed the rest of the team out of the room and into the hallway that led to the pitch. Jayden fell into line behind her but said nothing. Adara felt awkward goosebumps forming down her arms. Her chest tightened with guilt. She found it hard to take a deep breath.

The doors opened to let the team out and Adara again found herself squinting in the bright sunlight. The sound of the crowd made her smile and she wondered where Sirius was sitting. She touched her cheek with a gloved hand then blushed when she realized what she was doing. I need to get focused

… and think of a story.

She shook that last thought out of her head saying that the match came before personal problems. As the captains shook hands rather nicely, Adara told herself to forget everything that was going on and just catch the little golden ball.

The whistle blew and the balls were released. Adara watched the golden one as she kicked off hard from the ground. It spiraled into the air, then was gone. 

The late November morning air nipped at her exposed skin as she circled the pitch toward the side of the pitch that was a blur of red. The cheering was loud, but Adara pictured a group of two, maybe three, marauder boys cheering loudly for her as she past and the thought made her smile. Shaking her head again, she told herself to focus on the game. She watched as blurs of yellow zoomed along with the quaffle. She held her breath as they got closer to Jayden. They shot; Jayden dived, he fumbled then uncharacteristically missed. Remus announced that Hufflepuff was ahead by ten. Adara cursed and leaned forward to accelerate her broom. 

Once again she felt her hair beat against her back. She passed the other seeker going the other way but barely noted it. She dodged a bludger and dived lower to the ground to check for the snitch. She heard cheers and listened as Remus announced that Hufflepuff scored again. 

She pulled upward and spared a glance at Jayden, his body language didn’t look good, even from across the pitch. She didn’t let her mind go to where it wanted to as she stopped completely and looked around for the snitch. She noticed three spectator’s watches before she saw something sparkle above the red side of the stands. 

Of course, her mind sighed as she sped over there. Just as she was sure that it was the real snitch she was after, a bludger zoomed merely inches in front of her face causing her to drop into a dive. 

Adara cursed, the snitch was surely gone now. Her close run in with the bludger sent her into full on Quidditch mode. She gained speed and height before she heard Remus announce, again, that Hufflepuff had scored. 

‘Hufflepuff has a good chaser trio’ Sirius’ words from the previous night rang in her head, ‘but if Boot’s good enough to be captain, you should be okay.’

Adara swerved to a stop and looked straight ahead at her boyfriend, he looked incredibly flustered and annoyed. She glanced at the scoreboard and saw that it was thirty – nil. Even if she did catch the snitch, it would hardly help as – as Jayden had probably been meaning to remind her – they had to win by more than 130 to take second from Slytherin. Knowing that her lateness was a probable cause of Jay’s lack of concentration, she decided that she needed to talk to him. 

Ravenclaw was in possession of the quaffle, thanks to Remus’ commentary she knew without looking that Elizabeth had just executed a highly advanced move and passed to Christine. She flew as fast as her broom would carry her to the goal posts Jay was guarding then pulled up three feet from him.

“What are you doing?” He called to her immediately, hardly taking his eyes off the game.

“Jay, we need to talk,” Adara said, feeling extremely weird given the circumstances. 

She watched Jayden turn to look at her in shock, “What in the reverend name of Merlin are you talking about?” he yelled, “Shouldn’t you be doing something, like, I dunno, trying to find the snitch?” 

Adara gave him a look, “Yes, usually I would be but we have to win by more than 130 points and that’s not possible right now because of the three goals you fumbled with!” she yelled back uncharacteristically mean. She saw his face fall and felt her own heart drop, she sighed. “Look, I was late because..." she racked her brain for an excuse that would make sense and not break Jay's heart, "I ran into … Lily last night and fell asleep talking to her in some room I’d never been in before! I forgot to set my watch alarm and didn’t wake up in time!”

Jayden looked over at her and surveyed her face. She kept a determined face through her terrible lie, “Why are you telling me this?” he asked just as cheers erupted and Remus happily announced Ravenclaw was on the board. 

“So you quit worrying so we can kick some badger arse!” she yelled back, then felt bad quoting Sirius. But it must have worked, because Jay smiled and nodded. They turned back and saw that The Hufflepuff Chasers were advancing on them in their canary yellow kits. Happy with her work, Adara tilted her broom up and sped up and around to the middle of the field. 

She saw the other seeker looked as far from finding the snitch as she did, and decided that she was going to block the rest of the world out until she caught the snitch… as soon as they scored one more time.

Of course, Adara spotted the snitch three times before she was could catch it and win by the right amount. It took what seemed like fifteen minutes before Elizabeth, David, and Christine managed to get the quaffle past the Hufflepuff keeper and score. Adara whooped and high-fived Elizabeth on her way to search for the snitch… again. She had spent those terrible fifteen minutes trying to distract the other seeker from catching the snitch, but now that she was allowed to catch it and win by the correct amount of points, she was ready.

And, because whomever was in charge or the world had something against Adara, the minute she could catch the snitch was the exact time it seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Thankfully, Jayden was now doing his job and Hufflepuff wasn’t scoring. From all Adara gathered, it was a flip-flopping match in terms of the quaffle – no one had possession for more than two minutes straight. After three more close calls with bludgers, Adara was growing tired and was sure she’d lost feeling in most of her toes and possibly her ears and nose too. This was becoming the longest match she’d ever played in.

She had just closed her eyes for a second when she heard an excited yell, “It looks like the Hufflepuff seeker has spotted the snitch!” Remus called, trying to say it as normal commentary but Adara had a feeling he was trying to warn her. Adara spun around and she saw it immediately. Spinning into a reverse so fast she had to grip her broom tightly to stay on, Adara pushed to make it go even faster. She was a few feet farther away from the snitch, thanks to her late start, but she was smaller than the bulky guy seeker and much more aerodynamic – she was catching up. Just as she pulled up neck-to-neck with him, the snitch took a dangerous drop. It was almost as though the tiny gold ball had just dropped into free fall. 

With reflexes that had been perfected thanks to practices and being on her toes to avoid a certain Gryffindor and his little pranks, Adara pointed her broom straight down almost immediately and zoomed at the ground at nearly a 180 degree angle. The Hufflepuff seeker was either not as quick to react or not willing to go into a complete nose dive, but either way, Adara was much closer to the snitch now. Holding herself from sliding off the front of the broom with her left hand, she reached out her right and felt her fingertips brush the snitch. Faster, faster, she willed her broom. With momentum on her side thanks to her greater mass, she was soon accelerating faster than the tiny snitch and was able to close her fist around it. She pulled her hand back to her chest just in time as the end handle of the broom hit the ground about a second later. Adara fell face first onto the ground and she heard a sickening crunch as her nose broke. 

After about ten seconds of just laying there, Adara felt two rough hands turn her onto her back, “RAVENCLAW WINS!” Madam Hooch announced before kneeling next to Adara to examine her. Adara’s face was warm with what she vaguely realized was blood. But before she took in any either this or the fact that she was in immense pain (only numbed by the fact her nose had been as cold as ice), she saw her teammates out of her peripheral vision and held up the snitch proudly.

Then she fainted.  




“- accident prone female I’ve ever seen! Sure you, Potter, and Pettigrew get into some nasty situations, but  you really have got to keep that tendency to yourselves!” Adara came to as the nurse’s heels signified her leaving and blinked. The light seemed to attack her eyes as she attempted to open them, so she just shut them again.

She moaned and instantly felt warmth in both of her hands – then the left was cold again. So Sirius and Jayden were here; she wondered if Christine and David had even bothered to show up.

“Addie?” she heard a worried Jayden ask. 

“I’m awake,” Adara muttered, “but the light is hurting my eyes.”

She heard the curtains close and then dared to open her eyes. Sirius was walking back to her bedside in the dark, “Thanks, Sirius,” she smiled.

He nodded and sat on the cot next to hers leaning closer. Adara noticed that Elizabeth, the two beaters, Lily, James, Remus, and even a timid looking Peter were standing by that bed. She tried to sit up and before she got dizzy saw that Christine and David were watching at the foot of her bed. And, of course, Jay was holding her right hand kneeling on the floor next to her. 

She had never felt this loved.

“Thought we might as well have the celebration in here, what with it being your second home and everything,” James commented. Adara turned and smiled at him, “How thoughtful.” She said. With her free hand she felt a huge bandage on her nose, and surprisingly, on her head as well, “What’d I do to my head?” she asked anyone who knew the answer.

"And your face," she heard someone mutter.

“Concussion,” Lily said from her spot next to James, “You do recognize us all, right?”

Adara looked at her, “Yes, of course.” Why wouldn’t she? Did she really hit her head that hard?

“Good. And do you know what you were doing when you hurt yourself?” she continued.

Adara tried to roll her eyes but it made her head pound. Yes, she remembered. She’d been …“I was playing Quidditch, right?” she asked.

Lily exchanged a look with James, “Yeah,” James said slowly.

“Then I’m okay, right?” she asked.

Jayden squeezed her hand, “Yes, you are fine.”

That was went she looked to Sirius again. He looked paler than them all. She gave him a questioning look, “What?”

Sirius’ eyes bore into hers. She couldn’t quite place what she saw and contributed this half to her head injury and half to her exhaustion. Before she could ask again, the nurse came back in and loudly kicked everyone out. 

Adara gritted her teeth as her head pounded and she listened as everyone said their goodbyes and get wells around the nurses work. Soon only Sirius and Jayden remained. Sirius kissed her hand and Adara might have heard a promise to be back later but her head had begun to spin. The nurse moved to take Sirius' spot. Jayden finished glaring at Sirius and pecked Adara on the cheek before standing up.

With every step Jayden took, the room and her head seemed to vibrate, “Could you not,” Adara asked. Jayden hung back as if he thought she was going to ask him to stay, “be so loud?”

Jayden looked at her for a long second then nodded and walked softly as possible to the door.

“It’s okay for you to go back to sleep, you hit your head pretty hard,” the nurse was telling her, “just take this first,” she lifted a cup of some hot liquid to Adara’s lip. She swallowed it and didn’t have time to register its taste before she was asleep.


“Shh – you are going to wake her, Black!”

“Which ‘her’? Because if you are referring to Adara, then you aren’t as bright as I always assumed, Evans.”

“Madam Promfrey, of course!” Adara was awake enough to open her eyes and see two people walking towards her and one shadow closing the huge door behind them, “What would be the point of coming down here if we were just going to watch Adara sleep?” the smaller of the two was saying.

As Sirius and Lily came into full view, Adara saw Sirius struggle to answer this question, “N-nothing,” he stammered, “watching someone sleep… pointless, exactly.” 

“Nice one,” Adara saw James walk up and slap a hand onto Sirius shoulder. Adara closed her eyes as they all turned to look at her. Then she made a big show of opening them.

“Adara, are you awake?” Sirius walked around and took the spot that Jayden had occupied last. Only he sat on her bed and took her hand instead of kneeling next to her.

“Yeah,” Adara smiled at him then looked at her other company, “what brings you all in the middle of the night?”

The three Gryffindors exchanged glances, “Well…” James started, “I got Pads trying to sneak out alone and wasn’t about to have him tell you alone. Then as we headed out we ran into little miss Prefect sneaking out after hours, too.” Lily scowled at James, but Adara ignored this for something else that stuck out in her mind.

“Tell me?” she asked looking from James to Lily to, lastly, Sirius. Her eyes stayed on him, “Tell me what?”

Sirius sighed, “I was going to tell you alone but as that’s ruined…” he shot a look at his friends, “I just think that you deserve to know why you even had to think about going into that dangerous, stupid, cursed nose dive. Of course, your Ravenclaw friends wouldn’t have noticed because they were playing. Actually, only those who managed to look away from your little snitch chase with the other seeker would have noticed.”

Adara watched him as he trailed off and looked to James and Lily for help. When they said nothing, Sirius turned to Adara and just looked at her. She saw his eyes look from her head bandage to her nose then finally to her eyes. “What is it, Sirius?” She asked, extremely curious.

He sighed, “Why’d you dive like that? Couldn’t you see something was wrong? Since when had the snitch just dropped like that? Retracted its wings?” he exploded at her, “Did you stop to think about that –”

“Padfoot.” James tried.

“- did you ever even register that something might be a bit fishy with the complete free fall that the snitch went into–”

“Black.” Lily said levelly.

“- No, you didn’t! You went into a deadly dive! Adara, how thick are you, you could have –”



It took them both hissing his name to get him to stop. He let his mouth hang open for a while. Adara looked through her tearing eyes, “I could have lost you.” She was the only on that heard this whisper. She wasn’t even sure she was supposed to have heard it.

She was so confused and so… she couldn’t describe it. She slowly pulled herself up, ignored the dizzness, and leaned over to wrap her arms around Sirius’ neck. Tears leaked from her eyes as he wrapped his strong arms around her. She didn’t even know why she was crying. She didn’t even know what went wrong, why she had been yelled at by Sirius, or why the snitch was important to any of this. All she knew is that at that point in time she was in Sirius’ arms and everything was okay. She felt his chest rise and fall as he took uneven breaths and hugged herself tighter to him, as if she would steady him by just holding on.

Lily cleared her throat and brought Sirius back to reality. Adara felt him shift around so she released him. She watched as he turned and leaned against the headboard of her cot. She situated herself so she was leaning on him then turned and looked at James, “Can you please just tell me what happened?” she asked him.

James took a deep breath, “We aren’t exactly sure what exactly happened, but somehow all of the Quidditch balls that are supposed to move – the two bludgers and the snitch – all just stopped working at exactly the same time. We saw it, the bludgers fell straight to the ground at exactly the same time as you had to dive for the snitch. Then, as we were walking back from the pitch to see you, we heard Professor Dumbledore talking to Madam Hooch in a scary tone; apparently they don’t know what happened either.”

Adara just stared at him, frozen. The bludger and the snitch just dropping? Just ceasing to function? She’d never heard of such a thing happening – the balls were enchanted with powerful spells. It would take one hell of a lot of magic to get one, must less all three of them, to stop working at once.

This was not good.


A/N: Dun dun dunnnnn. haha. welll, on the bright side, there was definitely some Adara/Sirius feelings/discussions/cutness in this chapter, right? And, of course, Adara is - as James' pointed out - back in her second home, the hospital wing. Sorry this chapter isn't very long. The next one is like 5,500 words though so you can look forward to that. Umm... i want to thank all of you for reviewing that last chapter, again, i just love that you guys like this story and continue reading it! 


“Shit,” she said, suddenly stopping and staring down the hall towards the hospital wing.

“Oh, there we go! That’s one of my –” he stopped suddenly and followed her gaze. Jayden was walking at high speed towards them. He didn’t look too happy. “ – favorites,” Sirius finished with a gulp realizing what this would look like.

“Jay,” Adara jumped away from Sirius and tried to think of a believable, innocent reason that would excuse her walking out of a broom closet, flushed and sweaty, with Sirius Black – the only other person that had stayed in the hospital wing with Adara nearly the whole time. Needless to say, none came to mind.

HOWS THAT FOR A TEASER? haha. Please review. I'm updating as soon as I'm allowed, my other story's chapter just was accepted like thirty minutes ago and I went straight to updating this. See, i told you that i loved you guys! =] REVIEW. it makes me happy.

over and outt. 

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