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Softer Than You Think by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter, nor the Harry Potter world.


“BILL! GET YOUR UGLY ARSE DOWN HERE! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME LATE TO WORK!” Ok, so maybe that was a little too harsh, but I don’t want to be late to work. He seemed fine the other day, but now he’s in another depression. No clue why, though.


“I can skip work today. It’s not like I do anything otherwise.” Damn Fleur. She just had to leave him in my care. Someday I will find her and Avada Kedavera her for making me deal with Bill.


I march up the stairs and pull him out of bed. “You are coming to work. I’m giving you three minutes and if you’re not dressed, then you’ll have to go in your pajamas. Now move it!” I leave the room and watch my watch.


I don’t hear any movement, so he’s probably still lying in bed. “3. 2. 1.” I walk in and Bill’s still lying in his bed. “Ok, that’s it. We’re apparating to Diagon Alley with you in your pajamas.” The only way to deal with Bill in a bad mood is to threaten him, then go through with the threats.


With a loud pop, we arrive in Diagon Alley, right by WWW. I drag Bill in and close the door roughly. The shop hasn’t yet opened, but Fred and George are there. “Blimey Hermione! What’d you do to him?”


I take a good look at Bill, who apparently looks more disheveled than I originally thought. “That’s what happens when you make me late to work. Get up on time tomorrow.” Bill glares at me and Fred rolls his eyes. George looks slightly concerned and tries to make eye contact with me, but I avoid it. I know I’m doing the right thing with Bill. I just want to help him.


Fred and George take Bill into the other room. Probably to get him dressed in some of their things so he doesn’t have to be in his pajamas all day. But he has his crimson robes, so I don’t see why it matters. It’s about time for me to be heading to St. Mungos, so I turn to go out into the alley.


George put an anti-apparating jinx on the place during the war so Death Eaters couldn’t get in. Now it’s so people can’t shoplift as easily.


“Hermione! Wait up!” One of the twins is chasing after me. George, I think. I usually can’t tell them apart unless they’re wearing their sweaters or business clothes. (They say Fred Weasley and George Weasley on the backs)


“George?” He nods. George looks kind of serious and Fred could never pull that off very well, so it must be him. “What do you want? And make it quick. I don’t want to be late for work.”


“It’s about Bill.” I assumed as much. We don’t have anything in common besides Bill. He’d better be working hard, or he’ll really get it tonight.


“What about him?” I check my watch and realize that I’m late to work. This had better be important.


“Well, I’m just going to put this as bluntly as possible.” I don’t have all day, George. Make this really quick. I can’t afford to be late. “Bill’s in love with you.”


What? “Bill’s not in love with me! What’re you talking about? Wait a moment; are you playing some kind of trick on me? Because there is no way in hell that Bill loves. He hates my guts, eved doe I let hib idto by house and tried to help hib!” Oh crap, now I’m crying. I can’t be crying. Why is this upsetting me so much? It’s just the twins playing a joke.


“So you’re in love with him too?” Now he’s gone completely bonkers. I’m not in love with Bill and he’s not in love with me. But why am I crying? You know what? I think I’ll just leave. Fred and George can deal with Bill for all I care. They’re his family. I have no relation whatsoever to this bloke.


“Hermione, wait! Where’re you going? I didn’t mean to upset you!” Just one of his damned pranks. Ugh. I absolutely loathe him and Fred. But… Maybe he’s right. Maybe I do have feelings for Bill. But that’s just weird.


Maybe I should leave the country. Spend life as a muggle. Become a muggle doctor. Marry a muggle man. Breathe Hermione. Relax and take a few deep breaths. You’re blowing this way out of proportion. You’re letting something George-George Weasley!-said to you. George Weasley is a jerk.


You know what? I think I’ll take the day off and relax at home for a few hours. Then I could visit Ginny. She’ll know exactly what I’m thinking. That’s exactly what I’ll do.


I pull out my cell phone and dial the number of St. Mungos. “Sara?” Sara’s the muggleborn in charge of answering the phones. Sometimes we get calls and she’s the only one that knows how to answer a phone besides me. She’s kind of like our secretary.


“Hermione? You sound awful.” I’m still crying a little and my nose is congested.


“I’ve had an awful day and dow I’b sick.”


“You sound awful, ‘Mione.” Sara’s probably the only person in the world who calls me ‘Mione, even though she only does it part of the time. “You want to stay home today? I’ll send the patients that have appointments with you to Healer Green. That sound good?”


“Wudderful. Danks Sara.”


“No problem. I owed you one, anyways. Hope you feel better tomorrow.” I close the phone and slip it back into my pocket. Definitely time for some shut-eye. I’ve had a rough day and it’s not even nine yet.


“Hermione. Wake up now. I’m not joking.”


I open my eyes and look up into Ginny’s hazel ones. “G-g-ginny? What’re you doing h-here?” I yawn and sit up. My digital clock says that it’s 1:23. I must’ve taken quite a long nap. I’d meant to see Ginny by noon.


“George flooed over to Godric’s Hollow and told me everything. I’m so sorry, Hermione. I thought you knew you were in love with him, otherwise I would have broken it to you in a much better way than George did.” Not that again! I am not in love with that twit.


“Ginny! I thought you of all people would believe me. I don’t even like him!” Ginny raises her eyebrows. Sometimes she can get really annoying about that. I pick up the coffee that she handed me and took a long sip. It tasted so good.


“I’m only telling you what’s true. It’s obvious that you love him. Even Harry picked up on it and you know how oblivious he can be.” Well they’re both imagining things. They should go see a therapist and get counseling. Imagining things is bad. “So how long have you loved him?”


I haven’t loved him at all! I hate him! “Since he came to live with me.” Where did that answer come from? I swear I hate him. I swear! Oh, now she’s smirking at me. “What did you do?”


“I put vertiserum in your coffee. Now you have to tell me the truth.” At my skeptical look she added, “Even if you don’t know the true answer yourself. I’ll leave you to think about what you told me.” That little sneak! I can’t believe it!


“Sneaky, twit!”


“Just for that I’m going to ask you one more question.” Oh no. What if she asks me about- “Who was the first guy you slept with?”


Mouth, don’t you dare open! Don’t you dare! “Ron.” Damn it! Damn it damn it damn it!


“I’m gonna hold that over your head forever.” I’m so screwed.


“Remind me to never accept any drinks from you ever again.” Ginny laughs as she walks out and closes the door behind her. As soon as she’s gone, I start frowning. I’m in love with Bill. So what? That doesn’t mean he’s in love with me.


But George said that he was. And he was right about me, so maybe Bill is in love with me. Maybe. Hopefully Ginny told George to keep him in their flat over the shop for tonight. Then I won’t have to deal with him until tomorrow.


“Hermione? You home? Ginny said that you stayed home sick today and that I should come check on you. Are you alright?” Oh no. Bill.



A/N: The second chappie of my first (and probably last) Bill/Hermione fic. Like it, hate it? Leave a review! And that was kind of a cliffy. An awful one, but still a cliffy.

And this chapter is dedicated to Weasleys Forever, my first reviewer on this story!!!

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