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Devil's Snare - A Story of Remus and Lily by Tor Petty
Chapter 11 : Probably Already Eating
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Remus was anxious about going downstairs. Yesterday had gone by in a hazy rush (and he was still feeling the euphoria’s after effects), but he had a feeling in his stomach that told him that it would shatter. He didn’t feel the desire to have his teenage feelings of romance implode and devour him from the inside-out.

James sat on the bed across from Remus, and Sirius was standing on the wall adjacent. Together, they formed a lopsided triangle.

“Why are you so nervous, Moony?” James inquired, cocking his head and looking curiously at his friend.

Sirius, his knowing eyes silent, just watched Remus – who was touched that Sirius had not told James about the night previous.

As Remus remained silent, James noticed the exchange between his two friends. “Okay, you two. What’d I miss? Spill it,” James said, looking pointedly at Sirius.

Sirius shrugged. “Not my story to spill.” James looked crestfallen that Sirius had denied him information he was seeking.

“Moony,” he implored. “You don’t have to be shy. We’re mates! I won’t laugh if it’s anything embarrassing.”

“No, it’s not embarrassing. It’s just…” Remus started. “Lily and I are going steady. I don’t know what to say to her at breakfast.”

James whooped at the words ‘going steady’, but quieted when Remus sounded thoroughly concerned. A bemused look played across his features and he said, “Just go down there, Moony. She’s probably eating already.”


Little did Remus know, Lily was just as nervous.

“Just go down and see him,” Alice urged. “He’s probably already in the Great Hall eating – and waiting for you.”

“Thanks, Alice, but I think I’ll skip breakfast,” Lily replied, feigning nonchalance.

“Not if you know what’s best for you,” Alice grunted, grabbing Lily and pulling her down the staircase. “It’s… the… most… important… MEAL!”

With that last tug, the pair of them tumbled down the staircase, one over the other all the way down.


Remus Lupin was entering the common room, about to go to breakfast, when he heard a tumultuous racket. He turned and witnessed two familiars tumbling down the girls’ staircase.

Sirius snarked something about sex changes and not being able to ascend to their dormitories anymore but realized that one of the girls was, in fact, Lily Evans. With a hasty look in the direction of Remus, he turned scarlet.

Remus rushed over to help the girls up. He first extended his hand to Alice, who had somehow landed on top of the pile. Alice took it, blushing furiously and granting a wink to Lily. Lily’s reaction was far more lilting than Alice’s – she simply glowed with the contact of Remus’s hand.

“Good morning, Humpty Dumpty,” Remus chuckled.

“Good morn – Hey! How do you know about Humpty Dumpty?”

“I read, too, you know,” Remus said playfully, rolling his eyes as Alice was making faces behind his back.

“Yeah, but not muggle books,” Lily replied, trying not to laugh at her friend’s antics.

“Maybe I do…”

“Doesn’t explain how you don’t know a tractor tire when you see one.”

“Well… I’m not omniscient, Lily,” Remus laughed, taking her arm and leading her out the portrait hole, and away from the silly consort. 

Author's Note: Short chappie, but it seemed kind of awkward if I bridged the next two together. I'm done with the story, though. All that I have to do now is post it!

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Devil's Snare - A Story of Remus and Lily: Probably Already Eating


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