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Partner In Crime by darkkid
Chapter 1 : The Faults of Black
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Oh no, oh no, oh no. Emily glanced around her surroundings and found, much to her dismay, that she was in a thoroughly deserted corridor. She grimaced and started off at a run toward the Transfiguration classroom at the end of the hall. How could this happen? I'm never late! Why didn't my alarm go off? Oh no!

The one thing Emily feared most was being put in detention. She was a prefect after all, and a prefect should not be put in detention. She only hoped the Professor would side with her…

She stopped outside the classroom door, panting and clutching a stitch in her side, trying to clear her mind. Then, standing upright and putting a determined look on her face, she opened the classroom door.

The room had gone into complete silence as she took her first few steps inside. Looking around, she found the Professor eyeing her from the front desk.

"Miss Rose, you're late," Professor McGonagall stated.

"I know Professor, it's just-" Emily tried to explain, but was cutoff mid sentence.

"Please, Miss Rose, save me the explanation. Join me tonight at six for detention. Now, would you take your seat?"

"Yes, Professor," Emily muttered, trudging to her seat while trying to block out the giggle's and stifled laughter of her fellow class mates.

Detention? Emily thought it was a little far to put her in detention. She was only a few minutes late, after all. But, as if on cue, the bell sounded signaling the end of class. Her eyes bulged and she watched everyone get up and rush toward the door.

"Miss Rose, your assignment is to write a foot long essay on Vanishing spells."

"Yes, Professor," Emily said.

"I'll see you later tonight." Emily then turned on her heel and left the classroom, her mood dropping greatly. She was glad, however, that she now had a free period to work on her essay. If she worked hard, she would be able to make up for the hour lost.

"So, you were given detention?" a voice sneered from behind her. She didn't have to turn around to know who it was.

"Please, Black, this is bad enough without you sticking your nose it in," Emily replied. She continued walking down the hall, ignoring Sirius as he strode next to her.

"Why were you late?" he asked. "Forgot a book? Took you too long to get dressed? Your alarm didn't go off?"

"For your information, Black-" Emily stopped mid sentence as something dawned on her. She rounded on Black, her wand held tightly in her fist. "It was you wasn't it?"

"I'm usually good at things like this, but I honestly have no idea what you're talking about," Sirius said, the grin on his face clearly stating the opposite of what he said.

"You jinxed my clock!" Emily screeched. "It's your fault I was late!"

"Everything's been my fault since first year," Sirius said. "Remember? 'Black, this is all your fault!' and 'I swear Black, if you do something like this again…' and we can't forget 'I warned you last time Black about touching my stuff!' Of course, we both know that I had absolutely nothing to do with any of those incidents."

Emily glared as he mimicked her, not caring that a crowd of curious onlookers were now gathering around them, watching their argument with wide eyes and large grins.

"Just leave me alone," Emily said. "My life is so much better when I don't have to worry about you sneaking around." And she turned around and rushed up the stairs, not allowing the tears now welling in her eyes to fall.


Emily sat alone at the Gryffindor table, wallowing in self pity. Detention? Oh, what will mother say? It's all Black's fault, if he would just leave me alone! She glared at her fork, biting her cheek to stop herself from finding Sirius and giving him a good punch in the face. Not that he doesn't deserve it…
The clock loomed nearer to six o'clock, and with a sigh she pushed herself from the bench and trudged toward the entrance hall. Much to her dismay, however, she soon found herself in the company of the last person she wanted to see.

"Black, Potter, if you say one word to me I'll jinx you," Emily said. Giving out detentions clearly didn't solve any of the issues, and cursing her two least favorite people would make her considerably happier.

"Don't want to go and give yourself another detention by doing that," James answered. "This is your first detention, isn't it?"

"Why do you care?" Emily spat, her wand clutched dangerously tight in her fist.

"Your in for a real treat then," Sirius laughed.

"Leave. Me. Alone," she growled.

"Well, we thought we'd accompany you to detention. You know, see if Professor McGonagall is treating you fair," Sirius said, an innocent smile on his face.

Oh Merlin. "What did you do this time?"

"Exploding toilet," James said.

"Wasn't our fault, really," Sirius explained. "The toilet got in the way."

Rolling her eyes, Emily hurried forward, knowing her night was about to get ten times worse.

A/N: I know there's a lot of dialouge in this, and that it's really short, but the next chapter I'll be explaining more making it thus, longer! Reviews make me smile! -hint hint-  CHAPTER WAS UPDATED APRIL 7th, 2009

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