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Life is no fairytale by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 1 : Life is no fairytale
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Life is no Fairytale.

Scorpius stalked down the corridor glaring at everyone, mentally smirking as younger students scurried out of his way. Today had started badly, he’d woken up late, and found his hair had been turned bright pink, at which his dorm mates had laughed themselves silly. Scorpius had no doubt in his mind as to whom was responsible, Potter and his blood traitor and Mudblood friends. Breakfast too had been a disaster. A first years owl had collided with the jug of pumpkin juice and it had gone everywhere, including down the front of his last clean school shirt, he was not best pleased.

He was even now wearing a borrowed shirt, which was too small and annoying him greatly. It was chaffing under his arms, half strangling him, and no matter how many times he tried to correct it, the shirt would not stay tucked in, and continued to flap around the waistband of his trousers in a very irritating fashion as he made his way to his next lesson. On top of all this, Scorpius had been late for Herbology, and been given a lecture about punctuality from Longbottom, and his hair was still pink.

Scorpius stopped outside the Transfiguration classroom, mercifully early, and threw his bag to the floor with contempt. He stared at it angrily for a few moments before sighing and leaning heavily against the wall, his hands pressed against the cold stone by the small of his back.

Could this day possibly get any worse? The answer to that was as always, ‘yes!’ When Scorpius was having a bad day the best solution was usually to go straight to bed, and sleep off the bad luck, and have a wonderful day when he woke the next morning. Unfortunately he was at school, and that was out of the question, he had all his lessons to attend, and on top of that, when he got back to the common room after dinner he would have to do all the homework they had been set. On a good day he would take a walk around the lake, or read a book, or visit the kitchens to get some food if he was peckish. A bad day heralded a bath, hot or cold depending on the season then bed, it was the easiest way to avoid the bad luck Merlin decided to rain on him on those dreaded days.

Scorpius removed his hands from being squashed between his back and the hard stones, and crossed his arms across his chest with another sigh. He continued to glare at passers by as the rest of the class gathered around him. The Slytherins stood on his side of the door, the Gryffindors on the other. He often thought it funny that they were the only two houses to bother with this regular ritual; the Slytherins did it with everyone. It has always been a well known fact that Slytherin is by far the most superior house, but no one else apart form them seemed to see it like that.

Scorpius glared at all the Gryffindors, barely noticing a coy glance from one of the girls, who clearly wished there was no inter house enmity. He was well aware that most of the Slytherin girls fancied him, possibly some of the boys too. You never knew these days. Today however he was oblivious to it all, nothing could drag him out of his bad mood.

Scorpius looked up and down the corridor once more, to see if one of his friends was nearby to see if they could drag a smile out of him, no such sight was to be found, but the sight he did see did nothing to improve his mood in the slightest. Rose Weasley, mud blood/ blood traitor lowbred, Head Girl, his counterpart, had just come round the corner, hand in hand with the Gryffindor Quidditch captain, Ben Wood. More than anything, the sight made him want to throw up. Rose Weasley was not a pretty girl, but nor was she as ugly as that Midgeon girl. Her red hair was frizzy and out of control, her brown eyes were nothing remarkable either, but Wood obviously liked her.

When Scorpius had found out that she was to be the head girl to his head boy he had tried desperately to find something tolerable about her, but he had failed miserably. There was no hatred like that which he held for Rose Weasley, even his hatred for the whole Gryffindor Quidditch team. She was such a know it all bookworm who sounded like she’d swallowed the textbook for every subject Hogwarts taught, even the ones she didn’t take. She took her responsibility and authority very seriously indeed, and seemed to enjoy being in charge of a small faction of students. Scorpius flouted his authority, and knew it; mostly he did to annoy her, because she looked so amusing when her hair seemed to crackle with the force of her anger at his blatant disregard for rule breaking.

She was smiling widely as Wood whispered something in her ear, he himself grinning coyly, as he kissed her on the cheek. She giggled and swatted his shoulder with the back of her hand; this too made Scorpius want to throw up. He glared at them as they approached, and for a moment Rose scanned the group crowded round the door, clearly trying to find her friends among the gaggle of students. She saw them, and waved, as her eyes swept away and along the line of Slytherins to check that there was no rule-breaking going on.

Her eyes met his, and in that moment the whole atmosphere in the corridor seemed to change, a cloud of cold already surrounded Scorpius, but the cold glare that the two shared seemed to fill the entire space surrounding them. It was a glare filled with hate, animosity, revulsion and annoyance. A millisecond conveyed all that had happened between them in over six years. Everything from the pulled hair in their first Herbology lesson together, to the time he spent ten minutes with her pinned against the wall while he slated her family, her beliefs, and herself.

Ben wrapped his arms around Rose’s waist and she looked at him and smiled. The moment had passed; there would be no slagging match, not now at least. Rose had barely reached her friends when Professor McGonagall opened the classroom door and beckoned them inside. Rose entered the classroom before him, and sat over by the windows with her friends. He chuckled darkly to himself as he thought about previous years of Head Boys and Girls, and how most of them had ended up together.

There was no way in Hell him and Rose would ever get together, there was too much pure hatred between them, to many insults had been thrown, too many times when he should have backed down, knowing full well he was in the wrong. But Scorpius Malfoy was stubborn, he never backed down when his pride could be damaged by it, he always fought to the bitter end. So he would fight too, against the omen of his predecessors and their blossoming relationships that should never have happened. Even if he wanted it to, he would rather die than go against the wishes of his family, and his morals. He would not go against everything he had been brought up to believe. The classroom door swung shut behind him with a bang. Rose Weasley was beneath him, and anyway…

… Life is no Fairytale…

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