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Hogwarts, Here We Come! by Emilyinlove
Chapter 9 : Chapter Eight: Halloween
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, movies, characters or anything related to it in the slightest. I am just a pawn in it's almighty chess game. Also, I do not own "The Wizard of Oz".

Author's Note: Hey everyone! So, there is another reason I haven't been posting very quickly. It's because I've been trying to work on this story I started a few months ago. It has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but I'm hoping to try and get it published once it's finished. I'm still working on the I'm not very far. So if I'm not on here, it's because I'm lazy or I'm working on my other story. I do have my one-shot completely written! But once again, it can't go up until after the Yule Ball, I think some time between Chapters 15 and 16. I still have to make the graphics for it. Hmm...what else to say...oh yeah! I will be catching up on this story before I start posting Remember again, because I have a bunch of chapters done,† but I want to catch up with this one. Chapter Nine should be up really soon! Probably later today if all goes well. I just have to fix the graphics because I forgot to put something on it. Anyways, here's Chapter Eight which includes lots of drama and flirting! YAY!

Chapter Eight: Halloween

It was Friday afternoon and I had taken the opportunity to spend some time alone before the weekend. It was fairly decent outside except for the fact that it was quite chilly out. But the sun was still shining with only a few clouds in the sky.

I had just finished with Double Potions and after being stuck in the dungeons for so long, the fresh air was really nice. I had also changed out of my uniform and into a pair of black yoga pants, a dark blue cami and a light blue, thick hoodie.

I was walking along the edge of the Black Lake, looking out into the distance. I could see the Durmstrang ship and Krum diving off of it and swimming. He must be absolutely bonkers. I don't want to even imagine how cold that water is.

I had already seen my family at the end of September, which seemed like so long ago, with it being the week before Halloween and all. I'd be seeing them again in about a week though.

See, I liked going to see my parents...most of the time. They were usually really good; my mom had always kind of bothered me, but my dad was always really fun to hang out with.

And of course, I never got along with my older sister. She thought she was better than me or something. Always provoking me until I freaked out and got in trouble. So I've been making an effort to stay away from her altogether.

I didn't really mind my little sister, Allie. Of course we were nothing alike, but we still got along. We occasionally fought because I've never been best friends with either of my sisters, but I guess fighting just comes along with being sisters.

To be honest, it was really nice to be away from home. It was almost freeing because my parents couldn't judge my every move and control everything I did. I had even learned to Apparate already, so I could go wherever I please, whenever I please.

"Hey! Emily! Wait up!" Harry called, running to try and catch up with me.

"I'm walking, you'll just have to catch up," I said just before he came up beside me.

"Fine," He said. "Anyways, I've been looking all over for you."

"Oh really," I said. "And why would that be?"

Over the past few weeks, we had become really close friends, which was definitely a good thing for me. And over these past few weeks, my crush has been growing even more, unfortunately.

"Well I was wondering if you knew about the costume party in Hogsmeade we have every year," Harry said.

"What?" I was so confused. I had never heard anything about a party in Hogsmeade, and I've read the books at least ten times each.

"It's for anyone who's in their fourth year or older. We get to go to this club in Hogsmeade for a costume party," Harry explained.

"Really? I didn't think anyone here dressed up for Halloween, especially with the whole witch and wizard thing," I said.

"Well, we do sometimes. The only thing about the club is that we can only go at one or something this year, because they're choosing the Triwizard Champions at six," Harry said. "So are you going to go?"

"Hell yeah," I answered, totally liking the idea of this. "Are you?"

"Probably," Harry said.

"Great! Make sure you dress up though, or I will get you the most embarrassing costume you could ever imagine," I said before running off. My head was just overflowing with costume ideas. I would finally get to show off some of my designing skills.

"YOU GUYS! WAKE UP! IT'S HALLOWEEN!" I yelled throughout the dorm.

It had been another week since my little conversation with Harry and I had been spending all of my free time in the library, surprisingly enough. I would bring my sketchbook with me and start sketching like a mad woman! Then I would take those designs and make them real.

You're probably wondering how I got a sewing machine into the library and how I got all the fabric and material to Hogwarts. The first answer is that I put a silencing charm on my portable sewing machine. The second answer was that I talked to Hermione who showed me the catalogues in the library where you can order different things by using certain spells.

"Emily! It's just Halloween! Calm down!" Emilie said, pulling her blankets over her head.

"Ah, but you see, that is where you are wrong. We get to dress up in costumes I made and go to the costume party! YAY!" I exclaimed, jumping up and down on the bed, being careful not to hit my head on the canopy.

I ran to my wardrobe, took out my costume and laid it on my bed. It was already eleven in the morning, and two hours would be barely enough time for me to get ready. I walked into the bathroom to my sink area and quickly washed my face before brushing my teeth and hair.

I started putting on my make-up which took longer than I thought it would, and then my costume. Everyone else was coming in and out before I was even finished.

When I was finally finished everything, I looked in the mirror. I had lion ear headband in my straight hair, my eye makeup was incredibly. My inner eyelids were lined with dark black eyeliner that was slightly smudged. Then the rest was varying shades of glittery gold eyeshadow, all blended. It gave a beautiful cat-eye effect that made my eyes pop. I covered my eyelashes in some black mascara to make them longer and to add to the cat-eye effect. As some final touches on the make-up I put on a tiny bit of blush and some clear lip-gloss.

I was wearing a thin strapped halter dress that was a golden brown color. The front had a corset lining while dark brown faux fur trim decorates the sweetheart neckline. The skirt of the dress was only reached about mid-thigh, but luckily I had a pair of short shorts on underneath it. It also had tan arm warmers with fur trim and a wire rimmed tail. It also had golden brown stockings that reached my knees and brown suede peep-toe ankle boots with buckled belt details.

As you can see, I was a lion. But not just any lion, I was "The Cowardly Lion". All of my friends and I were going as characters from "The Wizard of Oz". I walked down to the common room where Emilie and Lindsay were waiting for me.

Lindsay was wearing a pink tiara and a matching choker that had a tiny pink tiara on it, and a pale pink satin dress with a sweetheart cut neckline. The halter straps snapped together at the back of the dress while the sleeves slid down her shoulder. The skirt of the dress only reached the middle of her thigh and had a light pink overlay sprinkled with tiny stars. She had on pale pink stockings that left just a little bit of skin showing at the top of her legs. She also had on pink high heels with tiny bows on the front, and of course, she was carrying a pink wand with a star on the top of it.

Emilie, being Dorothy, had her hair in low pigtails with red ribbons and had matching bright red lips. Her glimmering white and blue spangled dress stopped at her thighs, and underneath it was a white blouse with off-the-shoulder sleeves. She had on high white stockings with tiny white and blue checked bows on them as well as glittering red platform high heels. She was also carrying a small straw basket with a black dog stuffed animal inside of it to represent Toto.

We walked out of the common room to see Shana, Hannah and Amy all waiting patiently by the portrait of the Fat Lady.

Hannah had on a low cut fleece dress that had an orange shirt, brown corset and a green skirt. She had a matching green hat in her hair that had patchwork splatters like the skirt did. Tan fringe dripped from both of her orange sleeves, giving the straw stuffing appearing. She also had on a pair of brown suede, high-heeled boots.

Shana was wearing a black dress with green pinstripes and a corset lace-up in the front. Gold tinted green satin patches were attacked to the front of the dress' waistline while lace trim hangs from the bottom of the dress. A sheer green with black swirled mini-cape was fit around her neck and closed with a Velcro strap. She also had black strappy heels, a black, pointy witch's hat and was holding a small broom. Not a really flying broom or anything, just a fake broom for costume purposes.

And I've got to say, Amy's costume was so cool! Her dress was silver metallic and had layered shoulder flaps and a low, revealing chest. There were knee high matching silver boots, and red hearts decorating them just at the knee. She had a small bowtie around her neck, a funnel shaped hat placed strategically at the side of her hair. She was also carrying a plastic silver axe for added effect.

"Looking good, you guys," Shana said as we quickly took some group and single pictures. I had to admit, I did some pretty good work.

We were chatting the whole way down to Hogsmeade about all different stuff. They were mostly teasing me about my oh-so-obvious crush on Harry as we followed everyone, not knowing the correct way to go.

"You guys can't say anything while we're there or around him, deal?" I finally confessed.

"Fine," they agreed hastily as we walked into the building which had flashing lights and was booming with music. As soon as we walked in, we all started dancing with each other.

"Vould you like to dance?" A guy asked me within five minutes of getting there; it was obvious he was from Durmstrang from his thick Bulgarian accent. Surprisingly, he was a really good dancer. Every time a new song came on, I was asked to dance with someone new. I finally got a break and bolted so I could get a drink without being noticed.

"Having fun?" Harry asked from beside me, popping out of nowhere. I looked at him and his lack of costume disapprovingly. Some people just didn't get into the spirit of things.

"And what are you supposed to be?" I asked sarcastically before ordering an ice water.

"A wizard," Harry smirked.

"Smart ass," I muttered.

"So what are you?" Harry asked, ignoring my comment and looking me over. Ah, the wonders of selective hearing.

"I'm the Cowardly Lion, duh!" I exclaimed, throwing my arms out in a gesture for extra emphasis.

"Oh, it's cute," Harry said. Ohmigod, he just said I was cute!

"Well, thank you," I said, hiding my red cheeks as I drank some of my water. "So are you just going to sit here the whole time?"

"I'm not sure," Harry said uncertainly.

"Let's change that to a 'no' because you're going to dance with me," I said, taking his hand and making him stand up.

"I'm warning you, I don't know how to dance," Harry said nervously just as a slow song came on.

"Okay, just put your hands around my hips," I said, taking his hands and placing them onto my hips. "And put my arms around your neck." We started moving slowly to the rhythm of the music, but something felt wrong. "You know, I may be dressed as a lion, but I don't bite," I said, pulling myself closer to him and leaning my head against his shoulder. Well, it was more like his chest.

"You know, I never realized that you were this short," Harry said, grinning mischievously.

"And I never realized you were this tall," I retorted.

"Ah, but you see, I'm not as tall as you are short," Harry said, trying to act smart.

"That makes no sense," I said, laughing.

"To you maybe, but to me it makes all the sense in the world," Harry said, making me laugh even more. The song switched to a fast one and he looked very confused about what to do.

I turned around, putting his hands on my upper thighs, on top of my dress of course, and put my own hands on top of his, swaying my hips to the music.

I turned back around so we were back to the position we were in when we were slow dancing, but moving at a much faster pace, and with me looking up at him. Those eyes...those beautiful, amazingly green eyes.

Next thing I know, someone's hands are on my butt and two girls are laughing hysterically. I turned my head to see Hannah and Lindsay practically killing themselves laughing, and looked back at Harry who was turning as red as a tomato.

"Harry, don't worry about it. They like bugging me, and now you too I guess. But don't worry, it isn't the first time a guy has touched my butt," I said and Harry cast me a weird look. "I've been to a lot of dances."

"Okay then," He said, trying to get his hands off but failing.

"They must've found a spell that makes them stay on for the rest of the song," I said. "That is so like them."

"You have very odd friends," Harry mentioned.

"I know, but that's why I love them so much," I said, smiling because I knew why they had done this. The song ended and he hands were released, much to his relief. Not that he didn't like dancing with me; he just didn't want to disrespect me, which was very admirable in my opinion. And I know all of this because he told me so.

The room suddenly started spinning, causing me to clutch Harry's shoulder to keep myself from falling. "Emily, what's wrong?" Harry asked as he brought me over to sit down at the "bar".

"I-I just got s-suddenly dizzy," I stuttered, trying to keep myself propped up.

"I think you should probably get back up to the school," Harry said and I could hear the panic in his voice.

"Emily!" My friends all called, but in a more worried way.

"Do you think you're -" Hannah started, but she didn't need to finish because I already knew what she meant.

I had a "condition" as they called it, called hypoglycemia. I was six when I was diagnosed with it. It's basically having lower than normal blood sugar levels because the pancreas makes too much insulin and not enough blood sugar. So if I didnít get enough food or sugar, I would start getting symptoms like dizzy spells, migraines and such, signaling that I was going low.

But I didn't think that this was the case. "N-no, it's not that. It's d-d-different," I answered. I could feel the room spinning more and more with each second, everything going out of focus.

"Emily, I'm going to send for help," Someone said, but I couldn't tell who it was.

"Mhmm," I answered lazily.

"Emily, can you hear me? Can you hear me?" A distant voice said. It sounded like it was coming from miles away, but that's the last thing I remember hearing before everything went black.

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