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Getting the Girl by X_slytherianprincess_X
Chapter 3 : A Plan Is Thought Of
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Scoripus POV

It's always awkward saying goodbye, especially when the people I'm saying goodbye to, is my parents. My dad, raised to be a perfect Malfoy, showed zero emotions, unless he was speaking to my Mum, in which case, he showed about 0.1% on the emotion scale. My Mum on the other hand, liked to throw her arms around me and sob hysterically that she wouldn't get to see her baby for almost a year. She's quite melodramatic, my Mum. I still have no idea how my parent's got together.

As I said goodbye to my parents, I looked around for my best friends; Rose Weasley and Albus Potter. I know that our other group members would already be on the train or saying goodbye to their parents. All of us were in Gryffindor; on one hand, my dad was proud that I was making the Malfoy name become a little less hated and on the other hand, my dad was apathetic that I was the first Malfoy to not be in Slytherin. None of our parents really seemed to care that we were friends, because unlike the previous generation, they realized they can't control everything.

I saw my friends standing slightly apart from the rest of the Weasley and Potter tribe, and slowly put a hand up to say hello, with a cocky smirk. Rose saw my first, her face lighting up, turned and said something to Al, who soon turned to look at me. They pulled their trunks through the large crowd, not caring if they hit anyone.

Well, Rose didn't but Al, at least tried to apologize for his best friend and cousin as she moved towards me. She dropped her bags and threw her arms around me. "Whoa!" I said playfully. S

he stuck her tongue out at me and gave me an extra hug. "Oh my god, Scrop! I haven't seen you in for-fucking-ever!"

Al came up behind her panting and said, "No dip shit stick." She turned around and smacked him.

"Oi!" He cried out.

I sighed and smirked. "Come on, let's go find the rest of the group. I'm sure Dom already has her territory marked out.."

As we were moving to the compartment, cat calls and wolf whistles followed. Well, not Al or me since I don't think girls do that much but Rose. Like, I said before she was absolutely gorgeous, not that she actually knew how amazing she looked. But that wasn't why I liked her.

I had liked her since the beginning, since that first moment on the platform when I saw her auburn hair flying, her piercing blue eyes,so in contrast of the black of her robes. And when we were talking! It just seemed like she got me.Throughout the years, there were so many things that made me fall deeper and deeper in love with her.  Everything about her just matched with me.

As we got into the compartment, where Dom which had already manically staked out, Rose and her got into one of those squeaky things that girls do. You know, when they see each other and their voices go all high pitched? Personally, it hurts my ears and I don't see how they can understand each other. What makes it even odder is that they go through this every time they see each other; even when it's only a day later, like Dom and Rose just did.

After their squeal fest, Rose dropped her things in the compartment and threw herself on the seat. "Ugh......Don't make me get up for at least five minutes."

Al came in grinning and said, "C'mon Rose, don't want Shawn coming in here."

Shawn Brown was the product of Lavender Brown( such a freaken ho) and some unnamed man. Like, I said shes such a freaken ho. Unfortunately, Shawn's mom has really good taste in guys. Or says Rose. Which makes him "absolutely bloody hot!" in every Hogwarts girls eyes. And Rose is dating him. Kill me now. Please. Preferably slowly.

Rose let out a groan and the smiled evilly. "Solider."

I smirked. It was just me and Roses inside joke. When we were like, 12 we went through this phase were all we would watch were American War movies. We then compared war to love. And so ever since then we would talk like we were in war when we would break up with someone.

I got up, saluted and said, "Yes sir!"

She also got up slowly and said, "I think its time we cut this one loose."

"Aye Aye sir!" I said laughing.

She saluted to me and threw a smirk to Dom and Al. "Solders, you may resume."

She exited out the door and I dropped back onto my seat grinning like a maniac. Al looked up from his Quidditch magazine and smirked at me. "Ah, what could this certain Mr. Malfoy be grinning at like a loon?"

I threw my Reeces Peanut Butter cup at him. Then my grin faded.

"Hey Al, Dom?" I said.

"Yeah....." He mumbled around the peanut butter cup

. "Does Rose like me?"

He stopped eating looking like a deer caught in headlights. Al was the only one to ever know that I liked Rose.

"Well......" he stuttered.

I jumped on him and started shaking him. "AL YOU HAVE TO TELL ME!"

Al threw me off of him and growled at me. "Fine! But you can't tell her I told you! She would KILL me! And then what would Liza do?!" Liza Finnegan was Al's girlfriend. Shes quite nice.

Dom, who was surprisingly quiet during this exchange, snorted and said, "Al, your a dork. Scorpius-"

"Ok! Yes! She likes you! Since first year!" Al cried out, having beat Dom to the punch, his mouth finally clear of peanut butter. I stopped, to think about that and Al took the opportunity to steal all of my peanut butter cups. He loves those things but that's probably why he's a real nutter.

"Mwahahahahhaahahah! Mine, mine all of mine!" Al muttered. I looked at him strangely and he calmed down.

" am I going to get her to go out with me? You know, without it completely ruining our friendship?" I said quietly.

He paused and said, "Grab her and snog her senseless!" I glared at him while he munched his 14th peanut butter cup. How does he eat those things so fast?

"No! By the way, your gonna get so sick of those things." I hissed.

"Seriously Al, your going to throw up," Dom interjected. "And Scorpius, we just need to figure out ways to get the two of you alone, together, talking. Which you do all the time but you know, actually talk about your feelings. Not literature, world problems or what happened on the Bad Girls Club like you guys always do.

In my defense, I watch the Bad Girls Club because Rose is obsessed with that show. I don't actually like.....who am I kidding? I love that show.

A look of bliss came over Al's face as he unwrapped his 15th, and he said, "I don't care if I get sick. It's so worth it!"

I snorted and said, "Seriously, Al, Dom, will you guys help me? How am I going to get her to admit to me that she likes me and so on and on."

As he munched, he suddenly cried out, "I got it!"

Actually, since his mouth was pretty much full of peanut butter, it sounded more like, "I goff if!"

I looked at him, and said, "Um, what exactly do you "goff if?" He swallowed and said, "The idea to get her to admit she likes you and for you to go out!" I

was immediately at attention. "WHAT WHAT WHAT?!" I yelled out.

"Dude, you seriously need to take a chill. Have a peanut butter cup!" Al said. Then, when he thought about it he said, "No! Don't take my peanut butter cups! NEVER!!!!!!" I glared at him and finally, he calmed down. Well.......kinda.

"Ok this is what you do! You flirt with her a lot more but also one or two other people. Then, after a while ask her to help you plan the "perfect date." Get her to give you "lessons." Stuff like that. Then, on the "perfect date" ask her to come a little early to make sure everything's ready. Oh, yeah, you can't tell her who it is you're taking out on a date. And then when she gets there you can tell her its her and go on your date and be all happy. Now can I eat the rest of my peanut butter cups?!!!!!!!!!!"

"Damn Al," said Dom. "That's actually a pretty good plan. Who know you actually had brains?"

Al stuck his tongue at her.

As I thought about it, I realized it was the perfect plan. Absent mildly, I said, "Yeah.....Thanks Al!"

He looked up at me and mumbled, "Nssh promblemsh. I always like helping my best friends." I grinned at him and the door to our compartment opened and in stepped Rose face bright red.

As she threw herself into the chair, I said, "Um......Rose what's the matter?"

She turned her gaze onto me and hissed, "He was cheating on me with that total slag."

I turned my gaze onto Al who suddenly looked serious. "Shawn was cheating on you with Mandy Goyle?" Mandy is the daughter of Pansy Parkinson and Gregory Goyle. Let me tell you, she IS a total slag but shes also a major creeper.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry," Dom said. "She's a whore. She'll probably give him a bunch of diseases."

"Yesssss." Rose hissed again. Turning my gaze on her, I could tell she was pissed but she was also really really hurt. She was trying to keep strong for me, Dom and Al but I could tell. Suddenly, the door opened again and in came Liza, Al's previously mentioned girlfriend.

She's also one of Rose and Dom's best friends. "Hey Al. Hey Scorp. Hey Dommy-girl" She said absently.

Then she turned her gaze onto Rose. "Awww, Rosie." She cooed. "C'mere. Hes an ass. And trust me, everyone knows it."

Rose suddenly smiled and said, "Oh yes. They certainly DO all know it now."

"Rose......what did you do?" I asked hesitantly. Shes not the smartest witch in our school for nothing.

"She turned him into a pig." Al broke in. Liza turned her surprised look onto her boyfriend. "Hey how'd you know that?"

He grinned and unwrapped his 34th peanut butter cup. "Recycled prank." Suddenly, Liza spied the peanut butter cup and jumped up.

"PEANUT BUTTER CUP!!!!!!" she cried out and leapt for it. They soon were fighting over the renaming peanut butter cups. Dom began hatching a plan to get Shawn back even further, muttering "Nobody hurts my friends, nobody," and Rose and I began a game of Exploding Snap.

Halfway through our first game, Roxanne, Devin Thomas and Parker Steed walked in through the compartment, therefore our mad group. As the Hogwarts train winded and winded, we all began catching up, while I began hatching my own plan to get the girl of my dreams, to be with me.

A/N OMG I am SOOOOO sorry for it being for-freaken-ever for an update. I've been really really busy lately with a lot of things going wrong in life. Forgive me?! Well, if u  leave a review or even just read it then I know you have! YAY. Anyways this chapter is nice and long. Stupid validation! Work faster! As always Love you guys so effin much-A

A/N Edited 2012. I'm redoing most of this story, since I wrote it in 7th grade and it was pretty awful then.

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