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Bliss by UnderRugSwept13
Chapter 20 : Chapter Twenty
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter...obviously. However, I do own any characters that you don’t recognize. And if you steal them, I will find out.

[If you plagiarize me, I will stick a crowbar through your head]

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all of the support you have given me throughout this series. You guys are the best! I would have never made it without you, seriously. 43,674 words, 120 pages and 20 chapters has been a lot to get through. You all have my undying appreciation. Not only for the feedback but just for giving my story a chance. Thank you so much.

Secondly, my next story will be a little Bill/OC short story, its halfway written and I’ll probably start posting that in August, I need a little bit of a break first, so give me time. I don’t know about my next novel series yet, but I’ll let you know about it (possibly a Rose/Scorpius or Helena Ravenclaw/Bloody Baron thing, we’ll see) . Banners appreciated (that means you, sammy lupin! Lol). I’ll get to writing that soon. Thanks for your patience.

Well, here’s the last installment of Bliss!


It had been four months since the incident with Bliss’ mother.
Four months since the reunion of my crazed family.
Four months since the last Easter holidays of my seventh and final year of school.
But most importantly, it had been four months since I finally admitted to my secret love for a certain girl named Bliss.

And those four months were the happiest of my life.
The most Blissful, you could say.
Nevertheless, I found something that my life had sorely been lacking: Bliss.
But now that I had her, I was never going to let her go.

I stood at the bottom of the spiral staircase leading to the Girl’s Dormitories, quite patiently, I might add. To be honest, I didn’t want to speed up time in the least. It was my final day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I had to admit, there was a certain melancholy nostalgia I felt everywhere I went. I was going to miss it.

Still, I waited for my girlfriend to descend the stairs so we could make our way to the Great Hall for our final end of year feast. Something told me in Bliss’ lack of punctuality, she felt the same way about leaving the old castle as I did.

Surprisingly enough, Bliss and I had not discussed our plans for when we graduated. I felt that she had either not wanted to talk about this stage in our lives ending, or she didn’t know what she was doing after school ended. I had already proposed that I was, in fact, taking a grand tour of the world. For both cultural purposes as well as just to have fun while I was young and not tied down by adulthood. When I spoke of this to Bliss, she seemed to think it was a good idea, but did not dwell on the subject.

“Are you quite finishing primping?” I asked my girlfriend in an exasperated tone as she finally graced the Gryffindor Common Room, and me, with her presence. Bliss rolled her eyes, shoving me slightly and then standing with her hands on her hips, mildly reminding me of my mother.
“Are you insinuating that I need to primp?” She asked, her eyebrows raised but her tone playful. I made a scoffing sound, feigning impatience.
“No, I’m insinuating that you shouldn’t have been primping in the first place because you are quite beautiful enough. In addition, I would have had to break even more guys’ jaws because the population of guys staring at you would have tripled because you took the time to primp.” I explained further, smirking. At this far-fetched excuse, Bliss stood on the tips of her toes and kissed my forehead, barely able to reach due to her vertically challenged-ness (in other words, she’s shorter than I am, but I’m not complaining). Then she laced her hand with mine, and said in a tone of a very skeptical wife,
“Of course you would have, darling.”

We met Albus and Arielle on the sixth floor, knowing that Albus had waited for Arielle outside the Ravenclaw Tower so we could all head down to the feast. Lily, on the other hand, had already trekked down to the Great Hall with some of her fourth year friends.

Surprisingly enough, we made our way down to the Great Hall in silence. Albus held Arielle’s hand while mine was still clasped with Bliss. However, that silence was soon broken.

“Who would have ever known that we would end up like this.” Albus said, totally out of the blue. Not only was it a random thing to say; I had no idea what he meant either.
“What?” I questioned, looking over at my brother.
“Well, just think of how we all were in the beginning of the year. It seems so long ago doesn’t it?” Arielle nodded at this, and Albus continued, “We grew up a lot.”

I knew that he was referring to me and Bliss. Moreover, my feelings toward Bliss. It was true, I had never fully realized just how much I had matured in less than a year. I felt so different that the person I was nine months ago.

“Well, its pretty obvious I did.” I said bluntly, causing all three of them to chuckle. Bliss squeezed my hand at this, “I learned a lot about myself.”
“And me.” Bliss offered, looking up at me through blonde lashes, causing her golden eyes to be curtained ever so slightly.
“And you.” I concurred, kissing the side of her head. This caused an “aww!” from Arielle and a loud wolf-whistle from Albus, which made students walking past us express puzzled looks. While Bliss allowed a pink blush to creep onto her pale cheeks, I sensed no embarrassment from my affectionate gesture or my friends’ reactions.

I grinned, as a familiar exhilaration flooded my body. I dropped hands with Bliss and threw my arm around her as we continued to stroll, and squeezed her shoulder, planting a stolen kiss on her neck which caused her to giggle.

The four of us finally made it to the Great Hall. Albus and Arielle immediately entered the room and took a seat next to Lily and the rest of our Weasley relatives at the Gryffindor table (Arielle completely ignoring her Ravenclaw roots). However, Bliss and I paused before making our way to the crowded hall.

“This is it.” Bliss said, allowing a melancholy expression to rest on her features. She sighed, taking in the Great Hall in all its aged glory with hundreds of students chattering excitedly.
“This is it.” I repeated, this time in a definite tone rather than a miserably wistful one. I didn’t want to upset Bliss even more than she already was by letting her know that I was a little depressed about our imminent departure from the castle too.
“Let’s go.” I finally stated, lacing hands with her again and ushering her into the hall.

Finding our seats beside Albus and Arielle, Bliss and I attended our last meal at Hogwarts.

The Great Hall was no different than it had ever been, save for the decorative scarlet and gold banners hanging from the ceiling, indicating that Gryffindor had attained the House Cup for another year in a row.
“With all the points you lost, I’m surprised we won.” Bliss whispered in my ear, though I could hear her clearly above the noise of the other students. I smiled, rolling my eyes.
“Yeah, I don’t know what they’ll do without me to intensify the competition.” I winked.
“I’m sure they’ll manage.” She replied, snickering.
“I hope not.”

A shrill ringing sounded throughout the hall suddenly, though no one seemed to have been bothered by it much. We all knew what this signal meant, and as I glanced toward the Head Table, I saw Headmistress McGonagall stand up. It was time for her end of year speech.

McGonagall surveyed the Great Hall, hundreds of students staring back at her. The room had quickly silenced upon her directed (via tapping a fork on a goblet), and now waited for her words of wisdom for the end of the year.

“Congratulations to all this year, for making it a fine year indeed. I hope that you all have learned enough this year to sustain you until next year-” I saw her eye a few seventh years, “-or to sustain you for the rest of your life. However, its hard to say whether some of you will actually put your knowledge to the test.” A thin smile tugged at the corners of her lips as a couple students laughed, agreeing that she was probably correct. “I know personally, a few students whom may have never put there knowledge they have learned at Hogwarts to any task.” If I was not mistaken, McGonagall had latched eyes with me for a moment. I nodded at her, grinning. “But in time, that shall change.

“I just wish to bless you all with the bright future in which you deserve. I thank you all for a wonderful year here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

It was odd that McGonagall’s speech was so short. Usually she went on for hours in a stern dialect, but this time, it was a kind memoir which made it all the harder to know that I was soon leaving the school for good.

As the feast appeared upon the tables, the pinprick of sadness which had resided in me for quite sometime, intensified. But as I felt a small pressure on my knee, Bliss’ reassuring touch, I knew that we had a bright future in which we did deserve.

And I was totally ready for it.


The Hogwarts Express soon came to a screeching halt. With steam billowing from its tall, scarlet stacks, the whistle of the train temporarily drowned out the air of excitement of summer vacation. Or for me, graduation.

“My parents are waiting for us.” I said to Bliss, though it was rather unnecessary. We both had seen my family standing on the platform when the train pulled into the station. However, there had been an awkward silence in the compartment the entire time, and I needed an excuse to speak. The whole journey had been spent with Arielle, Albus, Scorpius, Rose, Bliss and I sitting in quietness. It killed me.

“I know.” Was the meek response I had gotten from my girlfriend.

Sighing, I stood up as I heard hundreds of other kids doing so. I offered Bliss my arm as we began to make our way out of the train.

“This is it.” Bliss stated again as she exited the train after me. I didn’t respond this time; I only nodded.

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters was as crowded as usual. Happy parents swarmed about the station, waiting to see their children. I found it odd at how they seemed to have missed their kids that much in the four months that they had seen them last, counting the Easter holidays. Personally, I believed that the parents were only smiling to hide the fact that they would have to put up with their teens for another three months before shipping them back to Scotland. But it didn’t matter to me, the next time I saw this station, I would probably be one of those parents. And that is a creepy thought.

Amid the chaos known as families reuniting, the congregation seemed to part ever so much that I caught a glimpse of someone that I did not expect to see.

Bliss’ mother was standing as far away from the train as she possibly could. Her arms were crossed over her chest as a large olive-green handbag hung from her elbow. She did not have the familiar scowl painted on her face as she had when I first saw her. Nor was she grinning from ear to ear as some of the other parents were. She merely stood there, an impassive expression on her features.

At the sight of her my heart faltered the slightest. Was she going to demand that Bliss return home with her? Or was she going to go on another tirade about how worthless she thought Bliss was in front of the entire train station? Both scenarios were absolutely unbelievable. I wasn’t about to let them happen either.

Bliss tensed beside me as she noticed her mother’s presence. She seemed frozen to the spot, an evident ‘deer in headlights’ look on her beautiful face. I squeezed her hand, attempting to be reassuring. However, I had an inkling that she couldn’t feel it.

“Bliss.” My voice was a lot stronger than I felt at the moment. But she didn’t respond. “Bliss.” I repeated again. She fidgeted vaguely, signaling that she heard me, “You’re coming with me.” I turned to face her, lightly touching her shoulder so that her attention was on me now. “You’re coming home with me. And then we’re going to travel on my so-called grand adventure for a year. And after that, you’re going to live with me.” Bliss didn’t seem to be able to comprehend this. She merely stared at me, a blank look on her face.

“I love you. I want you to be with me.” I stated, making it clear as to what my intentions were. As I gazed at her, I knew she was who I wanted to be with...forever.

“I already am with you.” Bliss finally said quietly, her golden orbs latching with mine, “And I don’t plan on going anywhere without you.” She smiled as she stated this.

Then, I looked over to where her mother had been standing, to find that the woman was still there. Her expression had not changed in the least.

I stared at her, really stared at Bliss’ mother. Her dull brown eyes met mine and she did something I didn’t really expect.
She nodded.

At first, I had no idea what this meant. But as I continued to lock eyes with her, I came to realize that she had now trusted me with her daughter’s heart. I smiled and returned the gesture, tightening my grip on Bliss’ hand, leading her back to my family.

“Come on love, let’s go home.” She beamed, allowing her happiness to let her face glow.

“You know what?” I prompted as we strolled together.
“You’ll always be perfect. And you’ll always be what I want."


It’s a noun, right?
Supreme happiness.
At least that’s what the dictionary says, go ahead, look it up. I bet you it’s in there.

Bliss is a pretty word.
(Yes, I just said “pretty”).
But, I can’t use the word bliss.
You know why?
You’ll laugh when you hear this one...

I know Bliss.
The person.
And really, she completely ruined the word “bliss” for me.
Because she’s a freak.
And we’re absolutely in love.

The end.

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Bliss: Chapter Twenty


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