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Cloud Nine by baktrax
Chapter 1 : What Makes A Weasley
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Cloud Nine
Chapter One: What Makes a Weasley

: One ruined wedding, one bizarre sighting, and one (almost) proposal.

It had been raining for a week now, and though Rose had never been very partial to rain, she was a dutiful daughter and she had trudged through the very nastiest of elements to attend the merriest of occasions: a wedding. Her mother had told her that Aunt Luna would never postpone the wedding for something as trivial as rain, and she was sure that her cousin James and her brother Hugo were ecstatic at the prospect of receiving permission to get wet and filthy in their new dress robes. Albus was rather somber at the idea of it all, but he never would have complained. Lily probably would have smacked him upside the head for even thinking of whining during a wedding. And she doubted Teddy had even noticed, as he and Victoire did some sort of archaic mating ritual of fleeting glances and entangled hands.

So once again, it was up to Rose Weasley to be the adult in the situation, and it seemed to be up to her to make sure that James didn’t race Hugo through the mud that the pouring rain had collected or challenge him to a broomstick race through the forest.

Rose brushed a lock of wet hair out of her eyes, as Hugo fidgeted uncomfortably and James attempted to shoot a bit of mud at Teddy and Victoire. She followed Albus’s lead and pretended to ignore them with every fiber in her being, because they weren’t doing anything terribly wrong and nothing good could come of her hexing someone in the middle of the ceremony. Lily would probably do it for her at any rate, and Rose would undoubtedly be stuck between her parents’ debate of what constituted unruly conduct and what was just good clean fun.

“You wouldn’t happen to have something to eat would you?”

Rose glared disdainfully at James for a moment because he had gotten her into trouble for speaking out of turn countless of times before. “Shut it, James,” Rose whispered back.

“Ask Hugo,” James said, nudging Rose in the ribs but she resorted to ignoring his gesture, which, in retrospect, was probably her fatal error.

“Oy, Hugo,” James whispered fiercely when Rose didn’t respond. She motioned to quiet him, but the damage was already done. James, in his infinite wisdom, had chosen to whisper loudly in a moment of silence in the ceremony so that only the rain and the sound of James’s voice could be heard in the crowd. And of course, the rain had been deafened for the purposes of the ceremony. Somewhere, the gods must be laughing themselves stupid at all of this.

But what made Rose’s stomach turn over and her embarrassment deepen was Hugo’s inevitable response.

“What d’you want?” Hugo asked back, louder and with less tact than James had managed.

Lily turned to shush them, and Albus sunk lower in his chair to avoid everyone’s gaze as they turned to look at them.

“Will you two be quiet?” Rose asked, pulling James down angrily by his collar as he attempted to rise out of his seat.

“Well, this wouldn’t have happened if you had brought some food,” James said accusatorily, to which Rose could only emit some sort of grunt out of the depths of her throat.

“Rose never has food,” Hugo explained, as if he was embarrassed that his older sister would lack the foresight to bring snacks whenever they went on outings.

“They’ll have food later,” Rose muttered through clenched teeth.

“I might as well get food now,” James said, spinning a type of logic that only he would understand. “It’s not like anything else is happening.”

“Hey, I think Teddy has food,” Hugo said, pointing towards Teddy who was whispering something to Victoire a few rows back.

“OY! Teddy!” James cried, pointedly ignoring Rose’s furious attempts to quiet him as their parents began to come towards them. When Teddy made no move to acknowledge that he had heard his name, James pulled out his wand and cried, “Accio!”

But, of course, Teddy either didn’t have food or James wasn’t as good with magic as he liked people to believe because all he managed to do was turn over Teddy’s chair, causing him to knock painfully into Victoire, who then knocked over the people beside her. James frowned at his failed spell, and Teddy rose hurriedly from the ground, as if he were aware for the first time that there were people around him. His hand dug around in his pocket for his wand, but as he charged towards James, he slipped in the mud, his wand flying through the air and shooting sparks at the crowd of seated guests. Something slipped out of the sleeve of his robe, hitting Uncle Harry squarely between the eyes. He blinked in surprise, stumbling backwards and into Rose’s father, sending both of them sprawling in the mud. Her mother turned to help them up, and Rose could have sworn that she saw Aunt Ginny chuckling behind her hand.

And suddenly, all hell seemed to break loose. People hurriedly stood to help the Boy Who Lived to his feet, including Hagrid who knocked over an entire row of guests and proceeded to apologize loudly and profusely to anyone who would listen. Her grandmother attempted hurriedly to restore order as her grandfather headed towards the back to help Hagrid repair the chairs he had broken in an attempt to right them. Lily was shouting something over the din of the rain, as the muting charm lifted with no one there to keep it in place, and Albus’s ears turned an even deeper shade of red as he attempted to pretend that he didn’t know any of them. Rose lurched forward, when Hugo saw his opportunity to enjoy the pouring rain while it lasted, and grabbed him by the collar of his robes, pulling him back towards them.

“See,” James said matter-of-factly, waving his wand around to indicate the general chaos that the wedding had turned into. “Look what happens when you don’t bring food.”

But before Rose could come up with some sort of witty retort, a voice shouted out through the crowd, drawing their attention away from the various degrees of distress they were all in.

“Look!” Rose saw Aunt Luna, pointing towards something in the forest. The crowd collectively turned towards the forest behind them to see what she was pointing at, and Rose could just barely make out the shadow of some creature flying away from them through the trees. “A Blibbering Humdinger.”

Damn,” Uncle Charlie said with more emphasis than Rose had ever heard anyone place in the word. Growing up, she had always heard ridiculous debates between Uncle Charlie and Aunt Luna about the existence of certain creatures that Rose had never cared much for. Her mother had always gotten rather wrapped up in it all before she gave an exasperated sigh and allowed Aunt Luna’s fiancé, Rolf, to change the subject.

Somewhere to her left, James was nudging Hugo and saying rather smugly, “Pay up.”

“I’m sure it’s just an Augurey or something,” Rose heard her mother say from somewhere to her right.

“Yeah.” Rose turned in time to see Uncle Harry nodding vaguely, his eyes never leaving the forest. “I’m sure.”


Rose doubted she’d ever feel completely dry again. Most of the guests had gathered in the magnificent tent Uncle Bill and Uncle Charlie had set up for the reception, casting their drying and cleaning charms as they went. Most of the younger ones, who didn’t exactly feel the need to fake interest in what was going on anymore, gathered in the smaller tent that Teddy had set up for them with the promise to the adults that he and Victoire would look after them. Rose and Victoire had been set with the task of drying off those who weren’t of age yet because James was busy getting enough food for them all without looking like a pig and Teddy’s wand wasn’t working quite right since it fell in the mud. He didn’t seem particularly worried about it—he told them all he would take it over to the wand shop the next day—but nevertheless, he was still fussing over it, making sure that the last bits of mud were carefully removed.

“Looks like you’re finally a Weasley, Lupin,” James said, clapping Teddy on the shoulder as he set down a large tray of food on a table.

“How do you figure?” Teddy asked, looking up from his wand.

“You finally ruined your first wedding,” Hugo answered, more excitedly than Rose approved of.

“They didn’t seem very upset about it,” Victoire said as she placed a firm hand on Albus’s shoulder to stop him from moving while she dried his robes.

“Well, that’s not the point, is it?” James said, eating a piece of cake. “You may be dating a Weasley, but you’re not one of us until you ruin a wedding.”

“Oh, is that right?” Teddy said sarcastically, turning his attention back to his wand. “And having dinner at your house every week doesn’t count for anything?”

“That makes you a Potter,” James explained. “But to be a Weasley, you have to destroy a wedding.”

“Like this one time,” Hugo began excitedly. “Fred let loose one of Uncle George’s boxes of wildfire whiz-bangs, and Mum was so furious at him.”

“Where was I during all of that?” Teddy questioned curiously, but James had a ready answer for that.

“Probably snogging Victoire.”

“Shut it, Potter,” Victoire said, as Teddy turned his head away from them, blushing furiously.

“Thought I’d find you lot in here.” Rose turned towards the door, her hands still tangled in her hair as she attempted to straighten it out. Uncle Harry was pushing aside the flap at the entrance of the tent, something clutched in his hand. He tossed it towards Teddy, who caught it with the ease of a practiced seeker, and stared at it blankly in the palm of his hand.

“I figured you’d want it back. Andromeda would murder you if you lost it.” Uncle Harry made his way back out of the tent, saying, “I took the liberty of cleaning it for you. I do hope you don’t mind.”

When the flap swung shut and the sound of the relentless rain blocked out Uncle Harry’s retreating footsteps, James looked over Teddy’s shoulder at the object in his palm. “A wedding ring? Looks like you’ll finally be a real Weasley after all.” James clapped Teddy on the shoulder with a grin.

“You really know how to ruin a moment, don’t you?” Rose muttered, as James grinned stupidly. Teddy looked up anxiously at Victoire, who seemed to regain her composure remarkably quicker than Teddy.

“Well, we obviously can’t invite anyone from my side of the family,” Victoire said, as she managed to get most of the mud off of the bottoms of Albus’s robes. “We Weasleys have a reputation for ruining weddings, don’t you know.”

Rose doubted that she had ever seen anyone look that ridiculously ecstatic and dumbfounded at the same time ever before.

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Cloud Nine: What Makes A Weasley


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