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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble by harryfanZOG
Chapter 5 : Lets Party Baby
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all of the credit goes to the amazing J.K.R.!!!!!!



Draco was leaning against the wooden door smirking, "Perfect! Head Boy and Granger to and to the mix! Oh this is going to  be one hell of a year."

Draco was pulled out of his thoughts by banging on his door and he could already figure out who it was, "Yes Granger?"


"Why the HELL DID YOU GET HEAD BOY?" screeched Hermione waving the letter in Draco's face.

"Well you may not know this Granger but I am pretty smart and any way Albus wants me to help you with your biting problems." answered Draco with a smirk on his face.

"I can take care of myself! And when have you ever got an O on your Owls?" asked Hermione as anger started to boil in her head.

"All but in Muggle Studies actually!  Now Granger if you are done whining I think I am going to shut the door." yelled Draco not wanting to be near Hermione at the moment.

"Fine!" yelled Hermione as she stormed out and into her own apartment. It was almost eight and Hermione's books weren't entertaining her as they usually did.

"I give up!" yelled Hermione tossing the book onto the floor, "I could go out onto the town and have some fun I haven't felt that in a while but what the bloody hell would I wear?"

Hermione went through her clothes and found nothing that seemed to scream at her "I'm the one!"

Giving up Hermione searched in her suitcase for all of her sickles and money and ran out the door to Eragon Alley. Walking into a store that was still open Hermione scanned the clothes and came up with a simple red silk dress that ended just below her butt and had two clear  traps so that the dress wouldn't fall down under any circumstances. Hermione picked out black heels, blue eye potion, jewelry, and paid for all of her items as excitement started to take place of boredom.

"May I please change in your dressing rooms?"asked Hermione to the content looking shop keeper.

"Sure go right ahead." answered the lady with a small smile as Hermione stepped into the pasty colored room.

Changing quickly Hermione looked in the mirror and smirked to herself. Her black hair was as silky as ever and her now startling blue eyes and body really pulled it all together. Hermione walked out the door and to the Embrasser Mi Masculin ( Kiss me club) across the street.


"Draco please just don't sit on the couch again go and do something please." demanded Nacrissa coming out of the kitchen and walking in front of Draco," The  Embrasser Mi Masculin I hear is a pretty good party place for witches and wizards, Why don't you go over there and have some fun?"

Draco wasn't in the mood but nodded anyway and walked into his room to throw on a shirt and jeans. Walking out into the cool night air he soon saw the bright lights that were enchanted to make shapes and state the name of the club and burst into harmful flames.

" Five Galleons please." barked a gruff man who was guarding the front entrance from a nerdy looking wizard who was wearing what thought were armpit pants.

"But sir you just made that girl pay only one galleon! That I believe is illegal!" whined the little dude yanking up his pants oddly.

"Well it should be illegal for you people to wear pants like that now pay it or beat it!" yelled the man sneering at the sniffling teen.

"Hmf......" snorted the nerd and strutted away from the club as a beautiful girl with black hair walked up next.

"Well I believe you can go in free little lady." said the man showing a toothy smile unclicking the chain and letting her in.

"Thanks man." laughed the girl which Draco soon realized as Hermione and smirked.

From where he was standing she looked sexy and Draco could tell she knew it to.

"Three galleons sir." Grunted the man and Draco pulled out four and said, " You need this more than I do man after having to put up with this job."

The man stuffed the extra galleon in his pocket and let Draco pass into the crazy club. More enchanted lights made the rooms explode with green and other neon colored lights that swirled around people and things. Bedrooms were off to the right and the dance floor was in the middle with a stage for live bands or drunk people to make a fool of themselves.

"Hey......." Whispered a hot girl next to Draco, "Wanna dance?"

"Sure." mumbled Draco who still wasn't pleased with getting kicked out of the apartment and those into a drunken mess of lap dancing people, especially with Granger in the same room.

Snaking his hands on the girls small hips Draco started grinding with who's her name and peering at Hermione with the corner of his eye. From where he was he could tell Hermione was chatting with another guy with black hair and green eyes almost like Harry but hotter. A sudden feeling hit Draco which even now he wouldn't admit it was jealously.

"Wanna dance?" asked the wizard across from Hermione and she nodded happily.

Hermione hadn't had this much fun for a while and to have boys look at her was a new feeling that Hermione wanted to stay forever. Locking her arms around his neck Hermione and Luc (That is how french spell Luke) danced to every song the ever playing music speakers played. At midnight Hermione was slightly drunk but not enough to not be able to dance. Not to mention that Hermione was having the time of her life. (Just thought you would like to know.) That is when all Hell had to break out of the gates of the under world of Drunken Dance Clubs. It all started when Luc opened his mouth to start.

"Oi! Some girl you got!' slurred Luc at Draco from the bar who was too drunk to know who he was screwing with.

"Excuseme?" Draco slurred in a yelling voice (He was drunk to)

"You heard me! I mean look at her! She got no ass or chest! Now my girl gots it alls!' yelled Luc as he swallowed another shot.

"SHUT THE HELL UP YOU SON A BITCH!" Draco yelled, his voice seemed to make all the horny dancers pause in mid- well drunk dancing.

Luc crazily threw himself at Draco and the punching fight began. Both men toppled out of the chairs and soon everyone was standing in a circle yelling, "masculin masculin!"

(Fight Fight! I think)

Hermione heard the commotion and rushed over to where Luc was sitting.

"Luc!" yelled Hermione looking at the two now bloody men in either disgust or sacredness.

"Draco!" yelled a french tramp elbowing her way into the circle and suddenly without a reason she whipped around to Hermione and shouted, "C'est votre défaut bʌt hoʊl!"

(This is your fault butt hole!Also you need to know this Hermione put a spell on her so she could say and understand French.)

 "I will not be talked to like that you lap dancing slut!" yelled Hermione who no matter how drunk still didn't like to get insulted.

But sadly, being drunk still takes its toll and well....Hermione threw the first punch. (For the girls that is!) The tramp followed suit and soon lets just say......the tramp looked like a hobo when Hermione got done with her. Her once sexy tube top and mini skirt where in pieces which showed red skin (from scratches and punches) and her hair was frizzy and even missing in some parts and to top it off, she was blubbering in french like a little baby as Malfoy laughed at her.

"Holy shit I didn't know Granger could kick ass." thought Draco then he turned around quickly and left the club leaving the tramp and Luc to stare at him as he left.

Hermione on the other hand wasn't so lucky, the tramp got the body guard from the entrance and Hermione was kicked out, "Sorry Miss, but we don't allow fighting in this club but......good job you kicked her ass."

The guard tried to hide a sly smile and turned around and walked back to the long line of people leaving Hermione to walk to the Inn drunk but happy.

"I do kick ass." thought Hermione gleefully as she laid herself on her feather bed, "I wonder what Draco is doing right now...................."

that was chapter five! I don't think this was my best chapter so I want to redo it and get something better! so if you guys have ideas please share!!!!


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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble: Lets Party Baby


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