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The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill. by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 18 : Breakables, Revenge, Plans And Me
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. Izzie and Nellie are mine though.

Authors Note: Hiya. It’s been long, but next chapter is up in a few days. I just have to finish one scene. Sorry it took so long. I’ve had to go on holiday and thus can’t write but now I’m out of college for six weeks, so more time to write. Sorry it’s overdue.

This chapter is different. It’s a lot of drama but hey drama is a lot of fun. Simple is just boring. Haha. I hope you like it. People sometimes make bad decisions, Nellie is one of those.

I’d like to thank you all, for reviews and reads. You’re all amazing. Thanks ever so much.


Comments and opinions are welcome.

If you see any typos, please point them out.

Amazing Chapter image by _Rose_@TDA

“I think I’ve gone blind!” - Nellie O'Neill

Chapter Eighteen-
Breakables, Revenge, Plans And Me

It was a normal evening, after I had showered and changed into my pyjamas; I was trimming my toe nails and painting them orange and purple. Izzie was scribbling about something on a piece of parchment and Lily was plaiting her hair. We were the only ones up as it was quite late. Then, Fire Whiskey appeared and began tapping on the window.

“Izzie will you get that?” I asked, “Otherwise I’ll mess up my toe nail polish.”

“That would be a good thing. Those colours are ugly.” Izzie retorted sarcastically but got up anyway and took the note that Fire Whiskey was holding. “I’ll feed you something good soon.” She patted him on the head. She chucked the note violently at me, it bounced off my head.

“Ouch,” I muttered as I opened it.

Hi Nellie.

Um, it’s me. I know it’s late but I need to talk to you. Meet me in the common room in five minutes?


P.S your owl scares me.

“It’s from Sirius.” I announced, “He says he wants to talk to me. He wants me to meet him in the common room.”

“I wonder what’s it about?” Lily pondered.

“Don’t know.” I replied, “Should I get changed?”

“Nah. Why bother?” Izzie replied, “Since you’re wearing shorts, just slip your nightgown over, so you don’t get cold.”

“I’m not wearing slippers though. I’m going barefoot! I refuse to wreck my nail polish.” I said as I slipped on my nightgown.

“It’ll be chipped in five minutes. You always chip your nail polish.”

I decided not to reply, because Izzie was telling the truth. Nothing had changed there. “Okay. I’ll see you in a bit.” I said before I went down in the common room.

Sirius was sitting on the sofa, staring at the fire in the empty common room.

“Hullo.” Sirius looked at me. He smiled.

“Hi Nellie.”

“Why does Fire Whiskey scare you?”

“Well, I wanted to borrow Fire Whiskey, because he could get the letter to you fast, because, hey, he is your pet, but he doesn’t like to be woken up from his slumber does he?”

“Haha. I know.” I laughed, “He’s very lazy. That’s why he isn’t a hit with the lady owls. He can’t be bothered.”

“Not being bothered is probably the easy option. He’s a smart owl.”

I laughed, “So what did you to speak to me about?”

Sirius glanced around, “Let’s not do this here, far too many opportunities for people to overhear.”

“But we’re not supposed to be out…it’s late…”

“Like time has ever stopped me.” Sirius grinned, “Come on.” He grabbed my arm and I felt the goose bumps appear on my skin. I tugged my nightgown closer to my body.

We came across a classroom. “This is empty. It’ll work.” Sirius mused.

“Well, not many classes happen in the middle of the night.” I reasoned. “Of course most classrooms are going to be empty.”

“The trick is to get a classroom far away from the teachers as possible.”

I laughed, “I’m sure it is.” I pondered a thought for a moment, “Mr Black, I think you’re a bad influence on me. I didn’t usually break curfew before I met you. I was a good girl.”

Sirius grinned, “You like it. Why else would you come willingly? I mean, I didn’t even have to kidnap you yet! Admit it, you like my influence.”

“Just a little bit.” I winked.

I think we just flirted.

That was bad.

Oh so very bad.

What is flirting anyway?

Maybe we didn’t flirt.

Hmm, I’m going to have to look it up in The Rules Of Dating. It’s a lot like the other one I had before but it just looks cooler. Izzie doesn’t know about it. She would try to destroy it again. I’d read the first couple of pages and so far, it had told me to wear a lot of pink because that makes you look like a girl or something like that.

The room was engulfed into an odd silence before Sirius broke it, “Remember when we first met?” Sirius asked, “Our first proper meeting?” I nodded, I remembered it clearly. It was a memory I hung on to because it meant a great deal to me. “It’s funny. I knew your name and I knew you existed, but we had never really had a full conversation. It’s a shame really.” Sirius rambled. I found his ramblings interesting.

“I know.” I agreed, “You glaring at me! Remember that?” Sirius laughed, “The first proper word I said to you was ‘What’. Outside Quidditch anyway. Even then, you’d just whiz past me. Not paying attention to the amazing Seeker on your team.” I joked.

“Who could have thought that a quill could start so much?”

“It did bounce off your head nicely.” I remarked, “Though, I have to agree. We’ve come so far in our unlikely friendship.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “Why is it unlikely?” he asked.

“Because you’re you and I am me.”

“To be honest Nellie. You’re err….” Sirius mumbled something underneath his breath that I couldn’t make out, “So stop looking down on yourself.”

I wanted to ask him to repeat himself. The words were at the tip of my tongue, but when I opened my mouth, a different set of words tumbled out.

“It’s a bit of a habit.” I mumbled. Sirius looked at me for a couple of moments while shaking his head. “Anyway.” I said, trying to put the topic of conversation away from my self esteem to the reason why Sirius had dragged me out of bed. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Nothing really…” Sirius shrugged, “it’s just…” He sighed, “You know what Nellie? It’s hard to move on.”

“I know.” I sighed “But Sirius, do what you have to do to make yourself happy Sirius. That’s what I want Sirius, for you to be happy. Do whatever you think would help.” I rambled. I’d seen this type of situation in a movie once and I knew that this was the stuff I was supposed to be saying.

Sirius looked at me with a curiously. “You too Nellie.”

“Want to know what my heart desires Sirius?” I said, as a fiddled with the sleeve of my nightgown.

Sirius stepped closer to me, “Yeah?” His voice was calm but laced with interested.

“Ice cream.” I responded. Sirius pulled a face before it breaking out into a smile. “Fancy getting some?”


I laced my arm with his; his body was stiff for a moment before it relaxed. “I hope we don’t wake the Castle Elves.”

“Do Elves even sleep?”

“Don’t know. They must do right?”

“Who knows?”

“I bet Lily would.”

“We will ask her tomorrow.”

I hummed softly as we began walking.

“Miss O’Neill, Mr Black, what are you doing out of bed again?” Good Old McGonagall had found us breaking the rules once again. She was wearing her lovely tartan nightdress.

“Groovy nightdress Professor.” I responded.

McGonagall chose to ignore my compliment, “What are you doing up so late? You clearly know the rules. It is way past curfew.”

“You see Professor,” Sirius began. “It was-”

“A ghost?”

“Nah Bill A Bob Bon Bon is being quite nice to me actually. Okay, so my socks still don’t match but hey green and red go together!”

“What actually happened Professor is,” Sirius paused, “I was sitting in the common room, doing homework obviously when Nellie came down, sleepwalking and she sleepwalked out of the common room. I tried to wake her up, but she wouldn’t and I’m not going to let her walk around the school asleep. She could have walked into something, which she later did and thus, woke up. Now, we’re heading back to the common room now Professor.” Sirius grinned cheekily.

McGonagall suppressed a smile as I had to bite my lip to stop from laughing. “You teenage couples, always wanting to soak up each others time.”

I was going to protest that we weren’t a couple but then I found out I didn’t want to. I sort of liked her thinking that.

Sirius didn’t protest either.

“Though, ten house points will be deducted and you’ll both be serving detention with me on Sunday night.”

We nodded, before walking off. “At least it wasn’t a Saturday.” I sighed. “Hopefully she’ll leave us together. I hate detentions on my own, they‘re very boring.”

“Yeah.” Sirius mused.

“I liked your reason. Very nice.”

“Well, I figured it was my turn to come up with an excuse this time and my excuses are always going to be great. I am a Marauder after all.”

“Why do you have those nicknames? Where did they originate from?”

“…I don’t know... we just came up with them one day.” Sirius replied, looking straight forward and not at me.


I couldn’t help but feel that Sirius was holding back information from me but I decided not to push it.

“I guess we’re going to have to take a rain check on that ice cream.”

“You can’t eat ice cream in the rain!” I protested, “It wouldn’t taste that nice!”

“It’s a saying Nellie.”

“Oh. No wonder it puzzles me.”

Sirius laughed, as he said the password to the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“See you Nellie.”

“Sweet dreams Sirius. Don’t let any bugs eat you while you sleep.”

“I reckon the bugs are more likely to live in your bed.”

I grinned, “You’re probably right.” I gave a little wave before walking back into the dorms.

“What did he want to talk to you about?” Lily asked as I walked through the door. Izzie was fast asleep.

“Nothing really…it was actually quite strange. He talked about before and now.” I sighed.

“He probably didn’t say the things he wanted to.”

“Probably.” I said before chucking my nightgown off before tripping over a box that lay in my mess. I opened it, it was Sirius bracelet. I‘d never even put it on. I stared at it for a moment, transfixed before slipping the bracelet over my wrist. It fitted great. I smiled before chucking myself into bed. “Night Lily.”

“Night Nellie.”

I woke up the next morning, quite confused. I had a dream that me and Regulus were dating again, but I ended up dumping him for Sirius, because I preferred his knees over Regulus knees. Then, I dumped Sirius for a potato. Then, I ate the potato, the love of my life, with spaghetti.

It was odd to say the least.

“What’s a matter Nellie? You look a little dazed?” Izzie asked, as we walked to the Great Hall for breakfast after we both had gotten ready.

“I had a dream.” I paused, “I dated Regulus, dumped him because I liked Sirius knees. Then I dumped Sirius for a potato. Then I ate the potato.”

“What with?”


“Yummy.” Izzie nodded approvingly. “Don’t worry about it Nellie. It’s just a dream. Yesterday I had a dream about me becoming a world famous sumo wrestler. Do I want to become a sumo wrestler? No. See, sometimes they don’t amount to much.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

“As always.”

As I looked around, I noticed that James was eating breakfast with Lily, but none of the other Marauders were around.

Hmmm. Maybe I should give them the lecture that breakfast is important.

The again, all meals are important.

“Guess what I’ve just heard!” Lola stumbled through the doors of the Great Hall very out of breath. She was giddy with excitement. This news must be good if she’s got to announce it to the whole hall. Some people paid no attention to her which annoyed her greatly. “It’s about Sirius Black.” Now, Lola had gotten most of the people interested. Hell, she’d even got me interested.

“What about him?” Someone asked.

“This morning he asked,” She paused for dramatic effect, “Sarah Beech.” At the mention of that name, everything stopped. I gripped the chair in anxiety and tried to prepare myself for something I didn’t want to hear. “Out and she said yes. They’re now officially going out.”

My lungs decided to take a break and I felt I couldn’t breathe properly. I felt like someone had kicked me in the chest, pulled my hair, stamped on me and stolen my food.

I felt a sob rise but I swallowed it back down, before I got up and ran.

Izzie didn’t follow. She knew at the moment I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to wallow in self pity and Izzie doesn’t let me do that.

I ran until I was in the forbidden forest. I know I wasn’t supposed to go in there. I knew that it was out of bounds but I’ve been coming here for years, so why stop now? It was so peaceful and I loved it. I loved how everything was natural.

I collapsed in a heap unable to breath. Really, I shouldn’t be so unfit.

I think I’m having a heart attack!

As soon as I could breathe, I broke out into sobs. I think someone doesn’t want me breathing normally today. I couldn’t stop sobbing and soon I had broken out into a fully fledged cry. I cried until my nose was snotty, my face was so blotchy that I looked like a monster.

I don’t know why I feel so crushed. Sirius was never mine. He was a free agent, he had no chains. Each time I thought about Sirius, something else inside of me broke. Sirius was destructive, he was destructive because he didn’t realize. He lived for the moment and didn’t pay attention to the consequences.

Even though, I had no claim, I longed for him. Every inch of this stupid body did.

I needed him.

There I said it.

I need Sirius Black.

And I’ve gone and lost him.

Lost him to Sarah.

The worst possible person to lose to.

I don’t know how I got so attached to him. It just happened. I had no control.

Stupid Nellie.

The question was what to do next? Pretend that everything was alright? No. I’m not a brilliant actress and I could never pull off that I’m happy when all I’m feeling in despair. Could I even still be friends with him? The image of Sarah and him hit me like a ton of bricks. No. I couldn’t. I couldn’t bear to see them together.

It would just be too hard.

Then, I felt something I’d never really felt before. A thirst for revenge. I shouldn’t be the only one hurting, Sirius should be too.

I shook my head.

I don’t think I could hurt Sirius.

As much as I tried to deny it. The idea of revenge got louder and louder until it was almost screaming.

I was sick of being hurt.

I don’t think I could take being hurt anymore.

Sirius needed to feel some of this pain.

Revenge was something I’d never really dabbled in but now it had me under its spell.

Sirius had used the one person that would hurt me most.

Who would hurt him most?

Regulus? No. I couldn’t mess him around.

James? No. Lily would kill me.

Remus? No. Izzie would kill me.

Peter? Aha.


I’ve got the perfect person.

Lucas Miles.

The boy that Sirius warned me to stay away from. The boy that Sirius hates.

I dragged myself up, brushed some stray tears away. I headed back to the castle, if I were going to pull this off; I was going to need some help.

I spotted Izzie in the corner of the common room. “Izzie.” I asked, “I need your help please.”

“Sure.” Izzie smiled, looking up from her book she was reading, “What is it?”

“I need you to help me get pretty.” Izzie looked at me strangely, “Because I don’t want to get mad, I want to get even. And getting even means getting a date with Lucas Miles.”

Izzie pulled a disapproving face, “Nellie. I’m highly against this.” She stated, frowning, “I know you’re hurt but really, this isn’t the best option. Revenge isn’t sweet; you can’t deal with the consequences of your actions at the moment. You’ll regret this Nellie, I know you will…. I know you’re not really in the best state of mind…” She paused, “Plus, you’re not revenge type. Please change your mind, please.” Izzie pleaded with me, wanting me to change my mind, but her pleas were useless. I wasn’t going to listen and I think she knew that.

I was determined.

I was going to get back at Sirius.

“He’s dating Sarah!” I hissed, trying to convince my best friend that my plan was right, even though, I knew deep down, that I was making a big mistake. “Sarah!” I stomped my foot angrily, “Sarah…the annoying little…bug! She’s a tree without leaves! Bare and boring.”

Though, as soon as I said this, I realized that I thought bare trees were beautiful. I got even madder at myself.

I’m such an idiot.

“Oh, Nellie.” Izzie sighed; she knew she had lost this battle, “Because, I love you, I’ll support you when I know you’re wrong.” She looked at me for a moment before continuing, “Okay. I’ll help you, but if I was honest, I don’t think you have to do anything to yourself, you’re pretty already.”

“No. I’m not.” I snapped. I wasn’t feeling too great about myself if I were better; maybe Sirius would have given us a chance. What am I saying? I hate the bugger.

Okay, I wish I could hate him.

“Okay, Izzie, help me. There is no time to lose. I‘m thinking pink. A lot of pink.” I said, remembering the book's words.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this determined in my life.

About half an hour later, I was looking okay. Izzie had done something with my hair, so it was straight and glossy. She had put some make up on my face that apparently brought out the colour of my eyes. I was wearing a light pink dress, Izzie wanted to put me in trousers but I refused.

I didn’t exactly feel like myself but that’s okay, sacrifices needed to be made. Plus, I wasn’t exactly acting like myself so what’s the point of looking like I usually do? I stuffed The Rules Of Dating into my bag when Izzie wasn’t looking.

“I’m not wearing enough pink!” I whined.

“You don’t own much pink and neither do I so get over it.”

I scowled.

“If the wind changes, you’ll stick like that.” Izzie rolled her eyes. “Okay then Nellie.” Izzie said, with a hint of sadness laced in her voice, “Go get him, I guess.”

“Thanks.” I said, before walking down into the common room. Sirius was sitting with Sarah. The bug. He looked at me for a couple of moments, before turning back to Sarah. I glared angrily at the back of his lovely shaped head.


I hid behind a statue and began reading The Rules Of Dating. When I felt I had gotten enough information, I stuffed in back into my bag. I wasn’t sure if any of this information was true or would work, but hey, I was desperate.

Okay. So, now all I need is to find Lucas. About ten minutes later or so, I found him sitting in the library reading a book. I’m glad he wasn’t in his common room or something like that. That would have made this mission a lot harder.

“Hi Lucas.” I said, happily, as I pushed the image of Sirius and Sarah to a dark corner in the back of my mind. I walked over to him, swinging my hips a bit more, because apparently it’s meant to be seductive but all its doing is making me not being able to walk into a straight line.

“Nellie!” He said brightly, too brightly, “How you been? I haven’t talked to you since the party!”

I began twirling my hair around my fingers.

Oh crap.

It‘s stuck.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Keep calm Nellie.

“I’ve been good.” I lied before smiling as I took a seat next to him. “You?”

So far, so good.

“Great actually.” He looked around the library for a moment and I quickly used this as an opportunity to yank my fingers out of my hair.

Holy buggering brick faced fish fingers.

That hurt.

I tried to smile the pain away.

Can’t look weird can I?

I’m meant to be seductive.

“You had a nice day?”

I laughed. The book told me to find everything he says funny. Apparently boys like to feel their funny.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

I laughed again.

He gave me a strange look.

Should I laugh again?


What else did the book say?


Boys like compliments.

“You’re so funny.” I said, tapping his arm a little harder than intended. In fact it could have been called a punch. I think I just messed up ‘the arm trick’.

“Ow.” He muttered, rubbing his arm.

“Sorry!” I yelled. The librarian gave me a dirty look. “Sorry!” I yelled to her. “I’ll be quiet after this.”

I turned back to Lucas. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to punch you.”

Lucas laughed, “Its okay.”

Quick brain! I need another seduction technique.

Ah! Touch your lip seductively.

I touched my lip now and again for a while.

Until I missed and poked my self in the eye.

“Blubbering wall paper paste!” I cried as I clutched my eye, “I think I’ve gone blind!”

“Nellie? Are you okay?”

Me + Blindness = not okay.

Oh good bye my sight, we’ve had some great journeys together. I’ll never forget you. I’ll-

-Wait I can see!

It’s a miracle.

Thank you Tina for coming back to me.

Tina is my left eye. Georgie is my right.

In case you were wondering.


“Sorry. I was just tending to Tina.”

“And she is?”

“My left eye.”

“Right.” Lucas gave me a strange look.

“No. Left. Not right.”

Lucas laughed, so I let out a giggle. What? Apparently girls giggle. Lucas looked at me for a few moments, “You know,” He paused, “When, we danced, it was nice, I meant it when I said I wanted to see more of you…this might sound a bit odd and you can say no…but do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?”

Oh yes, I Nellie, is the master of seduction. It’s funny; usually my plans never go this well.

“Yes.” I grinned, “Of course I would like to go with you.”

“Sirius won’t mind will he?” Lucas asked, it didn’t matter that he was smiling; I could still pick up the hatred in his tone. “I don’t want to come between you or anything like that…” He sounded so genuine that I believed he cared.

What a sweetie.

I wonder why he and Sirius hate each other.

Silly boys.

“Sirius isn’t the boss of me. Why should he care? He’s got Sarah now.”

“Oh.” Lucas leaned closer to me, “Well, okay then.”

I leaned closer to him. I could feel his breath on my lips. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted to prove that I could get someone to like me. To give me a chance. Okay. Everything was moving too quickly, but Sirius was already one step ahead of me and I wanted to catch up. I wasn’t ready for this but I didn’t care. I just wanted to hurt Sirius. I wanted to show what he could have had, but didn’t ever take the chance.

I just wanted this pain and longing to go away.

Then, I felt his lips upon mine in a soft, delicate kiss, before he pulled away. I looked at him before pulling him into a more passionate kiss.

The only reason I wanted that kiss was to get back at Sirius. Somehow, in the way my twisted mind worked at the moment, it made perfect sense, but for some reason, I didn’t feel any better.

I knew it was wrong. I knew it was going to end badly, but at the moment, I had lost hope. Sirius always provided me with some hope, a star that made me smile and bathed my world in light and now, I lived in darkness. I didn’t care; Sirius had already stamped on my heart the moment he chose Sarah. I suppose, deep down, in the murky depths of my mind, I always hoped we’d get together, but now he’s dating Sarah, I’d never try and steal someone else’s boyfriend. That was passing the line and at the moment, I was only hovering at the edge.

When we pulled away, I felt emptier than ever but I couldn’t shake the feeling that four pairs of eyes were burning into the back of my head. I turned to see the cold, hardened stare of the Marauders. I looked at Sirius, he seemed so distanced, like he wasn’t even really there, I couldn’t understand his expression. Peter, Remus and James’ face’s all painted portraits of being shocked.

“Come on Sirius.” James said gently as he placed his hand on Sirius shoulder. Sirius remained still as a statue.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Remus said, before grabbing Sirius and walking out. I guess Remus was trying to avoid a scene. James shot me a look, a disappointed look, before following the rest of the Marauders with Peter following him.

For some reason, revenge didn’t feel so good. In fact, I felt distraught and had to use all of my will power to stop me from running after him.

Revenge isn’t sweet. It’s sour. Bitter. I remember my dad telling me something the once, “Those who plot the destruction of others often fall themselves.” He told me never to give in. Revenge seemed like a thing to do, like eating food that’s gone off, it may taste okay, but untimely, it poisons you and isn’t good for the system.

What the hell was I doing? This wasn’t like me…I just felt so hurt and wanted Sirius to hurt just as much as I did. I think I might have been successful. This success was one of the worst feelings in the world. Izzie was right, I did regret it.

“Are you okay Nellie?” Lucas asked.

“Yeah.” I found myself saying, “I’m fine.”

“We still on for tomorrow?” Lucas said, taking his hand and wrapping it around mine.

“Yeah.” I said, before squeezing his hand lightly.

I’d gotten myself into this mess. I didn’t know how I was going to get myself out of it. Plus. I once again, had some type of morals and I felt bad for Lucas. Who knows, maybe this was the way it was meant to be? Seeing Sirius's reaction though, brought me out stance that I was in. I could suddenly fully see the extent of my mistake.

“I better go back.” I said, “Izzie will be wondering where I am.” I gave him a weak smile. “Meet you outside the Three Broomsticks at one?”


I got up and left without saying another word. I was walking in a corridor, when I heard the Marauders voices get louder and louder, like they were coming closer, I quickly ducked behind a statue. Just then, they came around the corner, before grinding to a halt.

“I can’t believe it.” Sirius hissed, “Him! Out of all of the guys she could have gone for, she goes for Lucas. Lucas Miles. I would have even preferred my brother! He doesn’t deserve her. He’ll break her. He is using her to get back at me!”

A loud silence hung in the air for a while, before I heard a set of footsteps and Izzie’s hissing voice. “You’ve broken her!” She snapped, hands on hips, looking very angry, “I mean, you've killed Nellie's spirit!” A flicked of guilt graced Sirius face, “Of course he doesn’t deserve her, nobody in this school does! Nobody sees the beautiful heart she has. Okay. She may have messed up with this Lucas thing, but she only did that because all of the girls you could have chosen to help you to move on, you chose Sarah.”

“Nellie hates Sarah?” Peter asked

“Nellie doesn’t hate Sarah. Nellie doesn’t hate much, but she sure doesn’t wish her well. Sarah made our lives hell, Okay? Want to know why Nellie’s insecure? Sarah, that’s flipping why! All the insults…It got to her, but whatever Sirius, keep dating her. I hope she makes you happy. Nellie wants that.” Izzie sighed.

“It’s just…” Remus struggled to find the right words, “I guess, I expected better of her.” Izzie sent him a thunderous look and Remus looked away, his cheeks burning red.

I agree with him though, I expected better of me too.

“She’s allowed to make mistakes Remus. Not all of us can expect to utter pleasantries until it starts to hurt.” Izzie's tone could have cut through ice. “She’s not perfect but that’s what I love about her. She’s real. What you see if what you get. Whatever, I don’t know what Lucas did to you Sirius and frankly I don’t care but give her a chance to be happy. I don’t even know anything anymore. I don’t think it’ll work out with Lucas…but she needs something to take her mind of you. She needs help too.”

“Izzie.” I stepped out from behind the statue; I don’t think I could hear anymore before I went crazy, “Take me back please.” Izzie wrapped her arms around me.



I found myself looking into the eyes of Sirius but before he could even open his mouth, I spoke. “We each have our ways of how we need to be helped.” I replied before walking off. I didn’t even dare to turn around.

I didn’t sleep at all that night. I couldn’t. My mind wouldn’t stop working; it wouldn’t stop processing the messy state of my life. The bridges I had torched. I had burned them down to a pile of fine ash. I didn’t even feel the need to eat.

And tomorrow, I have got a date with Lucas.

Bye bye, good old calm life, hello chaos.

...To Be Continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.

In my head, I had decided that I would go out with Lucas for one date, and then break up with him, but it’s funny how one single moment changed everything.

I saw Sirius holding hands with Sarah.

This means war.

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