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Truth 'n' Dare by dramione 4 ever
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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A/N : Hello all you wonderful people. We’ll leave the lecture to the end shall we? On to the chapter……

Draco and Hermione stood transfixed as the immobile bodies stared at them. Both were too stunned at their sudden transport to God-alone-knows which place.

“Oh no” Hermione whispered close to Draco’s ears “my wand slipped from my hands when we were jerked.”

Draco turned around to face her and was met with wide fearful brown eyes. He stepped closer and whispered back, “Stay close to me.”

They observed their surroundings acutely. Looking around they noticed that they were in some kind of a room, a small one. It looked like a place where a mass massacre had occurred. Half a dozen dead corpses lay strewn on the floor, all of them killed brutally. Some burned, some slashed viciously and some wounded badly, with injuries all over their bodies. All six of them had their dead eyes wide open and looked very scary indeed.

Draco was feeling nauseated. Staying in a close room with six stinking, dirty corpses, with a stomach still containing some remnants of treacle tart was certainly not inviting. He glanced towards Hermione and was puzzled to see a lone tear trickle down her cheeks.

She was looking at the dead people with sad eyes.

“How could someone do this?”

Draco sighed as he looked back at the other occupants of the room. He stretched his hand, took her hand in his and squeezed it reassuringly while wiping away her tear with the other hand.

As she felt her tear being wiped away, Hermione was taken aback by the tender gestures. She sure had not expected it from Draco Malfoy.

“We need to find out where we are and get out of here.” Draco stated, as though Hermione hadn’t known it already. “How on earth did we get here?”

Hermione sniffed again, softly and said, “We can analyze things later. Try apparating us out. If we could come in by magic, I think we can magic ourselves out as well. You’re the one with the wand…”

Draco interrupted her with a nod and prepared himself for apparition. “You have done side-along apparition before?”

“No, but I’ve heard about it from Harry. I just have to hold your arm tightly and you have to concentrate on apparating both of us out of here.”

Draco nodded again and Hermione seized his arm and waited for the jerk to come.
It didn’t.

She looked up at Draco’s face and saw his face contort at the effort of concentrating. After a few seconds of deathly silence, Draco opened his eyes and turned a frustrated face towards Hermione. “No use. We can’t apparate. I tried a lot.”

Hermione stared at him in dismay before turning away and scrutinizing the room again, carefully not looking at the corpses. Towards the end of the wall to their right, was a small door, large enough for a single person to go through.

Even though she was sure the door would not budge, she pulled Draco with her, walking as far away as possible from the ugly bodies.

When they reached it Hermione found the knob and reached for it, more out of impulse than anything else. Behind her Draco was shaking his head “come on, you know it won’t op….”

Click….and the door opened to reveal more darkness beyond. Hermione turned around and smiled at Draco’s incredulous face.

“We can’t apparate out, but the door opens just like that?” He said slowly “I don’t think we should go out, Hermione.”

“Why, this door was left open for us to go out of it.”

“Yeah, that’s what we don’t want to do, right? What if there’s something worse than corpses out there?”

Hermione summed up all the determination she had and said, “We have to take that chance. I can’t sand this room anymore.”

Draco knew she was right so he stepped in front of her and said, “You don’t even have a wand. At least we know it’s safe here for the time-being. I think you should stay here while I go and see what’s outside.”

“Forget it! I’m coming and you’re not going to leave me with these….these people.”

“Stubbornness is going to be the death of you someday, Granger.”

“Shut up and let’s go.”


They peered outside but all they could see was darkness more deep than the room they were standing in .The light of the wand slowly faded away

“Lumos” Draco said a bit louder and this time it didn’t light at all. He looked at Hermione who said, “We can’t do any strong magic in here.”

“Damn, what do we do now?”

“Nothing that we can do. Now let’s walk.”

 Draco took one step forward and Hermione followed. Slowly, cautiously, they walked ahead. As their eyes got adjusted to the dark, they realized it was a narrow corridor. Nothing out of ordinary happened, so both of them slightly increased their pace.
Hermione was tightly holding on to Draco’s upper arm, walking very close behind him. This close proximity and the constant feeling of her warm fingers around his arm were sending tingling sensations shooting up and down his body. But considering the current situation, he chose to ignore it rather than turn around and kiss her, like he wanted to.


Hermione had stopped and her firm grip on Draco had made him stop as well.A few steps ahead of them was another door, a bigger one this time. They went ahead and Draco pushed it open.

They caught a glimpse of some men before one of them pointed his wand and shouted out, “Incarcerous”

Ropes shot out his wand and wound around both Draco and Hermione’s hands before they could do anything to resist. Hermione screamed as the ropes firmly gripped both her hands together. Draco stiffened as he saw who the men were.

Avery, Nott and Lestrange. All of them grinning evilly at them. That’s when they noticed a girl lying on the ground, sobbing. She was curled up and her body racked in convulsions as she fought to control her tears.

“Well, well, well. Look whose here, boys.” Lestrange sneered, “My nephew himself, with his mudblood whore.”

“You will not speak in that language.” Draco growled and started walking towards the men, forgetting the fact that his hands were now immobile.

“Petrificus Totalus” said Avery almost, lazily. He stopped in his track and fell to the ground, motionless “Draco, what possessed you to think you could stop us talking and doing anything we wish?”

Draco could not speak and Hermione was too terrified to, so silence prevailed for a few seconds, punctuated with the woman’s sobs.

“I don’t want to kill either of you. That is not my mission.” Lestrange said in a menacing tone, “I will however give you an idea of what you will face in future. The dark lord is dead you say? Let that be! We are almost as bad as him, Granger.”

Hermione knew that only too well. There were a bunch of deatheaters left to be caught and she was standing in front of three of them.

Nott stepped forward and stood directly in front of Hermione. He raised one dirty finger and traced her cheekbone, caressingly. She was so repulsed that without thinking of the consequences she raised her leg and kicked him in his crotch.

Nott let out a wild scream of agony and Avery raised his wand, but before he could utter a curse Lestrange screamed, “No, we are not to hurt them. Petrificus Totalus.” He repeated, making Hermione fall.

“Now for a little Showtime”

And there, with Hermione and Draco lying helpless on the floor, the death eaters started their torture. Not on them, but the girl lying there. They screamed a dark spells at her making her skin burn, and crucioed her many times.

Hermione, not being able to tolerate it anymore closed her eyes and was crying quietly. The screams of the girl were so loud and so painful that Hermione for a second wished she was dead before she had to see such atrocities.

The screams gradually receded, the volume of the girl simmered down and Hermione opened her eyes. The girl was lying in a pool of blood, her tattered body was motionless and she was clearly dead.

Draco was also mutely seeing this violent show of ruthlessness but he was less affected than Hermione. Of course he had seen these things happen many times before. This was why he had crossed over to light side. He knew he could never do this.

Lestrange had a wildly ecstatic look on his face and he kicked the body one last time before he looked satisfied. Nott and Avery were grinning like fools.

“Take her to the room” Lestrange barked to Avery and turned to the two students lying on the floor.

“Oh look, the little mudblood is crying. She is one of their types so she has feelings for these bloody muggles, don’t you Granger?”

Lestrange strode forward and pulled the still body of Hermione upright and held her arms tightly to support her. “That was a warning, mudblood, of what we are and what we can do to people who are out to hunt us and throw us in Azkaban.”

He turned towards Draco and could almost see the effort he was making to move.Laughing maliciously, he threw Hermione to the ground beside Draco and said “remember, we will always win.” Then he pointed his wand at them and shouted something that sounded like “ revinun transportus”.

Another flash of bright light and the two of them experienced the same feeling they had felt when they were brought here. A few seconds later they were lying at Hagrid’s doorstep, their movements restored.

As they stood up Hermione was shaking all over. She saw her wand lying on the floor exactly where she had dropped it earlier. She picked it up and pocketed it.

Tears were still streaming down her face and she looked very upset.Draco did what he had been wanting to do since the beginning of this ordeal and wrappe Hermione’s shaking, trembling body in his arms. She pressed her head against his shoulder and started crying again.

Draco was stroking her hair and Hermione was sobbing on his chest. Both of them were thinking about what had just happened, and so preoccupied they were in their thoughts that they had not noticed the position in which they were standing, so close to each other. So intimately close.

“Wwhat aare we going to ddo?” Hermione’s voice was shaking badly, muffled against Draco’s shirt.

“We have to tell somebody, somebody who can do something about those bastards.”
Hermione raised her head and looked upto Draco face, “Dumbledore.”

Draco thought for a second and nodded his head in agreement. “In the morning”

A few moments were again spent in silence. Draco’s arms her around Hermione’s waist and looking into her eyes he knew he was going to kiss her. And so he did.

Slowly, lovingly, he pressed his lips against hers. He could feel her small body shaking and held on even more tightly. She responded immediately and they just kissed for a few minutes, each needing the others support and closeness.
Hermione was the one to pull apart first.


“I know, I know. We have just talked properly now…”

“No, I…”

“…and I’m not ready yet.” He mimicked Hermione’s tone.

“That’s not what I..”

“Give me some time, Draco, I am a very simple….”

“NO,” Hermione interrupted him “I was not going to tell that.”

“What were you going to say?”

“I …I was going to say that I really like you.”

Draco looked unbelievingly towards her and stared incredulously for about a minute looking like a dumb goldfish.

Hermione smiled and said, “a simple ‘I like you’ too would have been good.”

Draco simply pulled her again towards himself and whispered, “I’ll not say that. I would prefer saying I love you…”

An oriental owl with a large beak flew towards the slytherin dungeons. It entered the seventh year boy’s dormitory and found the boy it was told to deliver the letter to.

The boy was pacing the room agitatedly. When the owl came to him, his face lit up in anxiousness and he snatched the letter form the owl’s leg.

Everything went as planned. They are not hurt. Keep donating to us and we keep doing the dirty work for you. Send some more galleons through the owl, we are waiting and you never know when you might need us again.

He smiled, an evil smile, a smile that would be immediately recognized as evil should someone see it on the boy’s face.

You thought you are the smart one, Malfoy? Let’s see how long you can continue fraternizing with the mudblood. I’ll make both of you suffer for falling for each other.
Onto the next step then…….

A/N : I just want to say that the story is not going according to plan. I didn’t mean to put any death eater stuff into this story but then I decided to. Hope you liked it.
Secondly, when I wrote this chapter I had written a detailed and graphic view of how the deatheaters tortured the muggle but then didn’t post it. I didn’t want to, for some reason.

I love your reviews.

Thank you to all the reviewers who have reviewed at least on chapter, and thank you to those who have not…ummm…thanks for reading it!

Long A/N this time….hoped I haven’t bored to enough to stop you from reading the next chappie.

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Truth 'n' Dare: Chapter 5


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