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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 1 : Two's company
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Chapter one-Two’s Company.

AN: I donot own Harry Potter he is all J K Rowlings

    James watched his two best friends mucking about on the grass, 'well three best friends according to everyone else,' he thought, 'I mean, I’ve never considered Peter a close friend. All Remus’ fault that, why’d he wana befriend rat boy anyway? It’s hard to stay mad a wolf boy though. He is far to good with the guilt trips when he wants to be and the crap he has been going through with these new nightmares make us all just want to protect him.' He sighed, thinking that they had best perhaps make it to at least one class today. "Oi, when you two pansy are finished wresting, we have a class to get to."

At James' shout Remus stood swiftly from where he had been wrestling with Sirius and winning easily. His shirt was untucked from his skintight pants and open at the neck to show his fine chest hair and a hint of his toned, tanned chest. His wavy, thick, soft brown hair was messy from his exertions, and here and there showed hints of red gold where the sun hit it. He looked down at James with smouldering ambers eyes, that were laughing just a little, showing no signs of his previous exhaustion, but if one looked deeply enough showing hidden horrors and chuckled."‘By Merlin," he said in mock surprise knowing that despite what the other thought James was really the sensible one of their little group, "is James Potter finally maturing?" He turned and looked at the boy still sprawled on the floor, waggling an eyebrow at him. "Come on Paddy, James is determined to be a spoil sport and drag us to potions." He flashed a smile showing a hint of his teeth as he did so. This unexpectedly caused the young black eyed, raven-haired Adonis at his feet to grin back. Making him expolate, "By the goddess Paddy! Don’t do that! Spoils the moody, mysterious look you've got going on, all the girls will stop liking you."

"Oh shut it Moony," came the drawled reply from the rumpled yet elegant young man on the ground, "so might my wrestling on the floor with you. They might thing I’m manly instead of just carrying on, mucking around and posing in front of the mirror." He stopped considering something, and flashed a smile at his friend standing over him. "Then again might make them think I’m gay…" here he was forced to stop as James was rolling around the floor in hysterics and grinning like a loony "What the devil are you grinning about Jamesie my boy!?’"he demanded.

"Nothing," replied James innocently, thinking his two close friends represented the best both ends of the spectrum for good-looking males at Hogwarts, despite them being so different in appearance. "Just that I know some people who wished you, how should I put it? Well batted for the other team… Oh and it aint scared off the ladies Padfoot, you’ve got an audience."

With a muffled oath Sirius sprung to his feet and dragged Remus off to potions with Peter trailing behind in confusion. James followed behind grinning to himself. He hadn’t failed to notice the slight blush on Remus’ cheeks nor Sirius’ start at what he’d said. Nor had he failed to notice that neither boy had picked up on the hearty approval in his tone. He fell even further behind the two boys lost in his own thoughts. So lost in fact he very nearly jumped clean out of his skin when he was grabbed by strong hands and pulled behind a solid oaken door that he could have sworn wasn’t there before. He turned slowly to face whoever had dragged him in here, and upon realising whom it was bit back a groan.

'Great' he thought 'just what I need today. If they touch me or start talking I might just dive on them, either that or kiss them, both bad' he tried to shake himself back to reality.

"You," snapped James, "What do you want?!" All the while continuing with his thoughts, 'just don’t look into their blue/silver eyes and you’ll be fine, those eyes surrounded by long, silver lashes, that make them look like pools of ice and Hoare-frost, nor the hair can’t look at the hair, makes you want to run your hands through its heavy, smooth gilded silver length. At this point in his mental ramblings James realised the other person had been talking to him for a while and was still doing so, albeit if rather rapidly and nervously. Guiltily James gave himself a mental shake and tried to concentrate on what they were saying, but instead the lush mouth and white teeth of the speaker captivated him. Without warning or fully knowing what he was doing, he leant forward and pressed a kiss on those lips. He was braced for repulsion and a barrage of curses and so he was more than pleasantly surprised when, instead of being thrown off, the kiss was deepened and he was pulled forward by strong hands on his hips. As the kiss intensified he stole his hands up the shapely form returning his kiss and tangled them into thick, heavy, silky hair, pulling them still closer as he did. Opening his mouth and sliding his tongue along those luscious lips, the kiss deepened and got hotter, both participants were breathing heavily and betrayed into uttering unmistakable groans. James felt soft hands undoing his tie and grabbing his shoulders with hidden strength at the same time as his own callused, Quidditch worn ones wreaked havoc on their white locks.

Then just as suddenly as he had started the kiss James pulled back and tilted his head to look up at the other's face. Taking in the mussed hair and swollen lips, he thought twice about spoiling the moment by talking. "Lucius," he groaned out, "What the fuck just hap…” He was stopped by an elegant finger on his lips and a shy smile. Lucius though breathing as heavily as James managed to gasp out, "Well that answers my question then" and with a quick and chaste kiss on James’ cheek he departed and headed along the corridor. Obvious heedless of his flushed cheeks, mussed hair, and the sparkle in his eye, nor the smile on his swollen lips. James stood in shock for several seconds before he rushed to follow. Finding the corridor empty he stamped his foot and turned to go to potions, realising how late the interlude had made him.


Remus and Sirius had made their way to potions, each wrapped in their own thoughts. Both boys had been given food for thought by James' last quip, so they didn’t notice James’ absence till they turned to talk to him. This made Sirius demand, in a voice that boded ill for James, what right Damn Potter had to drag them to potions and then bugger off. He received a shrug in reply from Remus and then fell into brown study, since Remus didn’t seem much in the bitching mood, and was frowning at their cauldron. Remus was just as angry as Sirius, if not more so, and wished very much to bitch, but if James found out, here Remus shuddered, well if James found out and was angry he knew one secret at least that Remus didn’t care for people to know. Especially the friend sitting next to him. He sighed and when the Professor walked into the class nudged Sirius carefully indicating that they would for once have to take their own notes since James was still absent. This did not improve his or Sirius tempers as they both used James notes more often than not and their friend had a brilliant potions mind. About fifteen minutes into the lesson the door opened and the late comer begged forgiveness from the professor and slid into a spare seat behind them. As they turned to berate him their jaws dropped, Causing James, who was heedless of the mutterings and whispers across the classroom to snap, "What!?"



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