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The Untitled Christmas Story by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 2 : The Candycane
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A/N: The OC in this chapter is the same person in the other Baby Harry stories. She is Jasmine Black, Harry's godmother, Sirius's cousin and Andromeda's sister; she is a Marauder who's Animagus form is an all black fox; the other Marauders call her "Tips" for the white tip on her fox's tail, and Harry refers to her as "Aunt Ipy" (my sister came up with that name, because I’ve got nothing better…).


Everyone who had been planning on spending Christmas Eve with the Potters had, by now, arrived. Harry found though, that he liked some (his Uncle Moo and Aunt Ipy) better than others (his Uncle Wormy). That was why he proceeded to cry – loudly – when placed in Uncle Wormy’s arms.


‘He shakes too much! He’s going to drop me!’ “WAAAHHHH!”


“Moo!” Harry exclaimed happily when Uncle Moo took him from Wormy.


“Hey, Harry,” Uncle Moo greeted with a smile. “Are you having a good Christmas season so far?”


The beginning of Harry’s answer (“Ga-boo”) was interrupted though, when Daddy came running into the room.


“Moony! Thank Merlin, you’ve got to get this thing off my nose!”


‘It’s rude to interrupt…’ Harry thought, remembering his mother’s words, even if he didn’t know what half of them meant.


Taking one look at Daddy’s face, Aunt Ipy doubled-over in laughter. “But it’s so becoming!” she said with mock-flattery.


“Yeah, and that’s why I didn’t ask for your help.”


“Oh, James, leave it on. Harry likes it,” Mummy pointed out.


“Lily, Harry would show interest in the cat’s sh—poop if we didn’t have charms to keep him away from the stuff.”


Mummy raised an eyebrow.


“All right, I’ll leave it on,” Daddy said with a heavy sigh. He took Harry from Uncle Moo so he could take his son upstairs for his nap.


Uncle Pa-foo and Aunt Ipy followed close behind singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer--!” even as Daddy told them repeatedly to “Shut it.”




Harry was sitting in his highchair in the dining room. His uncles Pa-foo and Wormy were the only other ones in the room. Mummy had decided to cook the Christmas turkey on Christmas Eve (since more friends/family had been invited over for Christmas Day) and had placed it on the dining room table – at the request of Pa-foo to see it – while she went back to the kitchen. Over her shoulder, she had shouted, “And if you even think about touching that turkey, Sirius Black, I’ll break your wishbone!”


Whatever that ‘turkey’ thing was, it did look rather intriguing to little Harry, and, as Pa-foo and Wormy were talking about something or other (Harry really hadn’t been all that interested in their conversation), the baby managed to somehow –almost magically – get out of his highchair and onto the table. Crawling over to the turkey, Harry did what came naturally to many infants, and sunk his near-toothless mouth into the bird’s backside.




Pa-foo let out a strangled cry when he saw what his godson had done, and promptly pulled the baby off the turkey’s buttocks. A little bite mark where the baby tooth had made contact with the skin was clearly visible.


‘Why would Uncle Pa-foo do that?’ Harry thought sadly. After all, Pa-foo had always been the one to spoil Harry rotten. Remembering a well-taught lesson of Pa-foo’s, Harry’s emerald eyes became big, round, and shiny with what the adults could only assume were tears. His bottom lip began to quiver as he looked up sadly at his goddaddy.


“Oh, no, Harry; it’s alright. Here, um…” Thinking quickly (for Pa-foo hated upsetting his godson more than anything else), he ran into the living room with Harry, right next to the fuzzy, green tree. Carefully balancing Harry in one arm, Pa-foo grabbed a candycane off one of the branches and hastily opened it. “You can’t have the turkey, but you should be able to have a candycane.”


‘A candycane?’ Harry thought it over. ‘…Will it taste as yummy as that turkey thing?’


Pa-foo carefully placed the candycane in Harry’s mouth, and Harry back in his highchair.


‘This is even better than that turkey thing!!’


Aunt Ipy came into the room to grab the turkey back for Mummy. She saw the striped candy hanging out of Harry’s mouth. “Harry, no!” she said hurriedly and pulled the candycane away.


“What’d you do that for? He likes it!” Pa-foo told her.


You gave him this?!”


“Yeah,” Pa-foo answered defensively. “And he was enjoying it too, until you came along.”


“You can’t give a candycane to a five month old!” she all but shouted at Pa-foo stupidity.


“Why not?”


Ipy promptly stuck the candycane up Pa-foo’s nose. “That’s why not.”


‘Is that what those candycane things are meant for? Hmm… I’ll have to get another one and try that again…’


Pa-foo yanked at the candycane in his nose. “You put a Permanent Sticking Charm on that, didn’t you?!” he accused, pulling harder at the thoroughly jammed peppermint stick.


“Not a permanent one,” Ipy said with a smirk. “Of course, it might also just be baby spit sticking it to your nose hairs.”


Pa-foo shot her a disgusted look. “PRONGS!” he yelled, hurrying into the kitchen.


Harry heard Daddy and Moo laugh loudly once Pa-foo had reached his destination.


“It won’t come out!” Pa-foo told them, still trying to desperately yank the thing out of his face.


“That’s meant to go in your mouth, you idiot!” Mummy could be heard screeching at him.


The next thing Harry heard was his goddaddy’s broken cry as the candycane was, successfully, ripped out of his nose, taking quite a few nose hairs with it.


A/N: Anyone else think this chapter needs to be redone? If enough people think so, I’ll rewrite it; just wanted to get something up.

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The Untitled Christmas Story: The Candycane


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