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Angelz never lie by Water_Fay
Chapter 3 : January Nights and Pillow Fights
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author's note:
I'm soooo sorry this took so long to get out, I've been having computer problems and with my high school graduation, life has been complicated.  I'm still pretty upset this took so long, I definately hadn't planned on keeping everyone waiting like this.  ANYWAYS! Here it is, my next chapter in Libby world, enjoy! 

Chapter has been changed as of JULY 28th!:
Okay, so, I was annoyed with my rushing through the year and changed my mind on what I wanted to do with the story... again!  Hope you don't mind, there's not too much changed in this chapter, just a few minor details!

GOSSIP. It’s the female drug, to put it simply. And EVERYONE does it, whether they mean to or not. It’s almost natural to talk about what happened that day and who was doing what. And there was no exception in Hogwarts. There was not ONE person who wasn’t thrown into the world of rumors and who was doing what. Including the fifth year girls dorm where I was spending the end of my long day.

A light dust covered the top of the desk nearest to me, though it was barely noticeable under the number of books and papers stacked like an office.

It was already October, a whole month had passed since the beginning of the year! So I completed another vacation idly sitting around doing practically nothing. Every time I come home, I half expect to see my mother again, but it was -of course- another motherless summer.

My brother, Owen, had come for the holidays, trying to cheer Daddy up with news about his job and how well everything was going for him. He graduated last year- class of 2018, proud Gryffindor Graduate turned Accidental Magic Reversal Squad member.

Before then, I spent time with my daddy. We try to get in as much Father-daughter time as possible since… it happened, but I always see that it’s hard for him to look me in the eye. He really does try to hide it, but Owen notices too. Sometimes I wonder if we could ever go back to the way things used to be, but it’s always so quiet now. Dinners are silent, breakfasts are never the everyone together thing anymore like Mum used to have it; with pancakes and bacon all set out for everyone to gather around the table laughing and talking- that’s all gone now. The laughter is gone from the house. It’s odd- the silence just after she died used to choke me, I could barely stay in the house without the feeling that I was drowning in it, but I’ve grown used to it now. We all have. Only Owen tries to bring the laughter back… maybe he’ll succeed someday.


Back to what I was saying.
I’m sorry, but I have a horrid habit of getting off topic easily. You’ll have to forgive me for it. Or not. But if not, it’s not like I’m gonna do anything about it, so keep it to yourself.

Oh, yes. The fifth year girls dorm. Well, I mind as well tell you about the current occupants of the cool-e-est Gryffindor dorm in the castle.

The list goes as follows:

Lucy Jordan- otherwise known as the cutie-pie. She’s the pretty girl with chocolate eyes who’s in my Divination class this year. Every day that girl drags me to that stupid psycho room with high spirits. She’s the type of person who wears her emotions on her sleeves, even when she doesn’t want to. She laughs more easily than she cries and has a smile more vibrant than sunshine. She is ALWAYS looking on the bright side of things and I just love it about her.

This brings me to the next lovely lady: Kirsten Belby. AKA: the wild child. I swear that girl has NO limits. She’s hilarious and fun to hang out with. She’s good at taking “emo” pictures and making up words. She also enjoys making fun of people she hates and claiming she wouldn’t need a wand to fight someone… this leads to her favorite catch-phrases, ‘Bitch, please!’ and ‘I could sit on you/her/him/what-ever!’ This is especially funny seeing as she’s tiny. I love that girl to death. We always joke that people have a warning to stay out of her way just with her name, Kirsten- Kirs for short. Pronounce like ‘curse’ of course. It’s like the caution tape in front of her saying “Warning! Get on this one’s bad side and she’ll curse you like there’s no tomorrow!!!”

Her best friend? Ms. Jaycee Taylor. She’s muggle born, but probably knows more than I do about the magical world. She loves to read books on it. She’s also really good at foreign languages, I mean, she knows, like, four. Okay, so I exaggerated. She knows three languages all together: Spanish, French, and English. She’s another funny one in the group. She never stops us from laughing. I think she should be a comedian- she’d be good at it. She also keeps us all up-to-date on new muggle technology and such- apparently ‘texting’ and ‘instagram' are really in now days.

Next is Cari. Caroline Lynch, what to say about her… Well, first off, she’s beautiful! She ALWAYS has boys chasing her. Even James flirts with her a lot. She’s not usually one to have a boyfriend every two weeks, however. She’s actually rather shy. We have this thing going, the two of us. I help her with Potions, she helps me with Transfiguration. It’s a win-win situation. We study together, we copy each other’s homework, we both get at least an ‘E’ in both classes.

And last: (drum roll please)…
Or in other words, me- Libby Wood. AKA the Gryffindor Angel. You know, the crazy air headed brunette with a sweet exterior and hidden agenda? Yup, that’s ME! I love Quidditch, my friends, picking on James, and playing pranks on the people I hate. I have to admit, I rock… and I’m SO humble too!

Now that I’ve made the intro, lets continue with the gossip.
And on tonight’s program: boys… which is on most actually.

Standing on my bed, I threw the pillow Kirsten just aimed at me back to her. Hard. It hit her square in the head as she’d lost interest and was looking over to Cari who was mid-sentence in her own little confession of the obvious.

“Is it just me,” (Kirs is knocked onto her back here) “Or did John Miller get really hot over summer?” Cari asked.

Jaycee and I started to laugh out loud immediately. Even Kirsten sat back up with a smile.

“Look who’s all grown up!” Jaycee said.

“Did Caroline Lynch just say ‘hot’ in a sentence? As in ‘hot’- ‘sexy’, ‘hot’?” I teased.

Cari blushed, twirled her natural beach blond hair around a thin, tan, finger and smiled a little, “No, as in ‘hot’ -incredibly sexy, -‘hot’,” she joked.

Alycia giggled as Kirsten gasped, standing up on Cari’s bed in only a over-sized shirt and a pair of black and red stripped underwear. “This is the day we can never forget!” she announced, “Cari just used both ‘hot’ and ‘incredibly sexy’ in a sentence!”

Jaycee rolled her glorious blue eyes and threw a pillow from Lucy’s bed at our friend. “Oh shut up Kirsten! Your making her blush,” she laughed.

The five of us had been playing ‘musical beds’ all night. Jaycee’s bed was out-of-order, of course. It would be impossible for anyone to sit on it with the mess. For being such an organized freak in her classes, she was such a slob. You could barely get to her bed with all the crap she had surrounding it. Then again, I’m not really one to talk, I’m a bit messy myself, but not even Kirsten, the most unorganized person I know, is as bad as Jay is. She‘s the one who‘s constantly attempting to clean up Jaycee’s mess. Kirsten and I might be slobbish, but at least we’re smart about it. All of our stuff is shoved on our table or in our trunk, so you can barely tell how messy we really are.

Jumping down into sitting position on my bed, I shook my head at the girls. I couldn’t help but agree with Kirsten, however. It was about time she started to show interest in one of the guys- or at least to show interest and actually TELL us about it.

I laughed, throwing my head back. “Cari and John sittin’ in a tree!”

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” finished Kirsten with a chuckle. “Oh, she’ll get over it,” she tossed at Jaycee.

Kirsten’s attention turned from Cari and Jaycee to me, a sly look on her face- the kind of look I’d learned to HATE from her. Well, maybe not hate exactly… more like fear. ‘Cause that look is seriously evil, I swear it. And it was usually followed by some somewhat evil deed. I looked at her, trying my best to hide my fear, but not succeeding. Kirsten truly scared me when she got that look. I knew something was about to come out of her mouth that I might not like. Whether it was an idea, an opinion, or just a random fact about me I didn’t really want stated. I didn’t know exactly what she was plotting, but she was plotting-that’s certain.

“What?” I threw toward her, the nervousness in my voice, and face, clear for all to see.

“Oh nothing.” she shrugged in reply, doing the best ‘angelic’ face she could muster. “I just happened to notice that Cari here isn’t the only one with a guy alert.”

I looked at her, utterly clueless for what she was talking about. I hadn’t told her any new crushes… I hadn’t been doing any flirting- well, any unusual flirting lately; there was nothing for her to tell, was there? I mean, what did she know that I didn’t? Had I failed to notice something? Was I talking in my sleep the night before?

“I saw that Weasley boy eying you up today, Libs. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true.”

I looked at her with dismay. “Which Weasley, there are millions.” I replied, still clueless.

“You honestly didn’t notice!” she laughed, “I love you Libby, you are such a cutie. You’re like a little kid sometimes.” she shook her head.

“Well, I’m glad you find me so amusing! Now who is it?”

“Sweetie, Fred Weasley was all OVER you today. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you!”

Now this I couldn’t believe. Fred Weasley was James Potter’s cousin. One year his senior, Fred was on the Quidditch team with us, very cute and VERY popular, with dark brown hair and very pretty hazel eyes. I supposed I could consider him a friend. Not a BEST friend, of course, but still a good one.

I raised a solitary eyebrow at the psycho black haired beauty before me. “Are you sure you took your potions today, Kirs?”

Jaycee laughed loudly and I stared at her, my eyes wide, questioning now.
Jaycee’s smile had gotten wider and wider as Kirs and I discussed the possibility of Fred liking me, but a laugh like that made me nervous more than anything else. It usually meant that she knew something I didn’t, and I’m not the type of girl who minds not knowing things.

“No really guys,” I started, “This is a silly guess. Don’t get all excited.”

“Why not?” Lucy cut in for the first time that night. “You flirt with him all the time. You two would be cute together!”

I shook my head at the silly girl, “Lucy, you, too, are psycho. I’m not the type of girl guys see as pretty and as a potential girlfriend…” I started. From the look on Kirsten’s face I knew she was about to tackle me, so I jumped a safe distance away to continue. “I’m the type they see as their cute, Quidditch playing, little kiddish friend.” I finished quickly.

Jaycee rolled her eyes once more and shook her head. Kirsten looked somewhere between angry and amused. Cari tilted her head, looking at me like I was the crazy one. And Lucy bounced over to sit next to me on my four-poster, midnight curls flying.

“That’s SO not true.” she said plainly.

“Oh come on,” said Kirsten, “Libby, you are one of the prettiest girls in this whole school. Plus you beat out half of the prettiest girls because you aren’t some petty thing who needs someone to protect her and doesn’t know any more than my galleon does.” she said, showing off what she called her ’LIFE SAVINGS’, a old galleon that looked a little like it had been scorched by a dragon a few times. “You’re smart AND you play Quidditch. You’re the girl all guys wanna date. Cause you actually have some brains to make sure they don’t get bored.”

“Well, maybe not ALL guys. But hey, you don’t want the ass-holes anyways. So it doesn’t matter what kinda girl THEY want.” Jaycee finished Kirs off with a type of perfection I couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous of. It made it seem like the two planned it that way all along.

It was my turn to roll my gray-blue eyes now. Sighing, I let myself fall back and looked up at my ceiling. “I love you guys, and I won’t say anything, but those are the things that MAKE me everything I just said.” Then I quickly rolled over so that I wouldn’t be pounced on by a flying Kirsten. Yes, she had just leaped at me. Getting off of my bed, I laughed. “Missed me!”

I squealed as she grabbed a pillow and chucked it at me before chasing me herself.

What an interesting night.

Can you say “PILLOW FIGHT!”

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