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Swept Under by Ginny_RED_Potter
Chapter 6 : Meeting Minerva
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Chapter 6~ Meeting Minerva

I've concluded that my adoptive siblings are very bad at acting.
Oh sure, they could do it easily when there wasn't a pressing need. When we were at Beauxbatons, home for holidays or out in public. But when it came down to acting in front of the one person I wanted to actually keep it from at this point, they sucked. 

Really, how hard is it to keep up a facade that you've lived with for nearly seventeen years when it counts? Appearantly it's difficult. Extremely difficult. 

As I grudingly shook Hermione Granger's hand both sets of sapphire eyes darted towards me edgily. They were inwardly panicking- I could tell. The moment had come and my two cool-as-a-cucumber adoptive siblings were frozen with fright. I on the other hand, was an excellent actress I found-much to my surprise. 

Even though every bone in my body was screaming against it and every muscle in around them was aching to smack her, I calmly shook her hand. 

If she was his surrogate sister, they were obviously close. And I was sure that slapping her would not get me on my big brother's good side. And I needed to get on his good side first. Then I'd smack her. 

I forced a fake smile. I felt slightly hypocritical. Did I not have a surrogate brother? And a whole surrogate family as well? Two parents and sisters included. After all he'd been through didn't he deserve an adoptive family too? Wasn't it only right? 

But a less noble part of me was screaming in outrage. He had a real sister already (even if he didn't know it yet), he didn't need her. Jealousy and resentment surged through me, intoxicatingly and I wasn't sure who to direct it at. 

Half of me wanted to add it to the long list of things I held against the great Albus Dumbledore. And the other wanted to focus it all on her, find some reason other than this to dislike her so I wouldn't have to act pleasant for long. 

Who was she? What right did she have? Why had she got to know my brother before I did? There was nothing special about her that I could see? She was utterly ordinary. 

"So you were Professor Lupin's goddaughter?" the boy holding her hand, named Ron asked. 

My stomach rolled and nausea and fear was soon swirling around in my stomach with the bitter jealousy. Not good combinations. That was so not the type of questions I wanted to be asked right off. The answers lead directly into the depths of my secret. 

But that wasn't the only reason every organ in my body twisted uncomfortably. He'd said were.

"Yes. I am." 

I still didn't like the past tense. It was annoying. As long as I was alive I would always be daughter to James and Lily Potter, niece of Sirius Black and goddaughter to Remus Lupin. As long as I was here the past tense was not allowed. 

He looked at me skeptically and I was suddenly siezed with the urge to stomp on his foot or smack his red cheek, maybe even yank a handful of that firey red hair or poke him in the eye. Stupid git. Why would I lie about being Uncle Remus's goddaughter? 

But I resisted all temptations of physical or any other type of violence in front of my real brother. I resisted all hexing. That was not the first impression I wanted him to get of me. 

He was really standing there. Right in front of me. After all these years. And I couldn't think of a word to say. I was afraid to talk to him. Afraid I'd simply blurt out the truth without an ounce of tact. 

"And you're Teddy's godmother?" 

I nodded. 

"Oh, Harry's his godfather!" Hermione said, delighted. 

I knew Harry had two best friends. I'd been told loads of things about them. The boy was the youngest of the male Weasleys who endlessly cheered for the Cannons despite their horrible losing streak and the girl was the smartest in their year at Hogwarts. Appearantly this wasn't a very hard thing to accomplish. 

Of course she is, moron. A very nasty sounding voice in my head commented. 

Stop it. I can't hate her yet. I have to have a good reason. I argued internally. 

She stole your brother. 
Did not. And that isn't a good reason. 
Oh God. I'd become certifiable. I was a nutter. 

"I know." I answered, wondering how on Earth I'd gotten stuck in this conversation with these specific people. The people around us had started other conversations of their own, yet I couldn't seem to get out of this one with my brother's surrogate family. 

Ugh. I'm cursed. It's the only logical explaination. Wormtail didn't rat me out to Voldemort, instead he put a curse on me so my life would be miserably unlucky. I hate him. 
Their eyebrows shot up in surprise, but Harry still looked like he was calculating or something. His eyebrows were still knit together in frustration. Or concentration - I couldn't tell.

"They told me." I clarified. "Un-Remus and Dora told me when they made me godmother." 

"Oh." the Hermione girl said, "So you were close to both of them?" 

I stared at her for a moment in disbelief. How think could you get? "Um, yes. I'm Dora's cousin and Remus's goddaughter. I'm the one who introduced them." 

This time all four sets of eyebrows shot up and Naphtalie mirrored my smirk. I could tell what they were thinking and it was hard not to feel a little smug. They may know my brother better but Nymphadora and Remus obviously weren't as close to them as they'd thought. 


I turned just in time to find Aunt Andromeda with a crying Teddy thrashing in her arms. For something so tiny he was incredibly strong. His face was almost purple and he had the lungs of life going. How something that tiny could make so much fuss baffled me. A small tuft of his hair stuck out from underneath his hat and I could see that it was rapidly changing from blue to purple to green to orange. Each time he wailed it changed. 

"He won't stop crying." She told me desperately, handing her grandson to me. 

I laughed lightly, forgetting who was watching me. I took little Teddy in my arms and started making a soft noise, reminiscent of a cricket, in his tiny ear and bouncing him gently. 

He stopped almost instantly and I pulled his cap back down over his now magenta tuft of hair. 

"There ya' go, buddy." I murmured to him soothingly, "That wasn't so bad, now was it?" 

My aunt let out a laugh, "You always did have a knack for calming people down, 'specially babies. Do you mind holding him for a while?" 

I gave her a 'do you even have to ask' look. " 'Course not." I answered kissing the top of Teddy's little hat covered head. 

She smiled gently before walking away to talk to some guests. 

I turned back around and found several surprised faces, especially the ones who'd been conducting the Spanish Inquisition. Hermione and Ron exchanged a furtive glance and Harry and Ginny simply stared at me and the tiny baby who'd been wailing mere moments before. 

Naphtalie and Jake were both smiling and the rest of the group stared at me curiously. All but Fluer, who was well aware of my 'talents'. 

She'd been a good friend when we were at Beaxbatons, one who'd consoled me about not going to the Triwizard Tournament. We'd gone all her birthday parties and to her wedding (where we not so subtly scouted for any signs of my brother). She'd seen first hand how little kids responded to me. Her little sister, Gabrielle, had been one of them, but then she'd always been adorable. 

I didn't like the spotlight, it was making me uneasy. I had to get out of there. 

So I came up with an excuse to leave. "Um, I think I'm going to go change him. Excuse me." And I made my way back to retreating in Nymphadora's old room again, with Naphtalie following closely at my heels. 

"I can't believe you hardly said a word to him." Brigitte groaned as we settled ourselves in my adoptive parents' basement. She plopped down on the cushy white sofa, directly in front of the big screen televison. 

"Well, what was I supposed to say, Bee?" I snapped exasperatedly. 

"What you've been wanting to tell him this whole time! Tell him you're his sister! Tell him you were kept secret! Tell him you're the reason he couldn't just go live with Remus!" 

I shot her a whithering look as she grinned wickedly. 

"That is not true and you know it. He couldn't go live with Uncle Remus because A- he was a werewolf, and B- my mum's protection was only with blood relatives." 

She sighed and said, "So, I have a question then." 

"Don't you always?" Nat and I said together. 

"Now that's just creepy." Bee said looking from me to Nat. "You two have spent way too much time together." 

"We know." We said again in unison. 

"Seriously, cut that out. It's not normal." 

"We can't help it!" we exclaimed. 

"You two are freaks." She laughed, "Complete freaks." 

I laughed again, "What was your question?" 

"Oh. Right." She popped a Chocolate Frog and a handful of popcorn in her mouth together and chewed thoughtfully. "How come you don't want to go terrorize those awful Muggles? I would." 

I rolled my eyes at this, " 'Course you would." 

"Actually, I think it'd be fun." Naphtalie grinned. 

"You cannot be serious." 

"I am. I think it's a brilliant idea." 

I looked at them both like they'd sprouted extra heads. 

"Seriously, Lena! You should! It would completely freak them out! And I could take pictures. And then you can show them to Harry. And then the two of you-" 

"We are not going to terrorize the Muggles. What are we, Death Eaters?" 

"No." Naphtalie pretended to look stung. "Just two girls who really want to be entertained and have found the perfect way." 

"We aren't gonna do anything bad!" Bee insisted, "Just tell them about you and mess with 'em a little." 

They grinned at me. 

Oh, this wasn't good. 

A week later, Naphtalie and I had an appointment. 

But Brigitte surprised us by saying she was expected as well. She'd enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry without telling us. Headmistress McGonagall had requested to meet her before school started, just like she'd wanted to see Naphtalie and I. So, naturally, Bee just told her she'd come with us. 

"You didn't think I'd let you two jet off on you little adventure without me did you?" She scoffed, "Honestly. 'S like you don't know me at all!" She went to her room to go pack, shaking her blonde head at us. 

So there we were, walking up the long lane that led to the castle behind a gigantic man named Rubeus Hagrid. They'd forced me to wear a skirt and heels again. I was fully aware that we had to look nice but were the heels really nessecary? Come on. 

I heard of Rubeus Hagrid before. He was the half-giant, dangerous animal obsessed, Care of Magical Creatures Professor who also served as Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. He also happened to be quite close to my brother. 

I knew about everyone who was friends with my brother. Everyone. 

That was the one thing the old man had allowed me. He told me detailed information about everyone my big brother was close to. Why? I haven't a clue. But I took what I could get without asking questions. 

This is also how I knew that I was about to meet his former Head of House, Gryffindor house. She'd been deputy headmistress when Dumbledore was headmaster, making her (now that the Death Eaters were gone) the current headmistress. 

She was the second person (third creature) outside of my family who was to know of my secret. I had to tell her today, according to the directions the old man had given me. 

...."The first time you go to Hogwarts- and yes, Elena, I do expect you to go there eventually" He added when I opened my mouth to interrupt with one of my many questions. He knew me well enough to know I'd question everything. As I always did."The first person you should tell, upon your arrival, would be Minerva McGonagall." 

"Do you have a memory and a letter for her too?" I asked in a bored voice. I knew him just as well as he knew me. 

He smirked, as I'd known he would. And then answered exactly how I knew he would. "Indeed, I do." 

And with that he handed me and envelope as I opened the small pouch hanging on the chain around my neck. I took out a box and enlarged it. When I lifted the lid there were already two other letters inside along with two identical viles. Each holding a single silver hair. 

And then the old man pulled another vile just like the other two from a drawer in his shiny wooden desk. Then he placed the tip of his wand to his temple and extracted another silver hair. Then, he placed it into the vile and handed them to me. 


I cut acrossed him, bored again. "Minerva McGonagall. I got it.".... 
And then, as I looked up with wide eyes at the glorious castle before me I lost my breath and it dragged my stomach away (kicking and screaming) with it. I gulped nervously. Never had I seen anything more gorgeous. And never, in my entire life, had I looked at a building and been so daunted. So incredibly terrified of what I was about to do. 

This one was somehow different than the other two times. 

I wasn't just about to share with my best friend and hope she didn't think I was a nutter. And I wasn't just putting some snide old goblin in his sodding place. I was divulging the secret to someone who already knew him, well. 

I couldn't exactly pin point why but I could taste something different in the air around this one. Something was new in the atmosphere this time and it made my throat tighter. 

Finally, we reached the tall double doors and Professor Hagrid flung them open grandly. I gasped and I'm almost positive I saw Hagrid smirk. 

It was gorgeous. Even better than my imagination. So much grander than anything I'd dreamed about. And I'd dreamed about this moment a lot in the past seventeen years. 

This was my birth right. 

This was where I was supposed to be. If fate hadn't been so incredibly cruel, I would've been more than just familiar with these intriguing halls. I would've ruled them, I would've walked them confidently. I would have explored every secret passage and every short cut. I already knew them all by heart. 

   ... Dear Lena, 

     I hope school is going well. Is school going well? Don't roll your eyes at me, Elena Lily. 

I laughed. He knew me too well. It was scary sometimes. 

For all I know you could've fallen into one of Naphtalie's hairbrained ideas and forgotten about your marks entirely (sorry Nat). Just make sure you keep doing well. I know you're only a second year but every year counts, sweetheart. Again, no eye rolling and no 'what is he, my mother?' comments (I knew your mother remember and yes, that is exactly what she'd have said). I laughed again as Nat and Brigitte chorused "How did he know!" 

Alright, so here is your Harry update because I know you're dying for one. Your big brother is incredibly reckless. He seems to be just as unhappy with his new restrictions and the dementors as you are. It's understandable but the both of you Potter children are going to drive the authority around you mad. It's only for your protection, you know. 
This had been his chorus since the beginning of the year. Dementors had been set around the school and I had been watched like a hawk all term. It was driving me absolutely mad. Sirius Black- escaped mass murderer from Azkaban prison- was supposedly after my brother and Dumbledore feared that after he offed Harry he would find out about me and finish the very last of the infamous Potter clan. 

And let's just say that I'd tested the boundries (with Nat and Bee's help of course) more than once this year alone. Remus was not pleased. He'd sent me a six page letter last time, lecturing me about the whole reason I'd been kept secret in the first place. And about wasting my parents' efforts. 

You may notice that this letter is a little thicker than normal. I caught Harry the other night (well Snape caught him, I just saved his neck from detention), sneaking around the castle afterhours with this. The bare bit of parchment in the envelope with this letter. I recognized it the second it insulted Professor Snape and he claimed it had dark magic. I, of course being his professor, had to confiscate it and I figured that you might like to see it. No way you could get into trouble with this one. Please send it back in a week or so though. Tell me if you see anything interesting on it alright? Oh and in case you haven't guessed already, the magic words are, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." 

Uncle Remus 

"No way," I murmured, staring at the parchment with wide eyes. "It can't be." 

"What is it, Len?" 

"The Marauder's Map.".... 

I'd watched tons of dots with names attatched fly down the corridors for that entire week. Occasionally one would take a short cut or a secret passage but I found that only a clever few had explored the castle that thoroghly. 

Now it was my turn. 

The halls were no longer dots and lines on a parchment. They were real and I was being lead up and down them. 

I was dizzy with wonder. Everything about this place stunned me. 

Finally, we stopped in front of a gargoyle. I knew where this led. Even though, I'd never been this way before. I'd always arrived by Floo Network. And, I'd never been allowed out of that one room my entire visit. 

We were headed to the Headmaster's (or, I guess, Headmistress's now) office. The only room I'd ever been in inside this castle. My least favorite room in the world. I'd visited it far too often. 

I sighed as Hagrid said the password and a staircase appeared. I was trying deperately not to have remember what had happened last time I'd been in that office. It would throw off any lump of composure I'd managed and I wasn't ready to give it up yet. 

And as Hagrid knocked on the door I assumed led to the room I'd never been outside of while I was here I got a flash of Professor Trelawny so many years before obliviously uttering the words that would alter the fate of a little family called the Potters forever. Of course, my recollection was only a mirror of what Dumbledore himself recollected. 

"Headmistress, the new students are here." Hagrid said as he peaked into the room. 

"Thank you, Rubeus. Bring them in please." 

Hagrid led us into the office. It was exactly how I remembered it with a few minor additions. Some personal touches of it's current occupant. 

Up above the desk was a picture of a greasy haired Slytherin man that I recognized so well and to his right was Albus Dumbledore. 

"Oh, lovely. What is she doing here?" 

"Pleasure to see you again too, Snivellus."  I snapped back at the picture. 

"Elena."  Dumbledore's picture gave me that piercing look. The one that told me to behave myself. 

I sighed. "Fine. Pleasure to see you too, Snivellus sir." 

The old man just chuckled, knowing my tenacity. I smirked, satisfied, Sirius would've been proud. 


For the first time I looked at the severe woman now behind the large wood desk. (It was so strange to see someone else sitting there.) She was looking from me to the pictures with a very confused and slightly annoyed expression on her face. Clearly, he hadn't told her. 

"So you haven't even given her a hint?" I groaned, "Do I have to do everything?" 

This extracted another chuckled from the old man's portrait. 

"Albus?"  The woman, who I assumed was Minerva McGonagall, prompted sounding even more agitated by the moment. 

"So sorry, Minerva." Dumbledore smiled, "I've forgotten my manners. Allow me to introduce Ms. Naphtalie Porter, Ms. Brigitte Dubose and Ms. Elena..." There was a slight tention as he paused and raised an eyebrow at me, "Potter." 


(Okay so there is Chapter 6. Hope you all liked it. I should be updating soon. Unless I hit another mountain of writer's block {Knock on wood}. So keep an eye out and do not forget to review! I love hearing what you think!

<3 RED )

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