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Malfoy! by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 1 : Malfoy!
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By: Gryffindorgirl153

‘Malfoy!’ Rose growled, slapping him across the face. ‘You evil portentous prat!’ Scorpius growled, and snaked his arm around her waist pulling her as close to his body as possible. ‘I thought you were actually going to break up with me!’ she shouted at his face. Scorpius grinned. ‘I could never break up with you love,’ he said. ‘I love you too bloody much,’


‘Rosie,’ Albus sang as he knocked on the door of her dormitory. ‘Rosie,’ he said softly, peering inside. He knew that all her roommates were downstairs eating breakfast, so there was nothing to be cautious about. Albus sprang up from the floor and landed on her bed emitting a loud groan from Rose. He peeled the covers from her body but Rose kicked him off the bed and wrapped herself around her sheets again. ‘Oh c’mon Rose,’

‘Let me sleep,’ she snapped. ‘I know for a fact that you will not let me sleep till dawn tonight,’ Albus grinned and pulled the sheets off her once more in one swift movement and flipped the mattress over so that she was now on the floor. ‘Albus, you better run,’ He flashed her a smile and ran out of her dormitory quick enough that her jinx had hit the doorknob instead. ‘Stupid Albus,’ Rose muttered to herself while she stumbled into the shower and got ready for the day.

‘Good morning sunshine,’ Robin Zabini said to Rose once she had plopped down on the Gryffindor table next to her. ‘I heard you had a rough start this morning,’ she winked at Albus. Rose dropped her head down on the table and Robin laughed, stroking her hair. ‘Al, I didn’t know why you had to wake her up this early,’ she said to her boyfriend. ‘We both know you won’t let her sleep till dawn tonight, AND we could always sneak into the kitchens to get breakfast for her,’

‘Because my love,’ Albus said to Rose. ‘Today at breakfast is part 1 of your birthday present,’ he said to her. ‘It should be coming any time now actually,’ Rose lifted her head and ate her breakfast while talking to her friends at the same time. ‘Ah,’ Albus said when Benjamin Volx walked in., the lead singer of Roses favorite band. Girls everywhere were squealing at the sight of him in Hogwarts, and others rushed towards him but were unable to get within 6 feet of him.

‘No,’ Rose whispered, knowing what Albus was thinking, a smile creeping up to her face. Benjamin slowly walked towards Rose, handing her a dozen roses and a large present. He smiled at her, that gorgeous smile with sparkling eyes that Rose always adored.

‘Happy Birthday Rose Weasley,’ he said in a soft voice, kissing her on her cheek, which made Rose go red. Then he began singing his bands latest song to Rose while she sat there listening intently like a girl in love. Once he had finished, the great hall erupted in applause and he winked at her, walking out of the great hall. ‘Happy birthday again!’ he said loudly. Benjamin then broke out into a run as ¾ of the female population ran out the Great Hall to get another glimpse of him or perhaps an autograph.

Rose smiled, opening the box finding several merchandises that the band never sold- posters, pictures, records and letters from each one of them. Rose stood up, walking to Albus and hugging him tightly. ‘Thank you,’ she said to him, still hugging him.

‘It was nothing,’ Albus shrugged. ‘They owed me a favor anyway,’ he said winking towards her from next to Robin.

‘Hey,’ a deep voice next to Rose said. Rose turned to see a pair of grey eyes staring back at her. She smiled, leaning forward to kiss him like she always did every morning but she was surprised when he turned his head down to stare at his feet. ‘Uh,’ he began. ‘Can you meet me in front of the Room of Requirements about 20 minutes before the party tonight?’ he asked softly, making sure no one heard him speak. ‘We need to talk,’ he said to her.

Roses heart sank. ‘What’s wrong?’ she asked him, concerned.

Scorpius shook his head. ‘I’ll tell you when you get there,’

‘Are you still going to come to Hogsmeade?’ Scorpius nodded before he stood up without another word and walked out of the Great Hall, not bothering to look back at his girlfriend.

‘What was that about?’ Robin asked.

‘He said we needed to talk,’ Rose said to her. ‘You don’t think-‘ Rose thought about it. Those four words rang through her head and she knew it was the four words men always used to break up with their girlfriends.

‘No,’ Robin said shaking her head. ‘He’s crazy about you,’ she said to Rose. ‘That’s impossible,’

‘Lets just hope so,’ Rose said.


‘Can we go?’ Albus groaned. ‘Please?’ Rose and Robin were currently shopping for the party, taking place in the Room of Requirements later tonight. Robin picked up a small, skintight shirt from a rack examining it before Albus snatched it from her hands, and shoving it back in the messy rack. ‘You are not going to wear that,’ he snapped. Robin rolled her eyes, and scanned the clothes in front of her. ‘Not that either,’ he said to her when she reached out for a faded mini skirt.

Robin looked at him. ‘Don’t boys normally want their girlfriends wearing tight clothes for their own pleasure?’ she asked him smirking.

Albus growled. ‘Not when they’re a billion other guys in the same room,’ he wrapped his arms around her waist when she turned to look at more clothes and pulled her closer. ‘But I wouldn’t mind you wearing that when we’re alone,’ he whispered in her ear, winking at her. Robin laughed and smacked him lightly on the head before looking through the many clothes with Albus still wrapped around her waist.

Rose was browsing around the racks in front of her farm from Albus and Robin. She pulled out a top, which Scorpius snatched from her and shoved it back in the rack. ‘No,’ he said. For the next 20 minutes, Rose had been examining outfits, which Scorpius eventually snatched from her hands and placed it back with a firm ‘No,’

‘You’re not letting me wear anything!’ Rose exclaimed.

‘I will not let you walk around that party wearing anything from here,’ he said to her. ‘Which is why I suggested the store next to this one,’ Scorpius looked at his watch and back to her. ‘I have to go,’ he said. ‘I’ve got to meet someone,’ he said then left the store without letting Rose say anything more to him.

She angrily walked up to Albus and Robin who was currently purchasing the outfit that Robin had chosen. ‘You’re not buying anything?’ she asked her.

Rose shook her head. ‘Scorpius would flip if I bought anything from here,’ she said.

‘At least she listens to her boyfriend!’ Albus cried. ‘I told her I wouldn’t let her buy it,’ he said to Rose. ‘But she said that I get to jinx who ever dares to sneak a glance at her,’ Rose laughed and they walked out of the store and into the next.

After hours of shopping, Rose had finally found the perfect outfit for her to wear. They walked to the Three Broom Sticks after Albus continued complaining on how hungry he was. ‘Hello there,’ Hugo Weasley said happily, snaking his arm around his sisters shoulder as he saw them walking. He was about a head taller than Rose even though he was 2 years younger than her.

‘Lucy!’ Albus exclaimed when he found a little girl with flaming red hair running to him. His little cousin who was in first year jumped into his arms and he carried her in the Three Broom Sticks.

Hugo joined his family along with Lily who came in later than all of them. ‘Hey Rose,’ Robin said quietly. ‘Isn’t that Scorpius?’ she asked, pointing to a table far from them where Rose found Scorpius sitting across a small petite girl who looked the same age as them. She had blonde hair with brown and a few red highlights and she seemed to be laughing at everything he said. ‘Do you think there’s something going on between them?’ she asked suspiciously.

Rose shook her head. ‘I trust him,’ she said to her. She watched closely as the blonde passed him paper from across the table and he took it with a smile, placing it in his back pockets. Although, Rose wasn’t so sure if she actually trusted him despite her words.

Hugo scoffed. ‘Typical,’ he said. ‘He’s a Malfoy Rosie,’ he said. ‘There’s not much more you can expect from him,’

Robin made a move to stand up and Albus knew she was going to confront Scorpius but he grabbed her hand before she was able to walk towards him. ‘Let it go,’ Albus said. ‘I’ll handle him later,’

The Party

‘Ready?’ Robin asked. Rose nodded and the walked down the stairs to meet Albus, Hugo and Lily at the bottom. Robin smiled at Albus before he kissed her quickly on the lips. Hugo was standing with his date who was a 6th year Ravenclaw who Rose hung out with a few times in the beginning of the year. ‘Lets go shall we?’ she asked him. Albus nodded and led everyone else to the Room of Requirements.

‘Oh,’ Patricia the Ravenclaw said. ‘Scorpius asked me to tell you to meet him after the party instead of before,’ Rose nodded and thanked her before they walked into the Room of Requirements were the music was loud; there were decorations everywhere and the room was packed. There was a bar on the left side and many couches and chairs against the walls. ‘Lets dance,’ she said as she pulled Hugo to his feet and dragged him into the crowd.

‘Enjoying yourself?’ Rose turned and found Wesley Harper standing behind her, his eyes scanning her entire body with a smirk on his face. ‘You seem very lonely tonight,’ he said. ‘Where’s your boyfriend Malfoy?’ he asked.

Rose turned back around and tried to ignore him as best as she could, but she soon felt his hands slide up and down her backside. ‘What are you doing?’ she snapped, slapping his hand away. ‘Go away Harper,’ she scowled.

‘Oh c’mon Weasley,’ he whispered in her ear. ‘Your boyfriend seems to be enjoying himself with that blonde over there, you should learn to enjoy this party too,’ Rose looked across the room, through the many people dancing and found Scorpius sitting on the couch next to the very same blonde she had found him with in the Three Broom Sticks. He had a large smile on his face and the blonde continued laughing at whatever he said. ‘Jealous?’ he asked. His right hand landed on the small of her back once more and Rose glared at him. ‘C’mon Rosie,’ he taunted. ‘You know you want me,’ Rose felt him lean in, and she tried shoving him away but his hands gripped her hips tightly.

‘Get off me Harper!’ Rose exclaimed.

‘Problem here?’ Scorpius appeared in front of Rose, taking her arm and pushing her behind him. ‘Touch her again and you’d wish you never did,’ Scorpius sneered.

‘And what are you going to do to me?’ There was a crowed gathered amongst them and they all knew that Wesley was pushing his luck. ‘C’mon Scorpius, you know it’s impossible to ever beat me in a duel,’

‘Are you testing me Harper?’ Scorpius asked.

‘Harper!’ Albus barked. ‘Drop it,’ he said, walking out of the crowed and next to Scorpius. ‘This is a party, and we’re supposed to enjoy ourselves in a party,’ he said turning to Scorpius. ‘And I doubt that you would want to duel him,’ Albus sad to Wesley. ‘If you two want to duel, take it outside,’ with a wave of his wand, the loud music filled the room again and everyone else began dancing or getting drinks at the bar.

Scorpius glared at Wesley, walking over to him and punching him on his nose. ‘Don’t ever touch her again,’ Scorpius walked back over to Rose who slapped him across the face. ‘What was that for?’ he exclaimed.

Rose glared at him. ‘You didn’t have to punch him in the face!’ she exclaimed. ‘And I can handle myself thank you!’

‘He was hitting on you!’ Scorpius shouted. ‘And he tried to kiss you,’

‘Well I didn’t think you cared what anyone does to me considering you don’t bother talking to your own girlfriend, and instead you just sit across the room with some other blonde girl!’ Scorpius grabbed her wrist and led her outside the Room of Requirements. ‘What?’ she snapped, grabbing back her arm and glaring at him. ‘You wanted to talk,’ she told him. ‘Now talk,’

‘Did you think I was cheating on you?’ Scorpius asked her in a low voice.

Rose shook her head. ‘Of course not,’ Scorpius nodded. ‘What did you want to talk about anyway?’

‘Us,’ He answered slowly.

‘What about us?’ Rose asked nervously.

Scorpius looked behind her towards a small clock on the wall. He pulled out a silver necklace from the pocket of his trousers and showed it to Rose. ‘Happy birthday,’ he said softly, smiling at her. ‘It’s the one you’ve wanted for a while now, remember?’ he asked. Rose smiled as she turned, lifting her long red hair up while he put the necklace on her pale neck. She turned back around and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, which he returned. ‘I love you,’ he whispered. ‘I really think I do,’

‘I love you too,’ Rose said to him before his lips landed on her own. Rose wrapped her arms around his neck and she played with his hair, running her thin fingers through it. Scorpius kissed her slowly, holding her delicately as if she would break any minute. Rose smiled against his lips once she took everything in. Scorpius broke away and smiled down at Rose.

‘Honestly,’ he began. ‘I never imagined that you would be the one I’d fall for in the end,’ he said to her.

‘Wait,’ she said, pushing him away. ‘Who was that blonde girl that you were with in the Three Broomsticks and at the party?’

‘She’s my cousin,’ Scorpius told her. ‘McGonagall let her visit for a week since she has to fly back to France this Saturday,’ he reached into his back pockets and pulled out two tickets. ‘I met her to get this,’ he said, giving it to her. Rose smiled after reading the name of the band playing.

Rose smiled before she stepped forward. ‘Malfoy!’ Rose growled, slapping him across the face. ‘You evil portentous prat!’ Scorpius growled, and snaked his arm around her waist pulling her as close to his body as possible. ‘I thought you were actually going to break up with me!’ she shouted at his face.

Scorpius grinned. ‘I could never break up with you love,’ he said. ‘I love you too bloody much,’

‘Oh finally,’ Albus’ voice rang through the halls causing Scorpius to turn around and Rose to look behind him. ‘I couldn’t stand everyone around me wanting to beat the pulp out of you,’ he said to Scorpius.

‘Hold on a second,’ Robin said. ‘You knew?’ she asked him.

‘Of course I knew,’ Albus replied. ‘If I didn’t, he would’ve been dead by now,’ Albus winked before pushing Robin back inside the room leaving Scorpius and Rose alone again.

‘Where were we?’ Scorpius asked, smirking. Rose smiled and kissed once again. ‘Happy birthday my love,’

A/N: well this is the one-shot that i've been talking about :] it's not much, but it kept me un-bored for about 2 hours :D. please read and review ^_^ i love them :P

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