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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 14 : Taken over by the Giant Squid and Brains owned by Leprechauns
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Disclaimer:  As always, JKR owns Harry Potter, and I do not.

“Sirius hits the bludger right at Philip’s head…Philip dodges the bludger and still manages to keep hold of the quaffle…Score for Hufflepuff!  100 to 70, Hufflepuff.”  Remus was doing the commentary for the Hufflepuff versus Gryffindor match and managed to stay fair.

Lily cheered for Philip, causing her to get stares from the Gryffindors she was sitting around, but she still sported the Gryffindor colors along with Peter and her Ravenclaw friends.  She really liked Philip, but her house meant a lot to her as well.  Besides, James was on the Gryffindor team, and she couldn’t disappoint him.  

Why?  Why couldn’t she disappoint him?  She pondered that question as one of the Gryffindor chasers, Caitlin Armstrong by the looks of it, grabbed the quaffle.  Well, it could be that she was pretty sure she was in love with him, but sometimes she wasn’t so sure.  Although he wasn’t as arrogant as the year before, he was still the troublemaker, well, that marauder that she had known since first year.  

Caitlin was hit by a bludger and sent hurtling toward the ground, but she righted herself before she was close enough to even cause panic in the stands.  A Hufflepuff chaser, Lucas Karre Remus announced, grabbed the quaffle.  Lily wasn’t sure what to think about James.  She knew he liked her, but she didn’t think he actually liked her enough to keep her as a girlfriend for more than a month, if she was lucky.  He’d never had long relationships, and she figured she’d be exactly the same.

She sighed as Hufflepuff scored again, making the score 110 to 70.  Alright, alright!  She loved the guy!  Still, she wasn’t sure what to do about James part in that.  He could easily break her heart, or make her dreams come true.  Maybe it would be better to just go out with someone like Philip, a guy she liked and wouldn’t have any unknown notions for breaking up or not.

But, would missing out on true love be worth it?  Shouldn’t she just give it a try?  All the same, would getting her heart broken be worth it?  A bludger was hurtling towards the stands, but Lily missed seeing Sirius stop it from hitting anybody.  Her gaze was fixed on James and the other seeker who were racing after something, probably the snitch, that she couldn’t see.  

Lily decided that she was just going to wait for destiny.  If James wanted to go out with her, he’d come up and ask her like he had done so many times before.  The crowd was on their feet, rooting for their favorite seeker to capture the snitch.  Both players were far beyond using dirty tactics to win, so they had a fair race, which James won.  Closing his fist around the snitch, James jumped from his broom, only a few feet in the air, and let out what could be a war-whoop.  

“Partaay!”  Sirius screamed above the already screaming crowd as he and the other beater, a fifth year named Bruce, pulled James up on their shoulders and practically charged from the stadium.  Lily laughed at the display and willingly followed the crowd to the Gryffindor tower.  Someone reached out and grabbed her hand, nearly causing her to scream.

“It’s just me, Lily.”  Philip laughed at her, which caused her to smack his arm.  He pretended like it hurt as they laughed.

“Hey, you did great today.  Didn’t you score most of your team’s points?”  Lily congratulated him.  Blushing, Philip nodded.

“It was just too bad Connor couldn’t get the snitch.”  Philip spoke of the Hufflepuff seeker.

“Well, you can’t really blame him, now can you?”  Lily asked as they walked slowly toward the school.  They had managed to get out of the pushy crowd, “Being up against James really makes it impossible for the other seeker to win.”

“Are you saying that James is the best seeker in the school?”  Philip asked, as if he was angry at her for thinking that.  Really, he agreed with her and was just messing around.

“I think he is, seeing as he’s beaten every seeker he’s been up against since Second Year.”  Lily grew uncomfortable with the question, but answered truthfully.  Philip’s smile caught her off-guard.

“I completely agree with you.  He’s made of raw talent, no doubt inherited from his dad.”  Philip admitted.

“Most certainly.  It’s hard to believe that Mr. Potter was anything like James in his youth, but the trophies sure prove to everyone that he was.”  Lily laughed.  James’ dad was seeker for Gryffindor for six of his years at Hogwarts, and each year had helped the team win the championship and house cup.

“Have you ever noticed James’ mom’s name on those trophies?”  Philip whispered in her ear, like he was telling a secret.  The sparkle in his eye, and the grin on his face made Lily blush.  She shook her head mutely as they climbed slowly towards the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw dorms.

“His mother’s maiden name was Turner, and she’s listed as one of the chaser’s on all of those trophies, too.  I don’t think James shared that with anyone before, because he liked to have something about his parents a secret for him to cherish only.”  Philip saw the question in Lily’s eyes, and winked, “No need to worry, I didn’t pry it out of him,”  Philip teased, “My dad played against them in his third and fourth years and knew them both well.  He’s told me the Potter’s story many times.  When he played seeker against James’ dad, he had a bit of an accident.  It was in his fourth year, and Mr. Potter was in his seventh.”

Before Philip could continue his story, the Marauders flew down the hallway past them, well, all but Peter.  They ran back after realizing they passed Lily and Philip.  James clapped Philip on the back, and Sirius laid his head on top of Lily’s.  Remus had his arms laiden with something Lily didn’t recognize, but the moment she opened her mouth to ask about it, Remus made it disappear.

“Great game, Philip!  You sure proved you’re a great Chaser today!  Too bad you aren’t in Gryffindor, or there’d surely be a spot on the winning team for you.”  James congratulated him, and began to lead him down the hall, with the others following.  They were on the floor where the Gryffindor Tower was.

“Thanks, James.  You weren’t too bad yourself.  Great catch, by the way.”  Philip returned the favor, and James beamed.

“Why don’t you join us in the common room for a party?”  Sirius asked with his arms around Lily, making her sway from side to side with each step like a penguin.  Oddly enough, Lily didn’t mind.

“I suppose I could, but my team might not like me for it.  Loyalty, you know?”  Philip confessed.  The boys nodded solemnly.  They knew all about loyalty, and how just one dance or fun night could ruin that if you weren’t’ careful.

“Yep, we know.  You’d better get back to your team and figure out ways to beat Slytherin in two weeks.  With your skills, I doubt you’ll have any problems, but it never hurts to be prepared.”  Sirius said, and Philip did just that with a farewell wave to Lily.  Once he was out of earshot, the Marauders turned on her.

“What?”  Lily asked, wondering what they could possibly have against her.

“You were fraternizing with the enemy!”  Sirius accused her.  Lily looked in their eyes and saw that they all thought along those lines, and Lily allowed herself a smile.  This, of course, caused the guys’ eyes to narrow into little slits.

“As I recall, you were just inviting him to a party; I believe that is exactly the same.”  Lily turned that around on them, and the Marauders thought a moment and burst into laughter.  Now, Lily really was confused.  She looked at them like they were crazy, and charged pass them.

“Come now, Lily.  We were just testing you to make sure you were the same Lily we’ve always known.”  James now came behind her and wrapped his arms over her shoulders to have the same effect that Sirius did.  The only difference:  It felt much, much more better to be held by James.

“Of course I’m the same Lily!  Who else could I be?”  Lily asked, trying to be mad, but smiling with James' arms around her.

“Well, I believed that the giant squid had taken over your body, and Leprechauns owned your brain.  Of course, that was my estimation of the situation.”  Sirius said in what was supposed to be a business voice.  Coming out of him, it just didn’t work.

“Nice rhyme” James complimented and Sirius lost his business physique.

“What situation, exactly?”  Lily asked.  She had to admit that Sirius’s estimation seemed pretty close to what she felt like.

“Uh, duh.  The situation with you being nice to us, and not fighting with James every time you see him or he speaks to you.”  Sirius clarified.  A look of realization appeared on Lily’s face, and she blushed at them noticing such a significant change.

“Well, I guess actually talking to James instead of yelling at him showed me the real James.”  Lily clarified, not looking at them, “I’m sorry for the way I treated you guys, it was really rude.  I’m actually embarrassed to admit that I was that immature.”  Now, the Marauders were staring at Lily with their mouths open.

“You’d better close them before you swallow a pixy.”  Lily laughed, and walked through the portrait hole to the loud music and celebrating of Gryffindors.  

“Don’t you walk away from us, Missy.”  Remus said, and stalled her with yet another guy throwing their arms around her.  Lily laughed at the angry faces the boys tried to get away with.

“Were you being serious?”  James asked, a bad question on his part.

“Nope, I’m Sirius!”  Sirius had to tell his infamous joke.  Lily giggled at the annoyed expressions the others had.

“Yes, I was serious.  Why else would I be friends with you guys?”  Lily asked, and that solved the problem.  They actually believed her now, and she was pretty sure she had given the same pep-talk to James a few times.  It took them long enough to listen.

The Gryffindors partied long into the night, with a few people from different houses among them.  Lily danced with all the Marauders, and even took pity on Peter, and all her other friends.  The girls tried to be jealous when their boyfriends danced with her, but they were all too close friends to stay angry for long.  Besides, they knew that the guys were loyal to them, without them having to be Gryffindors.  

Long before the night had ended, the Marauders left the party.  The returned in the invisibility cloak, on the search for Sirius’ Cinderella.  Unfortunately, they didn’t find her, and returned to the dorm after three that night.  Good thing the next day was Sunday; Sirius was about to go mental, and the other Marauders couldn’t have that happening.

A/N: Hope y’all liked it!  I know, I know, I took forever to update this one.  Sorry, especially to my shortest friend…Or, at least one of them anyway.  Reviews are appreciated!

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