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Scratch Pad by JesusFreak101
Chapter 2 : Sweet, Precious, Delicious Revenge
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Once Mandy had finished her breathing exercises she returned to walking down the hallway to find Pen and Kat.  She turned the corner and ran into Mr. Filch.  He scowled at her saying under his breath, “Students now-a-days.  They never ‘ave the tendency’s to look at where they’re goin’.”  Mandy’s eyes followed him until he turned the corner she had past.  She scowled at his shadow and began walking again until she yet again bumped into another person.  She looked up from her feet and saw it was Cedric Diggory.  “Oh sorry Cedric.” She apologized.  He smiled at her brightly responding,

“Don’t worry about it.”  Mandy chuckled at his response and realized that he was eyeing her. 

“Are you alright Ced?” she asked.  He soon realized what he was doing and answered quickly,

“Oh yes, I’m fine, sorry about that.  I’ll talk to you later Mandy.” He flashed another gorgeous smile at her, which made her almost weak in the knees.  Suddenly Mandy’s face turned stunned. 

‘Am I falling for Diggory?’ she asked herself.  ‘No, that’s not possible!  I don’t fall for younger boys.  At least I usually don’t…why would I?  He isn’t all that great…only handsome…well dressed and presented.’ She found herself naming nice qualities about him.  When she first recognized it she was appalled and couldn’t believe what she was imagining.  Then she smirked to herself and began thinking and orchestrating a plan inside her pretty brain.

“Hey Pen, Kat, Brad, Jack!”  They all looked at her strangely as she plopped herself by Pen and Jack. 

“What’s up Mandy?” asked Brad slowly. 

“Something fantastic!” Jack and Brad’s face glowed with excitement and the girls’ faces looked bored knowing that it wasn’t what they hoped.

“Yes!” screamed Jack.  “You and Oliver are back together aren’t you?”  The whole student body looked over at their table as you could hear some whispers of astonishment, most of the people didn’t even know that Oliver and Mandy had broken up.  All of the girls moaned as the guys shook their heads in disappointment that they had missed their opportunity, patting one another on the back. 

“No,” Mandy responded Jack and Brad’s face became crestfallen as they relaxed and looked at there food sadly.  Mandy looked at them strangely and continued, “It’s even better.”  Pen looked interested and Kat took the opportunity to “comfort” Brad in his desperate time of need.  Jack looked jealous and yanked on Pens’ robe but she ignored his wants and stayed in contact with Mandy. 

“What’s up?”  Mandy smiled widely and whispered it in Pens’ ear.   Her mouth went wide as she sat back down.  After digesting her friends backstabbing plan she smiled and began to laugh.  Mandy’s grin had given her sore cheeks but a very happy heart.  “Are you sure?” Pen asked.  Mandy nodded excitedly. 

“Hey guys what’s up?” asked Oliver from behind them.  Jack looked up from his food, ignored and said sadly,

“Nothing exciting,” he glared at Mandy saying, “anymore.”  Mandy rolled her eyes and Pen nudged him scolding,


“What do you mean?” asked Oliver, intriguingly. 

“Well Mandy said she had a cool surprise and I thought it was that you two got back together but instead-Ow!” Jack barked.

“What did I just say?” questioned Pen pinching his arm.  Oliver looked over to Mandy and asked,

“So what’s the big news.”  Mandy looked at Oliver’s nice smile and shiny hair, but came back to reality that his smile and hair is what had broken her heart three months previously.

“Oh nothing that would interest you.” She smiled.  Oliver admired her perfect brown eyes and golden hair but returned to what was going on right then and there remembering that he had a fantastic girl back home. 

“Ha…alright then.”  Mandy was annoyed immediately by his laughter and asked him angrily,

“What’s the laugh for?”  Oliver had noticed her anger and grasped it. 

“I just think it’s strange how you can tell everyone at this table about your fantastic news but me.”  His eyebrow poked up as if inviting a challenge.  Mandy looked at him astonished and replied,

“I didn’t tell everyone at this table but you!  I only told Pen!  Isn’t that right guys?”  No one answered, not wanting to get in the middle of their quarrel. 

“Oh well look at that.” Challenged Oliver again, “Looks like no one believes you.”

“Oh yes and everyone believes you?” Mandy asked angrily standing.  Oliver stood as well towering over her and raising his voice responded,

“Yes!  I’m the truthful one!”

“Like hell you are!” responded Mandy hotly.  “You are the one who made us all believe that your feelings for me were true but they weren’t were they?  You got what you wanted and now that you found a prettier and stupider muggle to dance with then why not go and snog with her!  I’m sure that her ways are way better then mine!” Oliver’s face got hot as he answered,

“If you wanna know the truth they are!”  Mandy slapped him across the face and walked out of the room where the students and teachers had looked up from their breakfasts and watched as she madly stormed away from the Great Hall and watched Oliver stand there with a red stingy cheek.  Jack, Brad, Kat and Pen all had their mouths open staring at the empty space in front of Oliver and waiting for him to go after her.  They watched him sit slowly down back in his seat and begin to eat again silently.  Jack mouth sunk lower to the table as he asked quietly,

“What are you doing mate?”

“Eating, what do you think it’s called when you’re chewing and swallowing?” Kat looked at him angrily and stormed out of the room.  Pen put down her fork and asked at a normal tone and volume,

“You really have no feelings do you?” she got up slowly and walked out of the Great Hall leaving Oliver stuffing his mouth full of eggs and sausage.

“You all right?” sighed Kat finding Mandy at the Black Lake.  Mandy just stared at the water not noticing her friend and answered,

“Ey…” Mandy looked as if she was looking at someone or something but the happy smile of reassurance never came.

“Sucks to him!” Kat grunted throwing a stone into the massive water puddle.  Mandy neither laughed nor smiled but rather ignored her friends’ angry insult. 

“He’s really over it isn’t he?” Mandy asked still in her same position. Kat looked down at her and answered squatting next to her,

“Never.” Mandy’s eyes moved downward and Kat could see her eyes becoming wet with exhaustion.  Mandy wiped her cheeks quickly as the exhaustion rolled down her cheeks. 

“He’s off the ride that I never wanted to get off of.” Mandy began to say as Kats glare was directed back towards the lake as she threw another rock landing in the distance.  “I never thought we would press pause or stop…I thought it was never-ending.” Mandy finished as Kat sighed and responded,

“It’s never never-ending Mandy.  Once they get what they want they’re gone…” she looked up smirking and adding to her negativity, “unless you get a Man who knows what he wants and knows how to treat you and how to love you and will be there for you 100%!”  Kat was smiling now and tossed a newfound rock to the shore. 

“Like Brad?” Mandy asked dully and Kat snickered,

“Almost…” Mandy wanted her friends happiness and she also didn’t want to create negativity in her friend as well so she just stayed put and said no more about the subject and let her friend gaze at the lake in happiness as she gazed at it in dread.   

Mandy walked down the hallways and saw Cedric standing with his friends.  He took one glance in her direction and became still and awkward.  Mandy smiled to herself and noticed Oliver walking down the hallway with Brad and Jack looking up at her and waiting to make eye contact so that he would have the chance to talk to her.  She smirked at him and trotted over Cedric tapping him on the shoulder.  He turned around surprised to see the prettiest girl in school talking to an underclassman.  “Hey Ced.”  She smiled. 

“Hey Mandy.” Chuckled Cedric.

“Wanna walk me to class?” she asked with a wink.  He looked at her eyebrows raised and nodded his head and offering his arm.

“Ladies first.” He said and gave her another one of his smiles.  Mandy giggled and looked back at Oliver whose eyes were glancing over at them and Jack and Brad noticing the newest drama and eyeing Cedric and Mandy not nearly as closely as Oliver was.  Mandy turned around and couldn’t help but feel a tad bite of sweet revenge.  She tightened her grip on Cedrics arm and smiled at him.  They reached her class and she took her books from him and daintily stroked his arm with her feminine hand and winking at him while saying,

“Thanks a lot Ced.  That was very sweet of you.”

“Anytime Mandy.” Cedric answered…almost to fast.

“Mandy!” called Pen from up the hallway waving her hand slightly and Kat came walking behind her trying to keep up. 

“Hey girls.” Answered Mandy. 

“Is that all you got to say to us?  Your best friends?” questioned Pen.  Kat rolled her eyes and answered annoyingly,

“She probably doesn’t even know what we are talking about Pen.”

“Oh yes she does!” retorted Pen.

“Oh no I don’t.” responded Mandy.  Pen looked at her, dumbfounded. 

“Are you serious?”  she asked once more. 

“Yes.  I am dead serious.”  Mandy annoyingly spat. 

“Are you, or are you not, dating Cedric Diggory?”  Pen asked cautiously.  Mandy cackled at the question. 

“What on Earth are you talking about Pen?”  Mandy’s friends eyes became quite wide in astonishment.  Kat smiled and answered,

“There is a rumor going around that you and Diggory are going out.”  Mandy finished her humor moment and finally replied,

“No.  Not yet, anyways.” Mandy replied.  Kats smile drained from her face and Pen’s face lit up.

“So you guys are going to get together?”

“Gee Pen, I don’t know.  Ask your sources.” Mandy chuckled at her comment and began walking down the hall again to her next class. 

“Mandy, you can’t be serious!” Moaned Kat. 

“Why not?  Cedric is very nice, cute, funny, sweet, gentle-”

“And two years younger than you!” cut in Kat.  Mandy gave her quite an unsatisfied face expression.  “Listen Mandy, you cannot just start dating a boy just to get on Oliver’s nerves.  I don’t believe that you’re thinking of Cedric’s feelings?”

“Of course I am!  I have always been fond of Cedric and I do believe that it won’t only help me get over Oliver, but it will also be good for me, and him, as well.  I will learn to love him.” Nodded Mandy.

“Mandy, it sounds as if you’re forcing yourself into an arranged marriage.” Chuckled Pen.  

“Well, don’t put it in that category then.” Stomped Mandy’s foot and then she walked the rest of the way down the hall into her next class.  Her two friends could not believe the lengths of which Mandy was going in order to get over her summer fling.  

“That girl really needs to work out some things in that clattered brain of hers.” Whispered Kat.  Pen nodded her head in fast and vicious agreement.

After all the lessons of the day were over Oliver bounded down the steps and on his way into the great hall and noticed Cedric Diggory laughing with some of his friends.  “Hey Diggory!” he called.  Cedric looked over at him, smoothly and classy-like.  “Come over here!” beckoned Oliver.   

“Hey Oliver!  Good Quidditch game the other day I-“

“Yeah, yeah thanks.  Hey, are you and Mandy together?” Cedrics face was just as cool as his actions.  He was the next James Dean. 

“What are you talking about mate?” Oliver looked him over and asked him again, more carefully, scared of talking to slowly for the poor lad.

“Are…you…and…Mandy…together?” Cedric laughed and answered,

“I heard you the first time I just didn’t understand Why you were asking me the question.  No, we aren’t.  Why would you ask that?”  Cedric leaned against the wall and chuckled.  Oliver glared at him and answered,

“Don’t worry about it.”  Oliver stormed into the Great Hall to leave Cedric smirking at the place where Oliver once stood.  You see, Oliver had made the past years at Hogwarts miserable for Cedric Diggory.  He had played one-two many tricks on poor Ced, and now, Cedric had just found the right ammo to use against Oliver Wood.  He had known about the previous romance between Oliver and Mandy ever since it had begun.  Cedric had always liked the fair maiden and yet, the famous jock had always taken and called Mandy his own.  Diggory was tired of being tossed around and began to think of his process of revenge.  Little did he know that Mandy was creating a plot to deceive her former lover as well.

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