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For Every Single Reason by BlacksBaby07
Chapter 10 : Nothing Will Be the Same
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Disclamier: I own nothing.
Authors note:
I would like to say how terribly sorry I am for not updating in the past few months, School begain to take over my life with fianls and I started a new job which made things harder for me to write.  However, I am back now and with pleanty of chapters for this story.

Coughing  from the lack of air, Rose filled her chest with oxygen and let it out in a slow exaggerated sigh.   Trying to gain back her poseur she leaned against the wall of the Quidditch pitch. She could hear the faint sound of James’ voice giving instructions to what seemed to be the keepers, the position Hugo would be trying out for.   She glanced over towards the hill she had just ran over, Christopher’s yells were now gone but the feeling on her lips still remained.  It was the after-taste that she was not expecting, as if someone had switched lips with Christopher, someone like Scorpius.


Rose quickly shook that thought out of her mind, she could not believe that she thought of such foolishness, kiss Scorpius Malfoy? Wanting to kiss him? She chuckled to herself and was still smiling after thinking about it for a few seconds, which she once again kicked herself for. Rose could not help it if Scorpius’ face came to mind when kissing Christopher.


Could she?


No that was simply out of the question, it was the simply the weather that made her think of him.


The small voice inside her head whispered you have been thinking about him a lot haven’t you? And don’t blame it on the weather.


“It’s not my fault, it’s his!” yelled Rose a little too loudly.


“Are you talking to yourself, Weasley? They say that is the first sign of insanity.”


Rose did not have to turn around to see who it was and the crooked smile that was always with him. She could always count on Scorpius Malfoy being there when she didn’t want him there.


“Well then I must be insane,” she muttered sarcastically, turning around to face him. Suddenly the kiss replayed in her mind along with his face and she blushed furiously and looked away.


“That explains a lot, why aren’t you at the Griffindor Qudditich try-outs?”  he asked.


Rose shrugged and forced herself to look back up at him, “I don’t mind watching Qudditich, I’m just not the best player in the world.”


Scorpius looked over at the pitch and watched the keepers guard the goal post. Hugo was amongst them doing pretty well.


 “So that’s why you are not trying-out?


Rose cocked her forehead and asked suspiciously, “Yes, why do you ask?”


Once again Scorpius shrugged, yet this time his cocky grin came back in full form, “That was predictable.”


Rose opened her mouth to object not quite sure if he had just insulted her. But what was the point? It wasn’t like he was going to leave her alone now.  Then a question came to her mind, something she remembered him mentioning. She was fighting for the words, but her mind said them for her before she had a chance to stop it.


“Is that what you meant?” she asked timidly, “About being able to see the real me?”


“So you’re admitting you’re predictable?” He questioned, a shocked expression erupting onto his face.


Rose snapped fiercely, “No, I’m not admitting to anything.”


Scorpius threw his head back and laughed, “Of course you’re not, Rose. I hear the Weasley pride is pretty hard to take down.”


“You’ve got that right,” she replied. “You haven’t told me why I’m predictable yet though.”


It took a while for Scorpius to answer, but Rose waited patiently. She was, for once in her life, interested in what Scorpius Malfoy had to say. She could hear talking coming from the pitch; the tryouts were ending soon and the sky seemed to begin slowly clearing up.


Finally, Scorpius spoke, “I see how you work, Rose. I know it does not all come natural to you but you want it to, you want people to see you as they see your Mum, smart and top in the year. You’re a Weasley and although you may have the red hair, you feel like you have to prove that you are something more than just a Weasley and live up to your name at all the same time.  And doing something you may not be the best at stops you from trying in the first place, because you feel you have something to prove and you cannot be good enough if you’re not the best at it.”


Rose was stunned; the answer was nothing she would have ever expected. She wasn’t sure if he was right, wrong, or some crazy stalker that knew way too much about her.


But that was not she.


Was it? A voice asked inside of her.


 Rose shouted to herself inside of her head, No, no, no, it couldn’t be. Don’t let Malfoy get to you, Rose, he already has you in too deep!


In too deep of what? The voice asked again.


Rose shook her head violently, “You don’t know that.”


“Your lot are also pretty stubborn. But it’s ok, us Malfoys can be pretty stubborn as well,” he said, a twinkle in his eye that Rose found to her most utter disbelief… irresistible.


No, No, NO, shouted her inner self again biting her bottom lip so hard she was sure it would cut open.


“How do you know all of this?” she finally asked almost weakly, terrified of the answer.


Scorpius, who seemed almost taken back by the question swallowed hard, Rose watched his Adam’s apple go up and down.


“I guess because I was there too,” he finally admitted.


Rose was not sure what Scorpius meant, but it made her curious nonetheless. “Is it one of those ‘long stories?’” she asked, a coy smile pulling her lips up.


Scorpius shook his head with laughter, “Well, if it is do you want to take a walk?”


She said ‘yes’ before she could even think.  Taking a civilized walk with Malfoy seemed so wrong but for some reason it felt almost natural to walk beside him, almost like they were never enemies at all.


“I used to be like that, you know, caring about my family’s status ,” he began, taking a deep breath to continue. “Don’t get me wrong I do, but ever since I was little I was always told the Malfoy family is one of the oldest wizarding families alive today and I must live up to that name.  So I did.  I learned how to become the ‘proper pure-blood’ like my father had raised me to be and that some families, like- well, he said- like your family were poor excuses for wizards.  I went to school with all this knowledge in my head that I had to hold onto my family’s pride.  However, you read about so many great families of the wizarding world in the history books and the name Malfoy never shows up.  So I began to ask myself ‘What did my family ever do that was so great?’  And it turns out the only great thing my family did, if you can call it great, was being loyal servants to Voldemort and joining in on his horrific crimes.”


His voice was extremely bitter on the last part, it reminded Rose of the time they had detention when he was telling her off.  He turned to her with an almost pleading look in his eyes.


“I’m not who they are, Rose. I never will be. And I don’t care how long it takes; I am determined to change the Malfoy name once and for all.”


‘Astonished’ might have been the best word to describe Rose as Scorpius admitted all those things to her, the look on his face told her that he had wanted to tell her that for years, but she never listened. She only saw him as something he never wanted her to see. Yet she did, six years of hating, of constant bickering over the silliest things, had lead up to this one moment where she saw the real Scorpius for the first time.

The Scorpius Malfoy that was really there all along.


“That is… unbelievable,” she stuttered. “Are you saying that it is wrong to be proud of my family?”


“No,” said Scorpius. “That exactly what I mean, you have something to be proud of: people who will be there for you when no one else will be there.  Not just because they share your last name but because they’re your blood. A name is just a name, but blood is always thicker then water.”


“Oh, and I’m not saying you are smart… you are brilliant, but not just because you are your mother’s daughter,” Scorpius said, brushing his hand through his hair awkwardly, a small blush rising onto his cheeks. Rose couldn’t help but blush too. Who knew Scorpius Malfoy could give out compliments?


“Well… thanks, I guess,” laughed Rose, Scorpius laughed with her.


His laugh had a very nice sound. And it sounded so true, not fake; it was purely genuine. Everything about him was genuine.  The new Scorpius was never truly new, yet always there just waiting for her to see. She hated that she was wrong for so many years and she knew it would take time. As much as Rose tried to deny that, she couldn’t. Her morals and beliefs were crushing down on her and a vast whirlwind  was taking her with  it.


She continued to walk with Scorpius, talking about the little things that allowed on person to know  another. The late September air took  the leaves off the branches and twirled   them around like a ballerina’s graceful dancing, ending their life beautifully as they touched the moist ground.


Rose breathed in the air, letting it all in, letting the world in, and soon, letting Scorpius fully in. But good things always came to those who wait; however, that time didn’t seem so far now. She opened her eyes, eager to let go like a leaf off a branch.

Authors Note: I'm sorry for this chapter's length I just felt that this is what needed to be done in this chapter and that was it. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I would ove to hear what you thought by writing me a reveiw!!!
*hint hint* *wink* *wink* =D
This was beta-ed by Whitney =]

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