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Captivity by Ellerina
Chapter 1 : Captivity
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For Ilia’s Theme Challenge
'Captivity Develops Over Time'

Hey all!

Originally, I had picked another theme from Ilia's list but I was too slow and had to pick another one. And I am so glad! I had so much fun writing this! Thanks to Ilia for the great challenge, to my rockin' beta Rose_Wilts, and to everyone for reading this. You guys rock!



She supposed that in the beginning it had been torrid. That’s what all the papers had said, anyway. She also supposed that in some circles, their relationship would have been regarded as juicy news.

Draco Malfoy Has Torrid (Wild) (Passionate) Love Affair With Younger Witch.

Well, not that much younger. But young enough for people to talk. For people to start saying things about the freedom of youth being wasted on the young.

“Eighteen is no age to be tied down, Astoria. You don’t know what you want when you’re so young,” people had said. “Go do something exciting while you still can. If this really is love, it can wait.”

But they didn’t understand. Being with Draco was exciting. Sometimes it felt like the most reckless thing she had ever done – the way it made her pulse race and her breath become short. It was intoxicating. Every touch was exhilarating, like an out-of-control dive on a broomstick.

Though, after a while, things weren’t the same. Just being with him didn’t seem to make her blood boil like it used to. Nineteen was rapidly approaching and she could almost hear the little voice inside of her telling her to get her kicks while she could. But she didn’t listen. She knew there had to be a way to fix this. To get things back to the way they were supposed to be.

So she pushed for more. And he gave in.

And when his lips were on her neck and his hands were pressed into the small of her back and pleasure was bubbling up and out of her skin and swirling in her hair, she knew she had been right.

And she was right for a while.

Then one night, as she watched the moonlight play across his skin and pale hair while they lay in bed, she very nearly heard that voice inside her again. She turned a deaf ear to it, not wanting it to ruin everything, and pushed again for more.

And again, he gave in.

Draco Malfoy To Wed Younger (Trophy) (Gold-Digging) Girlfriend.

The talking began again. Murmurs about what a waste it was that they would be married so young. She lifted her nose in the air, too elated to care what they said. She was beautiful, nearly twenty and engaged, and they just didn’t understand.

But sometimes, when she was by herself, she would slip the ring off her finger and watch the way it shone silver in the light. It felt so strange on her hand. Binding, confining, like it was cutting off the flow of blood to and from her finger.

It was the symbol of marriage though; maybe it was supposed to feel like that.

Her eyes traced the edge of the band, around and around in an endless circle, like an animal pacing in its cage.


She slid the ring back on her finger, not quite wincing at the cold touch of the metal against skin. Would it always feel this way, the voice inside her wondered, barely loud enough to hear, or would she get used to it, like a pet gets used to a collar?

Stubbornly, she told herself that she was imagining things and that the voice just didn’t understand.

Even so, as her ring clicked against the metal of a doorknob, the voice couldn’t help but almost silently remind her how much it sounded like the turning of a key closing a lock.

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