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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 14 : Chapter Fourteen Answers
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Chapter Fourteen Answers

Harry Potter wore a hole into the carpet us he paced back and forth in front of the Minster of Magic’s desk, running a hand through his hair he sighed in frustration, stopping in front of the desk he spoke through a tired croaky voice “what do you mean Bellatrix Black had something to do with it.” 

“Look Harry, we found her magic signature in the compartment” The Minster of Magic said 

Harry slammed his fists on the desk “You Percy Weasley are being calm when your niece and nephew, have been taken by that fucking bitch” 

Percy jumped as the fists made contact “Harry I am well aware of the fact that they have members of my family, but I only said that her magical signature was found, I didn’t say she took them” 

Harry grow red in the face “Percy, you idiot did you see my children in that compartment?” 

Percy shook his head 

“Then they were taken, or are you that stupid you can’t see that” 

Percy stood up “now see here, I am no idiot Harry Potter” 

“Oh, really Percy, then prove you aren’t an idiot by finding my children, you’re niece and nephew” 

Percy sighed sitting back in his chair “We’ve looked Harry, there’s no trace of them, it’s like they’ve just disappeared off the face of the earth.” 

Harry slumped in a chair “I read the report” 

Percy looked up sharply “How?” 

“How else, I’m an auror, or don’t you remember” 

Percy nodded “what do you want me to do Harry?” 

Harry removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes “Let me and James look at all the evidence, including the Hogwarts express” 

Percy nodded “anything else” 

Before Harry could answer the door banged open “Is there any news on my son”
Harry took in the worn out look on Draco’s face, he looked in just the same condition as him. 

Percy was standing now; Harry could just make out a wand in Percy’s hand under the desk “Mr Malfoy, who let you in?” 

“I let myself in, have you heard anything about my son” Draco said maliciously 

Percy sighed “I know just as much as you do” 

“That’s not good enough; you should be out there finding him.” 

Harry snorted “Why do you care about you’re son, you probably didn’t even know you had one until he went missing” 

Draco glared at Harry “I suppose my son was taken because he was friends with your blood traitor of a daughter” 


Draco Malfoy lay on the Minster of Magic’s office with his nose broke, as blood poured out Draco said “I want my son back” 

Harry sighed he really wanted to say, why so you can make him think my daughter is filth, or that blood means everything, instead he said “yeah well I want my children back to” with that he turned to Percy “I’m going to look through the evidence now”
As Harry closed the door to Percy’s office he was meet by an identical face to his minus the chocolate brown eyes. 

“Come on James, we have to go look at a train” 

James fall into Harry’s foot steps beside Harry “What happened in there dad” 

Harry smiled lightly “I broke Malfoy’s nose” 

James chuckled “I thought it was aunt Hermione’s job to do that” 

Harry laughed “It was, but she wasn’t there so I stepped up to the plate” 

James nodded “Are we going to tell mum what were doing?” 

Harry stopped just outside the Department of Mysteries. “No let’s not worry her, but I need you’re aunt an uncle” 

James nodded “I’ll go get aunt Hermione, meet you at the auror offices” 

Harry nodded and parted from his son, sighing he never know losing his two youngest children would hurt so much, no wonder Molly use to try and keep us safe Harry thought as he jumped in the elevator, as it took him to the top floor he hoped Ron was in a good mood. 

“Harry where are you headed to?” 

Harry looked up and smiled at Ron “Ron I need the files on the missing Potters” 

Ron sighed “Harry you know I can’t give them to you” 

Harry chuckled “Ron you can, Percy said so” 

Ron smiled slightly “good, I really didn’t want to sneak you into the backroom again” 

Harry smiled as he followed his best friend through the rows and rows of portable cubicles that were there offices, through a doorway into a room that was filled to the roof with filing cabinets, paper memos fly in an out of the roof us they made there way down to the filing cabinet dedicated to P. 

As Harry pulled the draw open and flicked through the documents until he found Potter, smiling slightly he slammed the cabinet shut and walked out Ron close on his heels. 

As Ron grabbed his jacket from his cubicle and followed Harry he spoke “Harry, where are we going?” 

Harry smiled slightly “to catch a train” 

Ron nodded as the pair fell into a silent walk until they reached Hermione, her shrill voice reaching there ears, Harry turned quickly to Ron, raising his eyebrow he asked “What did you do now?” 

Ron grinned sheepily, rubbing the back of his head “Hermione is pregnant again, some how it’s my fault” 

Harry nodded, he know how horrible Hermione was when she was like that, he shuddered when he picture James face, and how Hermione was probably giving him “the talk” in the middle of the Minstery Of Magic 

As they rounded the corner Harry instantly seen James’ bright red face and sulken expression, trying not to laugh he walked up to Hermione and hugged her, instantly she stoped lecturing James. “You ready for one more adventure?” Harry whispered in Hermione’s ear 

Hermione smiled “You did get clearance, right” 

Thinking about it Harry wasn’t sure if he did, to stop Hermione’s worrying he nodded and muttered “Hogsmeade” 

Four pops rang through the air as they appeared just outside the station. “what compartment, harry?” Hermione asked 

Looking at the paper he read “fifteen from the back” 

As soon as they reached the compartment, they all throw spells to see if there was signs of a portkey, magic signatures and things like that, as a light blue stained one corner, Harry sighed pointing to the blue mark he said “that’s Bellatrix Black’s magic signature” 

They all stayed quiet until Harry spoke again “I was so sure that we would find something the Minstery missed” 

Hermione lay a hand on his shoulder “Harry we’ll find them” 

Harry nodded but continued “I shouldn’t of had kids, I know that after what I went through with Lord Mouldy pants, that my kids weren’t safe, but when Ginny told me she was pregnant I was so happy, but now out of three kids I only have one left, Ginny worried more then what mum (Molly) was when we went in search for Voldermort’s soul.” 

James had stayed silent as his father spoke, was starting to feel the hopelessness that Harry felt until something struck him, waving his wand in a circular motion he yelled “revelotime” as the cabinet turned a bright pink he smiled. 

The golden trio looked up sharply; as James ruffled his hair instantly he said “someone took them through time.” 

Harry jumped to face them “Hermione I want you to find out if you can see what year, James I want you to see if there’s a way to get them back, Ron I want you to shift through the other evidence to see what else we can find.” 

The three nodded as they followed Harry out to apparate to do there jobs. Before Hermione could go Harry grabbed her elbow and pulled her to the side, instantly he spoke “Don’t be angry at Ron, he is happy that you two are going o have a third child, his just being an idiot” 

Hermione nodded before throwing her arms around his neck “thank you

Harry smiled at his long term friend “I better be god father” 

Hermione laughed as the two apparated back to Godric’s hollow.

Ok…..Harry found out what happened to his kids, Harry calls Molly Weasley mum, and I thought it fitted that he should. The spell revelotime is my own spell it means to reveal if a time device has been used…I decided I’m going to write another story I thought about writing a James and Lily Evans one but as much as I don’t like Hermione and Draco being a couple I thought of a really good plot for a story, I know Hermione belongs with Ron, but oh well…any way this story has about ten more chapters so once I finish it I’ll start writing a Draco Hermione fic …Any way plz read and review.
Lily Times

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Time travel: Chapter Fourteen Answers


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