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Figure Skating by Curiosity is not a sin
Chapter 3 : A Chapter of sorts
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Hello peeps! Here’s chapter 3 at last! Thank you to everyone who’s reviewed, it’s been awesome reading them especially the huge huge huge amount for the first chapter!!! Also, I’m hoping to go to my ‘unanswered reviews’ and have to a huge fat pile more to respond to when I come back, so please please please review! Enjoy it and until the next time I write! Oh yeah, and italics are thought!

"You really are so familiar," Draco replied, still studying her eyes.

"I should be," she replied. "But you'll only find out things about me that I want you to find out. Having dropped me at your feet, I'm going to change my mind about giving you a clue as to who I am. I don't think I can reveal just who I am yet.

"Who are you?" Draco called, feeling the first prickles of irritation as she began to exit the rink.

"That," she said, turning around and throwing him an evil smirk, "is for me to know and you to find out!"

“How was that?” Alex called across the rink to Draco, who was busy watching her performance and coaching her by standing at the edge of the rink.

“It was okay,” he said skating to her swiftly, “but you need to improve your posture.”

Alex had currently been trying to spin in very tight circles while wearing her figure skates.

“Let me help,” Draco said, skating closer to her so that they were less than 30cm away from each other. Draco reached out a hand and placed it on Hermione’s mid back. “This part of your back,” he said, gently indicating the area where his hand was resting, “needs to be straight. You can’t have any slouching because that will slow your spins down and make them uncoordinated and messy. Here,” he said, gently running his hands down the length of her arms to the palm of her hands, “you need to hold your hands in to each other, don’t let them waves around. You’re not some ballet dancer. Figure skating means elegance. By keeping them in a fixed position, you will be able to increase the velocity of your spins and it also looks much tidier. Now give me your left hand.”

Alex extended her left hand and Draco took it in his right.

“What I want you to do,” he said, holding her hand firmly in his and noting the slight pink flush creeping up her face. “Is to spin in to me. I’ll push you out and you will then release my hand and spin like I just talked you through. Understand?”

“Yeah,” she said, immediately spinning in to him so that her back was resting against his chest and his left hand was resting on her upper arm.

“Like that?” she asked quietly, feeling slightly intimidated by the situation and beginning to get lightly flustered.

“Yeah,” Draco smirked and she could hear the amusement in his voice, almost as though he knew how she was feeling. Of course he did, none of his other figure skating partners were ever this tense, and so it was easily recognisable for him. “On three, I want to spin out. My giving you a slight push will allow you to spin faster. Ready?”

Alex nodded her head.

“One, two, and three,” Draco released her with a slight push so that se spun out gracefully and in neat and tidy circles, just had Draco had asked her to. By the end of the training session, Alex had perfected the spin and with assistance, had also managed a slightly wobbly lift where she was balanced by Draco.

When Alex exited the changing rooms after about twenty minutes, Draco was waiting for her outside the rink.

“How come you’re still here?” she asked.

“Well, I thought I’d drop you home.”

“Okay…” she said slowly.

The two set off at a reasonable pace, Alex intentionally going much slower than expected so that Draco could keep up.

When Alex had unlocked her front door and stepped in, Draco leaned against the doorway, obviously wanting a final word.

“Alex, are you free this weekend?”

“I don’t have anything planned as of yet. Why, what’s up?”

“There’s a dance that I’ve been invited to and I need a date – just as friends,” he added hastily, after looking at the fury flash in her eyes. “Care to join me?”

“Umm…okay…” she said slowly, hoping that she wouldn’t regret this. “What’s the theme?”

“Smart formal, nothing over the top like a ball gown, but something feminine. That means no tracksuits!” he added with a wink and immediately turned around and started walking away, leaving a gaping Alex at the door. He turned around again, “I’ll pick you up at seven.”

The week leading up to the dance, Hermione continued to train in private for Figure Skating. She also went to visit her Ice Hockey team who were more than thrilled to see her. They spent a good few hours socialising. The Friday before the dance, Hermione decided that she needed to get a dress to wear for the occasion, as the majority of her clothes were not party material and possibly a little bit too much on the sporty side. She went to one of the stores she knew which sold simple prom dresses. Immediately, a dark red dress caught her attention, and having bought it along with other accessories and shoes, she took a taxi home for a change.


Hermione (as Alex) opened the door when the doorbell rang. Instead of seeing Draco’s face at the door, she saw a bunch of flowers. As he moved the flowers aside, Alex saw Draco’s jaw drop at how she looked. Sure, she had made some effort into getting dressed. The dark red dress she was wearing was quite low and held up with very thin straps. There was also an even darker small satin belt just below her bust and the remaining dress flowed down to just above her knees. The hem of the dress held gold embroidery and her feet were adorned with high heeled golden sandals. She wore simple red and gold jewellery and her hair was simply left down instead of tied up in a tight pony. For her, she herself was admiring how Draco looked. He was dressed in complete black; consisting of crisp ironed black trousers, a black shirt and tie and also a black dinner jacket.

“Oh wow…you look really pretty,” he said.

“Thank you,” she replied with a smile. “You look very nice yourself; very smart.”

After placing the flowers in a vase, she accepted Draco’s offered arm and he led her to a limo which was waiting outside. Draco saw her eyes widen and she looked at him. He smirked in response.

The hall where the dance was held was elegant, rather simple but stylish. Alex thoroughly enjoyed people gaping at her because she did not usually get a chance to pretty herself up so it made a nice change compared to the usual. A lot of people recognised her as the Hockey player, so she, like Draco, was occupied with meeting new people. After some time, Draco asked her to the dance floor for a slow dance and Alex accepted. She felt his familiar strong hand on his back and as they danced, she could smell his cologne. Damn was that a cologne!

When the dance was over and people began to leave, Draco dropped Alex home in the limo. When they reached her house, he went with her to her front door.

“Thank you for a lovely night out Draco,” Alex said, smiling.

“You’re welcome,” he smirked, “do I not get a good-bye kiss?”

“Course you do,” Alex replied and taking even herself by surprise, she delicately kissed him on the cheek. “Good night Draco.”

“What, do I not even get a hint about who you are?” he asked while she began to close the door.

“I think I can give you one,” she replied smiling sheepishly. “You know that lovely limo you spent so much money on? Well it really was fantastic and I loved it, but I would have been all up to apparate there too!” Smirking, she closed the door as it sunk through to Draco that Alex was actually a witch.

Reviews please?! 

Sonam xx

p.s. If you'd like to find out more about me, visit my Meet The Author page where I'll answer questions about my stories and/or me! Thank you :)

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Figure Skating: A Chapter of sorts


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