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Adventures of the next Generation: The First Year by demongurl
Chapter 21 : The Prisoner escapes
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Dylan and Harper met up with Amy in the great hall the next morning, the Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor quidditch teams had decided they wanted a mini competition because all the players were getting bored. Any players that were missing was replaced by other students who had stayed behind. They were walking into the great hall to get something to eat when they saw Snape walking from the dungeons to the staff room. Dylan saw a group of older girls giggling and when they saw Snape, one of them gave him a smile.

“Good morning professor Snape.” She said sweetly. Snape stopped dead and looked at her. His face paler then usual, if it was possible. Harper started giggling.

“Um, yes” Snape mumbled.

“Good morning Professor Snape.” Said two Gryffindor seventh years as they walked down the great staircase. Snape jumped slightly and the first years cracked up with laughter while trying to hide it from anyone who was passing. Snape was looking at the two groups of girls suspiciously before rushing to the staff room before anyone said anything. The groups of girls burst out laughing and carried on with what they had been doing. Harper clung to Dylan laughing while Amy had leant against the wall.

“Did you see his face?” Harper asked. Dylan laughed.

“Come on, lets get some breakfast” Dylan said pulling Harper after him.

“I can’t believe you actually sent that thing.” Amy said, sitting with Dylan and Harper at the Gryffindor table.

“Darling, it’s the best bit of a love letter” Harper said in a posh accent and waving a fork around. Amy giggled and leaned against Harper as Harper loaded her plate up.


“But Professor, I was just trying to get some help on my potions.” Hilary said sweetly. Piper and Colette were giggling around the corner as Hilary spoke to Snape. Dylan and Harper were coming in from outside when they heard Snape shouting. No one had gotten tired of seeing Snape’s face whenever a girl gave him even a look. Even the Slytherins wanted in on the joke.
“Who knew a joke would unify the school?” Dylan asked as He and Harper walked to their common room. Today was the day that everyone was getting back from their holidays. Dylan had spent the whole holiday playing quidditch with the Gryffindor team and Harper and Amy had spent a lot of time sitting on the bleachers of the Quidditch pitch watching. They had all done all the homework set and were ready for the next term.

“And it was my joke.” Harper said proudly.

“But Professor, I was joking!” Hilary shouted at Snape as he walked off. Hilary walked huffily to Piper, “That prat of a professor gave me two weeks of detentions!” Hilary said annoyed.

“Sorry honey.” Piper said putting an arm around Hilary. Hilary put her head on Piper’s shoulder as Colette took her arm.

“Come on, Ravenclaws are on the quidditch pitch.” Colette said as she ran out with Hilary. Piper rolling her eyes and walked after them. Harper smirked.

“Do you think we’ll be like that when we’re older?” Harper asked

“No” Dylan said simply.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m a boy and will never be interested in boys?” Dylan suggested. Harper smiled.

“Ok, do you think Rachel, Sophie and I will be like that-

” Harper didn’t managed to finish her question.

“Yes” Dylan said instantly, he didn’t really need to hear the rest of the question.

“You had any funny dreams recently?” Harper asked linking arms with Dylan.

“Nope.” Dylan said happily. The Easter Holidays had been very good for his mood. He felt so happy and ecstatic and hyper.

“I’m going to see Jake later.” Harper said happily.

“You said you were over him yesterday.” Dylan said.

“Yeah I was but we’re still friends, I’m going out with that Matt now.” Harper said.

“Damn, you are like a slut already.” Dylan said. Harper hit him playfully in the stomach.

“Don’t you dare bad mouth me.” Harper said

“Or you’ll what?” Dylan asked, “I’m better at duelling then you.”

“Don’t remind me.” Harper said, “I tell Amy you love her.” Dylan looked at Harper confused.

“But I-”

“I know you don’t love her, but it’ll be embarrassing wont it?” Harper said. Dylan looked at her with narrowed eyes. Harper grinned. “You pick on me, I pick on you, it’s a vicious cycle my darling Dylan.” Harper said. They went into the common room and sat down on a sofa. Harper was now considerably browner then she had been before the holiday and Dylan’s fitness had really increased.

“I think this holiday has been alright, considering that I was stuck with you.” Dylan said. Harper looked at him slightly annoyed. Dylan stuck his tongue out, imitating Harper’s way of looking innocent or just to say ‘stuff you’. Harper rolled her eyes when they heard a tapping on the windows. They looked up and saw a lovely barn owl tapping against the window. Dylan and Harper looked at each other and Harper got up and opened the window. The owl dropped a letter into Harper’s hand and then left promptly. Harper looked at the name. DYLAN WEASLEY it said. The crest for the ministry of magic was printed on the envelope as well as the Marsden family crest. Harper scowled and handed it to Dylan.

“What is it?” Dylan asked as he tore open the top.

“I don’t know, it looks like an official thing.” Harper said. Dylan read the letter

Dear Mr. Weasley

You are required to attend a hearing on the thirty first of May regarding the escape of the prisoner Rabastan Lestrange. The hearing will take place at Hogwarts so as not to disrupt your studies, the Minister or magic, Deputy Minster, leaders of the Wizengamot and the head and deputy head aurors will attend this hearing.

Amelia Bones
Head of magical law enforcement.

Dylan read it very surprised. What did he have to do with Rabastan Lestrange’s escape? Rabastan Lestrange escaped? Dylan’s eyes widened.

“What is it?” Harper asked worriedly.

“Rabastan Lestrange has escaped.” Dylan said. Something at the back of his mind stirred like that should mean something more then it did. Harper gasped.

“He’s out?” Harper asked. None of them had lived under Voldemort but they heard plenty of stories and had grown up fearing the names of Voldemort’s supporters, the Lestranges being the most feared. “But that means that the dark lord will have another follower.”

“I know.” Dylan said, “But I don’t get what it has to do with me.” Dylan handed the letter to Harper to read. She frowned, an expression that was rarely seen on Harper’s face.

“You have a hearing? Why do you have a hearing, what have you done?” Harper asked Dylan quickly.

“I don’t know!” Dylan said. Harper and Dylan thought for a while, well Harper looked like she was thinking about the hearing but was in fact trying to get rid of a tune that was stopping her from thinking of anything else. Dylan sat down and looked at the letter. “It must have been that dream I had in History of magic ages ago but what was that about?” Dylan asked. Harper shrugged.

“You never told us, you forgot remember?” Harper said. “But, if you can’t remember what you dreamt what can they do? They can’t exactly give you truth potion and it’s just damn bad luck that Lestrange escaped. They should have better guards at Azkaban. I heard that when-”

“Harper.” Dylan said cutting Harper off from her lecture on Dementors, she knew a lot about them for someone her age.

“Yes Dylan?” Harper said.

“What am I going to tell them? I don’t even know why I’m going.” Dylan said. Harper shrugged.

“It’s still a month away. Think about it later.” Harper said. “Come on, lets go outside for a bit longer. Rach and the others will be here soon.” Harper said happily, Dylan’s letter forgotten almost instantly. Dylan scowled but followed Harper out of the common room. A voice at the back of Dylan’s head was telling him that maybe it was time to take up Piper’s offer and go and talk to her about the letter. She always knew what to do when Dylan was in trouble. Dylan tucked the letter into the back pocket of his jeans and made a mental note to talk to Piper about it later.

* * * *

Dylan and Harper sat on Dylan’s bed playing a Muggle game that Sophie had taught them called hangman when the door burst open and there was a load of shouting.

“Dylan, Harper.” Came Sophie’s voice. Dylan and Harper looked at each other and smiled. They both tumbled off the bed and climbed to their feet.

“Hey.” Dylan said. Sophie, Rachel and Fraser grinned. Sophie hugged Dylan tightly and Harper pulled Fraser and Rachel into a big hug. She kissed Fraser on the Cheek, making him go slightly red.

“How was your holiday and why didn’t you write!” Harper asked them. Sophie smiled.

“Well I went to my grandparent’s house and it’s a bit difficult to send owls or even act like a witch while we’re there. They hold old beliefs that Witches should be killed.” Sophie said.

“Yeah. I went on holiday with my parents.” Rachel said, “I didn’t really want to spoil our holiday, if you know what I mean.” Harper and Dylan nodded then Harper turned to Fraser.

“What?” Fraser asked.

“Why didn’t you write?” Harper asked pouting, “I thought you loved me?” Fraser stiffened and looked at Dylan then Rachel. Dylan smiled and rolled his eyes, as he had a tendency of doing.

“Um, Harper, err…” Fraser mumbled. Everyone smiled, even Dylan had to admit it was kinda sweet that Fraser stammered slightly when it came to anything to do with girls.

“Fraser you don’t have to reply, so what were your holidays like?” Harper asked, sitting on Dylan’s bed. “I spent the entire holiday watching Dylan play quidditch.” Rachel gave her a curious look. “Well, the second half. I was actually watching the quidditch generally” Harper said. Rachel nodded, unconvinced.

“Well, I spent the holidays with my grandparents, it was fun, I got some huge chocolate eggs, I still haven’t finished them.” Sophie said. “I think I might get fatter quite quickly.”

“Sophie, you aren’t fat!” Rachel and Harper said at the same time.

“I am so fat, look.” Sophie lifted her shirt slightly to show a completely flat stomach. Fraser went slightly red and looked away. Dylan turned away, feeling slightly uncomfortable, even if Sophie was only showing her belly. He found the hangings on hiss bed suddenly very fascinating.

“Yeah, so? There’s no fat there!” Harper said. Sophie didn’t look like she agreed.

“I don’t know.” Sophie said. “I’m sure there is some fat there, I’m not as thin as I was before.”

“Shut up Sophie, you’re the thinnest out of all of us.” Rachel said. Sophie smiled shyly and lowered her shirt.

“Where did you go then?” Sophie asked Rachel. Rachel looked at them slightly nervously.

“It was ok.” She said. Fraser and Dylan took this as a cue to look back at the girls and they both looked at Rachel.

“Was that it?” Dylan asked. Rachel frowned and played with a bit of her jacket.

“Well, Mum was ok and we went to France for a week. It was ok.” Rachel said.

“Oh, where did you go?” Harper asked.

“Normandy” Rachel said, “Can’t remember exactly where.”

“What did you do?” Sophie asked, the girls trying to get details out of Rachel though to Dylan it looked as though Rachel would rather not talk about it.

“Can we just skim over my holiday, it really wasn’t very interesting and I’d rather not think about it.” Rachel said uncertainly. Sophie and Harper looked confused and Fraser looked quite concerned. Dylan just wanted to know why Rachel didn’t want to talk about it but kept his mouth shut.

“Um…ok.” Harper said slightly put out. “So, um…Fraser.” They spent another hour talking about the holidays. Dylan had completely forgotten about the hearing he was going to have while he laughed and joked around with his friends. Sophie decided that she was going to draw some sketches of her friends and sat in the corner of the bed sketching her friends with her tongue out slightly in concentration. Harper had taken it upon herself to imitate Sophie and sat with a creased forehead and tongue out while pretending to draw. Sophie pushed her out of the bed and everyone started laughing again.

“Done!” Sophie said happily. She turned the picture around to show a rough sketch of the other four. Harper looked like she was tumbling out of the bed while it was obvious the others were laughing.

“Can I have it?” Harper asked happily.

“If you want.” Sophie said uncertainly.

“Cool.” Harper said happily. She took the drawing and got out her wand. “Animatatum.” She said. The drawing suddenly came to life and the sketched Harper fell out of the bed. Harper laughed and nodded. “Thanks.”

“How did you do that?” Sophie asked.

“Do what? Fall out of bed?” Harper asked confused. Rachel and Fraser started laughing.

“No, make all the figures move in the picture.”

“Oh, easy. It’s a charm to make pictures move. Animatatum and to stop them moving you said inanimatatum.” Harper said

“How do you know that?” Dylan asked.

“My dad’s an illustrator for the Quibbler. He doesn’t really like doing it but he gets paid for it so it’s alright.” Harper said.

“My dad’s friend owns the quibbler.” Dylan said randomly.

“You know Luna Lovegood?” Harper asked. Dylan nodded his head. “Is there anyone you don’t know?” Dylan nodded. Sophie laughed.

“Harper you’re an idiot. Of course Dylan is going to know loads of people, his parents are famous.” Sophie said. Dylan smiled shyly and shrugged.

“It’s really nothing.” Dylan said self consciously.

“So, Dylan, you decided what you’re going to say at your hearing?” Harper asked. Dylan straightened.

“Damn, my hearing.” Dylan said. “I have to go and speak to Piper.” Dylan got up and scrambled over Rachel, who was blocking him from getting off the bed. She moved her legs and Dylan jumped off the bed.

“What hearing?” Sophie asked Dylan. Dylan looked at her and scowled.

“I got a letter earlier saying I had to go to a hearing.” Dylan handed Sophie the letter from his back pocket. Sophie took it and read it silently. “Uh, could you hurry up, I really need to talk to Piper about it.”

“There’s still another month.” Sophie said pointing it out.

“So?” Dylan said. “My parents will be there and they think I have something to do with his escape”

“Oh, is this Rabastan Lestrange?” Rachel asked. “It was all over the news in France.”

“And in England, people are starting to get a bit scared.” Fraser said, “Or, that’s what dad said.”

“Yeah well. They might think I had something to do with it.” Dylan said. “But I don’t know what’s going on though it does kind of ring a bell the whole escape thing.” The four others sat in silence and Sophie handed the letter back.

“I’d go and see Piper about it.” Sophie said after a while.

“Thanks.” Dylan said taking the letter and running out of the room. He went to the common room and couldn’t find his sister. He started for Holly but then turned towards Colette when he noticed that Holly was preoccupied with some boy in the fifth year. Dylan went to Colette and gave her a smile. She looked up from her book and smiled back.

“Hi.” Dylan said.

“Hey Dylan, what’s up?” Colette asked

“Where’s Piper?” Dylan asked.

“I don’t know. Have you checked James’ room?” Colette asked.

“She wouldn’t be in there would she?” Dylan asked. Colette shrugged.

“I’d try but I don’t know where she could be.”

“Who’s this?” Hilary asked sitting on the sofa next to Colette. Hilary was referring to who they were talking about.

“You haven’t seen Piper have you?” Colette asked.
“She’s on prefect patrol.” Hilary said, “I just passed her on the way back from the kitchens. Why?” Dylan looked slightly annoyed and kicked the bottom of the sofa.

“Whoa, Dylan, what’s wrong?” Colette asked.

“Nothing.” Dylan said, “I just need to talk to Piper.”

“You wanna talk to me instead?” Colette asked.

“No offence but I’d rather talk to Piper about it because she knows a bit more about what I want to ask her about.”

“Fair enough.” Colette said. “Well, she’ll probably be back in about an hour.”

“Make that tomorrow morning.” Hilary said. Colette looked at Hilary and smirked.

“Talk to her tomorrow.” Colette said to Dylan. Dylan frowned and turned around angrily. He wanted to talk to his sister, stupid James for taking her away or distracting her. Dylan returned to the dorm to find the girls doing some sort of strange war dance around Fraser. Fraser didn’t look too perturbed, in fact he was looking quite confused and amused at the same time.

“What the-” Dylan started to say but was cut off by Sophie grabbing his hands and pulling him to join them.

“Come on.” Sophie said.

A/N:- i got really bored so i decided to update. Hope you liked this chapter.

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