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Four Years Later... by twistedskier
Chapter 1 : Past & Present
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So, i sort of threw this together one night. This is my second fan-fiction, and I'd really appreciate some feedback.
P.S- I Don't have the pleasure of owning these characters : (

It was four years ago. Four years ago when the dynamic duo of Lily and James broke up.
It was the last day of school, and James was really starting to think about his future with Quidditch. He had an offer from Puddlemere United, and took it. With quidditch being his first priority, he decided that he would break up with Lily now, rather than later.
What James didn't know, was that Lily was pregnant. Yes, p-r-e-g-n-a-nt. She hadn't told him yet, seeing as the ideal moment hadn't come along. When James broke up with her she was heartbroken, Lily was now alone. Wait, scratch that. Alone with a baby.
Her mother Tulip, helped Lily prepare for her baby. Lily had also enrolled herself into Healing courses, so she could gather some extra galleons. She was a real natural, and was soon at the top of the class. After graduating the eight-month course, Lily took time off to prepare for her soon-to-be bundle of joy. Slowly but surely, the last month passed. On October 31st, Lily gave birth to a beautiful son, who she named "Harry James Potter." Harry was a spiting image of his father, except for his mother's distinctive emerald eyes. Well, that was four years ago.

~Present time~
Lily was now a fully qualified healer, and hadn't seen James since the last day of school.

Today Lily was at work, and she couldn't be happier. She was going to be receiving a promotion from her boss. He had told her that she would be working for a quidditch team, and she was thrilled at the workload. What she didn't know was that someone from her past, would be there to greet her.

James was Witch Weekly's "Most Eligible Bachelor" for about a year now. James had been from woman to woman, milking his Quidditch Star status. Yes, he been from woman to woman; but a certain red-head had been occupying his dreams lately. Every few nights he would have a dream about Lily, but tonight was different. She wasn't alone.
Lily had a small boy of about age 4 on her hip, and he looked oddly familiar. He had unruly black hair, and little glasses covering his glowing green orbs.

"Maa-mah!" piped Harry.
"Your too cute Harry" laughed Lily.
"pah-pa?" questioned Harry.
At this remark, Lily went stiff. She seemed to shake off this comment, and walked into the distance.

James awoke.
"Bloody dreams" mumbled James.

"Mom, I'm here to pick up Harry" Lily yelled.
"Just a moment darling." Her mother replied.
"Maa-mah!" screamed Harry
"Hello little guy! Guess What! Mommy got a promotion! Yes she did, oh yes she did!" Lily said.
A little giggle came from Harry, and the two were homeward bound with a pop.

Lily had put Harry to sleep, and now she was reading her favourite book. Her eyes zipped over the words as she read, and turned page after page. Something fell out of the book, and Lily bent over to pick it up.
"Thats funny, I don't remember using a bookmark." mumbled Lily.
She turned the old photo over, and her book dropped to the floor with a loud "thud."
It was an autumn day, and the leaves had just begun to fall at Hogwarts. Lily and James were outside, and James was spinning Lily around. He was giving her little pecks on the cheek, and the two looked almost "too in-love." Someone, most likely Remus had snapped a photo of the two in their own little world.
Lily stared at the picture for about an hour, until she threw it into the wastebasket. She headed off to bed, with James on her mind.

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Four Years Later...: Past & Present


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