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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 27 : Jadis
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She stood on the hill over-looking the quiet and valley and sighed. She could see her husband’s face in the window, he looked happy. It had been a long time since she had seen him happy. It was almost obscene to see the man smile. He never did before and that was what attracted her to him in the first place.

Her father used to tell her she had a gift for sensing magic. She could walk down the street and just like some sort of sensor she would be able to pin point the wizard she was looking for. She had a gift… something that only years of selective breading could produce… that’s what he said. She was certain that she would pass some talent on to her daughter but that never happened. She had been cheated. She had been tricked into believing that he was like her, that he was special. She would see him do magic with ease that she could only dream of. She thought he was old magic… old as they got. In her head he could have been a descendant of Merlin himself.

She had deluded herself, she saw that now. He was nothing more than a filthy half breed. He tricked her to produce for him… yes it was a tick. He knew she wanted nothing more than a child and he acted like he could provide her with a perfect half of herself… something that would produce pure magic… what she got instead what that little thing… that little spec of germ.

It was weird to be in her presence. Usually when she was around a muggle she could sense potential magic… It was magic that was dormant that couldn’t and wouldn’t be awakened unless something drastic was happening. The kind of magic that could make a seemingly regular woman lift a bus off her child that was stuck under it, the kind that propelled someone to run faster than they ever had if they were being chased. It was what muggles called adrenaline but she knew better… she knew it was dormant magic. It was sort of like a volcano. Some are dormant and some are active, sometimes a dormant volcano would become activate, sometimes it would take a hundred years for it to reawaken and spit fire.

But the little thing was different; when she was in her presence she felt nothing… absolutely nothing. The lack of magic disturbed her… she couldn’t exist with the thing around… she couldn’t sense it, she had no basis of connecting with it. She knew from the moment she looked at it… it had to go. It was not a natural thing for a creature to have no magic at all.

That was the first sign she was deceived by her father… she knew there had to be something wrong with him, the problem could not have been with her, she knew her line… he... he could have lied about his. When she made contact with some of her relatives in England she found that his family line didn’t exist. The only trace of him she could find was a book in his possession that indicated that he had been a student of Hogwarts at one time. He spacifically told her he taught himself magic… she knew he was lying and could be lying about everything else.

She spent the rest of her time, trying to find something in the little thing, she gave it chance after chance and it wouldn't show any signs. It was too much to bear. She would let the father look after it. His love for the thing was even more proof that it was his blood that was defective. He had a connection with it… one she could never form.

She was hesitant to tell her father about it, she knew how he would react. She couldn’t tell how long she kept the thing from him but after a while it became unavoidable. He came to see it and after the third time around began to ask questions about why it never performed magic… she could never hide it. He was a legilimens and could see anything she tried to hide from him. Severus on the other hand would be able to hide it… he could hide anything but when it came to the child…( the little thing) he could wipe his mind clean of anything that would raise doubts in someone’s mind. He loved the little thing more than himself.

When her father needed advice on a situation, he called on her uncle… Jadis. It was something extraordinary to be in his presence, the amount of magic he released was overwhelming…

He came and he knew right away. He knew what had to be done.

He had never seen Severus before but he could tell there was something about him. Something that was off about his mind… he could tell that he was hiding too much. He could tell that he was an enemy. His connections to England were greater… once he had an image of Severus in his head he was about to rely it perfectly to his contact. He was the ultimate betrayer. He was a traitor, he was a betrayer of He who must not be named.

They sat on this knowledge for as long as they could. They found out what was situation, who were his allies, who knew about him being alive. There was nothing… he had no one.

What she had to do was easy for her. She wouldn’t do it herself… she would let him to do it, to punish him for all the lies he told to her. She had to use something he wouldn't be able to detect… aconite…at least not until it was late. She mixed it in the milk and left it.

She left for her father’s house and met her uncle there. He asked if the deed was done, she told him it was.

She would never lie to him… not to uncle… and there was hell to pay when he found out that she didn’t do what she was told. He had no problems raising his hands to a woman… he said her father failed to discipline her properly. 'In a way he was right…' she thought. 'If he had raised me I would have never been that weak. I would have never seen anything in that man. He was pathetic enough to run away… he couldn’t face them and fight like a man, cut his losses of he had to.'

But it didn’t take long till they found him. They had contacts that were looking for him and they spotted him. However before they had a chance to get it done, they moved. They found them again… their contact in England sent them an article from the prophet giving away everything about their location. The only thing that was off was that it said he had a wife…

But here she was…

The little bitch..

She had a little brat too.

She heard that she had been married a werewolf at one point. Only her stupid husband would be attracted to someone like that. She was not prettier than she was… she plain looking. She didn’t have hair like hers, or eyes like hers… she was nothing compared to her. What would her family think when they saw her… they would laugh at her… that she could be replaced by something as pathetic as that. If she had the right mind she would set that whole house afire… destroy them all. But Jardis had a plan… a great one.

She turned around at the sound of someone apparating.

It was her uncle Jardis. She bowed her head to greet him.

“Is that them?”

“Yes,” she said. “There’s the woman and her child and there he is with…. Um…. The creature.”

He looked though a thin piece of glass. “It looks like you.”

“I know,” she said.

“ Pity, it has to go…” he said and laughed.

“I was watching them and I was getting something different… there’s a lot of magic down there… perhaps more than we anticipated.”

“Well three wizards, two metamorphmagai, plus Severus Snape… trained my the dark lord himself… it’s understandable.”

She shook head but reluctantly so. “ I got something else… something… like a different kind of magic.. it was flowing between all of them… like… it’s difficult to explain.” But the truth was she knew what it was but to say the words would sound stupid coming out of her mouth. It was love… she heard that it was the strongest kind of magic. She wasn’t sure if it was true… she had never tested it. It was a force she knew nothing about. It made her uneasy. She couldn’t explain adequately how powerful that house was. Even Jadis with all his power would have a hard time. But she had a plan of her own, she knew if she got rid of the axis… the head of the family… that link would break….

She turned to her uncle. “When will the rest be here… we have to work out locations?”

Any second.

And the thunderous sound of CRACKS erupted on the hill. About a score of wizard filled the hill.

“We move in tomorrow… take you positions”

A/N: so there it is...

Took me long enough eh....

So I'm sorry I took so long with this. I have been crazy busy and dead tired the last few weeks..

I'll try to update more.. especially on weekends.

PS.... yes yes... I know Jadis is a woman's name.

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