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Lies Told To Me by CrystalRain11
Chapter 16 : Confused Snake
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So I meant to get this out like four weeks ago but i wanted to ask some staff members about it's content...and then once i got my answer i totally forgot to put it up so i went to post the next chapter and realized this one wasn't up.
So here it is please enjoy!

Hermione’s eyes drifted from the window to the letters upon the floor. Slowly she picked up the letters. Strangely enough the one from Ron was addressed by Harry and the one from Harry was addressed by Ron. She laughed at her friends stupidity.

“They had to be in a rush to make sure I was still on there side,” she whispered as she opened both letters. On Ron’s parchment she noticed what at first looked like tears but at a second glace were chemicals. She shook her head again and opened Harry’s. Rushed handwriting? Why would Harry have to rush even if Ron was upset? She shook her head again.

“Damn it Harry. You were in on it.” She left the letters otherwise unread upon her bed. She pulled her hair into a tight bun and grabbed her wand off the bed.

Still in the protective barrier Hermione watched Draco pace the street calling her name. He kept looking over at the buildings hoping for her to be there. The bright red mark stood out on a pale cheek. She winced as she saw it. Draco stopped and looked at the houses and what she saw in his eyes broke her heart. Draco Malfoy was crying.

The painful tears sparked into her eyes and her legs took her running to him. Her frail body clasped into his strong chest and she sobbed there. He rubbed her back. They stood there in the growing cold for minutes. Finally, she lifted her head and opened her mouth to apologies.

“Don’t say a word,” Draco said looking off into sky. He wasn’t crying anymore. He looked like he had never cried. “We need to talk, Granger.” She winced as he called her that. She pulled away from his embrace and gripped her wand tightly.

“Don’t tell me you were tricking me too,” Hermione said looking at the ground. Draco made her head raise in one swift movement.

“I told you not to say a word,” his eyes were cold and hard like those of the Slytherin Prince she knew so well. The tears were long gone. “We can’t talk here. Do you trust me?” Hermione opened her mouth to respond and he clasped a hand tight around it. “Use your brain and don’t talk.” He whispered harshly looking around worriedly. Hermione slowly nodded tears beginning to flood again. Draco grabbed hard onto her arm. Hermione felt herself Apparating.

She found herself in a bedroom. With a sinking feeling she realized just where she was. She looked at Draco, her eyes growing wide. He, however, was completely unaware that he had taken his soon to be fiancé to his bedroom. Instead, he was passing around the room with a new and worried expression on his face.

“I have to tell you everything,” he said slowly as he studied the curtained window. Hermione sat down slowly on the bed not sure if she could handle another thing. He looked over at her and suddenly smirked that cold smirk of his.

“Dr- Malfoy… do we have to talk in your…be….here?” Hermione stuttered as Draco sat next to her. He nodded.

“No turning back now,” he breathed more to himself then her. “I’ve been hiding Ron’s secret since before you ran away. Part of the plan was for me to watch you just to make sure you didn’t find out.” He said quickly but he was even quicker at grabbing her wrists. “only…Voldemort is going to trick them. When he told me I was going to kill you once he was done with you. I went against him. I had to tell you some how.” Draco stared at her as she took it all in.

“Why?” Hermione asked staring at him unsure of everything. He looked up at her and that confident smirk appeared on his face again.

“Because Hermione,” he shifted on the bed so that he was pinning her down, “I’ve fallen in love with you.” His lips meet with hers. For a good minute they kissed and then Hermione jinxed him off her.

Now she was the one pacing around the room. She let everything sink in and then turned to Draco.

“He was going to kill me?” Draco nodded. Hermione swore under her breath. Then she looked Draco up in down. He was wearing rather tight pants. Apart from the red bruise on his cheek his pale skin and blonde hair complemented his every feature. His grey eyes were looking her up and down in the same way. She looked away from the judging gaze. She was wearing a tank top and tight sweatpants because she wanted to be comfortable. She hadn’t planned on being… here… with Draco.

“Please tell me Ron had a good reason,” Hermione said watching the curtains sway in a non-existent wind.

“It wasn’t even Ron’s idea,” Draco whispered back, his cold breath now on her back. “The dark lord is going to try and get you to join him as well. He wants to take Harry down where he’s weakest.” Hermione closed her eyes as Draco’s arms wrapped around her.

“But he said to me…”

“He lies Hermione. He always has.” Draco kissed her neck carefully. Hermione looked around the room again.

“Let me guess I probably not going to leave this room until-“ He cut her off with a long slow kiss.

“I know I promised to never hurt you…and I know I broke that promise by not telling you about Ron right away but let me make it up to you.” Hermione shook her head.

“Draco…” She whispered slowly as she felt herself walking slowly over to the bed. “Draco… Do you really love me?”

“Yes I do.” The words sunk deep into her heart and made it explode with happiness. Only for a single second was the happiness allowed to bloom because in the next the loud annoying bell of the sword of truth rang through her ears loud enough she’d thought she would kill the sword of truth. Loud enough to match the banshee’s scream. Hermione pulled away from Draco as the sound faded away.

“Why?” was her simple response. He was taken aback. He stared at her for a moment confused. It was almost funny to see confusion on the snake’s scales as the rabbit pulled free from its grasp.

“Why wouldn’t I love you?” Draco pushed her onto his bed and kissed her again. She could see it in his face. His face held love. His kiss held love. He placed his hand on her knee, even that simple touch held love. However the truth never lied, even when love did.

“Draco…we…” He cut her off with a longer kiss. Then he pulled away by himself.

“I know… Why are you staying in that house by yourself?” Hermione was taken aback now. She tilted her head slightly at him.

“I have no where else to go…I don’t want to be around my parents.” She lifted her hands and quoted the words parents. “And I can’t go be with Ron and Harry not with Ron…” She looked away and held back tears.

“Why don’t you live here? We have plenty of extra rooms. My parents have already said it’s a good idea…with our situation.” Hermione shook her head.

“No…” The liar was luring her into his trap. “I can’t do that Draco… not yet…not yet, maybe in a month by not just yet.”

“Alright, I understand. I’ll ask you again in a month.” Draco kissed her. This time when she thought he would pull away he didn’t. It was a simple kiss; lips on lips but it lasted forever. It lasted long enough to make Hermione melt into his arms and wish she’d said yes to his offer. However she didn’t tell him this.

“What do I do now?” she question when the kiss had finished. He wrapped his arms around her waist and ran his fingers through her hair. “I feel like there’s no one I can trust.”

“You can trust me.” Draco said giving her a quick kiss. “And I’m sure, in time, you’ll be able to trust Ron again… though I personally don’t know why you’d want to.” Draco was trying to comfort her but it just wasn’t working. She leaned back on the bed and laid her head on a pillow.

“I don’t even want to see him. Harry knows about it too. Everything is so backward.” Draco laid down beside her and held her close. “They wrote on each others envelopes without thinking…” She shook her head a fought back new tears. “Draco, how can I trust them if they won’t tell me these things.” Draco watched her for a long time before answering.

“Well… before you answer that question step back and ask yourself why you have to trust them.” His advice made her think and she closed her eyes. After a while Draco slipped off the bed and started going through a drawer on his desk. “I know just the thing to help you,” he exclaimed and pulled out an hourglass.

“How is an hourglass supposed to help?” she asked walking over to him.

“Try it,” was all Draco Malfoy said.

Yep I gave you a cliffy. So I have like three chapters written...but the only problem this is chapter 16 and I have 17 and 18 written but not 19 or 20 or like all the way to 25 but i have 26 writen... I got in the mood to write that scene and because of the type of scene it is...i took the inspiration...and now i have to fill in the plot holes and then correct that chapter cuz it'd be horrible after fixing the plot i just ended up making more work for myself. But I'm really gonna try to get working and get lots of the story updated so that you can all enjoy more. It's summer so it's not like i don't have the time...

Anyways thanks for read and please review! You guys are all awsome!

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