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pretentious hatred, concealed affections by pepper
Chapter 1 : pretentious hatred, concealed affections
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Disclaimer: i own nothing.

Author's notes: this happened 5
years after their graduation at hogwarts.

Hatred, Concealed Affections

A few good years had passed,
well, if anything was considered good, then so be it. For some, it may be the
worst or rather, the end, but for power hungry wizards, it was only the
beginning. At last, the heir of Salazar Slytherin, the self-appointed greatest
wizard in the world, had finally attained what he considers his greatest dream.
To reign and rule over the wizarding world.

Destruction had swooped down,
crushing righteous wizards and muggles alike to their demise. Of course the Dark
Lord offered them stupid alternatives, and that is to swore in his name and
become a Death Eater. Some declined the offer and was executed, but others
considered it quite beneficial. All dignity lay forgotten and honor burned to
ashes, they all pledged to serve the Dark Lord and allowed the Dark mark to be
emblazoned on their skin and deep within their being.

As for the others who declined, a
few of them survived and began to live in seclusion, gathering alliances and
forming a new group with a fierce purpose to defy, and probably, in time,
assassinate the Dark Lord together with his sinister followers. 

Their hideout which is protected
with thousands of powerful charms and curses was located deep in the forest
behind treacherous terrains and if a commoner happened to be lost within its
vicinity, naught were seen but thick, spiky grasses and several insidious,
nondescript caves. Like the house common rooms way back in Hogwarts, a password
is required to enter.

“Ciarroscuro.” A wizard muttered

The nondescript caves started to
liquefy and the spiky, prickly grasses bowed gently, revealing a road to a
vortex. The mysterious hooded figure entered the distorted vortex, and within a
split second, he disappeared.

 The hooded figure was
transported to a dungeon-like place, full of witches and wizards discussing and
plotting some drastic actions on how to topple down the current condition of the
wizarding world. The mysterious wizard removed his cloak, his bright green eyes
glowing fiercely; his scar remained evident after all those years. He sat down
on an empty couch by the fire looking exhausted. A beautiful witch came and
offered him a drink.

“Thanks Cho.” He smiled
gratefully, reaching up to hold her hand. “I really needed this.”

Cho smiled, but it was obvious
that she is extremely worried. “What happened?” she asked, now massaging Harry’s
weary shoulders.

Harry sighed. “As always, several
countries have been attacked… those in the South East… now under Voldemort’s
occupation.” He said through gritted teeth. “I heard that in a conversation in

Cho knelt at his side, still
clutching his hand. “Please don’t go there spying again Harry.” Her voice spoke
loud volumes of anxiousness and worry. “It’s too dangerous for you.” she pleaded
and kissed his hand.

Harry stood up and pulled Cho
into a tight and warm embrace. He kissed her hair and stroked it gingerly. “You
know that I can’t.”

Cho looked up at him, her
beautiful eyes misty. “I can’t afford to lose you… I love you Harry.” She said
thru tears.

Harry smiled wickedly at her, and
gently kissed her lips. “I love you more. But we have a task to settle. And that
is to defeat Voldemort.” There was an edge in his voice.  Memories came
rushing past him. 5 years after their graduation, Voldemort, together with his
followers had succeeded to rule the wizarding world. Dumbledore, together with
McGonagall and other Hogwarts professors were detained in Azkaban, while the
school was held under Voldemort’s occupation. “By the way, where’s Ron and
Hermione?” he asked afterwards.

Cho sighed. “Ron went to
Knockturn Alley to gather information about Voldemort and Hermione set off to
Serpent Alley.” Cho replied. “I told her to go with someone because that’s where
the Death Eaters dwell and it’s really dangerous to wander there alone.” She
added worriedly.

“Typical of Hermione… overtly
independent I daresay.” He commented, heaving a sigh. “Let’s just hope she’ll be
safe.” Harry said, praying nothing dreadful will happen.

Dark and vicious; those words
came out in Hermione’s mind once she entered the evil sanctuary of Voldemort’s
lap dogs. Upon crossing the threshold, she felt really cold it was hurting her,
making her feel numb. Her hood worn up masking her face, she tried not to catch
attention, tried not to be so suspicious, so as not to ruin her task of
gathering information.

She stopped to look around. The
atmosphere is so horrid Hermione wanted to leave the area and scream. She fought
the strong urge of retreating and continued walking. Her attention was caught by
a Muggle woman who was sobbing unrestrainedly in front of a wizard… a death
eater probably… looking as if she was begging him or something. Hermione
squeezed herself into the crowd and decided to check the scene.

“Please Master… don’t take her.
Take me instead.” She sobbed in remorse, clutching the edge of his robes.

The Death eater snorted and
inched away from the Muggle woman as if she was a kind of vermin. “Take you?
You’re mocking me. I only have a desire for young, fresh…” he touched the
startled girl’s cheek. “And beautiful mudbloods like her.” He added silkily,
making the girl stood shock in fear.

The young girl shook her head
slowly, tears escaping her eyes. “N-no please…”

With furious rage, the death
eater grabbed the girl’s wrist and pulled her. The girl shouted and slapped him
that made his head tilt and his hood fell over his shoulders. He turned his head
slowly, a ruthless expression crossing his face that made the girl back off
slightly. Hermione tried to suppress a gasp.

“Malfoy.” She whispered through
gritted teeth.

Malfoy wasn’t as thin as before,
she thought wildly as she examines his face and his body. His silky blonde hair
was still gelled back, his eyes were spitting black fire as he eyed his prey -
the beautiful muggle he wanted to take. His lips were pressed into a thin line,
if not for the venomous, sly grin hovering in it, it would be considered
exquisite… crimson-red and kissable.  All in all, he did morphed into a
very handsome man, an epitome of a good-looking prince fresh from the pages of a
fairy tale book.

“What am I thinking?” she thought
angrily and quickly dismissed the growing admiration for him. “He doesn’t
deserve my slightest admiration… that vile excuse for a wizard.”

“Stop the cheekiness mudblood.
Whether you damn like it or not, you’re still going with me.” he said
ruthlessly, flicked a bag of galleons to the crying mother and motioned his two
burly guards to bring the girl.

For wizards, slaves and shoppers
alike, it was a common scene. Death eaters were accustomed to buying young
muggle woman as to become their slaves and well, to fulfill their sexual urges.
Of course they were taken forcefully. Others just gave up fighting and were
already used to their ways. Hermione, being a muggle-born herself, couldn’t take
the scene anymore. She made her way towards Malfoy and drew out her wand.

Draco tilted his head to a lazy
fraction, of course he was used to this. He shook his head, sniggering

“Another nutcase hmm…” he said
almost uninterested. Hermione didn’t notice that Malfoy had more than two
guards… the other three made their ways behind her.

“Damn.” She hissed. She was
cornered! She held her wand tighter than usual, ready to die fighting.

“Expelliarmus.” He muttered
nonchalantly. Being cornered, Hermione was late to dodge the attack. Her wand
flew to Draco’s suspecting hands and began to twirl it incessantly.

“Damn it!” she thought. What now?
How am I supposed to defend myself from this filthy, cringing bit of grime? I
shouldn’t have lost my concentration for heaven’s sake!

Malfoy was eyeing her with an
amused expression on his face. He realized that she was a girl because of the
soft, silky texture of her hand. If she meets my standards then I might as
well return this mudblood to her mother and take this witch with me instead.

Draco thought sheepishly.

A manic glint beamed at the
corner of his eyes. “Show yourself impertinent witch.” He snapped almost
seductively, sending shivers to Hermione’s body.

Hermione didn’t shift. She was
busy thinking ways on how to outwit the guards behind her. Owing to this, one of
the guards pulled Hermione’s hood unmasking her face. Her hair, not as bushy as
before, was held back with a crimson ribbon and some loose strands were freely
flowing in her face adding a charming look. Her eyes appeared innocent despite
of the burning hatred fuming in it. Her lips… One of the most lovely and
succulent lips I’ve seen
thought Malfoy, was twisted into a sly smirk.

“Who are you?” Draco asked after
a while.

Hermione glared at him. The
bastard didn’t realize it was me! How thick could he get!
“Go figure!” she
hissed venomously.

Draco slanted his head and gazed
at her face as if scrutinizing it. His hand lifted to her face, locking the
loose strands of her hair to the back of her ear. Hermione brushed his hand
away. Draco smiled. Damn! Don’t smile at me like that! Hermione

“I’m afraid I can’t tell.” He
said casually and turned to look at the young girl. “You, go back to your filthy
mudblood mother. I don’t need you anymore.” He almost spat. The girl sighed in
relief and quickly darted off.

“As for you…” He said, a cruel
smile hovering on his mouth. “I’ll take you for your deliberate act of
aggression towards me.” Draco touched her soft cheeks. “Take her.” He ordered
the guards and walked forward, his robe fluttering behind him. Hermione
struggled to be free from the guard’s tight grasp.

“No use struggling my demented
witch. Just give up fighting.” He said listlessly.

“Never!” she shouted furiously.

Draco just shrugged her shoulders
and heaved a cold laugh. No, she wouldn’t give up. Mustering all her strength
and courage, she kicked the other guard on the shin and elbowed the other hard
on the stomach. They loosened the grip. Hermione pushed them and started to run.
Draco, being trained into this kind of chase-me-act, was faster. Scant seconds
later he was already behind Hermione.


Sorry for the cliffhanger.
anyhow, tell me what you think. please review.

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