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Hidden Memories by dramione luvr
Chapter 14 : A Messy Proposal
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"Ron? Hello, Ron? Harry? Ginny? Molly? Anyone? Hello?" called Hermione as she walked into the Potters' home. She had returned to her home to find it empty. She had figured that Ron would be at Harry's. Hermione sighed with a shake in her voice. She was really scared because she knew that she was about to break Ron's heart, again. She knew that she needed to do this now before things get worse. She was really nervous at his reaction. He is stronger and older than he was when he was seventeen and when she broke his heart for the first time. He could do serious damage if he got too angry. She was searching around the house but there was absolutely no one there. She decided that they must be at the Burrow.

"Hello?" Hermione looked around the small living room at the Burrow to see if there was anyone there. But, yet again, there was no one in sight. Now she was really concerned. Where was everyone?

"Hermione," a voice called behind Hermione that made her jump. It was Mrs. Weasley. She had a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh, Mrs. Weasley. You gave me a fright!" Hermione had her hand over her chest, as she tried to slow her breathing.

"I'm quite sorry dear. I was not expecting you. I was told that you were at Hogwarts for the day, visiting Jane. What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for Ron, have you seen him?"

"No, I haven't. Hermione, dear, is everything okay? You look very pale, you are very jumpy and you seem to be nervous about something." Mrs. Weasley gave Hermione a look that mother's give when they are worried that something serious has gone wrong.

"Everything's okay. Nothing happened. It's just…I need to speak with Ron." Hermione tried to avoid looking directly at Mrs. Weasley so she wouldn't give anything away. Mrs. Weasley is the mother of seven and she picked up every emotion from just one look into the eyes.

"Hermione," Mrs. Weasley spoke softly as she moved closer to Hermione and gently lifted her chin so that her eyes made contact with Hermione's chocolate brown eyes. "Why is this so sudden? Does this have anything to do with Jane now attending Hogwarts with her biological father?" Mrs. Weasley took one last look at Hermione's eyes and finally let go and let Hermione look away. Hermione did not answer her question, which let Mrs. Weasley come to the conclusion that she was in fact correct.

"Hermione, dear, I don't think any less of you because you are choosing him over my son. You have found true love and you gave Ron a shot but it just wasn't meant to be. Mr. Malfoy has changed quite a bit from when he was a boy and first attended Hogwarts. If it wasn't true love, I can see that this wouldn't be so painful for you. You are a very smart girl, Hermione and I understand that you know you are making the right choice. Ron will be crushed but he will get over it. He will find his true love in time. And don't think that just because you and Ron are no longer together that you are no longer important to me. You are my second daughter and you will always have a place in this house, no matter who you love. Now, go find Ron and tell him the truth. It's about time he knows, isn't it?" Mrs. Weasley smiled warmly as she hugged Hermione. Hermione had tears streaming down her checks. She loved the Weasleys so much and it hurt her that she had to hurt one of them, her best friend and the man that she did love, but just not as much as Draco. She hugged the older woman back and then wiped her tears and told Mrs. Weasley that she was very kind and that she would be back. Hermione flooed back to her own home where there was two men standing in the living room, one looking extremely nervous, and the other with a little black box in his hands.


"Hermione," Ron whispered as he slowly got down on one knee in front of Hermione, who had just stepped out of the fireplace with a very puzzled and pained expression on her face. "Will you marry me?"

Hermione gasped and placed her hand over mouth. She was in shock. She had come here hoping to get the pain over with, quick and easy, like a band-aid. But, Ron was about to make it ten times harder.

Harry, who was standing right behind Ron, opened his eyes wide. He had found Ron in the middle of Paris, outside a jewelry store, with a little black box in his hand. He had tried to tell Ron that he shouldn't do it, that Hermione wasn't ready for marriage, that it was too big of a step, every excuse he could think of, but Ron just wouldn't listen. He Apparated back to his house and waited by the fireplace for Hermione, who he knew was coming home from Hogwarts soon. Harry again tried to warn Ron not to propose but Hermione had just come swooping into the fireplace before he could shake Ron out of it.

"Ron…I…I…" Hermione stuttered, flabbergasted. She couldn't do it. She couldn't say no, not again. Not especially after Ron had just proposed. Oh, why did I let this go so far, Hermione mentally slapped herself.

Just then, there was a light 'pop' and a tall, blond man appeared in the room, right beside Hermione. He looked around at the scene. Harry was standing behind Ron, looking sad and pained at the same time. Ron was looking up hopefully at Hermione. And, he saved the best for last, the most beautiful woman in the world, looking down at Ron, with tears about to overflow in her eyes. Draco immediately put his arms around Hermione's shoulders. He didn't care what the other two had to say. He couldn't stand to see his true love in so much emotional pain.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing, Malfoy?" Ron immediately went from a smile to a scowl in a matter of seconds. He was in the middle of proposing to Hermione and he had to show up and ruin everything. The strange thing was, Hermione didn't seem to be pushing him away, or telling him to go away. Instead, she was crying into his chest as they embraced. Ron looked back from Draco to Hermione and realized what was going on. So, she had chosen the enemy, he thought. All of a sudden, he realized that the reason Hermione was crying and having a hard time answering was not because she was speechless and so happy, it was because she was sad because she wanted to be with Draco instead of him.

"So, this is where you have been lately and this is what you've been doing? Bringing his memories back, helping the enemy, huh?" Ron was so angry his fists were in tight balls and his face was turning the color of his hair.

Harry, realizing that Ron had just figured out the truth, immediately grabbed hold of his best friend.

"Ron, I'm so unbelievably sorry this is how you had to find out. I was coming to find you, I've been looking everywhere for you. I wanted to talk to you and tell you but this caught me so off guard that I didn't have the chance to tell you." Hermione started tearing up again. Ron looked like he was about to throw up.

"Fine! Be with him, see if I care! Goodbye forever Hermione! I can't believe I tricked myself for the last eleven bloody years thinking that you were truly over him and that you really loved me. Damnit, Hermione! Why him? Because of Jane? That was a mistake and you know it! You love me more than him and when you realize that, I won't be here anymore!" Harry realized that this was making things worse, for Hermione started sobbing and Ron was about to go at the two of them. Harry quickly, yet careful to keep a firm grip on Ron, grabbed his wand from his pocket and Apparated himself and Ron to the Burrow, where Ron would be able to let off steam and calm down. By the time Mrs. Weasley came rushing into the room, Ron had lost all his anger. He was just extremely upset. He was in tears as well. Harry knew that he needed to keep Ron company. He took Ron up to his old bedroom and let him vent. Harry did not do very well with emotional issues but he knew that when Ron was ready, he would tell Harry he was cool and then they would go somewhere to get Ron's mind off Hermione for awhile. Harry knew this would take awhile, and that he probably wouldn't get to spend much time with Ginny or Molly for awhile but right now, he needed to take care of Ron.


Meanwhile, back at the house, Hermione and Draco had moved to the couch, where Hermione was lying on top of Draco, silently letting the tears fall. Draco was soothingly drawing circles on her arms, helping her calm down and eventually fall asleep. When her breathing had slowed back to normal, Draco looked down and saw her eyelids lightly shut. She was asleep and she looked so peaceful and beautiful to Draco. This is what he had been waiting for all his life. He had wanted to find someone who loved him as much as he loved them. He smiled lightly to himself. Him, the Snake of Slytherin, in love with the Gryffindor Lion. He never would've believed it just a few years ago. He continued to grin as he too fell asleep.

The next morning, Draco woke to find a note left on the coffee table left by Hermione. It read: Draco, I've gone to Hogwarts to speak to Jane about what has just happened. Be back later. Love, Hermione. Draco smiled. He couldn't get over how neat Hermione's handwriting was and how she had written Love. He had never felt so happy or warm, that he could remember, as he did now. He finally had his life back. He was getting his memories back, he had a daughter and his love of his life was finally back in his arms. He was going to visit his daughter and his love to celebrate. But, before he flooed to his office at Hogwarts, something caught his eye and he placed it in his pocket.



"Wow. So, are you sure you're okay, mum?" Jane looked really concerned. Her mother had just told her about how she had fallen back in love with Draco and had rejected Ron's proposal. Hermione looked like she was about to cry all over again.

Hermione sniffled once and wiped away the tears that were about to overflow from her eyes. "I'm fine, I promise. It just happened all so fast and now Ron's gone. I feel so horrible and yet, I feel so relieved at the same time."

Just then, there was a sound in the fireplace. Hermione and Jane had been talking in Draco's office, knowing that they wouldn't be disturbed there. Draco stepped into his office with a very wide grin stretched across his face.

"Well, I'm glad you're both here. Hermione, there's something I need to ask you."

Hermione looked up at Draco, surprised. What could he want? He looked very excited but nervous about something. It seemed as if it was a question that was meant for only her. "Jane, dear, would you mind stepping outside for a moment? Your father and I need to speak in private."

But before Jane could stand up, Draco gently pushed her back down into her seat. "No, I think it would be better if she stayed for this." Draco took a deep breath and faced Hermione's chair. She was looking at him with her deep, brown eyes trying to figure out the question, just by looking at his face. She looks so beautiful, it's no wonder Jane looks pretty as well, Draco thought to himself.

Draco slowly bent down to one knee as both Hermione and Jane gasped at the same time, immediately realizing what Draco was about to ask.

"Hermione, my dear, sweet Hermione, will you marry me so that I may love you forever?" And with that, he pulled out the same little black box Ron had used the day before.

"Oh, Draco! Yes! One hundred percent yes!" Hermione flew out of her chair and kissed Draco hard on the lips. Jane was smiling and clapping her hands. She was so excited that her parents were finally getting together.

Draco pulled away from the kiss and opened the little black box. Inside was not the ring that Ron had purchased in Paris but it was empty. Hermione looked up at Draco, confused. "Draco, what…"

Draco interrupted her by smiling and shaking his head. "You already have your engagement ring. I gave it to you that 'special' night and you tried to give it back to me but I made you keep it because I knew this day would come. So, you already have the ring." Hermione looked up, shocked. That ring had been her engagement ring? She had taken it off that night after the pub because she didn't want Ron to see it on. She had always kept it with her, though. She always wore a chain necklace, which Ron had bought her, and she wore the ring on the chain. The ring was always underneath her shirt so Ron never noticed.

Now, she pulled the ring from under her shirt and undid the lock so the ring could be taken off the chain. She carefully handed the ring to Draco, who placed it on her ring finger on her left hand. Hermione was crying, but these were not tears of sadness. These were tears of joy.

"Draco, thank you!" Hermione kissed Draco once again and they sat there kissing for awhile when Jane finally rolled her eyes and pretended to cough to make her presence known.

Draco and Hermione pulled apart and looked over at Jane who was smiling at her parents. "Jane, come here!" Hermione laughed. She was glad that her daughter had stayed in the room to see this. Her daughter was the biggest part of her life. Hermione pulled Jane over and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Draco gently grabbed his daughter as Hermione was about to let go so Jane could hug Draco but something amazing happened that prevented Draco from being able to give his daughter a hug and a kiss. All of a sudden, his life during his seventh year flashed before him. All he could see was memories, pouring back into his mind. He saw events he had already seen, such as the day during their Christmas holiday. And he saw events he had not seen. He saw himself and Hermione just lying on the couches in the Head Common Room, he saw himself and Hermione walking to classes holding hands. He even saw the night he and Hermione made love and conceived Jane. The other events that he had seen he had felt as if he was watching a movie. However, this was different. He felt and knew that it was really him. He could fell the passion and love that he had felt when he had conceived Jane with Hermione that night. He could see and feel it all.

Hermione and Jane were watching Draco with wonder. At first, they had no idea what had happened. But Hermione, after seeing Draco, realized he looked exactly the way he had when he had been seeing all the other memories. This time was different, though. He had not gone unconscious. It just looked as if he was staring off into space and saw something that made him grin from ear to ear. He looked so unbelievably happy and Hermione knew he was getting all his memories back. Jane looked scared but Hermione shook her head at her daughter and smiled, which comforted Jane and she relaxed and they both waited for Draco to come back to his potions office.

It took a few minutes but he finally came back to reality and when he looked into the deep, chocolate brown eyes of Hermione, he knew that he had always loved her more than anything and always would. Hermione and Jane both saw the look of pure joy and pure love in Draco's eyes. Jane was content that her father and mother were finally together and finally in love. Hermione had never been happier in her life. She had known Draco had loved her but the look he was giving her filled her up and made her want to make love to him right then and there but knew she couldn't only because Jane was in the room.

"Hermione, I love you," Draco whispered.

"I love you too, Draco," Hermione whispered back. Jane saw the looks in her parents' eyes and knew that it was time for her to go.

"Mum, I'll see you later. Dad, I'll see you in class tomorrow." Jane waved goodbye and skipped out of the office to tell James and Gabriella what had happened.

Draco and Hermione looked away for just a moment to smile at their daughter and then as soon as she had left, they closed and locked the door and Draco grabbed Hermione and they kissed passionately and touched passionately because they both loved each other so much and they hadn't experienced such love in over eleven years.



One Year Later:

"I do." Draco spoke softly as he placed a beautifully shiny wedding ring on his soon to be wife's finger.

"And do you, Hermione Granger, take Draco Malfoy, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, 'till death do you part?"

"I do." Hermione smiled as she placed a wedding band on Draco's ring finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Draco grabbed Hermione by the waist and kissed her passionately as there was applause from the wedding guests. Jane had been the maid of honor and Ginny had been one of the bridesmaids, along with Luna Lovegood. Blaise Zabini had been Draco's best man, and even though he had been hesitant to attend, he realized that his best mate was truly happy and so he figured it would be best to just go to the wedding and not cause any trouble. As soon as the ceremony was over, though, he congratulated Draco and left. He didn't like all the nasty looks people were giving him. 

Among the guests was Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore, all of the Weasleys, including Ron, with his finance, Parvati Patil, and Harry, James and Molly. Everyone was so happy for the newlywed couple. They were soulmates and had waited long enough to be joined together for a lifetime of happiness. No one was unhappy. Ron found Parvati and found that he could love another and so he had asked for her hand in marriage, only a few weeks before Hermione's wedding. Harry was happy that both his best friends were happy and were even starting to become friends again. Ginny was happy that Hermione finally got to be with her destined soulmate. Jane was happy that her mother had finally found someone she truly loved and she was also happy that she finally had a real father figure who was the hero in all of Hermione's old stories. Hermione was happy that she finally had let go of Ron and was now with Draco and now had a happy family. And Draco, he was just happy that he had someone to love and a daughter, and he was happy to finally have his memories back. 

a/n: This is the final chapter of this wonderful story. I hope you have all enjoyed it. It took a really long time to write and I really like the outcome of the story. This is only my second fanfic ever so, it's not going to be outstanding. Anyway, I would like to thank all of you readers and I would especially like to thank all of my reviewers. You guys kept telling me this story was so good and that is what kept me going. If it hadn't been for you guys, I probably never would've finished this story. So, if you wouldn't mind, please review and let me know what you thought of this story. Should I continue to write fanfic or should this be it? I won't know unless I get some feedback. Thank you guys so much!         dramione luvr

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