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In Search of the Truth by never_too_old
Chapter 4 : Confusion Sets In
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After dinner, the first year students gathered around the prefects from their houses, waiting to follow them to their dormitories. Rose frowned over at Albus, who continued to shake his head in disbelief about her placement.

The students set out of the Great Hall, separating themselves from each other as they moved toward their respective places. Rose kept her head lowered, shivering a bit, as they walked down toward the drafty dungeons.

“I think it’s definitely time for that hat to retire,” she heard a familiar voice coming from behind. She rolled her eyes, hoping he would not say anything more. “A Weasley in Slytherin,” Scorpius continued. “Wait until my father hears about this.”

She continued to ignore him, as they entered their common room with the rest of the first year Slytherins. She quickly made her way toward the girl’s side, wanting to owl her mother as soon as possible.

Once she entered her room, she quickly looked around, noticing four beds inside. She found her trunk at the foot of the bed near the window and quickly moved toward it. She lifted up her trunk, pulling out a piece of parchment and her quill. She hastily began writing to her mother.


I can’t believe what happened. I feel so ashamed. I feel like I let you and father down. I don’t know how it happened, mother, but I’ve been sorted into Slytherin. Is it possible to have been sorted wrong? Oh, please tell me it is. How can I have Slytherin qualities, when you and father are both Gryffindors? Even Ravenclaw I could have accepted, seeing as how you were almost sorted there. But Slytherin? I’m so sorry, mother. Please tell father I am, too.


Once she finished, she opened her window and whistled, as she taught her owl to come when she did.

As the owl flew inside her room, she tied the parchment to its leg and patted it on its head before letting it take off again. She returned to her bed, slipped under the covers, and closed her eyes, not wanting to introduce herself to the other girls in her room just yet.

Early the next morning, Rose woke up to a light tapping on her window. She turned on her side, noticing her owl outside, carrying a letter. She quickly opened the window, allowing him to enter. She untied the letter from its leg and then gave him some scraps of food, before he took off toward the Owlery.

She opened the letter, as she leaned back on her pillow.

Dearest Rose,

Don’t you ever feel ashamed about who you are. I couldn’t be prouder of you, even if you have been sorted into Slytherin. And I know your father will be proud, too. Not all Slytherins are bad, despite what you have been told. And I’m sure it will be hard not being with your cousins, but don’t let that stop you from making new friends.

Don’t be discouraged, Rose. Those qualities you have are a part of you, even if you can’t see it yet. You belong in that house, and you should never be ashamed of where
you belong.

I love you very much and cannot wait to see you again.


She closed her eyes, as tears rolled down her face, happy that her mother wasn’t upset with her. She looked over the letter one more time, smiling at the comforting words. It was weird, but a part of her believed her mother was not as shocked at the news as one would have thought. It was almost as if she was expecting something like this to happen.


It was so nice to hear from you so soon. And another Malfoy makes it into Slytherin. I am so proud of you. Your grandfather will of course be proud, too.

That is rather interesting news about Miss Weasley. I’m sure her mother is probably a bit livid at the thought. Not that it surprises me much. However, I want you to remember that she is still a Slytherin. I’m not saying you need to become the best of friends, but just remember you two come from the same house.


Scorpius rolled his eyes, after reading his father’s letter. He couldn’t believe his father didn’t have more bad things to say about Weasley. He didn’t understand why he was so nonchalant about the whole thing. And now he was to act civil toward her? What next?

“You’re such a prat,” she snapped at him, as she moved her wand over her parchment to erase the ink spill.

“And you’re just a stupid bookworm,” he retorted.

“How original,” she rolled her eyes.

He crossed his arms over his chest, as he leaned back in his seat, staring over at her across the table. He didn’t care what his father asked him to do. There was no way he could be polite to a Weasel, even if she was a Slytherin. 

She followed his actions, crossing her own arms across her chest, leaning back in her chair, and staring back. She was not going to let him win this one. 

The two continued to stare, not wanting to give up the fight. They were just as stubborn as their parents.

“You’re just like your parents,” a voice said from off to the side.

The two smirked at each other, aware of their parents’ stubborn and hated history together. She was starting to feel her eyes begin to twitch and knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her stare much longer. She only hoped she was stronger than he was.

“Okay, enough,” the voice yelled.

At the same time, they both broke free of their stares, as they turned toward the voice, uncrossing their arms. Albus was staring at them, shaking his head in annoyance. “Can’t you guys take a break? At least until after we finish our project?” he huffed.

“Sorry, Albus,” Rose apologized.

Albus turned toward Scorpius, waiting for him to say something. Scorpius rolled his eyes, waving his hand in the air, allowing him to continue. Albus nodded, as he lowered his head in his Potions book. “As I was saying,” he began, “asphodel and wormwood are used in the Draught of Living Death.”

“Of course they are, Potter,” Scorpius drawled.

Rose shot him an irritated look. “Look, Malfoy, if you’re so bored, then why not leave?”

“Because as much as I would love to, I know you both would just tattle on me that I didn’t do my part with this project,” he explained.

“Why did Professor Bane have to make us partners?” she grunted.

“Hey, look at this!” Albus suddenly exclaimed.

Rose and Scorpius turned their attention to Albus, curious to know what he found. He looked up at them, smiling, before lowering his eyes to where his finger was placed on a paragraph in his book. “There’s a potion in here that can tell us what type of blood we are.”

“I don’t need a potion to tell me that,” Scorpius scoffed. “I’m a pure-blood. All Malfoys are.”

“Are you sure about that?” Rose smirked.

His face fell a little, as he began to ponder her question. “Of course I am,” he finally answered, knowing she was just trying to rile him up. “And we already know what you two are, so why are we still discussing this?”

“In all these years, you don’t think somebody slipped up in the Malfoy family?” Rose continued. “Not one muggle, muggle-born or half-blood ever tainted your family blood?”

“Never,” Scorpius stated. “That’s what makes us so powerful.”

“What about your mother’s side?” she questioned.

“They’re pure-blood, too,” he answered, starting to feel his head spin a little.

“It just seems to me there really is no such thing as a pure-blood,” she simply stated.

Albus laughed inwardly, as he watched Scorpius’ face turn bright red. “You could just do the potion and prove her wrong,” he suggested, as he discreetly winked at Rose.

“Fine,” he growled, “I’ll do the stupid potion, if it’ll shut you both up.”

Rose smiled, happy to have won this round, and turned toward Albus. “So, what do we need to make it?”

Scorpius rolled his eyes, as he crossed his arms over his chest and sulked. He hated when he was defeated.

“Well, we need a vial,” Albus began reading, “some water, a flame, and the source’s blood.”

“That’s it?”

“Doesn’t seem much of a potion to me,” Scorpius sneered, but was ignored by the two.

“Let’s do it now,” Rose happily stated, as she rummaged through her bag, taking out her potions kit. She picked up an empty vial and lifted her wand toward it. “Aguamenti,” she said, as water came out of her wand and into the glass. She moved the vial toward Scorpius, impatiently waiting for him to contribute.

“What?” he asked, not sure what she was waiting for.

“We need your blood,” Albus explained.

“Oh, right,” he said, as he grabbed his wand and muttered a simple spell at the tip of his finger. A cut soon appeared, and he quickly moved his finger over the bottle, letting a few droplets of blood fall into the water.

Rose smiled, when she saw the blood mix with the water, and hurriedly handed the vial to Albus. He smiled over at her, as he grabbed the vial from her.

Rose looked over at Scorpius, smirking, “Are you scared?”

He took his eyes off Potter, as he turned toward her and sneered, “Why would I? I know who I am.”

She shrugged, as she looked over at her cousin again. Albus was concentrating on the page with the potion, making sure he was reading it correctly. He nodded, after he understood. “Okay, now we need a flame to warm the bottle, as we say the spell.”

“Oh, let me,” Rose excitedly said, as she grabbed the bottle out of his hand and placed a flame from her wand under the vial, whispering, “Blodiarmus.”

The three watched the liquid inside change color. Although he didn’t show it, or would ever admit it, Scorpius was a bit nervous about the outcome. What if he really wasn’t a pure-blood? What if the test showed that his life has been one big lie this whole time?

“So, what are the colors supposed to mean?” Rose asked, as she kept her stare on the changing liquid.

Albus took his eyes off the vial, returning them to the book. “If it stays red, then you’re a muggle. Blue is pure-blood, pink is half-blood, and gray is muggle-born,” he explained.

All three gasped, when the water suddenly turned pink. Rose and Albus stared over at Scorpius in wonderment. Scorpius stared at the glass before him, feeling his body begin to tremble. “I have to go,” he quickly said, as he shot up from his seat and rushed out of the library.

Rose started laughing, as she watched him leave. “Did you see his face? That was priceless,” she continued laughing, as she turned toward her cousin. “So, where’d you put the real vial?”

Albus furrowed his eyebrows, as he stared over at her in confusion. “What are you talking about?” 

“The vial with his real blood,” she chuckled. “Where is it?”

“Don’t you have it?”

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Why would I have it? You made the switch.”

He took a big gulp, as he looked over at the vial in front of them. “I thought we both decided last night you were going to do it,” he quietly stated.

Her eyes opened wide, as she turned to face the real vial filled with pink water. “Wait, you mean,” she stopped, not able to continue.

“That’s really Malfoy’s vial,” he finished, as he looked over at her in shock. “Malfoy isn’t a pure-blood.”

A/N:  Oh goodness!  How can that be?  Where could the Malfoy line have been broken?  haha  Oh come on now... I'm sure you can guess where this is heading.  :)  Thanks everyone for reading!

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In Search of the Truth: Confusion Sets In


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