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Hogwarts, Here We Come! by Emilyinlove
Chapter 7 : Chapter Six: The Sorting Ceremony
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter books, series, movies, characters or overall world. I am just a slave in it's presence. And also, I do not own some of the quotes in this chapter, as well as I don't own some of the plot. That makes me very sad.

Author's Note: Ohemgee, I am so sorry for not posting this when I said I would! If you feel used, I don't blame you. Haha, just kidding. But I am posting this chapter as well as the next chapter for Remember. So read on!

Chapter Six: The Sorting Ceremony

The train pulled up to Hogsmeade Station a couple of hours later. The sky was now a dark, midnight blue and scattered with tiny, twinkling star. We were just about to get off the rain when I realized something.

"How are we getting to the school?" I asked. "By boat or by carriage?"

"I wanna go by boat!" Hannah exclaimed.

"It's something you have to do your first year here," Lindsay added.

"Okay, well, I'm going to go use a carriage, so see you guys at the school," Amy said, walking off.

"Same here," Shana said, running to catch up with her.

"Okay, well that leaves four of us to a boat. SWEET!" Emilie exclaimed as we jumped off the train.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" A booming voice called out.

Emilie, Hannah, Lindsay and I all exchanged looks before running over to find a very large man with a shaggy mane of hair, a tangled beard and a pair of beetle black eyes hiding behind all that hair. He was holding up a lantern so that call the first years he was calling over could see him in the darkness.

"Are you four some o' the transfer students?" Hagrid asked.

"Yup," I answered. "I'm Emily Williams and these guys are Hannah Scott, Lindsay Hunter and Emilie Grant."

"I'm Rubeus Hagrid, groundskeeper and Care of Magical Creatures professor," He introduced. "Now we just 'ave to wait 'ere until we're sure all the firs' years get 'ere. Anymore firs' year? Firs' years follow me!"

We all followed Hagrid down a narrow path, which by the way was very slippery. So slippery in fact, that I fell multiple times. But of course, I started laughing all of those times, earning myself some weird looks from the ickle first years.

"Yeh'll all get yer firs' sight o' Hogwarts in a sec," Hagrid said as we came out of the path and onto a dock. Standing in the distance was Hogwarts Castle. I was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. This was the first time I had ever seen a real castle in person, and boy was I glad it was this one. "No more'n four to a boat!"

We all got into the boots, Emilie, Hannah, Lindsay and I all in one together before Hagrid got into his own.


All the boats started to glide forward, which was absolutely amazing. It felt like the "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland.

"Everyone watch yer heads!" Hagrid said as we all ducked our heads, as we went under a particularly long and low tree branch. All of a sudden there was a loud splash. One of the first years had fallen into the lake.

I was trying my hardest not to laugh; it's rude to laugh at other's misfortunes. But I looked over at Lindsay to see her shoulders shaking and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I started laughing hysterically, which got our whole boat laughing as the little kid, who I knew to be Dennis Creevey got pushed back into the boat by what looked to be the Giant Squid.

Pretty soon we arrived at the school which was even better up close and all of us got out of the boots. Hagrid did a quick check of all the boats to make sure no one had left something behind before leading us up to the castle's front doors. He then raised one of his enormous fists and knocked three times on the door.

The doors opened almost immediately after for us all to be greeted by a rather stern looking woman whose grey-speckled black hair was pulled into a tight bun, and had on dark blue robes.

"Here are the firs' years Professor McGonagall," Hagrid said and I grinned.

This was Professor McGonagall. She looked exactly how I imagined her to look. This was amazing! I couldn't wait to be in her class!

"Thank you Hagrid, I'll take them from here," She said as we all followed her inside to a small corridor.

She walked up to the top of a flight of stairs where we all stood in front of her, waiting patiently. Amy and Shana ran over, joining the group.

"Welcome to Hogwarts. The banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats you have to be sorted into your houses. While you're at Hogwarts, your house will be like your family. You will have classes with them, sleep in the same house dormitory, and spend most of your free time in your house common room. The four houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Your triumphs will earn your house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup, which is a great honor. The Sorting Ceremony will start in a few minutes, I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while waiting. Are our transfer students here?" She asked and the six of us raised our hands. "Good, I'd like you to come wait at the front, because you'll be sorted before the first years. I will return for you all when we are ready."

McGonagall left and automatically our group started pulling out mirrors, make-up and brushes from our robe pockets.

"Aren't you a little old to be a first year?" A first year asked me. Just because they're first years doesn't meant they're dense, but it must be in this one's case. McGonagall just said we were transfer students.

"Aren't you a little short to be a first year?" I retorted, making them turn around and go back to their own business.

I looked into my compact mirror before brushing out my hair and putting on a coat of vanilla flavored lip gloss. Hey, if you were going out in front of hundreds of strangers, you'd want to look good too.

"We are ready for you," McGonagall said, her thin lips curling into a pleasant smile. "Now form a line and follow me."

We followed Professor McGonagall into the Great Hall. It was amazing! There were candles and golden plates everywhere! And the ceiling looked exactly like the sky had a few minutes previous when we were outside. There were four tables. One was flooded with silver and green, which was obviously Slytherin. I could even see Malfoy growling at me. Ha! Then in the middle were two tables, one was copper and bronze, and the other was yellow and black, these symbolizing Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Then there was a table with everyone wearing red and gold which was obviously Gryffindor.

We all stood in a line at the front of the Great Hall by the Staff Table as McGonagall placed a ratty looking old wizard hat on a stool. Everyone stood staring at it, waiting for something to happen.

It burst out singing, making me jump slightly at the sudden outburst. It continued its song as I calmed down and did a happy, very unnoticeable jig to it. It finished, gaining a round of applause from each house. It bowed to each house before becoming completely still again.

"When I call your name, please put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted," McGonagall said before pulling a list of names out of her robes. "Grant, Emilie."

Emilie walked up with what seemed to be all the confidence in the world and sat down, the Sorting Hat being placed on her head.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat called almost immediately after.

"Hunter, Lindsay."

"GRYFFINDOR!" Lindsay clapped her hands together, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder before walking down to the Gryffindor table.

"Parker, Shana."

"SLYTHERIN!" What? Shana in Slytherin? I thought she would've been in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Hmm...this would be interesting.

"Shaw, Amber."

"It's Amy," Amy mumbled as she walked up and sat down. Amy hated being called Amber. It wasn't that she didn't like the name, because she did. She just thought it didn't fit her as much as Amy did.


"Scott, Hannah." I gave Hannah a reassuring smile as she walked up, but I think I was trying to reassure myself.

"SLYTHERIN!" What? Why had they all gone into Slytherin? What if I went into Slytherin?

"Williams, Emily."

I couldn't do it. I didn't want to be a Slytherin. I dared a glance out and saw Harry giving me a reassuring smile. I smiled back and took a deep, relaxing breath before walking up, noticing some of the teacher's shocked faces when they saw me. Why? I didn't know. That would be something I'd have to figure out. I sat on the stool and felt the hat being placed on my head.

"Ah, very complex one you are. Many personality traits. Sly and cunning makes you good for Slytherin, determination and hard-work which is good for Hufflepuff. You are full of wit and smarts which would make you a perfect candidate for Ravenclaw. You would also fit into Gryffindor because of your loyalty and bravery. You have a big future ahead of you with many difficult choices to make. But there is a huge difference coming into your life that you are strong enough to handle. You are going to take risks for what you feel is right. So there is only one place for you," The hat said in my head. "GRYFFINDOR!"

The Great Hall broke into applause, the Gryffindor table the loudest of them all. I let a smile creep onto my face as I walked down the steps and headed towards the Gryffindor table.

I was walking there with all the confidence I could muster - I had been sorted into Gryffindor after all. That is, I was walking with all the confidence I could muster before tripping over my two feet and falling on my butt. My butt was really starting to hurt!

"Well, that's an interesting way to start the year," I said to myself as the rest of the school laughed at my clumsiness. I got back up and walked to the Gryffindor table, where Harry signaled for me to sit with him. And to my surprise, Emilie and Lindsay were already sitting there. They must've introduced themselves. I sat down, looking fairly flustered from my little "trip" and pretended to actually watch the first years get sorted.

"Hey, congrats on making Gryffindor. I knew you would," Harry whispered.

"Yeah..." I trailed off, thinking about what the hat had said.

"You have a big future ahead of you with many difficult choices to make. But there is a huge difference coming into your life that you are strong enough to handle. You are going to take risks for what you feel is right," It had said.

What did it mean? I had a big future ahead of me? I was going to have difficult choices to make? There's a big difference coming into my life that I'm strong enough to handle? I'm actually going to take risks for what I feel is right?

None of this sounded like me. I was pretty outgoing, but I usually didn't take that many risks, and tried to keep it easy going. I had enough stress in my life, why couldn't I just go through the rest of my adolescent life in peace?

And what about Amy, Shana and Hannah being sorted into Slytherin? That shouldn't have happened! We all should've been in Gryffindor!

"Are you okay?" Harry whispered as the food appeared and everyone began to eat.

"Yeah, just thinking," I said. It's weird how he noticed something was wrong right away. I wasn't usually that easy to read. Hm...I'd have to look into that as well.

"Thinking about what?" He asked before we heard a loud explosion that made me jump. I didn't like loud noises. That was a fact. They brought back some...not too fond memories.

When I looked over, I had to stand on the bench to see what had happened as many people were in my way and I wasn't exactly "tall".

Sure as fate, there was Lindsay rolling around on the ground laughing. I don't blame her though. Fred and George Weasley were bright pink and purple. I was laughing too. I looked over and even Fred and George were laughing at themselves.

"Do you think...?" Emilie asked, not finishing her sentence. I already knew what she meant, and there it was, happening before our eyes.

"I'm Lindsay, Lindsay Hunter," I heard Lindsay said, extending her hand out to the twins.

"Fred and George Weasley," the twins introduced in unison. That was it. Lindsay had found acceptance in the two people she admired most.

The funny thing about the prank was that the teachers saw it and didn't do anything about it. Probably because they've been waiting a long time for the pranksters to get pranked. I think I even saw Dumbledore laughing!

"You know, I think that's the first time they've ever been pranked. She must be really good," Ron noted.

"You have no idea," Emilie and I said in unison.

"Do you two usually do that?" Hermione asked.

"Do what?" We asked.

"Talk in unison," Hermione stated.

We looked at each other. "No."

"Okay, well that's confusing," Ron said.

"May I have your attention please? Now that we're all settled, sorted and fed, I have an announcement. This year, our school will be hosting a legendary event. The Triwizard Tournament," Dumbledore started but I just zoned out.

I had heard this all before, well, read it if you want to be specific. But anyhow, I knew how it would turn out. He'd tell everyone about the Triwizard Tournament, Barty Crouch would tell them the new rule saying you had to be at least seventeen to enter, people would disagree, Dumbledore would silence them and introduce the Goblet of Fire. Then Moody would come in just as the ceiling's enchantment breaks and he would fix it.

Yeah, I am just that good.

"Emily! Emily! EMILY! WE HAVE TO GO SEE DUMBLEDORE NOW!" Someone yelled in my face, startling me back to reality.

"What? Oh, sorry, I zoned out," I said, standing up. "So let's go."

See, this is where Hannah and I were experts. In big crowds like this, you use your elbows. This is our experience from the eighth graders crowing the hallways by just standing there talking to their friends. It was annoying. But we did manage to gain some valuable life skills from it.

We walked up to the seventh floor in silence (for no particular reason, might I add), before coming upon the statue of a gargoyle. I walked over and whispered the password to it before it jumped aside, revealing an escalator-like spiral staircase.

When we were at the top, there was a small waiting area and great oak doors in front of us. I knocked on them before the doors swung open on their own. We walked into the office where Dumbledore was sitting most comfortable behind his desk.

I looked around, noticing that it was a very large and beautiful circular room with all sorts of magical objects lying around. On his very polished and shiny desk were some scattered papers as well as a silver ink pot and a scarlet quill which I guessed to be a phoenix feather.

"Ah, girls, please take a seat," Dumbledore said, conjuring up some chairs us all to sit in. "I see you have found my office alright?"

"Yes, sir," Lindsay answered.

"Excellent," Dumbledore said, looking rather pleased. "Now, what you have been called here is for more informative reasons." We all nodded as he began. "As you may already know, you have been brought into a world which you already know what should be happening. Am I correct?" Once again, we all nodded in response. "So, now I am the Secret Keeper for all of this. This information will stay a secret that you'll take to your graves. If anyone found out about this, all hell would break loose. As I will be passing away soon, one of you will have to take my place as Secret Keeper for all of this."

That's a depressing thought. Who just comes out and says, "Oh yeah, I'm going to die soon." Very morbid.

"I have chosen Miss Williams here for reasons that will be revealed sooner or later, but for now, it will remain my personal secret."

I didn't understand why he chose me to be the Secret Keeper for this after he died. Why would he choose me? I wasn't anything special.

"As for Apparating lessons, you will be taking them with the sixth years with my personal permission as you live in a different continent and transportation to and from school will be harder for you. You will have to keep an eye out for any notice about when they should take place. I have a feeling you should all learn it pretty quickly, so there are no worries. I hope you all enjoy your time at Hogwarts," Dumbledore said as everyone got up to leave. "Miss Williams, could you please stay behind." I nodded as I sat back down.

"Mr. Ollivander informed me of you not needing a wand to practice magic," He said. "You would to best to do some practicing tonight, as you'll need to find a way to channel your powers, as most wizards and witches use their wands for that. Your teachers have all been notified of the situation."

"Professor Dumbledore," I said. "I don't get it. Why don't I need to use a wand?"

"I expect you'll be finding that out this year," Dumbledore said. "You are now excused. Have a good sleep as your lessons will start tomorrow. And do not fret about becoming a Secret Keeper. We will deal with that when it comes around."

"Okay. Good night to you too Professor," I said, walking out of his office. Even though he told me not to worry about it, I was. He trusted me to become the Secret Keeper after he died! What if I let the secret spill? And why did he choose me?

Everyone kept saying I was destined for greatness, or that I'd be finding out a lot this year, but what? Why couldn't they just tell me what it was?! I hated not knowing, and just waiting for something like this to happen to me was going to really get on my nerves.

Maybe this was why I was only starting at Hogwarts now. Maybe this was my time. Maybe this was where I would figure out who I really am.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I almost ran into the portrait of the fat lady. This was so cool. Another thing I never thought I'd see.

"Password?" She asked, and I had to think. I hadn't asked anyone what it was, so what was the first password in the fourth Harry Potter book?

"Balderdash?" I suggested. The portrait swung open and I walked in, looking around in amazement.

"Hi Harry!" I said, waving madly at him when I spotted him.

"Hi," He said, giving me a weird look.

"So you wanna give me a tour?" I asked hopefully, batting my eyelashes at him.

"Sure," He said, chuckling a bit. "Where we're standing is the common room." I looked around the scarlet and gold room that had multiple couches, chairs and tables. There was also a large fireplace, and on the opposite wall was a notice board. "Okay, so the stairs over there lead to the boy's dormitories, and the ones over there on the right lead to the girl's dormitories. Yours is the one at the very top of the staircase," Harry said.

"Thanks!" I exclaimed before running upstairs to find everything there, and Sono fast asleep on what I guessed to be my bed. Well, my trunk was at the end of it.

I looked around the girl's dorm and came to the conclusion that it was absolutely gorgeous! There were six beds spread around the room in a circular shape because of it being in a tower. Behind each bed, against the wall was a double door wardrobe that had five drawers at the bottoms, and there was also a rack behind the mirrored doors to put anything that needed to be hung up. Everything in the room was in a red and gold theme and it was unbelievably stunning!

"Hey, where's Lindsay?" Emilie asked, suddenly noticing the disappearance of our prankster friend.

"I'm in here!" She yelled from a distance.

"And where exactly is 'here'?" I called to her.

"Just follow the light," Lindsay said. I do so and my jaw literally dropped. It was a bathroom. A gorgeous, stunning, beautiful bathroom.

I had a slight obsession with bathrooms because some of them could be so pretty! And this was definitely one of my favorites.

It was red and gold to match the bedroom it was attached to and had six sinks and mirrors all lined up against one wall. Each mirror had one of our names on it, and a seat for us to sit on, and weaved baskets underneath the counter for all of our dirty laundry.

Then on the other side of the room was a bunch of bathroom stalls which obviously held toilets. There were really great because they were far apart, allowing a lot of room for people who wanted to change in private.

At the back there was a crossroad-like thing where you could turn either left or right into a private shower with opaque shower curtains, and towels waiting for whenever the occupant got out.

"You guys would probably be smart to start unpacking some of your belongings," Hermione noted, snapping us out of our bathroom glory.

"But...don't you like the bathroom?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I'm kind of used to it now," Hermione shrugged as she left the room.

"Well, she's probably right. We should go unpack our stuff," I said as the three of us left the bathroom. I walked over to my trunk and unlocked it.

I decided this would be the perfect time to find my way to channel my magic. I concentrated on making all of my clothes come out of my truck and start levitating in the air. I snapped my fingers and saw it happen.

"Okay clothes, now I'm going to sort you out," I told them. "You go into the closet, you go into the top drawer, and you go into the bottom drawer..." And it went on like that for about fifteen minutes until I was finished.

I took out Sono's stuff, like his food, dishes and toys before putting them on the ground beside my bed. I also took out some picture frames and put them on the top of the wardrobe. The last thing I took out was my teddy bear, and I placed him gently on my pillows.

"You brought your teddy bear," Emilie said, obviously unimpressed.

"Yes, I did!" I exclaimed. I was proud of my teddy bear. I've had him since I was born fourteen years ago. So he was a bit old and slightly tattered, but he was still my teddy bear who had been my best friend before anyone else. "I'm going to take a shower and go to bed."

I grabbed a pair of pajamas out of my wardrobe before walking into the bathroom, taking a nice hot shower before changing into my pajamas. I walked back into the actual dormitory and crawled under the warm covers and fell asleep.

Next time on "Hogwarts, Here We Come!"

"Good job Potter! He fought it! One of the only ones who could! Not perfectly, like Williams, but he fought it!" Moody said, making me look up to see Harry on the ground, breathing really heavily. He made Harry try about six more time before he finally let someone else try.

Harry hobbled over to where I was sitting and sat down beside me, looking utterly exhausted.

"Looks like we're the only two who can fight it so far," Harry said.

"I guess so, Defense Against the Dark Arts Buddy," I said, making him laugh.

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Hogwarts, Here We Come!: Chapter Six: The Sorting Ceremony


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