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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising by witowsmp
Chapter 13 : Back to Normal...For Now
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With acknowledgements to the live action Transformers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movies for inspiration for a major sequence in this story.


As usual, we don’t own Harry Potter, the excellent JK Rowling does. The only thing we do own is the plot, Heinzl and his followers.


Harry Potter and the Muggle-Born Uprising

Chapter Thirteen

Back to Normal…For Now


Albus Dumbledore was pacing around his office, pondering on the outcome of the Prophecy made by Luna Lovegood that evening during the sorting of students into Heinzl House.


"There is only one who can control the Dark Lord of the Past. She who was born nine nines before the end of another Dark Lord's reign, the seventh of seven with a head full of flame, born to the family of fire. Though controlled by a Dark Lord's soul for nine moons, she alone can control the Dark Lord of the Past, she is the Heir to the his former Master."


“I hate Prophecies,” Dumbledore muttered before resuming his thinking. It sounds similar to the prophecy Sybil made regarding Harry and Voldemort, he thought to himself.


Well, this prophecy refers to Voldemort’s downfall and if my calculations are correct, then Ginny Weasley was born during this timeframe, exactly eighty-one days before Voldemort was vanquished. She is the seventh child of seven children, all with red hair. She was controlled by Tom Riddle’s diary for nine months so if she can control Heinzl, then the Weasleys must be the long lost Heirs of Gryffindor. Strange, though; I always thought the Potters were; how else could Harry get the sword out of the hat? Unless there is some bond between the Potters and the Weasleys that would enable it.


Dumbledore decided to take Ginny to Gringotts the next morning to have her checked out. The goblins would be able to determine if she was the heir of Gryffindor.




Harry woke up the next morning, remembering the strange sight he and Hermione had seen following the sorting.


As Heinzl vanished, the students got into two lines and marched out of the Great Hall. As soon as they had left the gobsmacked students and staff behind, Harry and Hermione ran after them and went to an empty classroom. He got the Marauder’s Map out of his bag and set it up on the table.


“I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” he said, activating the map. He and Hermione looked on the map for the students.


“Found them!” Hermione said, pointing to a line. Looking at the map, they were on the fourth floor and were walking towards a wall. Then to their surprise, they walked through the wall and ended up on a blank section of the map.


The couple ran out of the castle to the basic area where the map said the students were and to their surprise, they found a new tower had been added.


Harry’s concentration was broken when he heard his girlfriend calling him. She was sitting in her favourite chair in the common room using her laptop. It was connected to the computer network at Potter Manor, which was operating a huge telescope which they discovered in an observatory in the grounds. Inspired by the film Tomb Raider, Harry had paid a computer expert to link the telescope to computers. You could look at the stars through the telescope as normal, but the new computers which Harry had bought for it (similar to what is used by NASA) would record everything seen.


“Yes, Mine?” he asked.


“Something very usual has happened. For the astronomy homework, I was keeping track of some stars here (she showed him some stars in the constellation Rigel). Look here.” She showed him two images. “What is the difference between the two pictures?”


“There is something big in the second,” Harry replied.


“Yes, but the thing is that these images were only taken 18 hours apart. Things like that cannot appear so quickly! What is strange is that it seems this thing appeared out of thin air around the time Luna Lovegood gave her Prophecy.”


“Very weird,” Harry admitted. “Any idea what it is?”


“I suspect it’s some kind of meteor or asteroid. According to these calculations, it will be passing our planet by in a matter of days.”




Half-an-hour later, Harry and Hermione met up with Ginny and several other people on the Quidditch pitch. There were a few more people there than expected because he had announced at the last minute that he would be needing a pair of Beaters after Fred and George defected to Heinzl’s house. Angelina Johnson had given him a few pointers, having witnessed a tryout or two from the days of Charlie Weasley. Harry had even managed to convince Oliver Wood to visit to help out (with Dumbledore and McGonagall’s permission).


To Harry’s surprise, Ron turned up for the tryouts. Harry put the Sonorus charm on himself and had everyone separate into groups, depending on the position they wanted to try for.


“First things first, Chasers, if you would mount your brooms and fly around the pitch a couple of times, then I can see if you can continue.”


It was a good thing he did that because a few people crashed or didn’t know how to fly well. After he rooted out those who could fly well and those who couldn’t, he had them fly about, passing Quaffles to each other and attempting to score. In the end, both Hermione and Ginny were rated the best Chasers by Oliver, along with a second year girl called Demelza Robins. To prove that there was no bias, Harry asked Oliver along with Angelina to make the choices. They were given the Chaser positions. No one but Harry noticed Ron scowling at this.


The Beater tryouts were next. Harry had them fly around like he did the Chasers. Then he released some Bludgers to give some practice. Eventually after both he and Oliver Wood had been beaten up by Bludgers, Annabeth Furlong and a boy called James Carey were named Beaters.


Finally, it was the keeper tryouts. Harry repeated his requests for the wannabes to fly around the pitch so he could find out who was good at flying, and then afterwards, he had the Chasers throw the Quaffle to see who was the better Keeper. For a moment, it looked like Ron was going to be picked until a fourth year girl called Daisy Manning took a go. She proved to be better than the rest of the keepers put together so Harry picked her to be the Keeper. Ron got into such a sulk that he threw the school broom to the ground and stormed off.


Ginny caught up with him and grabbed her brother.


“Listen here, you loser,” she said to him, “Harry was not going to pick you because of your former friendship. He wants the best people for his team and you had better not do anything to stop it.”


As soon as she released him, Ron continued to storm off.




Dumbledore summoned Ginny to his office after the Quidditch tryouts. Molly and Arthur, along with baby Annabeth, were there waiting for her. Briefly, Dumbledore related the events of the previous evening to them and the prophecy along with his suspicions.


“So Molly, Arthur – I would like your permission to take Ginny to Gringotts in order to have the goblins perform a test on her to see if she is the Heir of Gryffindor. Why it would be Ginny and not one of your other children, I have no idea.”


“Yes, you can take her, Albus,” Molly said.




Within minutes, headmaster and student were at the bank. Dumbledore introduced Ginny to Griphook.


“Morning, Headmaster. How can I serve you today?” the goblin asked.


“I would like you to do a blood test on Miss Ginny Weasley here to see if there is any trace of ancestry going back to Godric Gryffindor, please,” Dumbledore said.


Griphook led the duo to a private room. He took a roll of parchment out and spread it on the table. He then took a dagger to Ginny. “All we need to do is prick your finger and the parchment will do the rest.”


The goblin pricked her finger and a few drops of blood dripped onto the parchment. The trio looked as lines and words formed on it. The first ones showed Ginny and her six brothers followed by Molly and Arthur. Names kept on appearing until a couple in the 1100’s but there was no sign of any descent from Gryffindor. Dumbledore noted that a line went up after the top name but there was nothing to show for it. He thanked Griphook and he and Ginny went back to the school.




Two days later, in space, a giant fireball was heading towards Earth. The fireball grew in size as it entered the atmosphere.


The fifth year Gryffindors were taking their Astronomy lesson as the fireball was approaching. Suddenly, flashes of light got everyone’s attention. They looked up and saw the fireball – it was heading towards the school.


“Class dismissed!” Professor Sinistra said. Everyone packed up their telescopes and left the tower as quickly as they could.


They made it to Gryffindor Tower under Harry and Hermione’s supervision. They noticed Ginny wasn’t with them.


“Where is she?” Hermione asked.


“The map,” Harry exclaimed. He summoned it non-verbally and wandlessly and activated it. The couple looked at it and within moments, had found Ginny. She was heading towards the entrance hall.


“We’d better get to her before someone catches her,” Hermione said. The two went into their dorms, making sure they were empty, and then changed into their Animagus forms (Harry as a golden eagle and Hermione as an eagle owl) and flew down very quickly to the main doors. They transformed back to normal just as Ginny opened the door. But they couldn’t see her; it was as if she were under a dissillusiment charm. With the help of the map, Harry and Hermione followed her.


The meteor continued its descent. It smashed into the Astronomy tower and headed towards the Quidditch pitch, where Ginny had found herself. Students screamed and ran as rubble fell. There were loud crashes as parts of the tower smashed into the Great Hall and the Herbology greenhouses. She stood at the edge of the pitch with her arms outstretched. Moments later, members of staff arrived, including Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore. They watched as the meteor crashed in front of Ginny. As the smoke from the crater died away, bright light shone from a hole in the comet. Everyone looked on as Ginny was fixated on it. Then the light died down then four beams of light flew out of it. They then began to resemble animals – a lion, a snake, a badger and an eagle. Everyone gazed at the beauty of everything. The light animals did a patrol around the Quidditch pitch.


Then suddenly, the lion flew towards Ginny and flew around her, as if she was being inspected. Seconds later, the lion entered Ginny’s heart and she began to glow. Blocks on her memory and magic were destroyed; powerful magic flowed through her blood. Memories of the distant past awoke in her mind. On the outside, there were also changes. Her skirt turned into a leather armour skirt. Shoulder armour formed on her shoulders and a long cloak grew. A very posh looking belt with a scabbard appeared. Under her clothing, her basilisk hide armour was replaced with mithril. Her physical appearance also changed. She grew a couple of inches; her hair grew until it was at the bottom of her back. She filled out a bit and developed some muscles.


The light died down and everyone was astonished to see the changes in the young girl. Ron came up to them.


“What have you done to my sister, Potter?” he demanded, raising his wand at Harry. With a wave of Ginny’s hand, her brother’s wand went flying in one direction while the boy flew in the other.


The girl began to turn into a beam of red light. A giant multi-coloured bubble could be seen around the pitch. Cracks could be seen appearing in the bubble. Ginny finally turned into a complete beam of red light and the bubble exploded. The beam fired into the sky and before everyone’s eyes, Ginny was gone.




Ginny remateralised inside Gringotts. She walked over to Griphook.


“Evening, Miss Weasley. What can I do for you tonight?” he asked, looking surprised at the change in her appearance, but not mentioning it.


“I would like you to redo the blood test you performed the other day,” she replied.


They went into the private room where the blood procedure was repeated. This time, three Gryffindor family members were added, including Godric Gryffindor. Griphook summoned his manager.


“This young girl is the Heir of Gryffindor,” he declared. Ginny took a key out of her robes – both goblins looked on at it.


“That key has not been seen since the early days,” the goblin manager said. “Griphook, take her to Gryffindor’s vaults.”




In his chamber, Heinzl woke up. He could sense that the Heir of Gryffindor had been awoken at long last. He roared with rage.




At the Burrow, Molly went to check on Annabeth. Arthur heard his wife screaming and ran into the room where the baby was sleeping.


“Arthur – Annabeth isn’t breathing!” Molly screamed.




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