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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water... Wanna Bet? by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 4 : Rion
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Disclaimer: Not feeling up to thinking of a witty disclaimer. No I don’t own Harry Potter. JKR does.


It’s four in the morning. Seven more hours until I get on the train. And no, I haven’t been up all night. Ok fine, I have. But I’m going to Hogwarts. I Rose Corinne Weasley, am going to Hogwarts. I made up the Corinne part, but it’s a really cool name. I always wanted to be a Corinne instead of a Rose.


But back to Hogwarts. The only really bad thing about it is my cousins. James, Albus, Victoire, Freddie, Dom, and Molly will all be there. Ugh. I really don’t want to live with them for nearly a year. At least I won’t have to share a dorm with them. That would suck.


Mum keeps telling me I’ll be in Ravenclaw. When she says that, dad gives her a look. It’s not that he doesn’t think I’m smart, (I think) it’s more that he thinks all Weasleys/Potters belong in Gryffindor. I don’t think I’m smart enough for Ravenclaw. I’ve been in muggle school and my grades are B’s at best.


I’m not particularly brave, either, but I’m a Weasley so that basically cancels that out. I don’t get how all families are in the same House. Aren’t kids supposed to be different from their parents? I mean, I know some families get split up between the Houses, but almost every Weasley in the history of Weasleys has been in Gryffindor.


Except for Aunt Fleur. She went to a school in France. But she’s only a Weasley by marriage, so that doesn’t really count. All of the Potters have been in Gryffindor too. It’s kind of creepy when you really think about it.


5 AM. Why does time move so slow? I’ve still got six hours until I get on the train. I wish I could go to sleep, but I’m way too excited.




“Rose!” Love you too, Mum. Wait – I was asleep. What if I missed the train? What if I can’t go to Hogwarts? Oh, it’s only 10:10. I’ve only got an hour!


“I’m not hungry! I’ll eat on the train!” I’m actually telling the truth this time. I think I’m too nervous to eat. Besides, I think Dad said something about there being a trolley with a ton of candy. He also said it was six hours long!


Now, what should I wear? I have no idea. I think I’ll just wear a pair of jeans and my Wilco shirt. Did I mention Wilco’s my favorite band? Well, they are.


Where’s my trunk? I think I lost my trunk! Oh, no, it’s over there. Never mind. Good bye, my little hide-away! I will miss you. You hid me so well when I needed to be. That reminds me, Mum still hasn’t apologized to Uncle George and I haven’t seen him since he was here.


Now, I’m ready to leave. And it only took me thirty minutes. I hate getting ready to go places. I’d much rather just poof and be there. Which is basically the same as apparating. “Coming Mum!”


I get down the steps and see Dad and Hugo getting in the car. I don’t get why we all had to go. “Put your trunk in the trunk, Rosie.” Dad loves making jokes like that. He thinks he’s really funny. He isn’t.


“I wanna go back home and sleep!” Hugo’s always whining about something. I wish we had left him at home. “I don’t care if Rose leaves. It’s not like she ever does anything with me, anyways.” Oh yeah, go and blame me for it. Of course it’s all my fault. Him being the one that shoved me away everytime I tried to play with him.


“You should spend more time with your brother, Rose.” What? He doesn’t want me to spend any time with him. He’d rather me fall off the face of the Earth! But there he goes, nodding gravely. Since when has Hugo ever been grave?


Dad parks the car and Mum gets out. Did I mention I love cars? Cause I do. It’s very mugglish of me, but cars are absolutely amazing! I used to wish I’d be a squib just so cars would be my main form of transportation. Then I’d remember witches could do magic and drive cars.


“Rose! Stop daydreaming and get out of the car!” Whoops. Guess I got too caught up in my daydream.


Mum drags me into Kings Cross and shoves me through the barrier with my trunk. Real nice, Mum. Real nice. “Go and change now, Rose.” Why? “Just put them on over your clothes.” Whatever. I shove my robes on over my jeans and Wilco shirt and grab my trunk.


Evil plan coming on. Ha ha, I’ve got the best plan ever! Now I can use magic. When I actually succeed in doing it, Albus is sooo gonna die. That’s an awesome thought, even if it isn’t literal.


I doze off while I Mum and Dad go off and do who knows what. The next thing I know is that Mum shoves me and Albus onto the train. Finally! Away from parents and off to Hogwarts. I've been waiting for this my whole life.

Albus apparently hasn't, though. He's leaning out of the train and waving as it begins to pull away. He’s still hanging out when we reach the first curve and can’t see them anymore. Kind of pathetic in my mind.


James runs back from his compartment, clearly thinking of something he forgot to tell us. “Did you know a first got eaten by the giant squid last year when they were crossing the lake?” James runs off laughing to his friends and I glare at him. I’m hoping it was a really mean glare.


“Do you think it’s true?” Albus’ face is pale and when I say pale, I mean completely white. Is he really that gullible? Yeah.


“Of course it’s not true! We would have heard about it if a first year got eaten when James was crossing the lake.” Duh. Does he really think Uncle Harry would risk his life to go to some dumb school? Doubtful. And yet he’s still hanging around me, not looking reassured. Why doesn’t he go find a compartment with other first year boys?


“So…” So leave. It’s simple as that. “Wanna go find a compartment?” Yeah, but not with you. By myself, definitely. But not with you.


“Why don’t you find a compartment and I’ll find another compartment.” Hey, that’s an awesome idea! “I don’t wanna sit with you for six hours.” It’s true, too. I wouldn’t sit with him if the ride was ten minutes long.


His face gets all sad and he looks down. What a baby! “You never wanted to spend time with me before.” Geez, I sound mean. It’s so awesome! “Don’t start now.”


“Fine, but if you can’t find a compartment of your own, don’t sit with me.” Wow. First intelligent suggestion Albus has made tonight. And his whole life.


“Same goes here.” I turn and stalk off. Stalk, not walk. Stalking is much cooler than walking. Ask anyone. And by anyone, I mean me. So anyways, I begin checking compartments. I guess Albus was kind of right, there aren’t any free compartments.


No, those two girls are laughing at a guy who’s alone in a compartment. He’s the guy from Diagon Alley! The one who was in the robes shop with me! “Hey! Leave him alone!” Ok, that was very odd. I’ve never stuck up for anyone before. And surprisingly enough, the girls leave.


Why did they do what I told them to? No one ever does what I tell them to do. “She stuck up for a Malfoy, load of scum that family.” That was the brunette. I’ll be sure to test out one of Uncle George’s tricks on her.


But she called him a Malfoy. Dad says the only son the Malfoys have is ‘little Scorpius’ as Dad calls him. This ought to be real fun. I wonder if he recognized me as a Weasley in Madame Malkin’s Robes or whatever the store was called.


“So you’re a Malfoy.” I walk into the compartment and close the door behind me. I should be placed in an asylum for talking to this guy even when I know our fathers hate each other. You know, one of those places for crazy people.


“Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.” He says his name like it’s a curse. Everyone’s heard of his father, Draco Malfoy. Only Death Eater that didn’t get sent to Azkaban for at least a few years. A ton of people thought that there was some threatening and bribing involved.


And then of course there’s his grandfather, one of the most notorious Death Eaters. Lucius Malfoy got sent to Azkaban and died there. Nine of the people that condemned him mysteriously died soon after. His grandmother died soon after.


“Rose Corinne Weasley.” His eyes widen a bit and I can’t help but smirk. I guess he didn’t expect me to be a Weasley, just I like didn’t expect him to be a Malfoy. Nice surprise for the both of us.


“Are you gonna kick me out?” Of course not! But he looks ready to leave, that’s not acceptable. We just started a conversation.


“’Course not.” Another pause. Fine, I’ll talk again.. It’s hard to have a conversation when I’m doing all of the talking. “We were having a nice conversation the other day, why aren’t we talking now?” Stupid question, but I wanna know his answer.


“You’re a Wealsey, I’m a Malfoy.” He looks like an intelligent boy, I’d hate to see him act stupid.


“I was a Weasley in Diagon Alley, too.” Oh good! He’s smiling now. First time he’s smiled since Diagon Alley. Well, at least the first I’ve noticed. And since I haven’t seen him since Diagon Alley, it doesn’t really say much.


“You know it’s not the same.” He scowls at me slightly. Is scowling at someone slightly even possible? “I thought you were just a regular witch.”


“And  I’m not?” Damn. Now he’s gone and made me all angry. “Just because I was born into the Weasley family doesn’t make me abnormal! You’re not a freak because you’re a Malfoy!” Yeah, I really shouldn’t have lost my temper with him. He looks kind of scared of me. I just hate it when I’m generalized because of my last name.


So apologize. But I don’t apologize. Rose Corinne Weasley! Apologize this instant! Fine. You don’t have to be so mean about it. “Sorry.” That was creepy and cliché. We both apologized to each other at the same time. I hate cliché things! They scare me.


“Me first.” Ok, fine, you first. I have no problems with that at all. “I shouldn’t have said you weren’t normal.” Ya think? But you didn’t say I was abnormal, either. “It’s just, well, Dad’s brought me up to hate Weasleys.”


Really? “What about Potters?” Yeah, what about Uncle Harry?


“I don’t know. I think he kind of saved Dad’s life or something when they were seventeen.” That makes sense.


“Well, it’s the same with me. Dad hates your Dad so much.” Oh good, he’s smiling again. Why does he always smile when I’m being serious?


“Plus, we’re both gonna be in different Houses, so…” Hold on there a minute. There’s no proof that we’ll be in different Houses! There’s no proof, I say! “You in Gryffindor and me in Slytherin, of course.”


“We don’t know what House we’ll be in, yet. We could both be in Ravenclaw.” Duh. It’s where I’ll be. Probably.


“It’s possible, but not likely.” Says you. “We’re too different to be in the same House.” Umm, no.


“We both hate watching Quidditch, we both dislike our families to some extent, we would both prefer reading to socializing. You’re more like me than anyone I’ve ever met before.” Ugh. I hate cliché things. Especially when they’re true.


“You don’t know me at all. We’ve only spoken twice.”


Oh? Well how do I know that you hate owls? “Why’d you bring a cat instead of an owl?” Ok, I just completely made that up. Watch him have brought an owl. Then he’ll laugh at me and claim we’re nothing a like.


“I didn't bring a cat." Oh. My bad. "But only because my dad didn't want me to. Maybe we are a little alike. But not very much! Just because we both hate owls and Quidditch doesn’t make us twins.” So I was right! I think it’s pretty good for someone who hasn’t found anyone that she’s like before.


“Anything from the cart, dears?” Thank god! Saved by the trolley lady. I had no idea what argument I was gonna use against him. We are alike, I just don’t know how to make him believe me. But back to the trolley lady and more importantly, the candy.


“3 pumpkin pasties, a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, and nine chocolate frogs.” I’m freaking starved! I was up practically all night without breakfast, and I kind of skimped on dinner last night.


“Is that all?” Is that sarcasm? I think it is. Just for that I’m gonna order some more.


“How about some of that?” I point to something on the cart that’s pink and purple. Half of me doesn’t even want to know what it is.


“That’s Candied Leprechaun Hair.” I guess that candied part of it turns it pink and purple instead of red. Disgusting, but I’m not gonna let Malfoy here think I’m a sissy.


“Yeah, I’ll have two packets of that, too.” I think I’m gonna puke just looking at it. Leprechaun hair? Of course, there’s always the chance that it’s not real leprechaun hair and that’s just the name of it. Maybe it’s like muggle cotton candy.


Scorpius gives me this look. You’d have to be here to really get it, but it’s kind of disbelief added in with some amusement. You really can’t understand it unless you saw it. “I’ll have what she’s getting. But without the leprechaun hair, thanks.”


The trolley lady gives us our candy and we dig in. Well, except for the leprechaun hair. I kind of shove that to the side and forget about it. Or try to at least. “Did you skip breakfast, too?”


He looks up and grins. “Who didn’t? I had a hearty dinner last night, though. My dad made me.” Thank god Dad didn’t make me. I would’ve thrown it all up. “So, you gonna eat your ‘leprechaun hair’?”


Thanks for reminding me. “Of course I am!” Why can’t I learn when to back down? Ugh. Ok, opening packet number one. It’s all stringy and gross! Why couldn’t I have picked out something good?


“So eat it.” I hate you Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. I really do. The string is dangling into my mouth. I chew it up and swallow. There’s silence. “Was it good?” Yes! Oh my god it was amazing!


Really? No. It was good, but not that great. “It was ok. Nothing special, good or bad. You want one?” It’s not that great and I really don’t wanna eat a second one.


“Sure. Why not.” I hand him packet number two and he stuffs it in his mouth and chews it up. “Not horrible.” He shrugs and I grin at him.


“I didn’t lie. There’s no need to look suspicious. I’ve never done anything to make you untrusting of me.” I’m not a trustworthy person, but he doesn’t know that yet.


“You remind me too much of me.” Ha! I told him we were alike, but no. He didn’t believe me. Now he’s admitted it so I’m the amazing one, not him. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit. Or a lot.


“We will be approaching Hogwarts in five minutes.”


Five minutes? Ok, hyperventilating time now. “Scorpius! Come on! We can’t be late!” Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!


“Don’t call me Scorpius.” But that’s your name. What am I supposed to call him? Larry?


“Fine. Come on, Rion.” He still doesn’t move, but the train stops. “We’re getting off now. If you don’t come, I’m leaving you.” I will leave him, he should know it.


“No one’s ever called me Rion before.” Yeah, so? I grab his hand and pull him off the train. “I like it.” Well hooray for you. I don’t really care.


“Firs’ years!” Ugh. Hagrid annoys me. I really wish he would retire from Hogwarts. He didn’t get past third year at Hogwarts, yet he’s still a teacher. It doesn’t seem right to me. “Firs’ years, follow me!” Rion I and have to take about seven steps for every one of his. You’d think he’d slow down for first years. Some of us are under four feet tall.


Well, maybe not. But we’re still short! “No more’n four to a boat!” Everyone scrambles to get in a boat. Rion and I jump in a boat and Albus comes to sit with us, along with another guy.


“What’re you doing in this boat? Why’d you have to come sit with us?” I know I sound mean, but hey! He was supposed to stay away from me.


“Come to protect you from scum like that.” He nods toward Rion. He did not just insult my best friend. “No need to thank me.” I know what he’s headed toward, a nice swim in the lake!


“For your information, Rion is a much better person than you will ever be! Don’t you dare insult him ever again!” And I shove him out of the boat. Serves him right, stupid prat shouldn’t have insulted Rion.


“Help! Help!” He can swim. Harry made him take swimming lessons last year. “The giant squids gonna eat me!” He actually believed what James told him about the giant squid eating first years. What a gullible idiot.


“Don’ be a idiot! The giant squid never ate anyone afore!”  Hagrid rolls over and pulls Albus out of the water. “Albus Potter! How’d you end up in the lake?” Hagrid places Albus’ shivering body back in the boat.


“It was him.” The other boy in the boat points at Scorpius. “He pushed him!” Little liar! I should have pushed him in, too.


Hagrid turns and looks at Rion. “A Malfoy, eh?” He does look like his father. You have to admit that. “I’ll make sure to get you a detention. And not even in school yet!”


I may not be the best person in the world, but I’m not about to let Rion take the blame for something I did. I’m not that cruel. If it were James, I’d let him take every bit of the blame, but Rion’s my friend. “He had nothing to do with it!” What? It’s the truth. “I shoved him out of the boat!”


Hagrid looks at me closely. Creepy. Make that really creepy. “Don’ worry, Rosie.” Don’t call me Rosie! Why does everyone feel the need to call me Rosie? “Yer cousin’s goin’ ter be fine.” I don’t care how Albus is! No, that sounded more cold-hearted than I meant it to. I care more about Rion than I do Albus. Justice will triumph if I have anything to say about it!


That was quite odd. “Malfoy here’s goin’ ter get punished. No need ter worry.” How thick is he? “What’re you doin’ with scum like him, anyways?” He’s not goddamned scum! He’s my friend!


“Rion’s my friend! I like him! He wasn’t the one that pushed Albus out of the boat, that was me! I pushed Albus out, ok? Get that through your thick head!” Maybe I shouldn’t have called a teacher thick. Oh well, I hope he understood that. It was as clear as I could make it.


“Well.” Isn’t he gonna punish me? “Come along! You’ll have yer firs’ view o’ ‘Ogwarts as we turn the corner.” He’s not gonna punish me. Cool. But teachers aren’t supposed to pick favorites.


“Favorites, much?” Way to scare me, Rion. I must’ve jumped about a foot in the air. “You shouldn’t have pushed him in. You had no reason to defend me.” You mean except for the part where you’re my friend.


“Of course I defended you. You’re my best friend. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t stick up for you.”  I’d be a horrible friend. Plus, he’s my cousin. If there’s one thing I can’t do, it’s let my cousin walk all over me and my friends. Or friend.


“An intelligent friend.” What? Oh, right. I had really meant for him to answer that, but whatever. “Oh my god.” What? Is it the Giant Squid? I wanna see the Giant Squid! Oh my god. It’s the castle. It’s huge and- and amazing. That’s the only way to describe it.


We glide up and get out of the boats. “Rion, do I have to get sorted?” It’s a legitimate question. Sort of. Of course he just slings his arm around my shoulders. It’s kind of weird; I’ve never been this close to anyone before and I just met Rion a couple hours ago.


“We’re led into a huge room. Hagrid leaves and the other first years start talking. Basically they’re saying how weird it is that a Malfoy and a Weasley are hanging out. I really don’t want to go into details. Rion unslings (is that a word?) his arm from my shoulders and backs off.


“Sorry. I don’t wanna ruin your status or anything.” Is he serious? I think he’s serious. I also think he’s insane and crazy and dumb. I should totally tell him he’s crazy.


“You’re crazy.” And he raises his eyebrows at me. At least Rion lets me pull his arm back around his shoulders. Now I’m bored. Well, not bored exactly, but I wanna be sorted now. Waiting makes me nervous. Really, really nervous and I was nervous to start with.


“First years! Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Headmistress McGonagall.” Blah-de-blah-blah. Some people can go on forever with speeches. I see no reason to take that long. Plus, I usually zone out like I am now. “Follow me.”


Ok, even I heard that last part. “Fascinating speech, wasn’t it?” Cough.


Rion looks at me closely. “You weren’t paying any attention at all, were you?” Smart one. Or maybe he just knows himself really well. Either way, he knows me pretty well.


“Nope. But neither were you, so you’re not one to talk.” He grins and we follow McGonagall into the Great Hall.


Oh my god. There are a ton of people staring at us. At me. Rion slips his arm off my shoulders and I don’t object. I’m kind of frozen up. Did I mention I hate crowds? Especially ones that are staring at me? Cause I do. A lot. I hate being the center of attention.


I just have one question.. Why is the hat singing? It’s very creepy. Ok, it stopped, thank god. It was scaring me a lot.


“Arron, Sophie.” A girl with long, black hair walks forward. She doesn’t seem to be nervous about being called first. The hat’s perched on her head and doesn’t fall over her eyes.


“Ravenclaw!” A table bursts into applause and she walks to it. She’s lucky to be first. She doesn’t have to wait to be one of the last to be sorted.


“Bielson, Alec.” A boy with glasses sits on the stool and puts the ‘Sorting Hat’ on his head. It almost completely covers his face.


There’s a pause, then, “Ravenclaw!” One of the table in the middle bursts into applause and he walks toward it.


“Bielson, Rachel.” Apparently ‘Alec’ had a twin sister.




Ugh. So many people. I really hate waiting. Oh my god! That was him! Daniel Finnegan was the liar from my boat. He just got sorted into Gryffindor, obviously.


I must’ve been zoned out for a while, because the next name I hear is “Malfoy, Scorpius.” Rion looks really pale and clammy. I give him a slight push and he starts to walk forward like a zombie. Some people whistle and hiss as he puts the hat on.


There’s a long pause. Long enough for him to be sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m even crossing my fingers for him! I never cross my fingers, it’s just an old superstition. Please, please, please be in Ravenclaw. “Slytherin!”


No. He can’t be in Slytherin, he can’t. We were supposed to be in the same House so we could hang out a lot. “Potter, Albus.” I don’t care where Albus goes! I want them to say there’s been a mistake and Rion should be in Ravenclaw.


“Walsh, Haley.” There’re only a couple people standing up here with me. I’m next. What if I don’t get sorted at all? What if I’m too dumb to be sorted? I don’t wanna be in Ravenclaw alone. I’m so nervous. I don’t even hear where ‘Walsh, Haley’ went.


“Weasley, Rose.” It’s me. I’m going up. Now I’m sitting on the stool with the hat on my head, I don’t know how I got there.


“Another Weasley, eh? Not like the rest, though.” The hat’s talking to me. Hat’s aren’t supposed to have conversations with you. Not even magic ones. “A good mind, but other stronger, hidden talents.”


I’m scared. I don’t know about these stronger, hidden talents. I’m not anything like what the hat’s talking about. I know no one else can hear the hat, but it’s talking about my mind! “The best place for you is…” What if I’m in Hufflepuff?!


“Slytherin!” Dead silence. No cheers, no claps. No one even whistles. Just silence. I’m a Weasley in Slytherin. There have only been a couple Weasleys that haven’t been in Gryffindor, and none of those have been in Slytherin.


I stand up, place the hat back on the stool, and stumble over to the Slytherin table. What Mum and Dad gonna say? Dad. Dad’s gonna blow up. He hates all Slytherins. I’m screwed. I sit down beside Rion at the table, the  Slytherin table.


I sit there for a while and eventually people start talking. I guess the sorting and the beginning of term speech are over. There’s food on the tables and Rion’s stuffing his plate and his face. “Rion, I just got sorted into Slytherin.”


“Wow, you must be observant.” Hey! I need your support, Rion. My life is about to get really screwed up and all you can do is call me observant. Thanks a bunch. He piles a ton of food on my plate and hands me my fork. “Food always makes me feel better.” Yeah, well that’s you, not me.


“Look over at my cousins.” I’m too scared to look. What if Victoire hexes me? “Are any of them staring at me?” What if they are? What if they tell Dad before I do? James is gonna tell Dad in the worst possible way.


“Umm, well one of them is.” It’s Freddie. He’s totally gonna tell Dad. I’m so screwed! “He looks kind of angry in a happy way.” That actually sounds like James. But I’m not gonna look. Ok fine, I looked, but it was only a peek! And it’s James. I’m so screwed.


“Rion, I’m gonna be more screwed over than I already am if I don’t owl Dad before Neville, Freddy, or especially James does.” Or Victoire. She hates me right now. Well, she generally hates me, but now more than ever for ratting on her and Teddy. She’s such a slut.


“Would your cousins really do that to you?” Yes they would, with grins on their faces. “Point taken.” I must’ve been giving him a look. “And by Neville, you do mean Professor Longbottom, right?” Oh yeah, him.


“Oh yeah, but on to more important things. I need parchment and an owl.” And, well, now that I think about it, I am kind of hungry and the food looks good. Maybe I should eat a little, or a lot.


Rion turns to me and shrugs. “Sorry, I don’t bring parchment with me when I get sorted.” This is serious! I don’t wanna die when I go home for summer break! I need to contact them. Rion and I sit in silence for a while and eventually all of the food disappears.


Headmistress McGonagall stands up and clears her throat. “Your prefects will lead you back to your House dorms.” She sits back down and some older students stand up.



“Over here!”


“First years, follow me!”


“Revenge of the midget people!” That was Freddie, obviously. He’s the only one immature enough to say that. He thinks he’s a whole lot funnier than he really is. We’re not that short. I think.


“Rose!” Rion? Where? “Over here, Rose!” Oh, ok. Over there. I guess I forgot to follow him. I trot over and grab his arm. Tightly, I might add. “I wasn’t going to leave you.” I know that, I just don’t wanna get lost. Again.


“Here’s the portrait.” We stop in front of a portrait of a man with a large mustache. I remember Uncle Harry told Hugo that they had changed all of the common rooms because they had been completely destroyed.


“The password is ‘Always Pure’.” Rion doesn’t say anything, but he rolls his eyes. “This is the common room.” The common room is awesome. There are armchairs and sofas half-circled around a fireplace. Two stairways go  up different directions. Almost everything in here is green or silver.


“This is awesome!” I look at Rion as I say it. He looks kind of… I don’t know, bored or something. “What’s wrong?” He looks blah, as though he’s seen it all before.


He shrugs. “My room at home is decorated the same way. Lots of green and silver. No fireplace, of course.” Even a green bed? Weird.


“So you like green a lot?” He must like it a lot, to have his whole room decorated like this. With some silver. And possibly black.


“Not really.” He just randomly felt like painting his room green? “My Dad’s a little obsessed with-” Oh. Ok. I should have thought of that. Everyone knows his father was a big supporter of Voldemort and came from Slytherin. “Isn’t your dad obsessed with Gryffindor?”


“Pretty much.” There’s way too much red and gold in our house. “Mum too. And all of my Uncles. And cousins. And one set of grandparents.” Rion cringes and I laugh a little at him. “It’s not as bad as it sounds.” It is. I lied.


“My Dad tried to make me best friends with Tristan Zabini.” Ooh. That’s rough. Even Mum hates the Zabinis and she doesn’t hate the Malfoys like Dad does. “They’re even worse than my grandfather. Of course, he’s dead now.” And the world’s a better place. Ok, that was too mean.


“The girls’ staircase is to the right, boys’ is to the left.” Oh fun. I really don’t wanna go meet my dorm mates. Or leave Rion. “And don’t go up the wrong staircase. It can be… embarrassing.” I don’t like the way they’re chuckling. It’s rather scary. Maybe I can push Zabini up the girls’ stairs.


“Bye.” Rion turns to go up the steps, muttering something or other about ‘coral’. He’s a weird one, but so am I.


I head up the steps to the girls’ dorm. There are seven doorways, each of them have a small plaque above the door. The one closest to me says ‘Seventh Years’. I’m guessing mine is the one all the way at the end. It is.


I open the door and walk in. There are three beds, side by side. The one by the window is the only one without a girl claiming it. The other two girls are staring at me. I stare back.


“I’m Jayla Hayden, pureblood.” I’m disliking her already. She introduces herself as pureblood, for god’s sake. I hate it when people do that. Especially when they have perfect mahogany hair and blue eyes. I bet her parents charmed her to look like that. “You’re Rose Weasley, half-blood daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley.”


“Are you stalking me?” It sure sounds like she is. She said more about me than she did herself!


“No, I just make it my business to know everyone’s blood status.” Yeah, I hate her. It’s kind of hard not too.


“I’m Winter.” Her voice is quiet and dreamy. A little scary. “My mother left soon after I was born.” This girl is odd, she doesn’t seem to care what people think about her. I like that about her.


“So who wants to switch beds with me?” Somebody’s got to. I absolutely refuse to sleep by the window. I get very paranoid and start screaming. I’ll scream every time I hear the slightest noise. Literally.


Winter has blond hair and silver eyes. I’ve never seen anyone with silver eyes before. They look kind of like a dragon’s eyes, but that’s impossible. They’re very pretty, dragon’s eyes or not.


“No one’s going to switch with you. You were too slow talking to Scorpius.” Well that was nice. “I’m going to sleep. I need my beauty rest.” I would say, yes you do, but it’s not true. I generally don’t say things like that if people are especially perfect. Like her.


“Ok then, when I wake you up screaming in the middle of the night, don’t complain to me.” Jayla gives me a look and I smirk back. She’ll want to switch later, trust me.


I close the curtain around my bed and lay down on my pillow. I’ve been exhausted since the sorting, I just never realized it until now. I close my eyes and nod off to sleep.


A/N: My lovely readers! 19 pages of pure joy! Or junk. But it’s 19 pages all the same. I hope you enjoyed this! I’ve had this written for a while, but it got rejected and I had to rewrite a whole section. You know you want to review. ;}
So many more people have favorited this story than reviewed. Could you please take the time to review? Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top?
I forgot to add something. Rose got Scorpius’s nickname from his middle name, Hyperion.

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