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Whispering by magical words
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Wait
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NEW AN (July 16, 2010): So, considering this story is coming to it's ending soon (chapter 23 and epilogue to go), an edit is needed.  There area a few important changes in this chapter that alter the overall tone to this story. (Re-)Reading this would be a good thing to do.  I've been putting some review comments into effect in this chapter and future chapters.  I hope this final final end product will be wonderful.  :)

AN: Chapter three! Yay!

This story depends on your feedback!


magical words

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Chapter Three: Wait

 “Al, I seriously don’t know what the Heads’ password is. Rose has never told me. And I’ve only been in there a few times, all of them being when she brought you, me and Cecelia up.”

“Well then, where did you get off to on your little rendezvous?”

Scorpius laughed. “This is a castle, Al. There are hundreds of places to go.”

A peculiar face was etched onto Albus’ features. Scorpius took it as a look of bewilderment as Albus mentally tried to map out all the good rendezvous spots at Hogwarts.

And so, Scorpius and Albus pleaded with the portrait leading to the Heads’ common room for a good ten minutes to let them in. The two boys eventually gave up and sat beside the portrait, defeated for the time-being, but knowing that sooner or later, someone would have to leave or enter.

It just so happened that someone had to leave.

Cecelia had stepped out of the portrait hole, treading on Al’s leg.

“Bloody hell!” Al cried, pulling his legs away to prevent any further damage.

In response, Cecelia jumped. “Oh Merlin, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there beside the portrait, laying on the floor and all.”

She crouched down to be at eye level with him. “What exactly were you doing on the floor, Albus?”

“Scorp and I were waiting for someone to either enter through the portrait hole or leave through it. I wished to congratulate Rose on choosing this wanker to be her boyfriend,” Al said gesturing to Scorpius, smiling nevertheless.

“Hey, I resent being called a wanker!” Scorpius laughed, knowing that Al’s words were used in a loving and sincere sort of way.

Scorpius briefly noticed how Cecelia flushed for no apparent reason at the mere mention of his name.

“So, Cecelia, would you mind telling us the password?”

“Sorry, Albus. I can’t do that. First off, I don’t have the password and second, Rose isn’t available to take any visitors right now.”

“Why not?” Scorpius asked, concerned.

“She’s currently drowning herself in tapioca pudding.”

“But Rose doesn’t like tapioca pudding,” Albus and Scorpius commented simultaneously.

Cecelia shrugged, noncommittally. “She just told me that she didn’t want to be bothered and that she wanted to eat her tapioca pudding in peace.”

“Okay! I guess I’ll just have to congratulate her at dinner.”

“She won’t be coming to dinner.”

“Oh. Alright then. Tomorrow I’ll congratulate her. But in the meantime, Cecelia, would you like to accompany me on the Hogwarts grounds for a walk around the lake in this fine, spring weather?”

Cecelia smiled broadly. “Sure. I’d love to.”

Albus hopped up and offered Cecelia his arm, and she looped her arm in his.

“See you later Scorp!” Albus called over his shoulder.

“Bye Scorpius,” Cecelia practically whispered.


Scorpius was very concerned now. She didn’t want to come down to dinner? That was one of the few times she actually was able to see him.

Scorpius decided to take matters in his own hands.

“Miss Wildsmith, please,” Scorpius begged the portrait of Ignatia Wildsmith.

“No young man. I am not permitted to let anyone in without the proper password.”

“Please Miss Wildsmith. The Head Girl, Rose Weasley, is my girlfriend and I need to talk to her. Please?”

“No, I am terribly sorry, but I cannot allow you entrance young man.”

“Evening Ignatia,” a lilting voice said from behind Scorpius said.

Scorpius whipped around and came face to face with Atticus Wood, Head Boy.

“Hello Malfoy,” Atticus Wood said diplomatically.

“Hello Wood.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I – well, I came here to visit Rose.”


“But Miss Wildsmith isn’t letting me in.”

“And she shouldn’t. That is, unless you have the password.”

“Which he does not,” Ignatia Wildsmith interjected.

“Well, I suppose I can let you in if you need to see Rose.”

“Really?” Scorpius was astonished.

“Yeah. Why not? Etymology.”

The portrait of Ignatia Wildsmith swung open and Scorpius was dumbfounded.


“The derivation of a word,” Wood began explaining.

“I know what it means. It’s Rose’s favourite word at the moment. She tries to use it whenever she can. If only I’d thought of that…”

“Well, she is the one who gets to choose the new passwords,” Wood mentioned thoughtfully as he guided Scorpius into the Head common room.

“Well, Rose is probably in her room right now. You can go up there,” Wood suggested, pointing to the staircase to the left.

“Thanks Wood.”

“No problem.”

Wood went up to his room while Scorpius stood there for a moment before running up Rose’s stairs two by two.

Her door was closed and he didn’t hear any noise coming from behind it. He gently knocked.


He heard a rustle of papers and the scrape of a chair against hardwood floors. “Yes Atti?”

“Rose, it’s Scorpius.”

At hearing that, Rose opened the door faster than anyone could say Wingardium Leviosa.

In an instant, Rose’s arms were wrapped around Scorpius’ neck, her head buried into his chest and her tears beginning to soak his tie.

Scorpius practically carried Rose back into to her room, seeing she had latched herself onto him.

He sat down on the edge of her bed; Rose curled up in his lap. He kissed the top of her head sweetly while rubbing her back to soothe her.

“How could I be so stupid?” she murmured angrily.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Rose, love, what’s wrong?”

“How?! – I – Oh Merlin!”

Scorpius held her tightly, tighter than before. He was frightened beyond belief. What could possibly make Rose completely incoherent and leaving her in tears?

He kissed her forehead repeatedly and held her with all his might, trying the best he could to comfort her.

“Scorpius,” she cried, tear-stain tracks running down her cheeks, “will you just hold me?”

“Of course."

He sat there, Rose in his arms, sobbing for what seemed like an eternity, before she managed to calm down enough to vocalize her reason for being so distraught.

Scorpius tenderly kissed Rose’s salty lips, her forehead, her nose, her eyes, her entire face.

“Scorpius, I don’t know how to tell you this, I really don’t,” Rose confessed, resting her forehead against his.

“You aren’t supposed to know everything Rose,” he replied truthfully.  “And I’m sure you aren’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination.”

She nodded grimly, taking a hold of his hands. She stared at their intertwined hands for a long time before Scorpius even tried to persuade her to talk to him.

“Rose,” he whispered.

She looked up from their hands and stared deeply into his ocean blue eyes. “I might be pregnant.”

At hearing this, Scorpius paled considerably. He was naturally very pale, but now he was whiter than a ghost.

“Fucking hell,” he muttered, taken aback, pushing Rose out of his lap so he could get away from her for a second. “That can’t be. You’re on the potion and we’re smart about it and–”

“Well clearly being smart and being on the potion isn’t good enough!” Rose cried frantically.


“But what!? I know.  I do know how fucking stupid we are!” she retaliated, frustrated, wringing her hands. “It was stupid of me to believe the potion was fine since nothing happened for the months we’ve used it. I should’ve insisted on more protection rather than just that fucking potion, I should’ve –”

Scorpius stopped her after regaining his colouring. “No. I should’ve taken responsibility and done a protection spell anyway. I mean, it would be entirely my fault if you are pregnant. I mean –”

Rose sniffed, wiping her blood-shot eyes. “Yes, that’s true, Scorpius, but it takes two people! What are we going to do?”

“I don’t fucking know! I’m just as bloody clueless as you are. How am I supposed to know what the fuck to do?” he shouted, regretting every word once they had left his mouth.

Shakily, Scorpius ran a hand through his hair and let out a long sigh. 

“I’m sorry Rose. I – I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just a lot to process. You know?”

Rose let out a bitter laugh. “You’ve no idea. It’ll be my body that will undergo all these changes should I be…well –”

Scorpius nodded silently, his arms hanging listlessly at his sides.  

“What are we going to do?” she whispered, frightened.

“Whatever we have to.”

He opened himself up and she fell into his arms, holding fast to his muscular torso.

They stood there, silently embracing for some time. There truly wasn’t anything that could be said and words would have only made everything more complicated.

“Scorpius, I’m so tired,” Rose confessed, sagging against his strong chest.

Without a word, Scorpius scooped Rose up and laid her on upon her bed. He planned on leaving, allowing her to get some sleep, but she grabbed his hand and pulled him back. He didn’t dare object. Instead, he laid next to her where she instantly curled up in his arms. His hands instinctively moved to her stomach, as if to protect her.

“Stay with me?” she asked quietly.

He replied simply. “Of course.”

Sleep found them almost instantaneously. This news had left them with a lingering sensation of being awake for years, and the only remedy was to sleep.

Rose awoke shortly after midnight. Moonlight came in from her window and shone on Scorpius, bathing him in a bluish glow.

Rose believed that he looked completely at peace at that very moment. She desperately wished that he could stay this way forevermore, without any cares. She knew, of course, that would never happen, but she couldn’t help but hope that it would.

She was careful to not wake him as she slipped off of her bed and noiselessly sat at her desk. She felt the extreme urge to write her confidante and surrogate-older brother, Liam Connors.

Liam was twenty-six years old and Teddy Lupin’s best friend. Rose had met Liam when she was five years old. He was thirteen and she had instantly fallen in love with him. He was Muggleborn, number two in his class, immensely kind and caring, an amazing person, and very handsome. However, being five and in love was entirely different than being seventeen and in love. Rose learned at age seven that she loved him much like that older brother she never had.

Rose had always known that Liam would help her if she needed any help. She also knew that he wouldn’t judge her, nor would he outright tell her that what she was doing, or what she was planning on doing, was wrong. He supported her and was there when she needed him. He had been there for her countless times before, helping her deal with a terrible Potions partner, solving complicated runes, and informing her how to sweet-talk professors.

Rose quickly unrolled a roll of parchment, lit a candle and picked up her ink-filled quill to begin writing.

Dear Liam, she began.

She kept writing until she had spilled her story on the parchment, the back and the front. She signed it Love, Rose and sealed the letter with her red wax seal of a Tudor rose.

She blew out the candle before she crept over to her window and opened it slowly, making sure that it wouldn’t creek and wake up Scorpius. Once she got it open, she snapped her fingers two times. A snowy white owl flew toward her out of nowhere.

“Castor, take this letter to Liam as fast as you can. Don’t return without his reply,” Rose whispered, handing her owl the letter she had written.

Castor had nodded his head in reply before shooting into the starry sky, on a path to Liam’s flat.

Rose snuck back into bed, instantly to be wrapped up in Scorpius’ arms and swept off into a deep slumber.

Scorpius awoke having the sun shine brightly on his face and mass of curls tickling his throat. He had an overwhelming urge to sneeze, but he didn’t want to wake Rose. The urge to sneeze dispersed as quickly as it arrived.

Scorpius slid out of Rose’s bed, careful not to jostle her.

His feet padded softly against the hardwood floors and onto her tiled bathroom floor.

He looked at her bathroom counter and saw everything to be orderly and organized according to size, colour and purpose.

“That’s my Rose,” Scorpius whispered, amused. The corners of his mouth twitched, forming a small smile.

He surveyed the rest of his surroundings and saw how neat and orderly the rest of her bathroom was.

“Rose, you’d be mortified to see what the seventh-year Slytherin boys’ bathroom looks like,” Scorpius said to himself before closing the bathroom door, stripping off his clothes and hopping in the shower.

Ten minutes later, Scorpius was out of the shower, redressed, and pacing at the end of Rose’s bed. Every so often, he would look to see a still-sleeping Rose and calm down for a moment before getting all riled up again.

He realized that he had to stop pacing and just accept the circumstances for the time being. He pulled a chair up to the side of Rose bed and watched her breathing, her chest rising and falling slowly. He examined her flat stomach and couldn’t believe that there could very well be a life growing there as he watched her.

He could be a father in a matter of months.

He sighed, conflicted with all of the emotions and thoughts surging through his mind. In the end, he decided it’s be best to just stare at Rose’s lovely face and imagine the moment that he was in, over and over and over.

Rose was slowly opening her eyes, but there was a blinding light that made it hard for her to even want to. That light was soon shadowed and she clearly saw Scorpius’ face.

She smiled. “Good morning, love.”

“Morning,” Scorpius replied, giving Rose a peck on the lips.

Rose stretched on her bed, reaching her arms above her head and curling her toes. She was lying on her side and looking up at Scorpius. She smiled faintly before sitting up on the side of her bed.

“Today is Saturday.”

“Yes it is.”

“Cecelia and I were going to go to the Apothecary to get a pregnancy test today.”

Scorpius nodded solemnly.

Rose couldn’t say anymore, seeing that she was on the verge of tears. Scorpius noticed this and quickly wrapped his arms around her.

He held her tightly, letting her cry until she could cry no more.

“Scorpius, how could I have been so stupid?” Rose asked, deeply ashamed with herself.

“Many intelligent people do stupid things Rose. It’s just a part of human nature. Take my father for instance; he was a very smart man, yet he stupidly let my grandfather control him and make him get the Dark Mark. My father didn’t even bother to fight him. He just followed because he was afraid. But in the end, my father stood up for himself and refused to follow Voldemort’s and my grandfather's orders.

“And Rose, there’s me. I stupidly didn’t cast a simple contraceptive charm, one that we’ve been taught since we were third years. But you have to understand that we will get through this together. Whatever happens, we will get through this together. I love you and I would never consider abandoning you or any baby you could be carrying.”

Rose kissed him softly, more in love with Scorpius than she had ever been before.

“I love you too.”

She kissed him once more before she stood up and made her way to the bathroom.

“I’ll be out in twenty minutes, then we can go down to the Great Hall.”

Rose left Scorpius to his own devices while she freshened up.

Less than twenty minutes passed and Rose emerged from the washroom clean and bright and in a better mood.

She sighed deeply. “I’m ready to face the world now.”

“So am I. We’ll face it together.”

The couple made their way down to the Great Hall together, not running into anyone at all. It was very peculiar not to meet anyone at nine-thirty on a Hogsmeade Saturday. Usually, everyone was wide awake and ready by nine on these days.

The doors leading to the Great Hall were closed, but Rose and Scorpius could hear the deafening noise coming from inside the Hall. It was most certainly a Saturday.

Rose looked at Scorpius bravely before taking his hand and lacing her fingers in his. He gave her hand a quick squeeze, giving her all the support she needed. She just needed to know he was there.

They inched towards the majestic Great Hall doors and they opened slowly, revealing a room full of their classmates and Housemates.

They were terrified.

Rose felt a blush rise on her cheeks, but a gentle squeeze from Scorpius calmed her down a bit.

Scorpius peered above the heads of his fellow peers and saw a messy black mop of hair standing beside a vivid pale blonde. Al and Cecelia.

“Rose, I see Al and Cecelia. They’re near the Ravenclaw table.”

Rose’s eyes brightened as Scorpius pulled her along to meet up with them.

Albus and Cecelia had been talking animatedly, Al’s back facing the doors of the Great Hall. He failed to see Rose and Scorpius approaching him, but Cecelia did.

She broke away from Albus abruptly, causing him to spin around in a circle as she ran into him.

“Rose! How are you? Did you, um, talk?” Cecelia asked slowly, and not at all discreetly.

Albus gave Scorpius a questioning glance, and Scorpius answered him with a noncommittal shrug.

“Cece, calm down. We did talk.”


“He’s there for me.”

“What the bloody hell are you two jabbering about?”

Albus was very annoyed. He wasn’t getting straight answers from his best mate and his cousin was being cryptic with her best friend.

“Al, I’ll tell you later,” Rose reassured him as Scorpius wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Alright,” he conceded. Suddenly, he remembered something. “And I almost forgot! A ‘congratulations’ are in order. You finally got together with Scorp, here! About bloody time, Rosie!”

Rose smiled sheepishly as she wrapped her arms around Scorpius’ chest and leaned her head against him.

“I’m proud to say that I was the first to threaten him with bodily harm, and I sure as hell won’t be the last!”

“Albus Severus!” Rose reprimanded, ready to give him hell, until Professor McGonagall stood up at the Professors’ Table.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the carriages going to Hogsmeade have arrived and you may now begin to board them. But remember, Hogwarts rules are still applicable in Hogsmeade.”

With that, third years all the way up to seventh years began streaming for the doors outside, eager to load themselves onto the carriages.

Albus grinned, knowing that he was off the hook from Rose’s wrath for the time-being, casually draping an arm across Cecelia’s shoulders. She immediately snaked an arm around his waist. This gesture did not go unnoticed by their respective best friend.

“So, Rose, Scorp, have you got plans to go to Madame Pudifoot’s?”

Cecelia rolled her eyes, Rose glared daggers at Albus, and Scorpius became very frightened.

“Of course not. Who in their right mind would go to Madame Pudifoot’s?”

“Dunno Rosie. Dunno. But there are people who go there. Otherwise, it’d be out of business, now wouldn’t it?”

The four reached the Thestral-pulled carriages and sat in the first empty one.

“Actually Al, you and I are going to head to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes while the girls do some shopping.”

“Really? First Hogsmeade trip as an out-of-the-closet couple and you’re not even taking advantage of it? What a shame!”

Scorpius shook his head in amusement. Only Al would ever be able to use a phrase used to describe homosexuality to describe a heterosexual relationship.

“It’s not a shame. We will meet you boys at The Three Broomsticks at twelve,” Cecelia told him.

“Absolutely,” Rose agreed.

Scorpius placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled her closer to him.

Cecelia noticed this simple exchange and sighed heavily. She was oddly tempted to lay her head on Albus’ shoulder, but of course, she didn’t dare.

“Wishing you had something like that?” Albus asked Cecelia quietly.

“Sometimes. It’d make life a lot more bearable, I should think, having someone who adores you for who you are. Someday, I know that someday I’ll have exactly what they have. Complete and utter devotion and an indescribable love.”

He nodded mutely in reply. She had said it all.

“I’d like that too, someday,” he whispered so quietly, it was nearly inaudible.

But Cecelia heard him.

Their carriage stopped and the four climbed out.

Rose gave Scorpius a kiss on the lips in front of the whole village of Hogsmeade before she was pulled away by an impatient Cecelia.

Cecelia dragged Rose straight to the Apothecary. They went in, unnoticed by any passersby.

Rose’s heart began to pound and set off for the races. Her hands were getting clammy and her breathing was getting a little erratic.

“Relax Rose. No use getting worked up just yet,” Cecelia said, rubbing Rose’s arm reassuringly.

Cecelia pulled Rose into the appropriate aisle and steered her to the appropriate section. There, Rose stared blankly at those damned pregnancy tests.

“We’ll get two, just to confirm,” Cecelia told Rose, swiping two bottles of the pregnancy potion off the shelf.

She maneuvered a hopeless and helpless Rose to the counter of the Apothecary where a middle-aged, graying witch sat. Cecelia handed the witch the potions.

“Hello dearies. Is this all?”

Cecelia had to answer. “Yes it is. And do you suppose you could package it so no one would know what it is?”

“Of course,” the witch said kindly. “That will be twelve sickles and six knuts.”

Rose absently took out the necessary coinage (after receiving a jab in the side from Cecelia) and handed it to the witch.

The witch smiled sympathetically, packaging the tests. “You do know that you are not the first Hogwarts student to come and buy a pregnancy test. There have been plenty of others, and there will be plenty more in the years to come. You aren’t alone.”

The witch handed Rose the packaged tests in an unrecognizable bag.

“Thank you,” Rose mumbled dejectedly.

“Everything will work out dear.”

“Thank you ma’am,” Cecelia said, forcing Rose down the aisles and out the door. She then proceeded to drag Rose to various stores, pushing clothes and jewelry and books into her arms, doing anything she could to get those tests off her mind.

They met the boys at noon in much better spirits, much lighter purses and with many shopping bags. No one would have known that the Rose Weasley in The Three Broomsticks was the same Rose Weasley in the Apothecary hours before.

After The Three Broomsticks, Rose and Scorpius went off on their own, talking about everything. Everything except the possible pregnancy they might have to face.

For now, they were just a happy, perfect couple in love, strolling along in Hogsmeade.

The couple met up with Cecelia and Albus at four to return to Hogwarts.

Upon arriving, Rose would then bring the three of them up to her dorm, making sure that Atticus Wood was nowhere to be seen or heard.

There, Rose would wait for her reply from Liam.

There, she and Scorpius would tell Albus everything and fill in the details for Cecelia.

There, Rose and Scorpius would wait for the reactions of their friends.

There, Rose would take that dreaded test.

There, the four friends would await the results of that dreaded test.

There, Rose and Scorpius would await the one thing that would change their lives drastically.

AN: My longest chapter yet! 
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