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Among the Flowers by mayday
Chapter 1 : Stormy Sarah
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I often ask myself why these things happen to me. I mean seriously what have I done to deserve this! I am generally a good person. I have never done anything remarkably horrifying, but yet these things happen to me. I blame my temper. THERE! I’ve said it! I have a considerably bad temperament, but I do NOT have anger issues. Sure, I generally jump to conclusions without thinking, but that does not mean I can’t control my emotions because I can! I work in a predominately male environment and if I just flip out once, suddenly I need therapy to control my emotions. It’s moments like these when I hate men.

“I should fire you for that stunt you pulled back there Miss Potter,” my boss Mr. Bailey said to me.

I rolled my eyes inwardly as he continued, “Past records indicate that you have had incidents like this before, am I correct?”.

“Yes sir,” I said crisply.

“Well I’ll just be blunt then. I’m not firing you, but I want you to take a few weeks off just to relax and-”

“WHAT! I just can’t take a few weeks off are you crazy!”, I interrupted.

Mr. Bailey frowned at me, “You can and you will if you want to keep your job. I also want you to see someone to talk to you about any problems or things going on in your life.”

I gave out a dry laugh, “A therapist, you want me to go to a therapist!"

“Yes, I think it would be good for you. You really need to relax, you haven’t taken any vacation time since you starting working here,” he said.

“But what about the Kensington- Powell case!?!”, I said urgently.

“Mr. Gibbs has generously offered to pick up the case for you. You should be lucky that Daniel has been so kind to you after everything you’ve done to him,” Mr. Bailey said.

I snorted, yeah right Daniel Gibbs is the reason I’m in this mess right now, big fat git.

“I’ll expect reports from the therapist and I want you to do everything he says, is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” I said defeated rising from my seat and walking towards that door.

“Oh and Miss Potter-” I turned around curiously “-that was one nice punch,” Mr. Bailey said his dark eyes twinkling .

I smiled broadly and walked out of his office. I hadn’t even walked one step when my secretary and childhood friend Aliane Baker rushed over to me.

“What happened! Did they fire you, please say they didn’t fire you!”, Laney said nervously.

“No Laney they didn’t fire me,” I said.

“Really! Daniel was sure that Mr. Bailey would sack you,” Laney said.

My blood boiled, “Just because Daniel Gibbs’ farther is a partner doesn’t mean Daniel controls this law firm.”

In truth Daniel and I have never really got along, personally I think it’s a case of a bruised ego. As much as I hate to admit it, that git is my ex-boyfriend. We both studied at Cambridge together and our relationship was really good for a while. That was until he lost the top ranking in the class..... to me. Little Danny couldn’t stand being number two to a woman, especially his own girlfriend.

I eventually broke up with him because the fact he was acting like a sexist pig was driving me insane. And ever since then we’ve been bitter rivals and I’m happy to report that I stayed #1 in our class until graduation. The happiness didn’t evaporate when I was asked to work at the Law Offices of Bailey, Gibbs, and Strass.

Actually that was until my first day of work when I found out my coworker was the one and only Daniel Gibbs. Apparently Daniel’s farther is the famous Simon Gibbs ..... one of my bosses. I thanked god that I was placed to work under Michael Bailey..... god bless him. I’ve only worked here for two years and I’m about to be rip my hair out. Daniel and I’ve been at each other’s throats since day one and it doesn’t help that he wants us to get back together.

YEAH RIGHT! Why would I ever want to continue a relationship with that womanizing lunatic. Well after awhile I just completely snapped and punched him in the face. I am happy to report that I think I broke his nose. I really am lucky I didn’t get fired because everyone around here LOVES Daniel.

Laney nodded her head and quietly followed me into my office.

“I just don’t understand why you hate him so much, he really isn’t that bad-” Laney said.

Laney is one of those types of people who see the good in everyone, it’s rather annoying.

I rolled my eyes saying under my breath, “The understatement of the year.”

" -I really think you should apologize to Daniel,” Laney finished.

I snorted, “Never in a million kagillion babillion years! That git had it coming, I barely hit him!”

Laney shook her head and looked at me as if I was a lost cause.

I ignored her saying, “I’ve decided to take a few weeks off of work just to cool down.”

She raised an eyebrow at me, “Okay maybe I didn’t decide. Bailey wants me to relax for a while and see a therapist,” I said with a frown.

Laney smiled and said, “I think that’s a great idea, you really need to find a positive way of channeling your emotions!”

Why oh why can’t anyone ever be on my side! I just shrugged twirling around in my chair.

“Knock, knock!”, a voice said coming into my office.

I frowned, not right now! There standing at the door looking all smug is Daniel Gibbs. I smirked looking at his black eye and swollen nose and said, “What do you want Mr. Gibbs?”

He smiled that annoyingly charming smile and said, “Oh nothing, your looking lovely today Sarah.”

I rolled my eyes, “Cut the crap Gibbs and please don’t call me by my first name. Miss Potter or Potter will be more than sufficient.”

He chuckled and said, “Wow someone’s in a sour mood today. I would be careful Laney she can be quite abusive.” He winked at her and she automatically blushed red.

“If you are done flirting with my secretary can you please tell me what you want, I have better things to do,” I said tapping my pen impatiently.

Daniel’s flirtatious smile formed into one of victory as he said, “Oh I’m here to pick up the Kensington- Powell file if you don’t mind.”

I gritted my teeth. Daniel and I fought neck and neck for this case and now I had to give it up because ‘I can’t control my emotions’.

I got up from my desk and walked towards the filing cabinet. I opened it and took out the file. I shoved it at him and said, “Okay now leave.”

Daniel smiled and said, “Have a nice vacation. Maybe when you get back we can finally go out on that date.”

I rolled my eyes and shoved him out the door, letting it slam behind him. Sighing I looked at the clock and realized that it was almost five.

“I’m going to leave early today Laney, feel free to leave as well. Can you make me an appointment with-”

“It’s already done, Dr. Fischer tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock,” Laney interrupted with a shy smile handing me a business card.

“Thanks Laney your an angel, I’d die with out you,” I said as she blushed with embarrassment.

I grabbed my purse and cellphone saying, “I’ll see you back at the flat, just hang out for a while. You don’t even have to come in on Monday if you don’t want to.”

She smiled and said, “Thanks I’ll see you. Maybe we could go to a movie on Sunday?”

I nodded and gave her a goodbye hug.


“Goodbye Sarah have fun getting your head shrunk,” she teased as I scowled at her. I stuck my tongue out at her and walked out of my office.

Two weeks of vacation, I am so screwed.

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