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The End of the Beginning-The Beginning of the End by Marc
Chapter 6 : Arrangements to Leave
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It had been a week since the end of the funerals. Everyone was settling into the new house. In spite of her loss, Molly was beside herself with glee. She spent her time in her new kitchen cooking or baking every day. It seemed to be a balm for her aching soul. The new stove never had a chance to completely cool down, once she started. Molly’s new sink was perpetually full of dishes that were being magically washed.

Harry, Ron, and the girls benefited from this cooking orgy that Molly was consumed by. The pastry, soups, pies, and roast seemed to act as a mollifying activity that all could enjoy. Everyone spent quiet time and slept in as much as possible. It was as if they were using sleep to heal the wounds to their souls.

Ron noticed that after a few days, Hermione seemed to be distracted and blue. Although he asked several times what was wrong, she would just change the subject or walk away.

“Harry, something’s wrong with Hermione,” Ron observed. The two boys were sitting out on the porch swing enjoying the early summer evening.

“I noticed something was wrong the other day. Do you want me to talk to her?” Harry asked.

“Yea, if it goes any longer we could be facing bigger problems with her,” Ron finished.

After supper, that night, Harry came in from his nightly walk. “Hermione we need to go for a walk,” Harry said as he took her hand and led her to the door.

“I’m really not in the mood tonight, Harry,” she explained, completely preoccupied with her thoughts.

“Too bad, let’s go!” Harry insisted as he forcefully pulled her out into the yard.

He had never done anything like this to Hermione before, and his strength and intensity frightened her a little. Harry walked her out to the marble bench near Fred’s gravesite.

“Harry! What are you doing?” she asked with a hint of trepidation in her voice, now. He sat her down on the edge of the bench and sat down straddling the bench on the other side, facing her.

Harry turned to her. “What’s the matter Hermione? What’s bothering you? Ron, Ginny and I have noticed that you haven’t been right. I know you’re still having nightmares but that’s not it, is it?” He took her hand and turned toward her to suggest she wouldn’t be going anywhere until she explained herself.

“Nothing,” she whispered under her breathe. Harry leaned forward, peaked one eyebrow and stared straight at her. He didn’t speak, he just stared. After a few seconds the intensity of his staring broke through Hermione’s façade.

“I—I miss my parents,” she confessed.

“Let’s go get them, then,” Harry suggested.

“You don’t understand, Harry. They used all their money to move to Australia. There’s nothing left to bring them back. I didn’t think they would have too,” her voice trailed off.

Harry sat there stunned. “You thought you wouldn’t survive, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t think we would all make it. Ron and I felt we were expendable, as long as you would be able to kill Voldemort. I didn’t think I’d be seeing my parents again. Now, I don’t have enough to bring them home, or even to go visit them,” she confessed as she broke down sobbing.

“Why didn’t you ask me Hermione? I’ve enough to move their entire house here and still not financially feel it.” Harry said in kind exacerbation.

“Harry, I felt that I just couldn’t come up to you and say, Hi, Harry can I borrow enough money to bring my parents home, and oh, by the way I won’t be able to pay you back!” Hermione spluttered as she continued sobbing.

He cradled her head in his arms and held her as a big brother would his younger sister. Harry realized that this was what was dampening Hermione’s ability to relax and enjoy herself after their trials and tribulations. She rested in his arms for several minutes until she was able to compose herself and looked up. She was a mess! Her hair was frizzed and windblown worst than he had seen it in a long time. Her face was a mess as well; her eyes were red and puffy. Harry could see a little wetness under her nose. He pulled out his wand and produced a handkerchief for her. “Thanks Harry, I didn’t mean to break down like some little wimpy girl,” Hermione gasped as she tried to get herself under control.

“Hermione, I’ve seen you take on Death Eaters, face Trolls, punch out Malfoy, set wards around our tent that no one could break through, and scare the crap out of Ron. Trust me when I say, that you’re not a wimpy little girl. You’re my best friend, you’ve been my confidant for the last seven years, and you’re the only girl that I would ever want as my sister. I’ve loved you for a long time, not like Ron loves you, but I still love you just the same. Now, I’ll have no more of this. We’ll make arrangements and go get your parents as soon as we can, understand?” Harry finished in that tone of voice that told her she would not win this argument.

“Oh Harry, thank you! I don’t know what I would have done without you and Ron," Hermione confessed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on his cheek.

“Hermione, I thought you should know. The night that we were at Malfoys mansion,” Hermione shivered at the mention of that place. “Ron all but tried to claw his way out of the cellar to get to you. He may not say it often, but I know he loves you. I just thought you should know.” Harry ended with a shrug.

“Thank you Harry. The luckiest day of my life was when you and Ron came to get me out of the girl’s room, when the troll was after me.”


Ron stood, leaning on the pillar of the house's front porch, watching Harry talk to Hermione. If it had been anyone else, he would have been jealous, but he knew where he stood with Harry and Hermione. A smile crossed his face as he heard Hermione laugh while she and Harry walked back to the Burrow’s front porch.

Harry brought Hermione over to Ron and placed her hand in his, “take care of her Ron, I think she needs a hug,” he said. Ron wrapped his long arms around her, tightly.

“Did you really try to claw your way out of Malfoys basement?” she whispered into his ear. Ron knew what she was referring to. He nodded slightly. Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear again, “I love you, Ronald Weasley.”
Ron tipped her chin up and gave her a kiss like she had never gotten before. Once lost in their kiss, neither noticed Misses Weasley come through the kitchen door. She stopped dead in her tracks and was about to break them apart, but stopped when Harry waved her off. He came up and moved her a few meters away, “Hermione just told Ron that she loves him, I think you know where this will be leading to,” Harry told her under his breath.

Molly looked at her son and the girl that had chosen him, as hers. When they parted, Ron spotted his mother and turned a bright shade of red. Hermione brought her hand to her mouth knowing that they had just been caught –red lipped- as it were. Mrs. Weasley came over to them with her arms stretched out. She took Hermione into one of her patented bone crushing motherly hugs. “Finally, Hermione, I was wondering when you two would get around to this. I know you’ve been with us here, at the Burrow for a long time, I’m just glad you’re realizing that you’re right for each other. I think I speak for Mr. Weasley as well as the rest of the family when I say –it’s about time!!!” Everyone on the porch broke down laughing as the tension broke.


The next morning found Harry off to the Ministry to discuss plans to get four wizards to Australia and four wizards and two muggles back. Within hours Harry had obtained all the required passports, papers, and arrangements for the trip. It would have probably taken much longer, but he did have two things in his favor. First, and foremost, he was Harry Potter! Second, he had Kingsley Shacklebolt acting as his travel agent. Harry was amazed at how people jumped when they saw the two of them walk into their office. He went back to the Burrow after he had had lunch with Kingsley. All of the arrangements were completed and ready to go as he once again entered the kitchen door.

“Hermione,” he called out as he went to the bottom of the staircase, “would you come down here for a minute, please?”

Within seconds, his two friends, and the girl he loved, ran down the stairs to him. He held up the plane tickets to Australia, “ready? We can leave soon,” he said smiling.

Hermione threw her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t believe this is happening,” she gushed, almost unable to control her glee.

Harry turned to Ginny, “what are you going to do while we go get Hermione’s parents?” 

Ginny looked down at the floor, “Oh, I guess I’ll just wait. I need to get some reading done for Hogwarts for next term.”

“Well I guess you’ll just have to bring your reading with you on the plane then. After all it will probably take three to five weeks to find and bring back Hermione’s Mom and Dad,” he said softly, letting his words sink into Ginny’s mind.

His trick had the proper effect, after a few seconds of digesting what Harry had just said, she realized that she was going along, as well. “Oh! Harry I love you,” she said, as everyone else started chuckling.

“We leave in four days. This should give us enough time to get everything ready. I don’t know about you, but I still need to buy some clothes for myself. I’m tired of wearing Neville’s pants and shirt. Ginny, I’m going to have to go to Diagon Alley so that I can get the things I need. Would you come with me?” Harry asked.


Bright and early the next morning Harry, Ginny, and Mrs. Weasley apparated together to one of the upper rooms of the Leaky Caldron. Within minutes they were walking down the center of Diagon Alley, looking for what Harry needed.

Witches and wizards would walk by and tip their hats to Harry and greet him as if he was the head of state. A few older witches came up to give their thanks; sometimes they would turn to Ginny and tell her how lucky she was to be on the arm of this young man. Ginny blushed and Harry tried to be polite to everyone, as much as he could.

“This is incredible, Harry, I never realized how people responded to you. It’s almost a little bit intimidating, if you ask me,” Molly observed.

“I’m getting used to it, Missis Weasley, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable. I hope that only the nice magical folk will be meeting up with me in the near future,” Harry conceded.

As they walked by one of the shops, Harry noticed a reflection in the shop's window. A tall man was walking some twenty meters behind them with his hand in his pocket. Harry didn’t know why, but his combat instincts kicked in and made him feel very uncomfortable. He looked ahead and saw that they were coming to an intersection with Hobs Lane. Harry thought that if an ambush were to occur, that it would be just as they got there. He risked a second glance in the next window and noticed that the stranger had closed the distance to only ten meters. With a nonchalant air about him, he wrapped his left arm around Ginny’s shoulders and pulled her close.

“Missis Weasley, don’t look at me! Just listen,” Harry said just loud enough for her to hear. “Take your wand out and keep it at the ready. Someone is following us and I believe that we are about to be attacked as we reach the intersection. Ginny, on my move, cover the right side, Missis Weasley, cover the left side, I’ll get the guy in back,” Harry planned this out as they continued to slowly walk down the alley

When they reached the shop at the corner, Harry looked into the next window and saw the man take his hand out of his pocket. He had a wand and started to raise it up. “Now!!” Harry yelled as he spun around with his wand in hand, just as his attacker finished his curse. Brilliant beams of energy converged five meters away from Harry. His beam seemed to swallow the Death Eaters curse. A high pitched sizzling sound emanated around them as the air around the spell superheated. Harry’s beam pushed its way toward the other and engulfed him in a dazzling, blindingly bright ball of light. A second later it reached the wall of the nearest shop. With a concussive blast his beam ended. He spun around and saw that two other wizards were lying prone on the cobble stone pavement. Harry glanced back and at first didn’t see his attacker’s body until he realized that the only thing that was left were two shins sticking up out of the man’s boots and his lower left arm laying on the ground, close by. Harry looked up and saw a shadow, shaped like his attacker, burnt onto the side of the shop wall.

He pushed Ginny down and hovered over her looking at the roofs of the shops in the immediate vicinity. Once he was sure that the attack was over, Harry grabbed Molly and Ginny by the arms and yanked them forward disapparating them back to the Burrow. He ran both women into the house, “stay here, I’ll be back. Don’t go out for any reason, understand?” he ordered them.

Harry, disapparated back to the alley with his wand out in front of him, since he didn’t want to be caught unprepared. He looked around the corners and checked to see if anyone else had been injured. When he was satisfied that there was no danger left, he sent his Patronus to the Ministry informing Kingsley of the attack. Harry asked if Kingsley could send a few Aurors to clean up the mess and take the other two attackers into custody.

Within minutes Kingsley, himself, and several Aurors apparated into the alley. When they saw the destruction that had been unleashed on the one dead man, all of them stopped and stared at Harry. “What happened, Harry?” Kingsley asked in an astonished voice, his eye brows were peaked up almost to his hair line.

“I threw the Avada curse at him, since he had already cast it at me. The curses contacted in between us, they balanced off for a few seconds then my curse swallowed his and hit him. It became so bright that I couldn’t see him for a second or so. When it was over I didn’t even notice what had happened until I turned back after I checked to make sure that the threat from in front of us had been neutralized,” Harry explained to the gathered Aurors and the Minister.

“Go home Harry. We’ll clean up here, and then I’ll come to see you for the rest of the story,” Kingsley told him.


A few minutes later, Harry was able to disapparate back to the Burrow, his wand still in his hand. Once he had passed the portal to the wards, he turned and pointed his wand at the main gate, “Cave Inimicum,” he yelled. An aurora like shimmer cascaded across the length of the wards power field. An audible hum could be heard emanating from the wards’ portal. He walked around the periphery of the wards and tested each side to make sure they were functional and up to full power.

After this had been completed he stepped out of the portal and sent his Patronus to Mr. Weasley. “We were attacked in Diagon Alley. We’re all safe! Be careful coming home, all the wards have been strengthened to maximum charge.”

Harry walked up to the kitchen door. Before he could touch the knob it was yanked opened and Ginny flew into his arms. Mrs. Weasley came out and hugged him and Ginny, together.

“Missis Weasley, you shouldn’t have opened up the door without making sure who I was!” Harry admonished her. “We just came under attack and there could be more than one group of Death Eaters. We have to go back to a war footing until we’re sure that this was an independent cell and not a new uprising.”

“Harry, I knew it was you because the wards let you in. Besides, no one can send a Patronus like that. We both saw it, and recognized it as yours. It may be a good idea to wait for Arthur and Kingsley at the portal though. I’d like to keep my husband in one piece for a little longer,” Molly finished.

“Wait with your mom, all right Ginny?” Harry spoke to her softly. He went to step off the porch when she grabbed his arm. 

“I’m coming with you, Harry,” she said as she placed her fingers on his lips to stop any protest. “I’m a big girl, I can handle myself. Shall we go?” She said as she walked toward the main gate which was the portal of the wards.

Harry caught up to her and put his hand on the small of her back. “Take your wand out and don’t put it away until after we’re back in the Burrow. If anyone shows up and you don’t recognize them stun first and we’ll figure it out later,” he instructed as they reached the portal.

Ginny took her wand out and walked next to Harry to the portal. The attack had left her shaken but she was determined to play a part in defending her home. She wasn’t a baby anymore and she wouldn’t tolerate being treated like one, again.

“Keep your wand at the ready, Ginny, just in case,” Harry told her. They waited for several minutes for her father to apparate just outside the wards. When she went to talk to Harry about what he had seen in Diagon Alley, her attention was pulled away from the gate. As Harry went to explain what he had found and what Kingsley had told him, a loud pop occurred on the other side of the Burrow’s enclosure. With lightening reflexes, and without the needed focus to control them, Ginny spun on her heels and threw as powerful a stunning spell as she could, right at her father. The spell rebounded off the wards and hit Harry square in the face. He was thrown back several meters onto his back; blood gushing out of his broken nose. The last thing Harry remembered was a flash of light and a burning sensation to his face.

“Harry!!!” Ginny screamed, as she ran over and wrapped her arms around his head. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Oh, Harry, are you all right?” Ginny was begging almost in hysteria. Harry didn’t respond. He was still off to la- la- land from the impact of the spell.

Arthur walked Kingsley through the portal and came over to Ginny. “I believe you forgot that stunning spells can’t penetrate wards,” Arthur informed his daughter with a slight smirk on his face. “Kingsley could you give me a hand with our fallen hero? I think Molly can fix him up easily enough, once we get him inside,” he told his friend as they each grabbed an arm and lifted Harry up and carried him inside.


Harry awoke to find himself lying on the parlour couch. Someone was washing his face with a soft cloth and warm water. He opened his eyes to see everything through a blurred haze. Within seconds his vision was completely obscured by a sheet of soft red hair. “Oh! Harry I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I was just startled,” Ginny said with a terrified quiver to her voice.

The one man that she loved more than anything in the world motioned with his hand for her to come closer. When she bent near he whispered, “next time you try to stun anyone please make sure that I’m standing right behind you, all right?” His teasing was so unexpected that everyone started to laugh. Ginny blushed, put her head down, and smiled at the joke that Harry had made at her expense. This was his gentile way of admonishing her to be careful next time.

“I’m sorry Harry,” she whispered.

“Not as sorry as I am. Wow, you can really pack a punch,” Harry said in astonishment.

“Missis Weasley is my nose all right?” he asked. 

“Just like new, Harry,” she retorted. “I was able to repair the damage done,’ Molly informed him with a gentle smile on her face.

Once his vision cleared, he noticed that the Minister was standing next to Arthur near the doorway.

“Mister, Minister what did you find out?” Harry asked, as he sat up.

“We believe that it was a single malcontent with two of his cronies. The main attacker, the one that was behind you, was Augustus Rookwood’s oldest son, Horace. From what our records show, he was such a malicious bastard that he was expelled from his first year at Hogwarts some fifteen years ago. Then about six years ago his parents threw him out of the house because they became frightened of his “lack of soul,” as his mother put it. The auror department has been looking for him in regards to a family being murdered some three months ago. Although his parents threw him out. We think his attack was for revenge for what happened to his father. Thank you, Harry; you took out a really nasty individual. Dawlish wants to know when you intend on joining his Auror department. He says he could use someone like you.”

“Thanks, but not right now, I still have something to get done first,” Harry said. “I still need to go back to Diagon Alley to get clothes and other supplies. Would it be possible to go back, now?”

“I suppose so, but if you don’t mind I’ll come along with you,” Kingsley finished.

“I’ll go, as well,” said Mr. Weasley, “at this point; I think there’s safety in numbers.”


Within a few minutes, the five of them had passed through the Burrow’s portal and disapparated back to the Leaky Caldron. Mr. Weasley and Molly walked in front holding hands as if nothing had happened. Next, Harry walked with his arm around Ginny. Kingsley brought up the rear. Harry had his wand up his sleeve waiting for anything else to occur.

The group went to Madam Malkin’s Robes Shop for Harry’s clothes. She had started carrying some of the younger muggle type pants and shirts. When Harry walked into the shop Madam Malkin came out from behind the curtain. “Oh, Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley are you here to pick out your wedding robes?” she asked breathlessly. Ginny blushed and Molly chuckled at the suggestion. 

Both lady's mouths fell open when they heard Harry say, “not yet Madam Malkin, perhaps another day.”

Harry spent the next hour buying several pairs of pants and matching shirts. He also purchased a couple of pairs of shoes for different occasions. He blushed as he bought several sets of underwear and socks. One pair had stars and moons moving around on them. Harry chocked up as he was forced to remember his friend Dobby.

Ginny saw a few sets of girl’s shorts and blouses to go with them. “Can I get these, Mom?” she asked as she held them up to show her.

Mrs. Weasley shook her head and guided Ginny to the other corner with her hand. “I don’t have enough on me at this time, dear, maybe next time, all right?”

Harry came over to the two ladies’. “Ginny, have you picked out what you need yet,” he asked.

Ginny glanced at her mother, “it’s all right Harry, maybe another time,” she said, down hearted.

Harry looked at the two of them and realized what the problem was. “Ginny, pick out what you need and put it on the counter with my stuff,” he said.

Molly went to protest, but before she could, Harry looked at her with those intense green eyes. “Ginny’s clothes are being taken care of,” he said as a matter of fact.

“Now, wait, Harry,” Molly said, “You’ve already done enough.”

“Not nearly enough. You’ll just have to get used to it, I guess,” Harry said with that air of authority he had developed. When they were finished, Harry paid for the lot. Molly tried to protest again but to no avail. Harry was intent on doing everything he could to put a smile on Ginny’s face. If he had his way, she would be smiling for the rest of her life. He knew that so long as she had a smile on her face he would be content with his life.

When they were walking back to the Leaky Caldron, Harry spotted the new brooms in the window of the Quidditch supply store. He realized that he missed using his broom since he had lost it last year, when he was attacked by Voldemort. He decided that he would have to visit the shop before leaving for Australia. Harry figured it would be easier if Molly wasn’t around, so he formulated a plan.

When the entourage was almost at the Leaky caldron, Harry spotted a new jewelry store that had been opened up in one of the old abandoned shops. When he passed by he noticed a beautiful ring in the window. It was a single diamond, some two carats in size with two one carat emeralds on either side. An idea was forming in the back of his mind since Madam Malkin had asked if they were coming for their robes. He would have to see what the future would hold.

Once they reached the Leaky Caldron, Harry opened the door for the ladies and asked Mr. Weasley if he would get a table so that they could have supper there. He excused himself and asked if Kingsley would help him with something. The two men returned to Diagon Alley and walked to the Quidditch supply store.

When Harry walked in, the proprietor almost fainted. He could barely breathe when he realized that both Harry Potter and the Minister of Magic were in his shop. “What may I do for you gentlemen?” he asked as he bowed before them.

“Do you have the new Thunderbolt ‘Excelsiors?” Harry asked. “I’d like to see one, if possible.”

“We were able to get four of them in, just two days ago. They’re covered by the new perpetually adjusted warranty. This is it,” he said as he handed the floor model to his honored guest.

Harry handled the broom and could feel the power within. “Will you adjust them specifically for the rider?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir. That’s part of the sales package, it's part of the warranty,” the proprietor explained.

“Very well then, I’ll buy the four of them,” Harry said.

Kinsley caught the proprietor as he went down, “I believe he’s fainted, Harry,” he said with a smile on his face. “You seem to have that effect on people. You know that. Don’t you?”

“Yea, this isn’t the first time,” Harry said as he remembered Mr. and Mrs. Weasley the previous week. “Would you allow me to have these delivered to your office for tomorrow? This way I can get them there and then deliver them to the Burrow.”

“I don’t see any reason why not. I’ll do it for one favor,” the Minister said. “I want to be there when you present these to the other three, all right?”

Harry chuckled, “you have a deal. To be honest with you I think the more the merrier. This should knock their socks off. I can’t wait to see the face on Ron. Do you think that you can get Mr. Weasley to come with you? He should be there to see this as well.”


The next morning dawned grey and cold, but Harry felt warm all over. He had spent the previous night with his friends and the girl that he loved. They had sat around the fire and talked about the adventure that they were about to embark on. With the warmth of the fire relaxing the four of them, they were all in bed, asleep by ten that night.

Before any one was up, except Mister Weasley, Harry quietly slipped out onto the front porch, walked across the yard, and out of the portal. He disapparated over to the entrance desk at the back of the Ministry of Magic’s main entrance hall. He quickly made his way to the Ministers office and found the four boxes waiting for him. Harry passed through to Kingsley’s inner sanctum, where he found him already hard at work.

“Are you ready to go? I thought I’d have them there when they came down for breakfast,” Harry said.

“All set Harry, let’s go get Arthur from his office and we can leave from there,” Kingsley responded.

The two men went over to Arthur’s office and knocked on the door. They walked in before Arthur could come around his desk. “Mister Weasley, we need you to come home with us for a few minutes, something special is about to happen,” Harry said as he showed him the four large boxes.

“If the two of you are in on it, it’s got to be good, I’ve got to see this,” Mr. Weasley said as he came around his desk and threw on his cloak.

The three men disapparated back to the Burrow and quietly let themselves into the kitchen. Harry placed each of the three boxes on the table and placed a small name tag on each one. He went to the foot of the stairs and yelled up, “Hey, you three, we have company, come on down, right away.”

The three men could hear Ron grumbling and the girls asking what time it was. The three sleepyheads slowly staggered down the stairs until they saw Kingsley and Mr. Weasley by the door. “Minister Shacklebolt, Dad, Harry, what’s going on here?” Ginny asked.

Before anything could be said Harry came forward and led the three to the table. “First, find yours, but don’t touch, yet. When I tell you to, open the box at the same time, all right, ready, set, open!” Harry ordered.

The three opened their box and stood there with stunned expressions on their faces. Ron reached into the box and pulled out his broom and just stared at it as if he couldn’t comprehend that it was really his. Ginny, grabbed it up and let out a squeal of delight. Hermione held her new broom in her hands and said nothing, but tears slid down her cheeks.

“Well, what do you think?” Harry asked.

“Bloody Hell! Harry! I can’t believe this. Is it really mine?” Ron asked in awe.

Harry just stood there nodding his head with the biggest grin on his face that his friends had ever seen. “Ron, if you look at the right side of your broom’s handle, you’ll see that it’s personalized with your name. Same thing on the other two brooms,” Harry said to his other friends. “Since I purchased four of them the engraving was thrown in for free. How could I turn down an offer like that, I ask you?”

“Harry this is “The” broom of brooms. I can’t believe I have one in my hand, never mind, that it’s actually mine,” Ginny said almost in a revered whisper. “I love you,” she mouthed to him.

Hermione kept looking at her broom with a confused wrinkle on her brow. “Harry, this broom is just too powerful for me,” she finally admitted. “I’m not a spectacular flyer like the three of you. I’m going to fall off and break my neck. It’s a beautiful gesture but it’s too much for me,” she explained.

“It’s all right, Hermione, I’ve made arrangements for it to be adjusted to suit you better. We’ll go back to the shop this afternoon, so that they can set it to your flying style,” he finished his explanation.

Mr. Weasley and the Minister stood in the doorway watching as these young people reveled in a freedom that no one had felt for far longer than anyone would like to admit. “Well, it’s been fun but I have to get back to work. Ginny, tell Mom that I’ll be home for supper time tonight. I hear we’re having one of her famous roast, “Ah!” I can’t wait. Kingsley how about joining us for supper tonight? It’s been a while since you visited,” Arthur asked his friend.

“You have a deal. You know, I’ll never turn down one of Molly’s roasts,” the Minister chuckled. “Good day everyone, until later,” he said as he turned and made his way out of the kitchen door.


“Harry, can we try these out?” Ron almost begged. He kept sliding his hand along the neck of the broom, as if by touching it, he was sure it was real.

Harry raised his hand and his broom flew to him from the other room. “Shall we step outside?” he asked.

Once the four of them had exited the portal, Harry turned to Hermione, “Ron and I will stay on either side of you. Let’s just try to fly a little bit, all right? We won’t go fast and we’ll keep you between us. Let’s have some fun!” Harry finished as he lifted off and hovered next to Hermione.

Ron came along the other side, and between the two of them they were able to get Hermione up. Although she was hesitant, at first, after a few minutes of direction and guidance from her three friends, she was able to zoom around the Burrow by herself.

“I did it,” she exclaimed after she had put on a fairly good burst of speed. She hadn’t noticed that Harry had his wand sticking out of his sleeve. He wasn’t taking any chances with her safety. He had placed an enchanted, invisible net beneath her as she tested out her new broom. With each moment that she flew, she gained confidence in her abilities

The four of them flew around and over the Burrow for some time. Molly came out of the front door and yelled for them to come in for breakfast. When they landed, she finally noticed what each of them had in their hand.

“Where did you get these, should I ask?” she said. “Harry dear, you really do have to stop spending like this; if you don’t you’ll have nothing left when you get older.”

Harry chuckled, “Missis Weasley, you don’t have to worry about my finances, everything is all right,” he tried to assure her.

“But dear, she continued, you’ve bought the house and now the brooms, plus you’ve paid for Hermione’s trip and Ginny’s clothes. You’re going to run out of money if you keep this up,” she admonished him gently

Harry chuckled again, “thank you for being so concerned about me but rest assured I have more than enough to handle these expenses. Bill and I have been in contact with each other. He’s been handling the transfer of funds for me at Gringotts Bank. From what he says, I will never have to worry about having spending money the rest of my life."

“That’s just not realistic Harry, you know money doesn’t grow on trees,” Molly finished.

He gently took her by the arm and walked her into the parlour. “Missis Weasley, I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I feel if you know the situation, you won’t worry about me, or anything else financially from this point forward. Bill told me that the Goblins are still trying to transfer all of my gold to the largest vault they have. He was saying that they may have to enlargen the vault to accommodate all of the gold that now belongs to me. You see I not only have my parent’s small fortune that they had left me. I also inherited all of Sirius’s wealth. Besides this, I’ve inherited all of Voldermort’s gold that he had acquired through the years."

"I didn’t know this, but if two wizards duel to the death, the surviving wizard is entitled to all of the property that belonged to the vanquished. I guess that this is an old, obscure law that is still on the books of magical law. You see I really don’t have to worry about gold; I assure you I will always have enough,” Harry finished his explanation.

“Harry, if you don’t mind my asking, how much gold do you have?” she asked, hesitantly.

Harry hesitated for a minute; he wanted to make sure that she would be all right when he told her. “Maybe you should sit down first, Missis Weasley; this is going to be a bit of a shock. I know it was for me the first time Bill told me how much I really have.” When he was sure she was safe. He sat down next to her and turned so he could see her reaction better. “Bill said that as of last count, Gringotts Bank was holding approximately half a billion Galleons for me, in my account. -- Missis Weasley?! Missis Weasley?! – Ginny?! - Hermione?! Can you come in here for a minute! Ginny, I think your mom has fainted again,” Harry yelled out to his friends in the other room.

Once Ginny and Hermione revived Mrs. Weasley, again. She looked at Harry with a strange, incoherent look in her eyes. “Excuse me dear, I thought I heard you say half a billion Galleons. I’m sorry dear but how much did you say you really have.” She asked again.

Harry smiled, “five hundred million Galleons!” he whispered to her. She sat there with her mouth hanging open. 

"Oh, my!” was all she could say.

“You see. I will really have no financial problems for a very long time, so please don’t worry about me, it’s all right,” Harry reassured her.

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