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17 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 4 : Rule #4
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4. I will not try and start Naked Thursdays in the common room.

Fred and George were never the most conventional people. At home, strange sounds often emitted from their room; none of the Weasley family ever went into their room, for fear of being blown up by one of their experiments.

At school, they used the younger children as guinea pigs for their new products. The majority of their Seventh year was spent conning the younger ones into trying their colorful candies. This process was, of course, hindered by the one and only Hermione Granger.

But this was not enough for Fred and George. (Sometimes known as Gred and Forge.)

One Thursday, the twins and their friend, Lee Jordan, were lazing around the common room.

"Thursday is such a boring day," Lee complained. His dreadlocks hung in his face.

George nodded in agreement. "Yeah," said Fred. "I mean, it’s the day after hump day, and the day before Friday; what’s so special about it?"

Lee gave his red-headed friend a questioning look. "Hump day?"

"Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week; the highest point. You get it?"

Lee nodded in comprehension. He looked around. There were quite a few people in the common room. Harry Potter and his friend Ron Weasley (also the twins’ younger brother,) Angelina Johnson and the rest of the Quidditch team were also lounging around and studying.

"I believe everyone else is bored too," George said, surveying the common room with Lee. "We should help them with that."


Lee took cue from the twins. The red-heads often assumed their thinking positions; they pulled monocles out of their pockets, put them on their eyes, and then pretended to stroke their invisible beards.

"I’ve got it!" Fred jumped up from his place on the plush, red couch.

He pulled Lee and Fred into a huddle; it was imperative that no one hear what they were planning. If word got back to Hermione, well, there would be three dead bodies to hide.


"This is kind of awkward." Lee, Fred, and George were all standing in the Seventh year boys dormitory. Each had a too fluffy, too pink towel wrapped around their waist.

"Says you," George retorted to Lee, who was pulling at his towel a bit.

Lee rolled his eyes. "Just because you’ve got this cryptic, gay, twincestuous relationship going on..."

Fred and George glared daggers at their mate until he shut up. "My bad; I know it’s not true."

Fred and George took Lee’s words as an apology. Fred smirked and said, "You ready to go?"

George and Lee nodded. They all dropped the towels and made a run for it, before they could talk each other out of doing something quite as stupid as what they were about to do.

"Naked Thursday!" Fred shouted, thundering down the steps.

"It’s Naked Thursday, everyone!" Lee shouted, in his commentators voice. "Step right up, and take it all off!"

"Running around naked is the perfect way to cure the boredom of Thursdays!" George yelled leaping from the last step to the ground.

They certainly attracted attention. However, something that they had not planned on happened.

"Crap," Lee whispered, as he caught site of his worst nightmare. He nudged the twins and nodded towards the angry girl, fast approaching them. Fred and George had reactions quite similar to Lee’s; however, their language was a bit more colorful.

However, as Hermione neared them, her face grew increasingly redder. When she reached them, her eyes determinedly darted around the room. She tried to look anywhere but at Lee and the twins. Hermione opened her mouth to scold them, but couldn’t seem to generate words.

Instead, she shook her head, and turned around without saying a thing.

When they were sure Hermione was not going to return with reenforcement, Lee, Fred, and George turned to each other and high-fived.

"Hoorah for Naked Thursdays!"

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