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Hogwarts, Here We Come! by Emilyinlove
Chapter 5 : Chapter Four: Off To Diagon Alley
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books or movies, the Harry Potter characters, or the Harry Potter world. I do own the plot for this chapter. I do not own the Goblin's warning. That's J.K.'s. I wish it was mine though.

Author's Note: I am so totally going to be like, posting chapters everyday. I'm so happy about this Trusted Author status, you can't even believe. But as you can see, I've updated "Remember" before updating this story, so I'm going to alternate my updates between the two stories. Um...nothing else is really new except that I got out of school on Monday, but anyways, have fun reading!

Chapter 4: Off To Diagon Alley

"SHUT UP!" I yelled angrily at the annoying ringing of my alarm clock that was currently situated on the dresser across from my bed. I threw one of my smaller pillows at it, and by the sounds of it, it knocked the alarm clock onto the ground. I snuggled back under my blanket, taking one of my pillows and holding it over my head.

A rush of cold air swept over my body and I realized someone had taken my blanket off of my bed, and more importantly, me.

"ALLIE! GIVE ME THE DANG BLANKET BACK BEFORE I'M FORCED TO TAKE SEVERE ACTION!" I yelled, opening my eyes to see a bunch of blurry shapes. I rubbed them as I tried to sit up, but failed miserably.

"Mom says to get up," Allie said simply, still holding the blanket.

When I had rid my eyes of their blurriness, I looked to see my younger sister fully dressed and ready for the day. She's the only person I know who will get up at six in the morning, on a weekend mind you, to go grocery shopping.

"Why would she want me up so early on a weekend?" I asked, now successfully sitting up.

"You're going school supply shopping today, duh," My little sister said, dropping the blanket on the floor (much to my displeasure) and walked out.

I totally forgot! I was going school supply shopping today! I got to go to Diagon Alley!

I jumped off of my bunk bed, totally forgetting the ladder and immediately started doing my famous happy dance.

"Hmm...what is missing?" I pondered out loud, stopping to think for a minute before it hit me. Not literally because that would hurt. "MUSIC!" I put a CD in the player and pressed the play button, restarting my happy dance.

I did a couple of spins and looked in the mirror to see that I was dressed in dark navy blue jeans, a white tank top and bright coral colored sheer Henley button down hoodie.

"I love magic!" I exclaimed to no one in particular, as I kept dancing and looking in the mirror. Soon m hair was put up into a high ponytail and then put in a claw clip, some hair falling over the top of it. I did my normal make-up and put a flash of bright coral eyeliner on my top eyelids.

I ran into the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. I ran back into my room and grabbed the purse lying on the floor, turned the music off and went running wildly through the house for no real reason.

"What are you doing?" My mother asked as I went running through the living room where she was sitting on one of the couches. I ran back into the room and stopped.

"I'm ready to go," I said calmly as I tried to regain my breath.

"Get your shoes on," She ordered and I ran over, letting myself fall over before pulling on each shoe with much difficulty. I bounced up before saying, "Okay! I'm good to go now!"

"You know, I'm so excited that I didn't even feel that," I noted as she unlocked the passenger seat door for me. I got in and sat down, buckling my seat belt as quickly as humanly possibly as she started the car. She backed out of the driveway and began to drive up the hill where my high school was located, but also, up the hill some more was where my best friend's house was located.

I was so excited that I couldn't even stay still. I was bouncing up and down in my seat slightly. "Mom, go faster! I want to get there as soon as I can," I said.

"I'm going the speed limit, and besides, we're almost there. There's only a few more blocks to go," My mom said as we turned onto Hannah's street.

We finally arrived at the house and I jumped out of the car, almost falling on my face.

"Hey look! Hannah's neighbor's house is for sale!" I exclaimed randomly before running up to the door, letting myself in. "I'm here!" Hannah came running down the stairs to greet me.

"Nothing like letting yourself in, eh?" Hannah asked sarcastically, smirking all the while.

"Well, I couldn't help myself - I'm excited. So we're meeting Lindsay and Amy at Gringotts, right?" I asked, knowing that Shannon was going with her mother.

"Yup," Hannah answered as I gave my mom a hug goodbye. She left and we walked over to Hannah's fireplace. "Now how is this supposed to work?"

We stood there looking at it, saying different things (mostly along the lines of "Abracadabra" and "Alohamora" - pretty much anything starting with the letter A), trying to get it to become bigger.

Hannah and I looked at each other for a split second before yelling at the same time, "MOM!"

We had gotten used to calling each other's mothers "mom" or "mommy". It was just sort of any unwritten rule for us because we considered ourselves sisters.

"What is it now?" Mrs. Scott asked, walking into their living room where we were standing.

"How do we use the fireplace to Floo to Diagon Alley, it's too small," Hannah said, crouching down. She looked up the fireplace trying to see if there was some magical button, but by the look on her face, there wasn't.

Her mother sighed, showing her obvious frustration before flicking her wand at the fireplace, making the object in question grow at least three times it's normal size.

"The Floo Powder is in the flower pot right there," Her mom pointed to it before leaving the room. I'd always thought that was one of their family member's made more sense now.

"I'll go first, I've always wanted to do this," I said, grabbing a handful of the powder and standing in the fireplace. "Diagon Alley!"

As I threw the dust down, I kept my eyes open, watching the green flames engulf my entire body. It looked like a million fireplaces were whizzing by before I came flying out of the appropriate one.

I looked around at my surroundings, absolutely amazed by what I saw before I was pushed down to the ground by a certain best friend of mine, who came stumbling out of the fireplace behind me.

"Ow! Get off of me!" I exclaimed, pushing her off of me and dusting all the soot off of me that had collected on my clothes from my Flooing adventure.

"Sorry," Hannah muttered, standing up and dusting herself off as well.

It took us quite awhile to find Gringotts. We finally had to stop and ask help from many older witches and wizards. But when we finally did, we walked up the steps to where Amy and Lindsay were waiting.

"About time, we've been waiting forever," Lindsay said dramatically as we walked inside.

"Sorry, we couldn't figure out how to use the fireplace," Hannah said, making me laugh at what she had just said. One, that was such a weird thing to say, and two, I never imagined someone saying something like that. "And we got very lost."

"Oh come on you goofs," Amy said, dragging me into the white marble building that towered over the rest of the shops. We walked through the large bronze doors guarded by a goblin in a scarlet and gold uniform. We came into a small entrance hall that had silver doors, and something was engraved on them. As we got closer, I made a point of looking.

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

Exactly like it was in the book. And I knew exactly what it meant too. The goblins guarding this door were looking at me strangely before I pushed through these doors, following my friends who had gone ahead of me.  We walked up to one of the empty counters and waited for the goblin to pay attention to us.

"Good morning!" I exclaimed, waving madly at him. "We'd all like to withdraw some money from our vaults."

"And do you all have your keys?" The goblin asked.

"Yup," I said, holding my key up and everyone followed my example.

"Right this way," He said, leading us to the back where he held the door open for us, allowing us to enter ahead of him. The back was a lot different than the marble entryway. It was all stone and dimly lit was torches, giving it an eerie feel. Actually, it reminded of one of the entrances to a roller coaster I had gone on.

The goblin whistled and a cart came speeding down the track before coming to an abrupt halt in front of us. We all piled in and it sped off, going as fast as a roller coaster with all of us cheering and waving our hands in the air as if it was a roller coaster.

Soon we had finished at everyone's vaults except for my own. We slowed down before coming to a complete stop in front of vault 819.

"Key please," The goblin said after I had gotten out. I handed him my key and he put it into a slot, not turning it, but instead, turning himself towards me. "Now, I'll need you to make your thumb start to bleed."

I heard a muffled scream from Hannah behind me. She hated blood with a passion. To the point where she couldn't even stand to hear or say the word.

It was a really weird request in my opinion. The goblin took out a small pin and handed it to me. I pressed the sharp tip against my thumb and pushed it until a scarlet liquid began to form.

"Done," I said, showing him my bleeding thumb as he made the needle disappear into nothingness.

"Now place your hand right there, making sure your thumb is touching that exact spot," He said and I did as I was told. No one else had to do this to open their vault, not even in the books, so it was kind of confusing.

I pressed the rest of my hand against the vault door and he turned the key in the lock. I heard a series of clicking noises before the vault door swung open. I walked inside and my jaw literally dropped.

Piles upon piles of gold, silver and bronze coins stood in front of me as well as what seemed to be other artifacts or items of value. But something else caught my attention because it was very out of place. An envelope sitting on a pile of gold. I went over to the pile where it sat and carefully opened, seeing that it was very fragile and old, and took out the piece of paper that was inside.

My dearest Emily,

From the very first moment I saw you when you were born; I knew you were destined for greatness. Don't let me down.


Great Grandma Jeannie

"I wish I was destined for greatness," Lindsay said after having obviously read over my shoulder.

"Take lots. We have a lot of shopping to do," Amy reminded.

"Okay, okay," I said, taking out a velvet pouch and filling it to capacity with a variety of the coins. "Now, let's get out of here and do some shopping!"

We all climbed back into the carriage and rode back to the main floor of Gringotts. We got out and practically ran for the door. We wanted to do a bunch of shopping because, hey, that's what girls do after all.

"So where do we even start?" Amy queried, looking at all the shops around us.

"I say we go to Ollivander's to get our wands," I suggested.

"Let's go!" Hannah exclaimed as we all started running towards said wand shop. The bells on the door jangled loudly as we entered. It was dead silent inside until we broke the silence with laughter. That was just our thing. If it was too quiet, we just started laughing. It was as simple as that.

"Hello, you're all here to get your wands I'm guessing?" Mr. Ollivander said. He was a very old man and his eyes were like moons, and were kind of freaking me out.

"Yes," We all said in unison, a few of us glancing at each other excitedly.

"Well, Miss Scott, why don't you go first?" Mr. Ollivander suggested. We all gave each other weird looks as she got measured and finally picked out a wand for her. She waved it around and a glass vase broke.

"I think this happens a lot, by the look on his face," Lindsay whispered and we all giggled in response. After about ten attempts, she finally found the perfect one.

"10 inches, oak with dragon scale core," Ollivander said, packaging it for her.

"Miss Shaw, you're next," He said. She was quickly measured for one before getting hers almost immediately after.

"10 inches, redwood with a silk core."

"Miss Hunter," Ollivander called for the same procedure to happen. "11 inches, willow with a unicorn hair core." He handed Lindsay the wand and added them all up on the cash register. "So that comes to-"

"What about me?" I asked, not having gotten one. He hadn't even called me up to get measured for one. I mean, yeah, I had lived a muggle life up until this point but that didn't mean I shouldn't get a wand.

"Miss Williams, you do not require the use of a wand," Mr. Ollivander said, his moon-like eyes peering at me.

"Why not?" I was really confused.

"I'm guessing you'll find that out this year," Ollivander said mysteriously.

"Okay then," I said, looking at him strangely before following my friends out of the store. That was really weird. I was a witch, wasn't I? "Where to now?"

"Hm...let's get all of our other school supplies, then our uniforms and then we should go look at pets," Lindsay answered.

"Sounds good to me," Amy said. We quickly went through the school supply stores so we could get the uniforms. Finally we were standing outside of Madame Malkin's.


"Let's do this."

"Welcome girls. I take it you're here to get your uniforms?" She asked me and we all nodded our heads in agreement. "Well then, come this way."

We walked into the middle of the room almost passing the wall covered in shoes, but I stopped dead in my tracks to look at them.

"Hey! I didn't know you guys would be here today," a familiar voice belonging to Shana said.

"I'm sorry. Emily's not here right now, she's too busy gawking at the pretty shoes. Leave a message after the beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep," I said before picking up a bunch of different high heeled shoes.

"Are you seriously going to wear those shoes?" Lindsay asked in disbelief, indicating the silver, three inch heels I was currently holding.

"I would suffer from blisters just so I could wear these shoes," I told her seriously.

"There's no need," Madame Malkin said, laughing at my enthusiasm. "There's a spell on them for comfort that will probably last longer than the shoes themselves. Actually, they just make you feel taller than you normally are."

"Time for Lindsay to get some sexy shoes now," Lindsay referred to herself in third person, all the while grabbing piles of shoes. Magic never ceased to amaze me.

I took all of my boxes of shoes (which by the way was a lot) and paid for them before getting measured for my uniform. Madame Malkin did it very quickly and by magic so before I knew it we were walking out of the store, our arms laden with even more bags than we had before.

We walked into the "Magical Menagerie" and were greeted by the exotic sounds of all sorts of different critters.


"AH!" I screamed after being attacked by a black blur. I sat back after my attack and sitting there in front of me was the smallest cat I had ever seen. He would've been the most innocent looking cat if not for the cattish grin across his tiny little face. He had beautiful, jet black fur and orangey-yellow eyes.

"Well hello there," I said to it as it just sat there staring at me.

He let out a small mew before walking over and curling into a ball on my lap. I stroked his fur as I looked for my friends, but they were all over the place looking at all the different animals. I saw a salesclerk through all of the madness and waved her over.

"I see you've made a friend," She chuckled at my position.

"Yeah, so how much is he?" I asked, still sitting on the ground and receiving many strange looks from the people passing by. Hey, I've learned from experience that if a cat is lying on top of you, you just don't piss them off. It's not a smart move.

"He's only 30 galleons, not including the things he'll need. Surprisingly, no one's been interested in him because of the whole black cat superstition. He's part Kneazle, so he's really smart. He really deserves a good home," the clerk said as the little kitten purred, showing how he agreed with this.

"Well, I'll take him," I said, handing her the money as she went around and gathered the stuff he would need, seeing as how the little kitten didn't want to get up.

"I'm going to name you...Sono," I said to him. He seemed to approve of them name because he got up and began to nudge my leg repeatedly. I scooped him up and headed over to the cashier, paying for the rest of the things as well. My friends came quickly after I did and once they had finished, we all walked out of the store and back towards the fireplace we had come out of.

"Okay, well I'll see you guys tomorrow," Lindsay said as she and Amy disappeared in the fire. Hannah stepped in next and was engulfed by the lime green flames, and then I went after her. Soon we were back at Hannah's house and she was just packing everything.

"How long are you going to take? I need to call my mom soon," I said.

"I'm coming! I have a lot to pack!" She replied. See, Hannah and I always had a sleepover before something big like this happened. So she was packing all of her things so that when tomorrow came, we could go to the train station together.

"Are we still going to sleep in the tent?" Hannah asked from upstairs where various loud noises could be heard.

"As long as it's not raining," I said.

"And gifts?" She asked.

"Already got yours," I said.

"Me too," She said.

"I'm so excited. We're actually going to Hogwarts! This is just so unreal!" I exclaimed as we messed around with flashlights.

"I know! It's going to be so cool and amazing," Hannah said.

"I'm just nervous about something," I said and she gave me a look that told me to elaborate. "What year for Harry Potter are we going to be there during? Because obviously if Dumbledore is still alive, it's got to be while he's in school."

"Good thinking. I...don't know," Hannah said. "I guess we'll find out once we get there."

"Yeah," I said, lying down on the air mattress that was underneath me. "It's just a bit scary to think that we might be jumping into the middle of a way."

"Yeah..." Hannah said. It was completely quiet for a while. I guess we were both thinking about what could happen if we were. "Let's do presents!" Hannah said suddenly, distracting us both from our thoughts.

"Okay," I smiled as I got out the one I had for Hannah and handed it to her. She opened it to find a long picture frame with multiple pictures of us spelling out the word "friend". "It's to remind us that no matter what happens; we'll always be best friends."

"Then you'll like your gift," Hannah said, handing me the wrapped box she had been holding. I opened up the box and found two bracelets that were identical except one had light blue beads and pearls while the other had dark blue beads and pearls. There was a silver circle charm on both, and they both read "Best Friends Forever". I gave Hannah a hug to let her know how much I appreciated it.

"Thank you so much," I said, giving her the one with the dark blue beads. We both started laughing and continued talking before we deemed it too late to be up anymore and fell asleep, dreaming of all that could happen the next day.

Next time on "Hogwarts, Here We Come!"

"Do you need help?" One of the staff members came up and asked me, looking slightly frightened that he had just spoken to me. I wasn't that scary.

Oh god, what could I do? Should I just say "Oh, I'm fine - just preparing my self to walk through a wall so I can go to magic school?" That would freak the poor man out, if he even believed me to start with. That's when I got an idea.

"Je suis désolé, mais je ne comprends pas. Parlez-vous français?" I asked in French. That would be translated to "I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Do you speak French?"

"I'm sorry miss, but I don't know what you're saying. Let me go get Jason, he understands French pretty well."

As he walked away, I wasn't even thinking. I just gripped my trolley as tightly as I could before running straight through the wall in front of me. 

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