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Understanding Draco Malfoy by LovelyMioneWeasley
Chapter 1 : Only chapter
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So I doubt this is what you were expecting, Rachel.  I wasn't really sure how it came out myself, but its more humorous than actually terrifying or anthing.  This is for Snitchsista, who does wonderful work, and has dedicated an entire NOVEL to me.  All I could even begin to give her back in return is a one-shot.  This was rather fun to write and took me a couple of sittings and serious inspiration to finish!  It is definitely different from my normal stuff...anyway, I do not own the characters. JKR does.

Love always,
xx Lindsey :]

Draco walked once more through his apartment as he prepared for his first meeting on the board of Magical Sports Department. He certainly had filled out and completed his tall, broad shoulders since he had left Hogwarts. With the end of the war, his father was imprisoned for his crimes and Draco, even though he bore the Dark Mark, was exiled out of the country for two years after he gave information about other Death Eaters. Instead, he took four years in America to find himself and what he wanted. Upon extended time away from his father, he discovered that he didn’t care about blood. He began to wonder if he had ever cared. But one thing he did remember was his hate and disgust for Potter.

The Saint may had saved his butt, which he regretted admitting. Potter should not have had the honor, but Draco owed him unfortunately. Draco would send his congrats to him and Weaslette. One thing Draco had left to settle was that he was better than Potter. This is what he was setting out to do as an employee, father, and husband. Draco wanted to beat Potter in the Ministry; he wanted to have a bigger and better wedding, and he wanted to be the first to have a family. He had a personal score to settle with Potter. Potter had beaten him at everything in school, but now, it was the real world and Draco Malfoy was going to come out on top.

Draco strutted into the Ministry in a brand new pair of namebrand robes that were personally tailored and perfect for his body. Older wizards paused and took a stare at the pompous man as he traveled expertly through the Ministry. He showed up in the Conference room ready to be greeted as the new guy when he caught sight of a familiar head of messy black hair. ‘No … no!’ Draco’s mind screamed. He gritted his teeth as he walked over to the men grouped in a circle talking. “Oliver, Peters, Riders, Potter,” Draco greeted to the four men. 

“Oh hey Malfoy,” Potter responded cheerily. “Just came down to talk Qudditch with the guys before I returned to the Defense department.” 

“What?” Draco gaped. 

“Yeah, our man Harry here is Head Auror of the department as well as a teacher at only 21 years old-can you believe it, Malfoy?” Riders gushed as he admired Harry. Harry avoided contact with anyone, but Draco only saw red. How could he compete with Head of the department? He had barely made it onto the board. It had taken lots money into a lot of pockets to get this far. Malfoy gritted his teeth for a moment. 

“Congrats, Potter,” he spat. Harry eyed him oddly. 

“Right, sure, thanks, Malfoy,” Harry murmured. “All right, look’s like your meeting is starting. I’ll see you at the game Saturday?” Harry asked. The men nodded enthusiastically as they watched Harry leave and head toward the Defense department. The men sat down chattering, but all Draco could think about was that Harry had him beat already at one thing. Draco just had to make sure he was married and had a kid before Potter did.

Six months later…

Draco Malfoy was nervous for once in his life. He hadn’t felt like this since he was sixteen and he was about to bed Parkinson. This time however was much more special. He had met the love of his life, he was sure. Her name was Victoria Leré and she was tall, model gorgeous, and Granger smart. She was fiery and compassionate. He had fallen in love with her faster than he thought possible. Victoria brought out a side of him he didn’t know he had had. He could be soft and tender and loving. He could care about others before himself. Tonight he was going to make her Victoria Malfoy. He had got reservations at one of the greatest restaurants in Europe in Italy. He had pulled strings with the Minister to get a Portkey there for the night and tomorrow. He was meeting Victoria at her flat before they jetted off. He rounded the corner and passed by the old doorman. He rode the elevator up to her apartment, 4B, before knocking on the door. He knocked on the door lightly. 

“Come in! It’s open,” Victoria called, her gentle voice floating through the door. 

“What if it hadn’t been me?” Draco called back as he opened the door. “Someone could have come in and hurt you. I don’t know what I would have done if that had happened.” He found her in her bedroom half dressed. He leaned over to her and cupped her face in his hands. He kissed her lovingly on the lips before kissing her forehead. 

“But it was you. That’s all that matters. Besides, it’s nice you care,” Victoria responded before leaving for the closet. 

“Wear the red dress, please,” Draco called. Victoria leaned out and looked at him, quirking at eyebrow. 

“What makes you think you are getting lucky?” Victoria asked. 

“Because I know what the surprise is and I know you’re going to enjoy it,” Draco murmured as he admired her apartment again. They had spent a night or two in this flat, but he hadn’t really gotten a chance to admire it. He had been otherwise engaged at the previous times. She had a particular style that he already liked and she would do a wonderful job decorating their new home together. 

“Alright, I’m ready,” she announced as she stepped out. She wasn’t wearing the red dress, but had instead bought a new for the occasion. It was a strapless deep emerald color that clung to her torso before falling in beautiful waves to mid-calf. It was cinched with a sliver belt and she wore black heels with it. Draco could not wait to rip it off of her. 

“You look beyond amazing,” he murmured, kissing her neck. She laughed lightly and hugged his middle. 

“I knew you’d like it. Now where are we off to?” she asked curiously. Draco pulled her hand and pulled her into an embrace before touching an old sock that had been in pocket. The familiar gut pull transported them to right outside the restaurant. 

“Where are we?” Victoria murmured her head still light from the trip. She gasped as she looked around her. 

“We are in Italy, Victoria,” Draco muttered into her ear before kissing it. Victoria threw her arms around his neck before placing a passionate and searing kiss on his lips. He pulled away regrettingly and laced his hand into hers as he pulled into the restaurant. The night was going off without a hitch. Dinner was flawless and it was romantic, everything Draco wanted Victoria to remember it by. Once they finished, they took a walk through the streets of Italy. They approached where they were staying when Draco pulled her off to one side. 

“What’s going on, Draco?” Victoria asked
“We are staying the night, here,” he answered, pointing to the building above him. “But before we check in, I have a question to ask.” 

“Okay, shoot,” Victoria chuckled, sitting down on a bench. Draco knelt down before her and pulled out a rather modest size diamond ring. Victoria gasped. 

“Victoria Marie Leré, I have only known you for six months. And I cannot remember ever meeting someone that I felt something so strongly for so quickly. I couldn’t believe that you entered my life when you did. You accepted me, as I was, a changing man. You continued to change me for the better. I know it has been six months, but it doesn’t take me long to figure out what I want. For the rest of your life, will you be my wife? Can I get the promise you will wake up beside me every day? Will you accept me as I am, man and all?” Draco proposed his voice on edge with emotion. Victoria stared at him for a moment. 

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes! I will!” Victoria answered happily before tackling Draco into a giant hug. He kissed her cheek and pulled her into a tight hug as he slipped the ring onto her finger. She lifted her left hand up and admired it in the Italian moonlight. Victoria happily hummed a favorite song of hers as they stood in blissful silence. “You know what the funny thing is? I ran into Hermione Weasley just the other day and she informed me that Harry finally proposed to Ginny just last night.” Draco pulled out of their embrace before screaming into the empty Italian streets.

Two Years later…

Draco muttered to himself as he sat impatiently in the waiting room. He and Victoria had been trying for children since they had gotten married and it seemed that something was wrong. They had done everything right…several times Draco remembered and smirked to himself. It was finally by the advice of his mother that they had come to the Healer. Victoria was back there by herself speaking with the Healer. Draco had fought to join them, but they wouldn’t let him. So he begrudgingly stayed behind in the boring waiting room waiting for any sort of news or sight of his wife. 

“Mr. Malfoy? Mrs. Malfoy’s ready to see you now,” a receptionist called out. Draco immediately stood up and moved to the patient rooms. He followed the short girl before he was brought to a tearful wife. He immediately pulled Victoria into a tight embrace and quietly soothed her. 

“What is the news?” he asked the Healer. 

“We can’t find anything wrong physically in you or her, but it may just be a hopeless situation. We can’t find anything to do. We recommend you stop trying for while…just six months or so. Continue to enjoy a healthy sex life, but pursue other hobbies for now. You have time. It’s just a matter of patience.” Draco nodded in thanks to the Healer as he left. 

“Victoria, it’s okay. We will have our baby. One day and for now we have each other. It’s not completely hopeless,” Draco reassured her.
“It’s just…easier to treat something than to just wait in complete silence,” Victoria murmured, defeated. Draco kissed her forehead slowly and sadly. He couldn’t deal with his wife like this. He wanted her, happy and laughing. He wanted her pregnant, not just because he wanted to beat Potter at least one thing, but more so, he wanted a baby for his wife. He wanted her happy more than anything else in this world even more than he wanted to beat Potter. Draco led her out with his arm tightly around her. A voice drifted from one of the rooms as he passed it by. 

“Congratulations, Mrs. Potter! You are pregnant…” the voice drifted out. Draco immediately stiffened and his wife looked up from the floor to him. 

“What’s wrong, honey?” she asked in a quiet voice. Draco shook his head.
“I’ll explain later, honey.” Draco promised as they left the hospital.

Twelve years later…

Draco with his wife, Victoria, escorted his son to the train station. Yes, he and Victoria had finally gotten pregnant. They had also suffered two miscarriages since their miracle of a son. It had been a struggle to begin gathering a family, but he was happy. He was joyful beyond words even. Except he had one thing left to settle. As his eyes scanned the crowd, he saw the Potters and he gave a stiff nod toward Potter. Potter knew that they were going to meet and talk in a few minutes. Potter was clueless though, completely clueless. His eyes drifted down to his son.

Scorpius was the pride and joy of Draco. He was quick and intelligent like his mother. He was witty and quite manipulative when he wanted to be. He was also passionate and talented at the piano like his mother. He, however, was competitive like his father and a Qudditch fanatic beyond his parent’s beliefs. He had all the potential and Draco knew his son would fight for it compassionately and would achieve great things. 

“Bye, Mum, Dad,” Scorpius said, interrupting Draco’s thoughts. Victoria leaned down and kissed her son’s cheek before hugging him. 

“Good-bye, love,” she replied lovingly. Scorpius kissed his mother’s cheek back unembarrassed. 

“Son, be good. Do your best; that’s all we ask,” Draco explained, shaking his son’s hand and giving him a light hug. 

“I will, Dad,” Scorpius answered, giving him a wide smile. He ran off to the train and climbed aboard, but not before giving his parents one last wave good-bye. 

“I gotta get straight to work,” Draco sighed, looking at his watch. Victoria nodded and kissed his cheek before heading back to the floo system. Draco headed toward the Ministry and arrived at Potter’s office a minute before Potter did. 

“Malfoy, please sit,” Potter greeted, as he walked into his office and removed his coat. “Tea or anything else to drink?” 

“I’m fine, thanks. Listen, it’ll only take a moment and I’ll be frank about it.” Potter nodded and leaned back in his seat as he prepared to listen. “We have had an unhealthy rivalry since school. After school, I was determined to beat at everything, but you got a better job than me. You proposed first and started your family first. But now, I have figured you out, Potter. You planted those ideas in my head to keep me from ever achieving happiness. Here’s the newsflash, Saint Potter: I am done playing games. I will move on with my life and no longer be under any obligation to beat you because I have already beaten you. I have a fantastic son and a daughter on the way. I am a better father; I have redeemed my family’s name; and I am married to the most wonderful witch in the world. Oh, and my son will always be better than yours, Potter,” Draco finished in a huff. Potter gaped at him before shaking his head. 

“Okay,” Potter finally said in a flat voice. 

“Good day, Potter,” Draco responded with a curt nod. He was almost out the door before he added, “Oh, and I’ll see you at the Halloween ball. Victoria gives Ginny her love.” Potter stared at the closed door. He had never and would never understand Draco Malfoy.

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Understanding Draco Malfoy: Only chapter


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