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Going Back by InvisibleRomancer
Chapter 2 : Going back
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Going Back

Hermione stood with pride in front of all the seventh years. It was a custom that a speech was given by both the headboy and girl. She’d been up all night making a speech with Draco and after a lot of discussing they were both very satisfied with the result. She looked at the blond, who gave her an approving nod, and started spreaking.

“I think you all would agree that the time we spent here at Hogwarts, will be one we ought to cherish for the rest of our lives. So when you think of Hogwarts think of the good times you had here with all your friends. But also remember those who aren’t here with us today. Think of them so that their courage will never be forgotten, think of them so that they will live on in our hearts. Tell their story to your children, so that they will live on forever. I would like you all to listen to the names of students that have been killed, while they were fighting for a better world.” 

As Draco read the list Hermione thought of the night she had seen Sirius for the first time.

“Harry, don’t trust him. He has been helping him.” Ron cried out.
“Wait, let me explain. Please Harry you need to listen to me.” Remus said

“Give me you wands, NOW! Or I kill him!”
“Calm down Harry. I’ll give you my wand and Sirius throw him yours too.”
Sirius gave Harry his wand without hesitation. Hermione looked at the older man with extreme care. He had once been a handsome man, but 12 years in Azkaban had taken its toll. His long black hair hung loose in front of his face..
“So what do you have to say.”

It had been a night full of surprises and one with an unhappy end. She smiled as she thought of the dangerous rescue mission she and Harry had embarked upon. 

She wondered why Sirius hadn’t told her anything. Off course Dumbledore had told him not to, but since when did Sirius listen to him. He was much too stubborn for that. It had to be very difficult for him to see her. 

As she heard Draco speak the last name, she came back to reality and continued with her speech. 

“Tomorrow we will step into a whole new world. We will have to leave Hogwarts behind and become adults. Life hasn’t always been easy nor will it be in the future. But we need to keep in mind that we do not stand alone. Our friends and family will be there to help us along our path. We would like to wish you all the happiness you deserve in your future. And we hope you will remember Hogwarts with a smile on your face!” 

Everyone clapped and Draco hugged Hermione. She’d never seen him happier and she knew why. Draco was finally freed from his father and was free to live the life he wanted to. He was free to marry the girl of his dreams, Luna Lovegood. Draco had changed in the past year, he had been a spy for the order in the war and was one of the main reasons Harry could defeat Voldemort.

After the speech, they all sat down and ate their last meal in the castle. They were discussing their future plans. The night was beautiful and several people said they were getting married. Harry and Ginny were one of them. Hermione thought of the task she had to fulfil. Soon she would have to leave them all, and God knew for how long.


Professor Dumbledore walked up to her. She looked at the tall old man with his crooked nose and long beard.
“I suppose I should start saying goodbye now?” She said.
Then she turned to Harry, Ron, Ginny and Draco. Who looked at her questioningly. Then there was a storm load of questions.
“Why do you need to say goodbye?”
“Where are you going?”
“Why did he mean?”
“All of you, calm down. I’m going on a task to save you, Harry. If I don’t do this you’ll never exist.”
“But why didn’t you tell us?” Ginny said.
“I have only known since today.”
“What are you going to do?”
“I’m afraid that is a secret, Mr Malfoy. But I can assure you Mrs. Granger will be completely safe.”
“But how can we know you’re right?”
“You’ll just have to thrust me, Harry. But now, Hermione, we have to really get going.”
She hugged them all and turned to leave with the Headmaster. 

As they walked in silence to his office, Dumbledore gave her her old timeturner. She looked at it in amazement it was still as beautiful as when she last saw it. Hermione had always loved the timeturner. She also saw her trunk standing next to her. 
“I’m going to spin that around. The first thing you’ll see is the Hogwarts Express. So you’ll be at platform 9 ¾. Just go into an empty compartment and to pass the time here, you have a book. When anyone asks, you’re Hermione Granger and you’ve transferred to Hogwarts from Beauxbatons. When you’re at the school go to my office and I’ll give you further information.
Good luck Miss Granger. I hope I’ll see you back soon. I’m going to turn the timeturner now.” 


And with that he did turn it. Hermione was lifted from the ground and the colours around her became a blur. After a while everything became back to normal and she was standing against a wall on platform 9 ¾ .
She saw the Hogwarts Express standing a few feet away from her. She went inside and found an empty compartment rather soon. She sat on the seat and closed her eyes. She fell asleep.

Suddenly she woke with a start, when she heard a voice. She opened her eyes and saw the most handsome boy she’d ever laid her eyes on. Then he spoke.
“I’m sorry but is this seat taken? Everywhere else is full.” The mystery boy asked.
“No, come on in. I was just lucky to find an empty compartment. I don't think we've met before.”
"I think you're right. I’m Sirius Black, at your service.” 

Hermione’s mouth dropped.


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