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From Hatred to Love by dramaqueen6
Chapter 11 : Detention with your true love
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This chapter is dedicated to PC_22 for being an amazing and supportive friend. Check out her story How one Summer Changed my Life, and it's sequel, for a wonderful read. Love you!

Lily Evans sat angrily on the freshly polished marble floor of the Hogwart’s Trophy Room. Her red hair was pulled back in a messy bun; she wore her loose white collared uniform shirt, red and gold plaid skirt, and black Mary Jane shoes. Her plump red lips were puckered in an almost baby-ish frown as she watched James expertly dust off trophies at a speedy pace.


He caught Lily’s eye and smirked at her angry expression.


“If looks could kill…” he sang out gaily.


“Shut up,” Lily retorted, folding her arms. “This is all your fault anyway…”


James rolled his eyes, dropping the dust rag and sliding over to sit next to her. He locked his light hazel eyes onto her emerald green ones, gripping her hands forcefully. “Lily, how can I be blamed for your partaking in an innocent prank that got you late for class? Besides its only detention,” He shrugged.


Lily sputtered at the ridiculousness of what he said. “Only detention,” she repeated with a sinister sneer. “My FIRST detention!” she said dramatically, flipping her long red hair over her shoulder.


James stifled laughter when Lily rolled onto her side on the floor, in defeat. “Well I’m here!” he said, beginning to tickle her. “And I always make detention fun!”


His tickling caused Lily to gasp and move violently from side to side, shaking and shivering uncontrollably. “Stop it! You know I’m ticklish!”


But James’ fingers flew to her sides and her back where he knew she got the most ticklish. Her back arched as tears came to her eyes from laughing so hard. James kept on tickling her roughly, until Lily gasped loudly.


Suddenly he stopped and moved about a foot away from her in fear. “What’s wrong? I’m sorry did I hurt you?” His eyes crinkled in worry and he could barely look at Lily.


She snorted at his own stupidity and pounced at him, ready for attack. “I’m fine you idiot!” Lily straddled his body, growling into his ear. “Let this be a lesson James Potter,” she said, trying to be a threat to him.


He snorted back at her, and effortlessly lifted her light body off of him, kissing her lips lightly. “Yeah yeah whatever. Come on, let’s get dusting.”


Lily sat up lazily, joining James, but cleaning slowly, her mind thinking in over time. “By the way, thanks for doing this for me. I mean I love Jess, but she isn’t nearly as cute as you are for serving detention with,” Lily teased.


James grinned and stuck his chest out at the compliment. “No big deal. It wasn’t that hard to convince McGonagall I needed detention. She completely fell for it when I said that being Head’s together meant that we should be punished together. I even convinced her to let Sirius and Jessie have detention together. I think they’re cleaning the bathrooms upstairs.”


Lily grinned as she polished one of James’ many quiditch metals. “Only a marauder would purposely get detention to be with his girlfriend,” she said laughing.


James nodded. “Speaking of which, how is Jessie doing? She didn’t look so good at the Hospital Wing when I first saw her.”


Lily sighed. Ever since the fight between Jessie and Leone’s corridor duel, Jessie had been staying at the Hospital Wing. Slowly her color was returning and everyday she seemed to feel better. Leone and her fellow Slytherin’s had lost all Hogsmeade privileges and received a strong reprimand from Professor Dumbledore, along with two months of Saturday detentions.


“Jessie’s doing okay. We’ve been taking the secret passageways to class, to avoid any Slytherin’s. She’s still angry as hell, but I’m sure the satisfactions of seeing Leone forced to clean toilets every week will make her feel better.”


James chuckled, as he crossed the room and moved on to a different display case. “And how are you Lily?” He asked suddenly, shocking her.


She stopped dusting, and tried to hide her face from James. Sometimes when she thought of Scarlette and got really mad she would cry. It was an annoying feature that Lily tried to hide the most.


“I’m fine,” Lily said shortly.


James rolled his eyes, not buying it. “You know you never really told me how you got hurt. I mean yes, you tripped over the stairs. But there seems to be more to it than just that,” he said, turning to look at his girlfriend worriedly.


Lily swallowed, trying to choke back tears of anger. “I just tripped after I confronted Scarlette and her groupies. They said that if I dumped you, they would end the war. I said no. Then I tripped.”


James sighed, coming closer to Lily, stroking her bright red hair gently. “And how is that going? I hate that I can’t do anything about those obsessed witches,” he said bitterly.


Lily shrugged. “I’m fine. I’ve been avoiding them. That’s all.” Lily turned to look up at James, and she rested her head on his shoulder contently. “You know they’re really obsessed with you,” she added.


James made a gagging noise. “Yeah. But they don’t stand a chance. I like fiery red heads,” he said sweetly.


Lily looked up at him, grinning. “You know, James…” Lily paused, not wanting to do anything too quickly.


“James, I love you.”


James smiled at Lily. “I love you too.”


And it was as easy as that. He put his hands around her waist, kissing her sweetly.






Two stories up, on the third floor, in the boy’s bathroom, and the fourth stall stood Jessie White. Her own hair was held back in a sleek ponytail, gleaming in the dingy light of the bathroom. Besides a bandage on her sprained wrist, you could barely tell that she’d been a victim of the Sectumsempera curse, only weeks before.


Her face was paler than usual, from loss of blood, but other than that, Jessie scrubbed the toilet quickly, with much more force than necessary.


“Hey! Jess you don’t have to kill the toilet seat!”


Sirius wrapped his arms around her goofily. “You know, you’ve been a lot angrier lately. I wonder why…”


Jessie rolled her eyes, picking up her sponge, and heading to the next stall. “Maybe I’ve finally reached my teen angst phase,” she joked bitterly.


Sirius followed her into the stall, making it so that Jessie was squished into him. He locked the door quickly. “Fancy a nice snog?” He said, grinning, and leaning in roughly, kissing her lips with aggressive angst.


Jessie pulled away from Sirius after a moment, wasting no time in unlocking the stall door, and silently moving to scrub the sinks next.


After a moment of silent cleaning, Sirius came out of the stall, bearing a hurt expression. He trudged across the bathroom, standing next to her limply.


“Jess, did I do something wrong?” He asked quietly.


Jessie shook her head gruffly, moving away from him. “I mean girls don’t usually act that way when I kiss them…” He muttered to himself.


Jessie moved even further away, scrubbing once again with her old anger.


“You know you’ve been like this ever since you got in the Hospital Wing…” Sirius continued. “I know what those girls said to you---Lily told me---but you shouldn’t listen to them. I mean it won’t be like all those other flings I’ve had, with you and me,” Sirius finished desperately.


Jessie stopped sponging, turning to glare at Sirius. “Oh it won’t, will it?” She said, speaking for the first time to him.


He stepped away in shock, clearly too surprised to find his voice.


“It won’t be like those other girls, with you and me? You won’t get bored, and leave me to feel pathetic?!” Jessie exclaimed.


Sirius tried to cut in, but she was far from finished.


“I’ve spent years being able to say that I hadn’t fallen for you. Your arrogance, your sexy charm. And now I’m just like them. I’m a hypocrite! And what if you get bored? I haven’t exactly changed you; you’re just the same with me as you were with any other girl! I mean what am I supposed to do?! I tried dressing like a slut to keep you interested, but of course that didn’t work, I tried to stay away and be independent, but of course right after that some witches start a fight with me! I can’t even walk down the hall without getting glared at, by any girl that passes by! They want to tear us apart. Just because I’m with you. I mean can’t they just get over it?! I just…I don’t know what to do.”


At this point Jessie dissolved into tears, sinking down to the floor, where she cried angrily into her fists.


Sirius stood motionless for a moment. Then he sank to his knees, and leaned closer to her. “Jessie. This isn’t just like any other relationship that I’ve had. This relationship has lasted the longest ever, of any of my past relationships. But those shouldn’t matter! You’ve had other relationships before me! But we can’t blame each other for this,” He stopped, and Jessie looked up at him, waiting for more.


“Look, Jessie the main difference between our relationship and any other one, is that I care for you. Those other ones weren’t real, they didn’t matter. When I broke up with them, it didn’t hurt me. But if we ever broke up, I know it would hurt me, so much. Because I do care about you. That’s why I’m so worried about you right now, even Lily’s worried. I need to help you.”


Jessie’s cries were long gone, and she looked up at Sirius softly. “I’m sorry. I guess I just didn’t understand how we could be together. I do want to be with you. It’s just so hard, with all the other people, watching us, hoping that we break up. It makes me so upset,” Jessie explained.


Sirius nodded. “Then we have to be strong, together. I know we can be together. Because we work together, Jess. And I love you. No other girl could let me remain me, and love me for my weirdness or my pranking, or anything else about me.”


Jessie smiled. She grasped his hand, kissing him in gratitude. “I love you Sirius. I mean you’re too damn cute for me to be mad at,” Jessie said laughing.


Sirius grinned, enveloping his arms around her slight shoulders. “Ah…To be young and in love.”




A/N: Here's chapter eleven! I am so excited to have it out, because recently I've been disappointed with this story because of my change of writing and maturity, but I am thoroughly pleased with this newly written chapter! Anyway, please review! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


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From Hatred to Love: Detention with your true love


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