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I am Weasley, Hear Me Roar. by Echo95
Chapter 3 : The night I spent with Scorpius Malfoy
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“Wait, you want us to be prefects?” asked Rose. “I mean, we’re not the smartest, or the most responsible Gryffindors, So why us?” I was just wondering where in hell this makes sense, I mean, us!!? What imbecile would do that?!! I’m going to a party tomorrow night that breaks almost every rule in the book! And I’m going with the other prefect! This is bound to take a turn for the worst…

“Yes Rose, I want the two of you to be prefects, and you to additionally be the Quidditch team captain, like your uncle and your parents. I trust the two of you. Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, will you keep James from taking ANYTHING too far? I know about the party, but please, I beg of you no alcohol or anything stupid like that?” asked McGonagall with a faint plea in her voice. I can’t believe it! She knows! James will have a cow, he has three cases of firewhiskey under his bed! Shit! He’ll have my head!

“Yes Ma’am. We’ll stop anything stupid before it happens,” promised Scorpius.

“Right. No problem M.” Whoops. I said M. So that’s what I called her since I could talk okay? “Sorry Professor. We’ll make sure nothing stupid happens.” I said this thinking of James and the flying poo disaster of third year. James was, of course delirious, and enchanted seventeen pounds of poo to fly through the air, throwing themselves at people. We turned around to leave and M said,

“I know, I know, he probably has three cases of firewhiskey under his bed.” At this point she had tears in her eyes. “After I saw your parents and Aunt and Uncles go through the second war, I swore I would never let their children go through the same thing. I couldn’t bear to watch anything like that again. I feel it is my duty to protect you all.” Now Professor McGonagall was quietly sobbing. I felt it my job to walk over to her and give her a hug. Scorpius walked up behind me and placed a hand on her shoulder consolingly.

“I feel so foolish. Scorpius, promise we one thing. Promise me you will never turn as your father did. Just promise me.”

“I promise professor,” said Scorpius with a caring look in his eyes. After a few more minutes M had regained her poise, and we left. As we were walking back to our dorms I said,

“Crap. We both know he has that whiskey. We both know there’s no way he’ll let us in the party if he knows we’re prefects and might be able to ruin his fun. So what do we do?” Scorpius closed his eyes for a moment, and then stopped.

“We don’t tell him. We’ll be double agents. Within reason, of course,” he added to my skeptical look. This could work. As long as James didn’t know what we were doing, that’d be ok. We could do this.

“Let’s take the shortcut through the tapestry to get back to the tower,” I suggested. We turned left, and when we lifted the tapestry to walk into the passage, there was Hugo, snogging some Ravenclaw.

“HUGO RONALD WEASLEY!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” The couple jumped apart, and he gestured for her to run. She ran past me and Scorpius and down the hall. Hugo tried to turn and run, but, as if he could read my mind Scorpius was in front of him, arms crossed.

“You’re not going anywhere, Hugo,” I said. He was pounding at Scorpius, trying to get through.

“I’m not afraid to knock you out! I swear, she’s thirteen, let me go!” yelled Hugo. I chuckled.

“THIRTEEN MY ASS! SHE’S IN OUR YEAR ANDYOU KNOW IT!” Scorpius glared harder at Hugo, causing him to quiver in fear.

“You can go, but if I ever catch you snogging older women behind tapestries you’ll regret it.” Hugo, knowing this to be true, scampered back to the Gryffindor common room. I leaned against Scorpius and he put his arm around my waist.

“My knight in shining armor,” I said, already tired. On an impulse, I pulled him closer to me and kissed him. When we broke apart he had a wide smile on his face.

“Shall we return to the common room?” he asked.

“Yes, indeed kind sir.” We linked arms and skipped the rest of the way to the common room. When we arrived, we met the fat lady.

“Password?” she asked.

“Mad-eye,” I answered.

“I’m sorry Miss, but the password just changed. You’ll have to stay out here.” WHAT?! Come on! I’m tired…

“Inuit Coeptis,” I said with a wave of my wand. Two blankets and pillows were conjured on the ground in front of us.

“Let’s face it. No one’s going to come for us. We might as well just sleep right here.” I plopped down on the floor and pulled the blanket over me. Scorpius lay down, and put a hand around my waist, pulling me closer. Within a few minutes, we were both asleep. We slept soundly, until I felt sunlight on my face. I sat up, looked around, and suddenly remembered. I spent the night with Scorpius Malfoy. The scary thing is, I don’t regret it one bit. If my dad could see me now…

A/N- I swear to god nothing happened. I’m hoping the next chapter will be done soon, but no promises. The end of school is hectinc.
Disclaimer: I am not JKR, and I only own the plot and a few minor characters.

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