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Last Hope by hotohori2931
Chapter 24 : Epilogue
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Anything you rocognize doesn't belong to me

“Mummy, where are we going?” asked little Sophie, swinging her legs under the chair she was seated upon.

“We’re going to England, sweetheart.”


“Because Mummy missed it very much,” replied Hermione, her accent still heavy even after five years in Ireland.

“Does Uncle Jake miss it too?”

“I believe he does. But you might want to ask him yourself. I think I just heard him come inside.” Hermione leaned closer to her daughter. “I think he might even have a little present for you, if you’re super nice to him.”

The four-year-old jumped up from her chair and ran to the front door. Hermione couldn’t help but laugh as her daughter dragged her long time companion and fellow elemental into the kitchen.

“Uncle Jake! Uncle Jake!” she exclaimed, her blonde curls bouncing around her face, flowers from Jake held in her hands. “Do you miss Endland as much as Mummy does? Mummy misses Endland a whole bunch!”

“Well, if by Endland you really mean England,” he said with a laugh as he lifter her into the air, “then I do believe that I’ll have to say yes. England is a very nice place, where I first met your Mummy and her friends,” he concluded, tickling her tummy.

She shrieked and giggled as she squirmed in Jake’s arms, pushing away from him until he placed her on the floor once again. Sophie then abruptly ran away from him to Hermione, using her mother as a shield.

“Run along and finish packing your things, dear,” said Hermione. Sophie squinted her blue eyes and scrunched up her nose in what Hermione liked to call ‘the goofy smile’ and the little girl ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

“No running in the house,” she called up to her, but she smiled fondly nonetheless.

“Going back,” mused Jake. “Are you excited?”

“I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be. They’ll love Sophie. Who couldn’t?”

“I know, but I haven’t gone back to visit even once. I haven’t even sent them pictures. And I’ve only written them letters.”

“They’ll understand,” replied Jake, giving her a gentle smile. “It was right after you lost him. You were stressed, and scared and downright empty. It was scary, watching you back then. They’ll be happy to see you happy again.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, fingering her wedding ring.

“I’m positive,” he replied easily. “But tell me, why do we absolutely have to go back on a Sunday? I mean, there are six other equally qualified and pleasant days to go back on. Why Sunday?”

“Well, because I want to catch them all together, of course.”

“Yes, and?”

“Why, Sunday brunch, of course,” said Hermione as though it were the simplest thing on earth. “Or couldn’t you tell with your telepathy?” She shot him a satisfied grin.

“Don’t even say it.”

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” she said, purposefully drawing it out.

“I’m done Mummy!” they heard from the kitchen doorway.

“You’ve got everything?” Sophie nodded her head.

“Clothes? Toothbrush? Hairbrush?” The little girl nodded energetically.

“Mr. Cuddles?”

Sophie’s fidgeting abruptly ceased as she realized that she wasn’t completely positive that she had packed her favourite stuffed kitten.

“Mr. Cuddles is in your bag,” said Jake helpfully.

“Then we’re all set.” She stepped closer to Sophie and grabbed her hand. “Now you hold on to Mummy tightly, you hear me? I don’t want to lose you because you didn’t hold on tightly enough.”

“I’ve got her too,” said Jake. Hermione nodded and they disapparated with a loud ‘pop’.

When they next appeared, they were on the Weasley’s front lawn. They walked the remaining distance and Hermione knocked on the front door. A few minutes later, an evidently very pregnant Ginny appeared in the doorway, an expression of pure shock on her face.

“Mione!” she finally managed. “You should have told us you were coming!”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” said Hermione, wrapping her free arm around Ginny.

“I’ve missed you so much! All of us have! And Jake too! How are you?”

“I’m great,” he said, warmly embracing her. “I see you’re going to have a new addition to the family.

“She’s my first,” admitted Ginny. Then, much louder, “where is she?! Where is little Sophie!?”

“Ginny,” said Hermione, looking down to her young daughter, “I’d like for you to meet Sophie. Sophie Emilia Malfoy.”

“She looks just like him,” said Ginny with a soft gasp. She then knelt down to the little girl, or rather, knelt as far down as she could. “Sophie,” she said kindly, “it’s very nice to meet you. I’m your Aunt Ginny.”

Sophie looked to her mother, wondering what to do. Hermione nodded and urged her forward. Sophie looked back to Ginny and gave her the goofy smile.

“Hi Aunt Ginny!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, you are precious,” gushed Ginny. “Come with me, you have got to meet your other Uncles. And Uncle Bill has a little girl just about your age!”

“Go on darling,” said Hermione, giving her daughter a gently push inside.

“You two too! Get inside. We’ve all been dying to see you again. Go say hello!” Hermione stepped inside the kitchen, just in time to see Ron shove a rather large forkful of food into his mouth. She smiled. Nothing had changed.

She was home.

So, that was the very last chapter. I hope you liked it. Thanks so much for sticking with me till the very end. Thank you to all the loyal people that reviewed for every chapter. It really meant a lot to me! Keep a look out for more stories by me^^
Also, if you liked this story, you might also like Vengeance, which is another story by me, though I've just started posting it. Thanks again everyone!

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