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Chapter 8 : Ravenclaw's Revenge
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“….So, let me get this straight,” Vivian’s eyes darted suspiciously, trying to process the information that was just explained to her. “You’re telling me that I’m the reincarnated, mythical Head Seer, leader of psychics all around the world. You and Johnny represent the two warriors who were sent for protection, but then inevitably fell in love with the Head Seer. And now, the history of the past is now repeating itself with the present?”

“You make it sound like it’s ridiculous.” Adam muttered, squeezing two fingers at the bridge of his nose.

“Any functional being would think it’s ridiculous!” Vivian exclaimed, shaking her head at the foolishness of it all. The Head Seer, her?! Um, can someone say ‘Impossible’? “Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“Think about it, Viv. Would you have believed me?” Adam’s eyes grew intense, urging her to understand. “I mean, truthfully, have you ever seen things happen in your head, and then seconds later it occurs?”

Vivian grew silent.

“You’ve been having dreams about the tale,” Adam continued. “I’ve been getting those dreams too, and no doubt Burns. Those must count for something.”

This couldn’t be possible. Yet, she wondered why her parents reminded her of the story. Why they kept telling her. Why it came back to haunt her this year. As he listed all of the logic, Vivian began to believe.

“How the story seems to match, with all of us,” Adam explained. “I mean, you know how Burns and I feel about yo—”

“No, Adam, please.” She stopped him before he could go any further. True, it was obvious that both boys were genuinely infatuated with her. It was only a matter of time before they would question her loyalty, who she would rather end up with.

“Viv, you said you loved me.” He passionately whispered, looking up at Vivian with his butterscotch eyes.

“I can’t even remember saying that, let alone to who!” Vivian’s smoky eyes were alight with panic and confusion. “Please, don’t promise me anything and I’ll do the same. To both of you.”

“You have to choose, Viv,” his eyes turned troubled. “Both of us, Burns and me, we were born for you. You know what happened to the Head Seer when she couldn’t choose.”

His grave voice erupted a wake up call in Vivian. She killed herself. Realization dawned in her eyes, and Adam was there to comfort. To be her friend, or whatever she wanted him to be. The choice was hers, yet it wouldn’t be easily made.

“Don’t be silly, Adam,” she attempted to lift the somber mood. “I would never do something so drastic.”

“You never know, you may just surprise yourself,” he softly answered, his voice soothing and relaxing. “Vivian, I know I may not have known you as long as Burns has, but I’m not letting that stop me.”

She felt misery overcome her, trying not to imagine his face if she refused him. Trying not to imagine Johnny’s face if she took Adam. It was all too overwhelming, the pressure, the decisions, this cursed destiny.

“I was brought in this world to protect you, and was taught by my family how to help you. My arrival at Hogwarts wasn’t by chance, you know,” he admitted, which puzzled Vivian.

“Wha—wait, you were taught?” she incredulously asked, wondering why her family used the crafty method of repetitive story telling rather than telling her the whole damn thing; that certainly would have been more helpful.

“My family is all about history, ancestry, family honor. Maybe your family was trying to hide it or keep it a secret,” he explained with a wistful smile. “My kin honor traditions, and this one is our biggest.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is,” Adam struggled on how to convey his point. “You are not the first reincarnated Head Seer to surface. Everytime there was a hint of a reincarnation, the warrior of my family was always there. To help, guide, be whatever she wanted him to be.”

“How often does that happen?”

“Not too often,” Adam replied, leaning forward. “It sometimes skips a couple of generations. My dad says I’m lucky, to have been chosen for this generation.”

“Yes, lucky.” She repeated in a flat tone. Then her eyes grew soft. “How does the story end?”

Sullenly, his smile wiped away. He stared with solemn eyes. “She always chooses the other guy.”

She couldn’t bear to look at his face, the prospect of the sadness. He never signed up for this, yet he was born into inescapably falling for a lost cause. He knew it was determined that she would choose Johnny over him, and maybe she would. Maybe she wouldn’t.

Maybe Vivian would be different, break tradition.

“But either way, I’m staying Viv.” He stated defiantly. “I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

She smiled at him, her ever-dazzling smile not losing its effect on him. “Good, because I still need a whole bunch of explanations to lessen the confusion.”

His lips curled, his eyes turning eager. “Well then, I’ll just have to un-confuse you.”

Her stomach fluttered oddly, her eyes sparkling. “Sounds good.”



“Hey, I have to take this,” Lucas announced to his friends, departing with his ringing mirror to find a more private area. He opened the impressive mirror to find a familiar figure staring up at him.

“Hello Mum,” he greeted benevolently, but then saw the anger in her eyes. She did not look very friendly today; Lucas’s confidence started to waver, a reaction only his mother could accomplish.

“Lucas Salazar Jennings!” she screamed, her regal features growing more hostile. The fear in Lucas’s eyes intensified, but it was not engendered by his mother’s anger.

“Mum, don’t!” Lucas panicked, covering the mirror to muffle the sound. “Do not say my full name out loud, please.”

“Oh, ashamed eh?” she bitterly questioned, ticking her tongue, annoyed. “Embarrassed at being a descendent of Slytherin? Of all the shameful Slytherins?”

Lucas’s face blanched as he quickly stole a peek to his sides. To his great relief, there were no lingering witnesses to observe his mother’s irate rant. He couldn’t have anyone eavesdrop on this, have knowledge to his ultimate ignominy.

“Mum, is this really the time?!” he tried his hardest to keep his composure. “What is going on?”

This is!” she huffed vehemently, before playing a clip from a camera.

Lucas’s eyes widened as he saw the moment of Violet’s and his passionate kisses, re-captured and produced on his mirror. In the clip, they were both gripping each other tightly on the dance floor, not even swaying to the music; just kissing each other, like two crazy teens in love. Instinctively, he felt his fingers touch his mouth in remembrance.

“How did you get that?” he wasn’t really embarrassed, more freaked out. Did his mother spend her time stalking him?

“That is not even the point here, Lucas!” she reprimanded, the clip vanishing. Her airbrushed face returned to the mirror surface, still venomous. “I could recognize her a mile away, the spitting image of her mom Evelyn! What in Merlin’s name are you doing associating yourself in such a manner with Violet Montague?!

Lucas stammered, “I—we, uh…”

“NO!” she interrupted, screeching like a savage banshee. “We specifically gave you orders to avoid her! And now you are seen basically eating each other’s face off via the dance floor!?”

“Mum, you don’t understa—”

“No Lucas, you don’t understand.” She gravely fought back with. “You do realize that that one eventful kiss changes everything. Your supposedly reported “hate” is going to be different, all because of this stupid mistake!”

“Who cares, Mum?” Lucas asked, furious. His parents had always badgered him about how much he hated Violet Montague, how vital it was to keep it that way. “Honestly, it’s my business.”

“Oh, don’t use that tone with me.” She scolded and then passed the mirror to another person. “Here, you talk to him dear. I can’t handle this.”

“Hello Dad,” Lucas flatly greeted as his father took up the screen, giving Lucas a disappointed look. “Please, don’t look at me like that.”

“We thought it was all going well,” his dad sullenly replied, shaking his head slowly. “The way you described your rivalry, the hate was basically tangible. And now, this?!”

“Can you please tell me what the hell is going on?” Lucas importuned, not caring if his voice was panicked. “You and Mum never gave me a real reason to hate her, and now you’re throwing a fit for one mistake. Just tell me!”

His dad’s eyes darted warily, as if contemplating if this were the right time. Lucas felt entitled to know; his whole Hogwarts duration was composed of their constant check ups about how he tremendously hated Violet, and how she hated him. There was no truth behind their hate, but his parents expected it. So it happened, but now everything was collapsing.

“Lucas,” his dad slowly started out, hesitant. “You know how our family is, the patterns?”


The Jennings family was notorious with Slytherins gone horribly bad, villains, people whose reputations would definitely shame their family. Most of his ancestors rotted in Azkaban, he was a descendent of the feared Salazar Slytherin, he was of the blood of Lord Voldemort, his ancestor was the murderer and Slytherin House ghost, the Bloody Baron.

But his parents covered it up somehow, their fame and their influence convenient for that. To hide all of the infamy interconnected to become his family, his ultimate shame. His dreaded secret.

“It’s not by chance, Lucas.” His father continued with a regretful tone. “This is done to us.”

Huh? “What?”

“We’re a cursed family, Lucas,” his dad’s countenance was filled with remorse and disgrace. “Ever since the murder of Helena Ravenclaw our descendent committed, it’s been that way.”

“What way?”

“We do not make peace with the Montagues, descendents of the Ravenclaws,” his father continued on, Lucas’s ears not believing what he was hearing. “This rivalry is ancient, set forever. The curse Rowena Ravenclaw inflicted to avenge her daughter doomed the following blood of Slytherin’s kin to suffer shame, disgrace, punishment.”

“What does this have to do with Violet and me?”

Everything!” the man in the mirror replied, his eyes ablaze. “Lucas, you’ve just set yourself up with disaster. The curse forced us to avoid or be detested by the Ravenclaw descendents, or else we would serve the same punishment as our other ancestors have. And now you, flirting with a Montague! The curse will probably bite even harder!”

“Dad, you can’t honestly believe we are cursed—”

“Son, once again our family is doomed.” His father slowly uttered. “And your actions are to blame. You are going to fix this.”


“You are forbidden from interacting with Violet Montague in such a manner ever again, it’s too risky,” he advised, his cautious eyes intense. “You are to hate her, she is to hate you. The way it was meant to be.

“But Dad, I—”

“Goodbye Lucas.”

The mirror had gone blank, and Lucas’s confused face now reflected off the mirror. It was too much to process, so confusing and unfair. He was forced to hate someone, or else suffer the curse. Become a dishonorable and vile member of the Slytherin bloodline, like so many of his previous family.

But the more he thought about hating Violet, the more he found it impossible. It was true, everything changed that night. That one moment redefined everything, they were just too proud to show it. If he continued this strange tango of emotions with Violet, he wondered what his role of indignity would be.

Murderer? Evil villain? Azkaban-destined? Oh, the possibilities were endless.

The truth in his father’s voice made Lucas unwillingly believe it, the shame which graced his eyes. Jennings men were not usually expressive, and to see his father so emotional was enough to make him believe. Believe this eternal curse, to deem Ravenclaw’s revenge as true.

With the new awkward relationship he had with Violet, he wasn’t sure what would happen. Already, he could foresee himself as just another Jennings disgrace to add onto the ever-growing line of his family’s ill repute. Then, he shook his head.

“No, that won’t happen,” he whispered to himself. “I don’t even like Violet Montague.”

Sure, if he kept repeating that maybe he’d actually start believing it.


Victoire Weasley was not one to be patient. Yet, she remained secluded on the Astronomy Tower, waiting. Wondering. Regretting? As the kind of girl who normally doesn’t wait for anything, she questioned whether this is how it always felt.

It wasn’t a fun feeling. Whatever was coming better be important.

The sun was nearly setting, casting a pearly glow of orange and pink on the horizon. It has been a while since she had actually truly admired nature, having been always mesmerized with the glitz and glamour of her riches. Her currently green eyes were fascinated, the wind tousling the silvery-blond wisps of hair.

“You came.”

Startled, she turned her head around to see a person who she dreaded upon meeting, yet most excited whenever he was in the room. She forced her voice to sound casual. “Of course I came Teddy, you asked for it.”

“And when have you been one to be so obedient?” his remarkable voice neared. He leaned against the overlooking archway where Victoire was. “Are you going to run away?”

“Teddy, don’t be ridiculous.” Her green eyes flashed sharply up to his at the ludicrous assumption. “Just…explain.”

His eyes grew dark, the emerald shade growing serious. He, as well, dreaded this meeting, yet knew it was necessary. They both had the same affect on each other, it was mind-boggling.

“It’s not that easy—”

“Oh, out with it, Lupin. I’ve been waiting.”

He felt a flash of anger. “How can you take these things so lightly?”

Lightly?” Victoire questioned with fuming disbelief. If only he knew. “Well, when a boy talks crazy about how he’s obsessively drawn to me, and then transforms into a werewolf, it’s hard to find the silver lining on that cloud!”

“You think I was talking crazy?!” he laughed, cold and bitter. His eyes turned into an intense glare. “Why can’t you just accept that you may not be as unattainable as you set yourself up to be?”

Victoire leveled herself with him, staring her eyes into his with determination. “What are you talking about?”

“Nice eyes.” He noted pointedly, she thought it was irrelevant. Until it hit her.

Green, like his. They matched. She didn’t even notice; it’s just that ever since the party, the colors have always…..

When he saw that he had broken down her impenetrable wall of obstinacy, he victoriously smiled. Even though this annoyed her, she secretly cherished his smile. That was the good thing about Teddy; nothing ever needed explanations. He was smart enough to figure things out on his own.

“Okay, now that your point is clear,” Victoire stated, her words sharp as a knife. She couldn’t fight it anymore, her eyes surrendered. “Just explain. Everything.”

“Have you ever settled for anything less?”

She glowered at him, and he chuckled softly. His expression slowly grew unreadable. For a flash second, his eyes seemed regretful, even troubled. He didn’t want her to run away, or to fear him.

“You understand my father, Remus Lupin, was a werewolf. And those qualities have certainly passed onto me.” He was relieved that she didn’t move, didn’t even flinch. She remained, just as she promised.

“Yes,” she nodded. “But you’ve never….or at least, I haven’t noticed you—”

“Transform?” he answered for her. Gravely, his eyes met up to hers. “It’s because of you.”

“What?” she questioned softly. “No, it’s...full moon, right?”

“For full werewolves,” he gently squeezed her hand in reassurance that there was nothing to fear. “Me, I’m just part. Part werewolf, part Metamorphmagus. Both work hand in hand.”


“That my emotions contribute to my wolfish instincts, just as they contribute to my ability to change appearance at will.” He explained, feeling the stress leave him as he confessed. He would never have been able to reveal this to his friends, they wouldn’t understand.

“How do I fit into all of this?” she questioned, confused.

“Are you serious?” he seemed appalled that she didn’t know the answer. He didn’t know how to convey this quite well, and he struggled hard for the right words. “Vick, you confuse me….in all the right ways, and the wrong. You fascinate me, enough to drive me insane. Your affect on me is bloody damn powerful, and this triggers the transformations.”

Although immensely flattered, she didn’t hear the certain word that she was dying to hear. Regardless, she felt repulsed with herself; she inflicted Teddy to become a monster unwillingly. It made her angry with herself, and Teddy could sense that.

“Oh Vick, it’s not your fault.” He softly whispered, playing with a lock of blond hair. He tried to lighten the conversation. “The majority of the time, it’s Phyllis’s fault.”

“How so?”

He sighed. “Jealousy is another emotion I can’t quite control, as well.”

“It’s so unfair, you don’t deserve this,” she said in a small voice. “I feel horrible with myself—”

“Victoire, do not blame yourself!” Teddy commanded, his voice smooth even when angry. “It’s more my fault for not composing myself. You just bring out…..the beast in me.”

“Literally.” She answered with a wry smile.

“Ha ha,” he sarcastically said. “What I mean is, I want you more than any other girl I’ve ever known. It’s quite embarrassing how attracted I am to you.”

Once again, the foreign blush deceived her cheeks. Once again, damn you, Teddy Lupin. She laughed nervously to cover it up. It was a flattering compliment, but it still left her unsatisfied. “So that’s it then. I’m just an attraction?”

Dreadfully, she received silence. She looked up at him and saw that his gaze was troubled as always. His unfathomable green eyes grew cautious. He answered, “It’s complicate—”

“What the hell, Lupin?” she viciously spat at him. “How dare you!”


“You tell me all of these wonderful things,…and now only to find out that it’s all just a phase,” she could feel tears swell within her eyes, threatening to betray her fearless countenance. “That I was just a pretty, little thing to look at?”

“Vick you are not a phase, I’m just not….I’m not good for you.” He whispered morosely. “It was foolish of me to even confess how I….to tell you how much I—”

“Spare me the excuses.” she said, hating the way this conversation turned. Did he seriously just reject her, after he admitted how much felt for her? Love? Lust? Teddy’s unpredictable ambivalence was enough to drive her insane.

Finally, she stood up with defiance, her fists tightened.

“Good bye, Teddy,” she conclusively spat out, her voice wavering with emotions. It was unlike Victoire to show this much emotion, her anger, her sadness, her disappointment. The foreign experience felt odd, and she would never in a million years believe that it would be Teddy Lupin witnessing this miraculous event. “This will not be spoken of again.”

Her face blended back into cold hard beauty, the same powerful features of the Head V, rather than the emotional appearance of Teddy’s “Vick”. With slicing finality, she flashed her eyes at Teddy and then marched her way out of the tower, leaving him secluded.

Teddy couldn’t believe himself, how stupid he was. To say all of those things only to disappoint her. He was confused with what he was in with Victoire Weasley: Lust? Love? Infatuation? Obsession?

It was hard to differentiate, but he knew there was something. He could not get his mind off her, and felt a powerful magnetism towards her. But he knew it couldn’t be, he was… dangerous.

He should be feeling good right now, Victoire would be safe from him. Safe from the monster he was. But this bitter victory was just purely evanescent, he didn’t really know how to feel right now.

Whatever it was, he could distinguish one feeling: pain. The sharp and icy words she said to him, her presumptuous accusation, her leaving. It hurt to even remember the cruel, hard look she gave him, her eyes dark. He could only imagine what she could possibly be plotting to get back at him, because everyone knows that Victoire Weasely never takes shit from anyone.

Oddly, a wave of hope strangely coursed through him, an unexpected yet thrilling optimism. He didn’t know how he was feeling this, and why it was so great, but this is what triggered the sudden change in attitude:

As she left, he remembered that her eyes were still green.

Dear Lovely and Hopefully Patient Readers,
Yay! An update!!!! I’ve finally acquired much free time, so I have much to update (I’m so good that the next chapter of this story is finished. Snaps for me!). Just send in your lovely reviews (because you all know how much reviews inspire me to update) and a brand new chapter will be in the future!
So, what do you all think. Violet an Lucas….pretty interesting, huh? If you all are confused how he could be linked to Voldemort, don’t worry. It will be explained later (trust me, it is trés scandalous). Seems they have a few things to sort out together,…or not (by command of Mama and Papa Jennings). Now, the Viv-Adam-Johnny romance drama-rama. Who shall she choose: the best friend, or the newcomer with potential? It’s a tough call, but I’m not going to spoil it for all you folk:D Lastly, Teddy and Victoire….obsession, lust, or lust? Victoire seems to want something, but Teddy just doesn’t have the brains to admit it. Aren’t Lupin men supposed to be smart? Oh well, those two will figure it out. ‘Til then. READ AND REVIEW PLEASE!

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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