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Roses Are Better Than Jonquils by hermione_weasley_angel
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I am not Jo Rowling.

Author’s note: I know... I know....I am a really bad updater aren’t I? I am really sorry for the long wait. Please forgive me. It’s just that I was really busy. I would like to thank everyone who has favourited, read and reviewed this story! You guys are wonderful and I promise I’ll improve my updating! :D     Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Rose has more room/class mates with her other then Jasmine, Melissa and Violet. I just thought I’d mention that so it won’t be confusing. There are about 2 more girls (Emily Averill and Suzan Conway).                                                                                                  
 Anyway, enough with my rambling and on with the story...                  




                                                            Chapter 6


Rose woke up heavily the next morning. She attempted many times to open her eyelids, but each time she did, it would sting badly. She quickly got up and strolled to the bathroom with her eyes shut. She gradually sensed were the tap was and turned the handle. Instantly, she heard the splashing sound of the water running down. She put her hands under the cold water and washed her face then rubbed her eyes.

Then finally, she was able to open her eyes. She decided to check herself in the mirror to see what was wrong with it. Her eyes were all red and puffy, possibly from all the crying she had eluded yesterday. Her hair was also in a mess and she appeared to be sweating.

Without thinking, Rose quickly went back to her bed to get her school robes and look for a clean towel in her school trunk. Once she found everything, she ran back to the bathroom, locked the door, and went to have a shower.

Once Rose was ready and dressed, she quickly unlocked the bathroom door and went out to her dormitory. It was then that she realised that none of the girls were there. All of them seemed to have gone. “But isn’t it too early? How come they’re all gone?” Rose thought as she was calling for Melissa and Jasmine. But there was no reply.

Then Rose had the most peculiar idea that she had overslept. She quickly drifted to check the stop watch that was on the table next to her bed. To her horror, it read 9:15 a.m. She had already missed an hour and fifteen minutes of History of magic

Rose’s heart started to beat faster. She quickly grabbed her bag and ran out of the dormitory.


Rose was running as fast as she could to reach the classroom. By the time she reached the door she was breathing heavily. She knocked the door and was ready for the worst.

As she entered she saw Professor Binns, floating above his chair as usual, but not speaking at all. All she could hear were the sound of quills scraping against pieces of parchment. But soon that all had stopped at the sudden appearance of Rose. All the students stopped writing and raised their heads towards her.

“May I have an explanation for your late arrival, Miss Weasley?” Professor Binns asked as he was flying towards her.

Rose didn’t know what to say. She stood for about a minute thinking of what to say, while everyone’s eyes were on her. She then spoke: “Well you see professor I had to...erm...I well, I had to go visit someone in the Hospital Wing urgently.”

‘Well I will let you go off this time, but next time you come late, I will not except any excuses and I will give you detention straightaway. Now please go sit down.”

 Rose went to find an empty seat quickly. She saw an empty spot next to Matt Thomas and quickly went to sit next to him. “Hey Matt!” she whispered to him.

 “Hey!” he whispered back. “Is that really why you were late?”

 “Well, er, not exactly, I actually...overslept.” Rose alleged blushing.

He started to laugh silently. “You are one to watch Rose” he recalled before he went back to writing. Rose had no idea what he meant by that.


Rose was overwhelmed that it was finally lunchtime since she was starving. She had ignored Jasmine and Melissa through the entire lessons because they never bothered to wake her up in the morning. As she reached the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, she found Melissa sitting there, her head was resting on the table and her hand was covering her whole face.

As much as Rose didn’t want to talk to her, she went to check if anything was wrong. “Er...Mel are you ok?” she didn’t answer. “Look if it’s about me not joining you...”Before Rosecould finish she heard some snoring sounds. “So that explains it! She’s sleeping!” Rose couldn’t stop herself but giggle.

 “Melissa, wake up!” commanded Rose, shaking Melissa’s shoulder. “Wake up!”

Melissa just moved slightly, but then went still again. “Wake up! It’s not time for sleeping now! We still have two lessons to go!”

“Hmmm...I don’t want to wake up Mum...leave me alone...” mumbled Melissa. She half opened her eyelids but then shut them straight away, snoring again.

“Melissa Anne Rivers, I am not your mother! Now wake up!” Rose ordered.

Still she didn’t move.

 Rose then had no choice but to do one thing. She took out her wand and pointed it directly at Melissa’s face. “Aguamenti!”

Water sprayed out from Rose’s wand and splashed on Melissa causing her to jump. She was soaking wet and wide awake now. “What the hell was that for!?”

Rose couldn’t stop laughing. “What do you do think that was for?”

“Hey stop laughing! Look at me, I’m soaking!” screeched Melissa pointing at herself.

“Well at least now I have taught you how to wake up your friend when she has overslept!”

“Hey Rose, don’t blame it on me! I was gonna wake you up but Jasmine stopped me!”

Rose heard Jasmine’s chuckling from behind her. “What’s going on here?”

Melissa raised her brows and pointed and Jasmine. “You were the one who told me not to wake her up!”

Jasmine looked from Melissa to Rose then fixed her gaze at Rose. “Look Rose, I’m sorry. It’s just that you looked really tired when I saw you and you also had a pretty long day yesterday. So, I just told Mel to not wake up and leave you to rest.”

“Ok...its fine Jasmine don’t worry about it anymore...” muttered Rose. She then turned to Melissa who was still mumbling under her breath.

 “Oh for Merlin’s sake! I can easily dry you!” declared Rose pointing her wand at Melissa again. “Tergeo!”

Melissa was back to dry again. “Rose you better not do that again!”

“You’re welcome.” responded Rose. Melissa looked at her in a ‘Ha ha, very funny’ way.

Then the three of them went to sit down to finally have their meal. Jasmine then asked the question that Rose was dreading to hear: “So...any news lately?”

Rose decided to ignore that question.


 “I hope he doesn’t pair us today...he didn’t this whole week. If he does, I’m going to be stuck with Finnigan!” Melissa kept saying as they were heading for their last lesson of the day.

She will never shut up.

They finally arrived to the dungeons and entered the classroom for Potions. They were in fact late and everyone was already there, including Albus and Jasmine. The second time in the day, Rose was late. And this time, it was from Melissa.

“Sorry Professor!” Rose apologised to the surprised Professor Aplomb and dragged Melissa to the only empty seats in the back of the classroom. Rose heard the familiar sniggering from Zabini and her group.

Professor Aplomb started marking the role, calling out name by name. “Cassandra Rush,”

“Here...” the slytherin girl answered lazily. She was part of Zabini’s group.

“Emily Averill,”

“Present sir,

Aplomb continued calling out names. Then he reached the name Rose was avoiding to hear.

“Scorpius Malfoy,”

“Er, I’m present sir...” answered Scorpius in a broken voice. Rose tried not to turn around a look at his sweet-handsome face. “Oh no! What am I thinking? After what he did, I’m still-”

Melissa was tapping Rose on the shoulder. Rose turned to her to see what was wrong, she was pointing at Professor Aplomb.

“Miss Weasley, can’t you hear me when I call you name?”

“I’m sorry Professor.” Rose said for the third time that day. She had embarrassed herself yet again.

“And finally, Jasmine Yusra,” Professor Aplomb continued.

“Present sir.”

 “Now let us get on with the lesson. Today we are continuing with our Strengthening Solution. You will find your mixtures as you left them last lesson. The instructions –“ he waved his wand “-are on the board. Now I would like you all to sit with the student I have chosen you to sit with since the start of the year. Carry on please.”

Melissa grunted. She bent in and whispered to Rose while everyone was moving to their places. “How ‘bout you ask him if we could work together. I bet you don’t want to be with Malfoy as much as I don’t want to work with Finnigan.”

Rose nodded. She didn’t want to go with Malfoy and dreaded the idea. “It will be so awkward!” she thought. She then raised her hand.

“Yes Miss Weasley?”

“Umm...Professor...I was wondering if I could work with Melissa? You see, she isn’t getting the potion right so I was deciding to help her with it.” Rose asked desperately.

“Hmm...Yes I see...she rather does need help,” He answered, nodding with composure. “Then Mr Malfoy-“-he turned to Scorpius – “you will go work with Miss Finnigan instead since she needs help as you go.”

“Yes!” Rose heard Melissa mutter. Violet, Rose saw, was rather happy. A huge grin formed on her face flirtatiously just as Scorpius sat next to her. A tinge of jealousy erupted in Rose’s body. “No.No.Rose.Calm.Down.Don’t.Be.Jealous.He.Hates.You! DON’T BE JEALOUS!” Rose muttered to herself. 

Rose looked at them once again. Violet was flirting with him.”Why can’t I flirt with guys like that?”  Rose thought. For some reason Scorpius looked rather glum. He caught her eye for a split second and she turned away as quickly as she could. “Darn! What am I doing! Why was I staring at him! He must think I’m such a dupe now! Well it’s like he didn’t think that before anyway...but what am I saying! It’s like I care what he thinks!”

“Oi Rosie are we gonna get on with this or not? Get out your bloody cauldron already!” Melissa stipulated.

“Oh.Yea.right. I’ll just go get it then.” Rose got up to get her half made potion. On her way she glanced at Zabini. Zabini was unfortunately glaring at her. She didn’t understand why she was looking at her that way. After all, it was Violet who was flirting with Scorpius not her. “In the dream she said that he hated me! So what’s wrong with her now? But what am I saying? It was just a dream!”

Time passed and they were already more than half way through the lesson. For the twentieth time Rose caught Melissa’s wrist before she could add the wrong ingredient again. “Salamander blood, Melissa! Not a rat’s ear!”

“Oh...right. Man I really suck at this!” Melissa confessed.

“No you don’t. You just need to concentrate more. That’s all.”

The lesson finally ended and Aplomb told them they could go. Rose was the first person, followed by Melissa, to get out of class. She wanted to avoid Scorpius, especially after that embarrassing moment he caught her staring at him and Violet.

“Slow down Rose! I’m trying to keep up here!” Melissa called, finally reaching Rose.

“’re the quidditch player...not me. So aren’t you supposed to be faster?”

“Oh yea you just reminded me. Today is quidditch practice!” Melissa said gladly.

“How amusing...” Rose muttered. She wasn’t into quidditch, just like her mother. While her father and Hugo completely loved it. She enjoyed watching it though.

Albus, who played seeker, convinced her many times to join the team but she refused. She was dreadful at it anyway. Other members of the team were: James who was the Gryffindor captain, the beaters were Hugo and Melissa, Amanda Wood (a seventh year) and Rachel Snowdust (another seventh year) were the chasers; and finally Jamie Mclaggen (a cute sixth year) played keeper. The next match was this Saturday-Gryffindor versus Slytherin.

“Are you going to come watch us?” asked Melissa. “It’s after lunch. And please don’t tell me you’re going to study or something. Jasmine is going to come like she usually does.”

“Well I donno Mel” replied Rose. “We do have a lot of homewo-“

“-Oh please Rose! Come watch us for once!” cut in Melissa.

Rose had no choice but to agree to come and watch them.


Scorpius walked alone to the common room after class. For the whole day, Rose kept on sending him disgusted looks and practically ignored him. Every time he tried to talk to her she’d just walk off. And just today she went to pair up with her friend instead of him. He didn’t understand why she was doing this. She started to act the same way she used to in the past 4 years. Has he done something wrong?

When he entered the common he saw Jonquil and her group already there. Once they saw him they came running to him.

“Oh! Hey Scorpius!” rejoiced Cassandra Rush.

“Stop it you’re annoying him Sandy!” exclaimed Samantha Benson. “So how are you Scorpius? Did Finnigan annoy you today?” She moved closer to him. She was about to hold his tie when Jonquil, the ‘Queen’ of Slytherin (As they called her), pushed her away so that Sam’s blonde hair whipped across his face.

“Oh Scorpy are you ok?” She asked playing with his tie. “Did you see what that pathetic Weasley did today? I mean who wouldn’t want to sit with you?”

“Er...Jonquil you’re annoying him now!” indicated Ingrid, appearing out of nowhere.

“Oh shut up Ingrid!” retorted Jonquil. “You like it don’t you Scorpy?” she moved closer to him so that their noses were inches away.

Scorpius had the urge to curse Jonquil right now. “Ingrid’s right! Lay off me!” he pulled away from Zabini’s grip on his tie. “Look...girls...can you please leave me alone!”

Sam, Ingrid and Cassandra walked away but Jonquil stood there, gazing at him. “Why are you so glum today?”

“Jonquil, I’m not in the mood of this right please leave me alone.” Advanced Scorpius, he then walked away and headed upstairs to his dormitory.

He lay in his bed for about 2 hours thinking of what Rose might be mad at him about. After giving up, it struck him that he can’t just tell her how he feels straight away. He decided that he should at least ask Rose to be friends with him...


After dinner, Rose was one her way, as promised, to the quidditch pitch. Jasmine had merely left before alongside Albus, so she had to walk there alone. The only reason Rose was dreading to go was because of Hugo. He will probably ask her where she was yesterday, again.

 As she was about to open the long doors, an unexpected voice called her. “Oie Weasley! Wait up!”

Rose turned to see who the sudden person was. There before her, stood Malfoy’s friend Derik Jones. She wasn’t intending to talk to him since he probably just came to remind her of the events yesterday, so she turned her heel and walked outside.

“Wait, Weasley just listen to me!” Jones yelled, running after her.

“What do you want Jones?” exclaimed Rose still having her back on him as she was walking.

“Look, I know you’re upset at Scorpius, but that wasn’t his fault!” At this sudden piece of information, Rose stopped.

“What do you mean?” asked Rose still having her back towards him.

“Just go to Moaning Myrtles bathroom, and you will find out everything.”

Again, sorry for the long update!

I am planning to take this story all the way to Rose and Scorpius’s sixth year or perhaps till their seventh year.

Anyway, how do you like the story so far? Do you hate it? Do you like it? Please tell me all your thoughts and ideas by reviewing. When you review, it helps me update faster and also leave me in a positive mood. Hahaha...I’m not kidding. :P


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